I had arrived early this one particular Tuesday morning at the Food Pantry that I am coordinator of, I opened the dorr, went in, made me a pot of coffee, and started doing my paper work and filing the files from the day before.

I am the coordinator of a rather large Food Bank/Food Pantry in the town I live in and we service quite a few families that are in need of food and whatever other services we provide for the needy.

I have been coordinator for about seven years, and I had worked there for almost six years before that.

My name is Tovey Brinkman, That was my grandpas name, don't know anyone else with that first name but its the one that I was given so Im sorta stuck with it.

I am a thirty three year old man, I am married and have two wonderful children, untill I met Jeremy who has turned my life around I had always thought of myself as straight as an arrow, except for a few sleep over mutual masturbation events that took place when I was fifteen or sixteen, but I guess that is about par for most guys at that age, if they would tell the truth, sort of 'I'll show you mine, if you show me yours' sort of thing.

Well I had arrived at the Food Pantry that morning as usual, made a pot of coffee, just wondering what kind of help I would have that morning helping us out. We usually have at least one or two C/S workers, thats a guy or gal that is on Probation and haveing to do Community Service hours to cover his or her ass, as per demanded by the court.

We have this agreement with the Probation office to allow them to volunteer at our pantry to work off their hours and help them get their required time in.

I was setting at the desk, working on some files from the day before, when I heard a knock on the door. It was really too early for the clients to come for food, but sometimes people, like churches, businesses or orginizations will bring donations of food products for us to give out.

I went to the front door of the Pantry which is a store front building with a glass door, and there at the door was this young man, He looked to be about twenty or twentyone, somewhere thereabouts.

I opened up and he said, 'Hi, I'm Jeremy, My Probation officer called you about me the other day, about working off my C/S hours here.'

'Oh, Yeah! come on in, Im Tovey,'

Jeremy shook my hand, came in and He handed me his c/s papers from his P/O.

I set him down and had the talk we have with all the c/s workers that come our way.

Jeremy, said, 'I can work early or late sir, I'm not working a job right now.' I said, 'Please not Sir, just Tovey, Thats really great, because the time restraints are a problem with the C/S workers sometimes conflicting with their lives and jobs.

I got him started carrying up boxes of food product that was to be given out, and having him stock the shelves. He was doing a great job, and I couldn't help notice what a good looking well built young man he was, facially, even being a straight man, I was noticing how good looking Jeremy was, so outgoing, clean cut, well mannered. I was really wondering just what he had done to get himself put on probation.

After about the first two hours, Jeremy and I took a break and since it was not time for the clients to be comming in, we went to the back kitchen area at the pantry,really a break room with a frig, and stove and tables, and I got more coffee to drink and he had a soda.

I do not usually pry about their offences and what put them in this position, but I was really curious about Jeremy, I asked him to tell me if he didn't mind. He responded with 'Not at all, It was my fault really, I shouldn't have been messing around with that couple of guys, I didnt' know they were wanted by the police for Drug dealing, and robbery, well I just happened to be in the car when they got pulled over by the police, you know in the wrong place at the wrong time, a guilt by association thing. I had really had nothing to do with them as far as the drug thing or robbery, just happen to be there that day with them in the car.

I said,'No Shit man, thats sad, but you got 200 hours of C/S to do instead.'

'Yeah,They each got seven years of prison time.

Lucky for Jeremy one of the guys told the judge that Jeremy had nothing to do with the drugs or robbery, that they were just giving him a lift or something.

Jeremy ask me about my life, I told him I was married, had two kids, and all that happy horse shit.

I also told him, about my wife, Miranda, Satan's Sister, life at home was hell with that one, he laughed and he especially perked up his looks when I mentioned to him about our sex life, which at that time was nill, zilch, zero.

I laughed when I told him that if I got sex today, my right hand would get jealous because it had been my main squeeze lately, he really laughed and said, 'No shit,I'll bet you miss having that feeling of someone elses touch.'

