The story I'm about to tell was taken from my own personal life, mostly true except for the names of the parties involved.

I was raised in a strict Church going home, in southern Missouri, I had grown mostly in a rural setting life in the country, not really a farm, but we had a hog, some chickens, and for a while a milk cow. I was one of seven children and had two older brothers.

Wayne the eldest was off in the Navy and my other older brother Jim was in the Army.

I was used to going to church with Mom all the time and when summer came I looked forward to going to youth camp down in the Ozarks. Well that time had come and I was looking forward to going again this year, I had saved my money I had earned doing odd jobs around the area, and I was ready to go. Well we, I mean by we, several of the kids from our church, were delivered there on a Sunday afternoon, and would be picked up about noon the following Saturday.

When we arrived there we were assigned to sort of dormitories, boys to one, and the girls to the other, and since it was a country setting, the dorm were like big long building, like large cabins only there were cubicals sorta like bed rooms, with dividers between the beds and there were double bed in each of the cubicals, and we had to share with a buddy ,if we had one we liked and wanted to share with, if not one would be assigned to you, one about your own age. I didn't have a bunkmate and they assigned me this fat kid named Roger and Damn he stunk like he hadn't had a bath in a year, I only slept one night with him and couldn't stand it, He snored like a bear growling, and smelled like an old out House.

I went to the the Counseler of the Boys dorm I was in and ask to be changed and he went in and came back out of Rogers cubical and said I see what you mean. He said I'll change you but It will take a while. I said anything is o.k. with me and thank you.

We played baseball, badminton, Volley ball and Did Arts and Crafts, you know the usual thing at camp, and then in the afternoon we went swimming, thats when I met the object of my desire, Jasper

I was hot and sweaty after an afternoon of playing ball and several boys decided to take a shower, well they had a cinderblock shower house with about six shower heads sticking out of the walls like a Gym shower room at school, and I guess I was 17 or maybe 18 at the time, and I stripped down to the buff, and so did several other guys, and In walked this good looking guy and he started stripping and fuck I noticed him big time. His hair was curly, jet black and he was dark complected, He, I found out later was pure Italian, His dad was from Palermo, Italy, and his mother was from Sicily, he spoke fluent Italian.

He walked in and when I say the others strip I noticed their cocks and some were cut and some were like me Uncut, but I had almost the biggest, which made me feel really good and proud of myself, there was a problem a boy named Greg, I noticed was about my size in the dick dept and started gettin a boner in the shower, I noticed and my cock started responding to it as I stared, and Jasper finally got naked, and then I really got turned on his ass was gorgeous clean as a whistle smooth, beautifully tanish looking skin, and when he turned around his body made me want to faint, Shit man I had never had these feelings before. I noticed everything about him and, I noticed his flawless skin, his beautifully shaped chest muscles his hairless chest and stomach and just at the navel he had a light smattering of curly black hair running down to his awesome looking thick curley black bush, and out of that beautiful bush was the most beautiful cock, now I had never untill that time notice just how beautiful a cock was before, but I did this time. His cock was it looked like about 6 inches long soft and was dark complected up to the circumcizion scar and then it was a dark pink up to and including the perfectly shaped head, I felt a lump in my throat.

Jasper took the showere head next to mine and he said Hi I'm Jasper Cachabando, I almost fainted, I said I'm Kevin, Jasper had just been soaping down his cock with his right hand and then he stuck it over to me to shake my hand, I really wanted to lick it, and I couldn't understand why, My cock was throbbing sticking out straight as a board and Jasper just looked down and smiled, and then looked into my eyes and winked.

Well needless to say I hurried up and got dried off and got out of the showerroom, and went back to the dorm, When I got into the Area of the beds where we kept our suitcases, the counseler, said Oh! Kevin, There you are, I have reasigned you a different bed and new partner, His name is Jasper cachabando, I almost swallowed my tongue, I thougt oh shit Im going to be sleeping with that absolute doll next to me, I'll die.

The evening drew on and we went out to the camp, now they had a large bonfire of and evening for enjoyment and we roasted marshmallows and hot dogs and had soft drinks. and just had a cool time, someone played a guitar and we sang campfire songs, you know the whole nine yards.

Jasper came over and set down next to me in his gym shorts and say Hey Man, I guess you and I are gonna share a bed, Then he said that can be a lotta fun, if you know what I mean, I was a little bewildered, and puzzeled at his statement.

At about 11:p.m. we dispersed and they put the bonfire out and we went to our bedrooms.

I was first to get back to the cabin bed room and I was down to my brief, which I always slept in, then Jasper came in and started taking off his clothes and he too wore white briefs, at that time that was the underwear of choice for most young men. Damn he was just mesmerizing to look at. well we pulled the curtain that gave us privacy from the other campers, and turned out our little lamp next to the bed. Now these cubicals had a little window up over the bed to let in fresh air and they were always opened during the summer months, but they also let in the moonlight and our room was like almost lit up with the moonlight.

