I had seen Jerry from the time I was eleven or so, Jerry was a friend of my Dads from the place he worked and although he was about fifteen years younger than Dad, He was an adult male and for some reason I was fasinated with men, even as a young lad I was fasinated with mens cocks, my stomach would have a sharp sorta pain in it when I would notice a nice bulge in the crotch of some mens trousers, or swim suits, and I would have dreams for a week after I went to the dressing room and got dressed for swimming at the local pool, seeing all those bouncing, flopping cocks. I thought of mostly nothing else, Now I wasn't some sort of drooling pervert or something, just a kid with different desires and always horny from the early gitgo.

Well Jerry was always coming over and helping Dad with some sort of odd jobs or chores that Dad needed help with and as usual I had to be around, a planned thing, to look at that enormous bulge trailing down Jerry's leg, laying beside and trailing down his pants in front beside his zipper it looked enormous, and I guess for a young lad noticing a dick like that was a pure delight, since I always thought I was small, At 15 I had about six and a half inches and it was five and a half inches around, I measured it with a sewing tape that I found in Moms sewing box.

Well the years went by and every time Jerry would come over it seemed like his bulge was getting bigger, Jerry was not married and I had learned to Masturbate, we called it 'jacking off', and I would lay in bed at night and stroke off the old Hard cock like a madman, thinking about that bulge in Jerrys pants. Sooner or later I was gonna be brave and just come right out and ask Jerry if I could see his cock. Time kept right on marching on and I guess I was about eighteen or so, Jerry came over to help Dad with some rebuilding of the interior loft in the garage, Dad had gone to the Hardware and said he wouldn't be back for about two hours, Jerry just stood there and said Hey Jeff, you've grown into a real nice looking young man, Got any girls on the string, I was a little startled at that line of questioning from Jerry, he had never talked like that before, I said not really, He said awe come on man, a sharp, well built, good looking stud like you, You probably got a dick like a small horse in those jeans that just loves to have some attention every now and then, I just kinda swallowed hard and said, Not really, well I went into the work shed and just kinda looked around for a hammper or something, and Jeff followed, and said you really are a handsome young lad, and I have been watching you grow up and into a very good looking young man, Jeff, you really are and I don't know if you know it or not, but I get aroused looking at you.

I thought about what he had said and I said, kinda softly and almost scared like in almost a whisper, I have noticed you for a long time too, and wondered you looked like undressed. Jerry kinda smiled, then he jumped up on the work bench and rested his hands on either sides of his legs and said come over here, and I did, and stood there between his legs, and I looked right into his really good looking eyes, I noticed his eyebrows, his nose, his lips and Then Jerry said well do you like what you see, and I said softly, Yes, He said so do I, Jerry kinda leaned back against the wall and I put my hands on his legs and kinda rubbed them sorta up and down the tops of his legs I looked at the beautiful long bulge in his blue jeans and I noticed it kinda spring up huge, round and looked like a radiator hose in his jeans. He said go ahead touch it, It loves attention, I reached up with my right hand and just layed it on his bulge, My heart was racing, I was starting to sweat, my mouth was dry, and I was almost ready to faint, the object of so many jerkoffs was under my right hand and I could feel every beat of Jerrys heart thru it, It was springing up ever so often as Jerry flexed his sphincter muscle and after a few minutes of his laying back and me sorta stroking his bulge I noticed a wet spot appearing in the front of his Levi's. I knew what that was, I get wet too when I get aroused.