'Oh yeah man, that is almost a dream now, being married, I don't run around and try to find another gal, I just take care of it myself.'

Jeremy smiled.

I guess it was about four weeks later we had to do some reshuffeling of the products in the storage room, I had asked Jeremy to come in on a Saturday, It was very warm weather, so I told him to wear some shorts, since we would be getting sweaty, We got there about nine thirty Saturday morning, I wore this light blue tee shirt, with some tan shorts, like gym shorts, Jeremy wore a pair of denim cutoff shorts, and sneakers.

I felt this little funny feeling down in my stomach as he bent over and I looked down at his ass pressed tight in those cutoffs.

What the fuck was that, I had never looked at a guys ass before, but it was gorgeous. I really wanted to reach out and rub it, and my cock was stirring in my shorts too, Damn was I going nuts.

Jeremy hadn't realized what was going on with me.

We worked for about three hours that day, there was just me and Jeremy there, since we are not usually there on a Saturday. Something else that was geting to me was that Jeremy liked to touch me, almost affectionately like,he would put his arm around my shoulders or just his hand touching me, like rubbing my neck or things like that, it would always send these little sensations thru me, actually I was loving them.

Finally I said, 'Jeremy, lets take a break,'

'Sure thing boss,' and we went into the kitchen and grabbed something cool to drink.

I was watching Jeremy as he wiped sweat off his forehead, Jeremy noticed me and smiled with a beautiful white teeth smile, I said,'Damn Jeremy, your one hell of a good looking guy, you know that, I don't usually compliment guys on their looks but truthfully your very good looking.'

'Why Thank you Tovey, Your really a hot looking guy yourself.'

I really latched onto that word,'Hot,' Jeremy smiled and winked at me.

'Hey Tovy, hows your sex like with Miranda lately, I just looked over at Jeremy across my can of pepsi in my hand and said, 'Fuck man, Whats a sex life?'

Tovey just got up walked over to me, in his white tank top shirt and cut off pants and said, 'Tovey, you need someone to take care of that little problem, find someone to suck you off or something, you don't need to go find a woman for that, there are alternatives. Your an awesome looking guy, and there are those that would love to have you sexually.

I looked up at him and felt his hand reach out and stroke my cheek, I felt that stirring in my shorts and that feeling in my stomach as I felt his hand slide down onto my chest and found my nipples. Jeremy found the right nipple and lifted my shirt up and just smiled when he saw my lightly hairy chest, he said, 'God Tovey your beautiful,' I swallowed hard and almost couldn't speak, he rubbed my nipples which had tightened up and I felt the tightening up of my scrotum in my shorts and my cock started to rise as Jeremy just gently kept working on my chest with his hand. I thought about screaming and jumping up an running, but I really didn't want to either.

I was almost at a loss as to what to do or say, I had never been thru this sort of experience before, all I knew was that I was haveing huge jolts of sensations coursing thru my body and my eight inch cock was now thinking on its own. It was about to split the material of my shorts open.

I was feeling fantastic, a feeling I hadn't felt in many years, Like a virgin being turned on by her lover for the first time, Jesus, Jeremy was making my body sing.

I was in a chair with my back to the wall and I just leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes. My mind was saying, 'this was wrong, it was gay, queer, weird, but my body was saying OH hell yeah man, just do it.'

Well needless to say, My body won out. I just slipped down on the chair and let Jeremy go at it. I felt him as he slipped my tee shirt off my body and layed it on the table, then I felt his hot mouth blowing this most awesome feeling air on my hardon thru the material of my shorts as his teeth gently nibbled on the tender shaft and sent me to the moon. And then I felt his hand slowly slide up under the leg of my shorts and touch my balls, I almost fainted with the pleasure from that feeling. God It had been so friggen long it was like the first time all over again, I realized that someone was touching me that really wanted to, not doing it because I wanted them to do it, Jeremy was loving it, I could tell by the way he was moaning and making these little sounds that he was making.