Jerry then opened his eyes and said Jeff lock the shed door, I did and then Jerry slid off the workbench and started taking off his shirt, The first thing I noticed was his beautiful almost black sort of smattering of chest hair, His perfect pecs, and those almost washboard abs. his upper body, Which I had never seen before was beautiful, and The more he undressed the more beautiful he became, he noticed that my cock was straining in front of my trousers too and said hey Jeff go ahead get undressed, I said, uh, o.k. Jeff smiled and started undoing his trousers, I couldn't take my eyes off his crotch, and then his cock sprung out and upward like a tree limb, His friggen cock was not just big it was Huge, He had a foreskin covering and I just about fainted, after he took his pants off completely, and He wasn't wearing underwear, He reached and helped me fumbling as I went and nervous as hell, take off my clothes and then we stood there with stiff cocks, both of us totally naked and just staring at each other, I was leaking pre-cum, anticipating the inevitable, then Jerry took me and grabbed me under the arms and set up on some cleaning rags on the workbench and started kissing me first on the lips and doing a tongue dance with my tongue and I was falling in total Love with Jerry, then he went down and started sucking and nibbling on my nipples, and as he did he just licked my body all the way to the navel and just sorta stayed there and then licked my lower abdomen, God I was transported to another dimension, I wasn't sure if I was asleep and dreaming or awake or maybe died and left this sphere of existance. I was totally gone and the good part hadn't even started, Jerry was just worshipping my body and I was worshipping his, He got down to the Cock and he said, Jeff your cock is gorgous, and those beautiful nuts, man, and I felt pride then I had never felt before about my body, then He slipped my foreskin back and just sucked my cock into his mouth, I had never had that feeling before, so hot, so moist, so absolutely awesome was the feeling I let out a loud Gasp and Just moaned with pleasure and as Jeff sucked my cock taking it gently slowly all seven inches into his warm loving mouth and sliding all the way to my pubic hair each and every time he took it. I was gone, just totally gone, Jerry was moaning and saying with his mouth full of cock It tastes totally awesome, I said Oh man It feels totally awesome too. Jerry just said unhuh and kept his sucking going. I started feeling that awesome feeling in my groin letting me know that the time had come to release my load, I just started breathing heavy and grunting and saying I'm gonna blow Jerry and He said ughuh, and kept it up and I started feeling the cum coming up the shaft and belching out of the end of my cock. Jerry just started his slurping and swallowing, My body was jerking and convulsing and shooting my load into Jerry's Mouth and He finally stood up and smiled into my face, and said fuck kid you shoot a massive load for a young guy, and It was totally awesome, and delicious.

Jerry said now you still want to play with this and I said yes, and Jerry jumped back upon the pile of rags and said have at it, I finally got my breath and stood up and leaned over the work bench and grabbed his gorgeous cock and started stroking, his cock felt like it was made of iron, Jerry said, Man that feels fucking fantastic. I said really and he said yea kid, you know what your doing I can tell, I said I have had a lot of practice on myself, and I have dreamed of this forever, and Jerry said well Jeff my boy, let your dreams be fullfilled, I said O.K. and I started working over his huge cock, It felt at least half again as big as mine around and at least two more inches long, and I could as I leaned over to his body smell his manly smell, not unclean just manly and It was fucking intoxicating, Jerry was shoving upward with his ass into my hand and I decided I wanted to try tasting it and I leaned over to his cock and took it into my mouth and Jerry without thinking grabbed my head and pushed it into my throat, I was startled and gagged and he said Oh shit Jeff, I'm sorry, I said it was o.k. but let me go at my own pace, He said no problem Kid, and I started sucking and going as far as I could down his hugh cock, I could tell his climax was coming on and I kept up the sucking and soon He started saying suck it man, suck it man, Oh fuck here it is ,and I started tasting an unusual taste in my mouth and I thought It would flood me, and I started swallowing and gulping and finally I got it all. Jerry just layed back exhausted and said man that was fucking fantastick for a beginner. I ask him if I had done alright and he said better than alright.

We got dressed and finally Dad Came back with the supplies and Dad and Jerry finished the garage and as usual, I was there in the thick of things helping when I could and staring at Jerry's crotch all the time and He would notice my eyes on his cock and look at me and wink, knowing it was just a matter of time we would be doing it again. Believe me we did it again and again every time we got the opportunity, and I finally found out about Jerry, and I wasn't disappointed either.

About two weeks later we met againg in another location and I got to feel what fucking and getting fucked in the ass felt like and I really like that too. Jerry was and alround master of the cock and I finally got all my questions about Jerry and his cock answered I loved it.



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