I just layed there and began to twist on my nipples, since I found out they liked it. Then Jeremy said, 'Tovey raise up just a little, Im gonna take care of this problem here for you.'

I automatically raised up and in a second My ass was naked, Jeremy had pulled my shorts and white briefs completely off and layed them on the table, Holy Mother of God, did it feel good to get stripped by someone else, I could tell my cock was harder than it had been in ages. It was wanting, longing, needing that touch that comes from someone that wanted to touch it as bad as it wanted them.

Jeremy just looked up and smiled a big smile, and said, 'Wow Tovey your uncut, I don't get to touch one of them very often, and I love an uncut cock.'

He wrapped his hand around my thick uncut cock and started a gentle swirling of his hand around and back, and up and down as he took me to heaven, This feeling of his hand was fenominal, but after about five mintues he smiled, and said,'Tovey, you really need this,' and he slid his hot, wet mouth over the head and slowly slid my cock to the pubic hair into his awesome feeling mouth, I Let out a loud gasp as the sensations went flooding thru my body like I was being electrocuted. I had never had a full blowjob before, and My sex life had been fucking in the missionary position only with ole 'Brunhilda' the witch.

Which for the most part was forced on my part, but this, this was out of sight, I started hearing myself, telling Jeremy I wanted to marry him, and laughing as he worked my cock over like nothing I had ever felt, I was quickly getting to the buildup of my life, I had never felt anything, ever before, that felt like this impending climax, I was feeling it all over my body.

I wasn't sure Jeremy wanted my load in his mouth or not, I wanted him too, but I was gonna give him the chance to say yea or nay, either way I was gonna get my nuts off that morning.

'Holy shit man, I'm getting close, I'm gonna shoot it, I'MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, Ah Fuck!'

I felt that climax all over my body, I was shaking, I felt my cock blasting out thick ropes and shot after shot of thick, milky, nut sauce into Jeremy's mouth. I felt that climax all over my body, I even felt it deep in my rectum up inside me, God I had never felt anything like it before.

I watched Jeremy as he just non-chalontly swallowed each and every volley as it shot out of my cock. I was totally wasted after I finished shooting my wad, I looked down and Jeremy still had my half hard cock in his mouth, licking, the head sucking that last little drip that comes out on the end and nibbling gently of the tip of my foreskin.

I just wilted back on the chair as he licked and played with my nuts and Words can't describe how I felt, I wanted to bundle Jeremy up and take him home with me. Jeremy smiled looked up at me and said,'Your cum tastes awesome.'

'Glad you liked it,' was all I could say and I giggled.

WE had finally finished and Jeremy stood up leaned over and Kissed me on the lips. I couldn't have resisted if I had wanted too. But the truth was, I didn't want to.

I noticed Jeremy had this huge wet spot in the front of his trousers. I said, man you need that taken care of. Jeremy smiled and said,'Not any more, That was a first for me too Tovey,'

'A first, what do you mean?'

'Well I got so fucking excited sucking your hot thick cock, I blew my nuts while I was sucking you off, damn it was awesome.'

'No Shit? I have never done that before myself,'

'Me either,' he said. It was the most enjoyable blowjob I have ever given to anyone.'

'Well Jeremy, I will have to say that was the most incredible sex I have ever had, bar none.'

He smiled and said, that means a lot, I really wanted to take care of your needs, especially since I know your situaion and that your not getting any at home.'

All I could say to that was 'Thank you so much Jeremy.'

'Hey man, It was totally my pleasure,' He kissed me like we were true lovers and we got dressed

and went back to work.

The following week was business as usual, ecept for one little difference, every time Jeremy and I got close to each other, I got kissed on the lips and i would get a boner when I would get close to Jeremy.

It was after we had closed Friday evening everyone else had left, and Jeremy and I was in the kitchen alone, Jeremy and I sat there and chatted and thats when he told me what he was even with those two guys that night, and what had happened with those two guys.

They had picked him up at this bar and took him out with them. He had been having sex with the both of them, he said that he was being fucked in the ass by one of them while he sucked the other off, they had finished, and they were takeing him back home when the police stopped them.

'No shit, you were getting it up the ass?'

'Hell yeah man, I love it that way. I was gonna ask you if you'd like to fuck me in the ass too. If you think you'd like that?'

I was shocked, excited, turned on with just the fact of it being Jeremy, but I hadn't stuck my cock in anything and fucked it for a long time, outside of my hand and Jeremy's mouth, I hadn't done anything sexually lately.

Jeremy started kissing me sensually and I felt his hands start to undress me there in the kitchen again.

I was getting hotter by the minute as he played with my nipples and stripped me and then began to suck my cock and lick my balls and really get me going.

Then he stood up, stripped his clothes and Holy Shit man, he was built nicely, he was awesome looking, and when Jeremy dropped his boxers and I saw his cock was at least as big as mine, except that he was cut,it was a gorgeous cock too.

I really wanted to see what he liked in this guy to guy stuff, and I leaned over while he was standing there in all his glory and I took his cock into my mouth, this was a first for me. It felt awesome, I had always had this thing that the thought of takeing another guys cock in my mouth would gross me out and I would vomit, but it was fantastic, it was smooth, velvety feeling and just tasted fantastic, I was loving it.

Jeremy jumped back and said, 'I want you to fuck me,' I stood up and we got some lube oil, and I leaned him across the table there and I spread his nice round cheeks apart, there was this little dark pinkish looking opening with beautiful dark hair sorta in a swirl around it, and it was gorgeous, I never realized how beautiful a nice looking ass on a guy really looked, it was gorgeous, just a light covering of hair, rounded and I wanted it bad.

I slid a couple fingers inside it and it felt so hot, I lubed him up to his grunts and moans of pleasure as I got it ready, slicked up my hard throbbing cock, and placed the head against that opening and pushed with my hips, I felt that bit of heaven as it slid into that very hot feeling hole, and knew I wasn't going to last very long, it was the most awesome feeling hole my cock had ever been in and I loved it. I had sunk it to the balls with each thrust, and He just took it all with no problems.

I heard Jeremy say, 'Oh Yeah, Jesus man that feels so good.' I started pumping, I had my hands pulling back on his shoulders and man was I laying pipe in his drainage ditch, But the real surprise was that he was enjoying it as much as I was. Jeremy was saying, 'OH Jesus man, that feels so fucking good, and he was slamming back against me as much as I was ramrodding him with my cock.

We fucked like breading horses for about ten minutes and I felt the shot coming on, I was huffing, puffing, jamming and ramming, and then that feeling hit me, I shoved my cock tightly into his asshole actually shoving the table totally across the room as I shoved and grabbed his hips tightly and felt my cock spasming as it unloaded another torrent of cum into Jeremy's intestines. I heard Jeremy's let out a really loudgroan as He stroked his cock and unloaded his cum all over the table top, and this kid could cum.

We didn't move for several minutes, I stayed implanted into his asshole, then Jeremy said, 'Man, you sure you don't want to leave your old lady and move in with me.' I love your cock man. I just responded, 'Jeremy I might just be doing that soon anyway, at least the leaving her, we don't get along and never have sex. Im tired of being lonley while living with a horrible woman.

But right now, for the time being, we will just have our sex together here at the pantry, I have to stay with her for the kids sake, then we will see what happens.

Well about six months ago Miranda and I got a divorce, I moved in with Uncle Jeremy, as my kids call him, even tho I am ten years older than him, and he now works at the Pantry with me, not any longer as a C/S worker but as my friend an well you can guess the other.

Yes we finally moved in together and He and I have been enjoying the most awesome sex of my life and he had introduced me to all the aspects of being gay. I love it.



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