well we crawled into bed, laughed and joked around and kinda poked each other told each other about ouselves, and then I looked over and noticed Jasper had his hand down in his briefs sorta slipping it back and forth up and down inside his briefs and I noticed he had a boner too, I started that feeling in my stomach and Jasper said I love to do this at night and feel that feeling you get when you rub it, don't you, I said i guess. then he started whispering and said Hey Kevin, did you ever jerk off, I said, yes I do it all the time, then he said did you ever do it with a buddy, I said no, He says It's really a rush watching someone jack off, wanta do it with me, I was, and I didn't know it then but I was turned on, I said yea I guess the said good then I can take these off. an he raised up and shed his briefs and he said now you take yours off too. I raised up and pulled off my briefs and he had put his brief up on the pillow between our heads, and then we started jerking off together I sorta rolled over to face him and watched his hand slowly jerk his beautifully engorged cock and Mother fucker it looked like it was 8 and a half inched and so thick, I had never seen one that large before, Truth was I wanted to touch it, stroke, it and whatever else I could do to it, when I rolled over to face Jasper I rested my face on his brief laying there between our heads and I smelled his crotch smell, and fuck I almost came then and there. I kept laying my nose down on his brief and sniffing that intoxicating aroma, my dick was about to split it was so friggen hard, Jasper looked over at me and said, Hey man, ever have someone else stroke you cock for you, I was sorta stunned, I said NO!, He said why don't we trade cocks and stroke each other off, I said I guess it wouldn't be any different that doing our own cocks, and said yea sure, fine. and Jasper came closer to me and then reached down with his hand and wrapped it around my uncut seven incher, and I thot I would faint the feeling of someones touch on my cock was incredible, and the feeling of his cock was totally awesome it was much thicker than mine and he was leaking pre-cum like a mother, I didn't know what it was and I ask him if he had peed he laughed and said no it's natural lubrication and then I started using it to slick up his cock. like I used spit to do mine.

He started the sorta grunting and his stomach was kinda doing lurches as I slid my hand in a circular motion over his cock and back up to the head around and down, He said Kevin, Man, That feels just awesome, damn I'm gonna shoot my load if you keep doing that, I said help yourself cause that's what I want to do while you are stroking my cock, My nuts were tightening up and I stopped long enough to feel Jaspers balls and they were, as the old saying referrs to them as up tight and outta sight. Then I really got excited that feeling was starting, and I could tell that Jaspers was too, he was panting and sorta gasping for breath and saying Oh Shit Kevin, Oh shit man, that feels so awesome, and then I felt his cock start that jerking and the head swelled and it started belching out a blast of Italian man Dressing all over my hand, my body and I didn't think the way he was jerkin that he was going to stop, He was grunting, and moaning and saying Oh Kevin stop, please stop! I felt the lurching from within me and started the same, I Had never felt the feeling of cumming so intense as with Jaspers hand around my cock, and I had to clamp a hand over my mouth to keep from screaming and waking the whole dorm up, I was almost singing a tune to the climax, and Jasper just kept slowly stroking my cock untill I told him to stop it was so very sensative to the touch.

We both layed back over on our backs and just started to calm down and get our breath. Then Jasper leaned over and kissed me on the lips, and said thank you Kevin, And I kissed him back, and then reached up with my finger and rubbed my lips like they were touched by an Angel or something, I had feelings going thru me I had never felt, and Jasper said Kevin, did your enjoy that, I said Oh hell yea! He smiled and he had some paper towels and we wiped the cum off our bodies and put our brief back on, altho I asked Jasper if I could have his when he changed. He said sure, I guess, but what for, I just smiled.

The next day was just wonderful at camp, I was in a sorta daze from the night before and Jasper said Kevin lets go take a shower, and we did of course I got a boner in the shower room, but I didn't feel embarassed about it because it seemed like most of the guys in there had hardons, I just wondered what they had done the night before.

The second day was about finished and Jasper said were gonna try something different tonight, something I have always wanted to try. I said O.K., not knowing what to expect.

We went to bed and Jasper reached over and started stroking my cock in my briefs and I just smiled and let him for a while and then I started doing his too, Then He did something totally unexpected, He slid my briefs off and then his, and said here you wanted these and handed me his briefs and smiled and while I was wadding them up and sniffing his brief, my cock as hard as a peice of flint rock, Jasper said well here goes, I wasn't thinking what he was doing, He just slid down on the bed and took my cock into his mouth and starte the most glorious feeling I have ever had done to me, He had my cock in his mouth to the pubic hairs and was working it over with his tongue, fucking awesome I started humming, and put his briefs back into my mouth to muffel the sound, Damn man the feeling of getting a blowjob was absolutely the greatest feeling I had ever felt, Jasper was sliding his mouth up and down, swirling his hand around under his lips as he went up and down and I was pushing my hips upward to meet him, and saying, aw shit man, aw shit. It wasn't just exactly like getting a jerk off, it was light feeling, smooth and warm, different, but the end result was the same but more completely intense. Jasper was working majic on my cock and I was loving it. My first blow job by anyone. Jasper was enjoying it as much as I was, I could tell he kept grunting and groaning and acting like a starving dog after a peice of meat.

I started feeling the feeling of getting ready to cum and I started moaning. I spoke up and said, Jasper I'm gonna shoot it man, and he just grunted and kept going and I aw fuck my I'm gonna blow it man you better get off, and then I started shooting, It seemed like I shot for ten minutes and just kept shooting and Jasper just kept sucking my cock and swallowing it, Oh God was it unbelievable, Jasper just raised up smiling and wiped his mouth off and said, Delicous, and I said that was friggen awesome, Jasper, but how did you swallow that cum, He just smiled you get to liking the taste and a little later you and do me, And A little later I did, I reached over to Jaspers cock and started by stroking it It was sloppy wet from the pre-cum running down and I tasted the pre-cum and I kinda liked it too, Then Jaspers cock was like a peice of pipe hard and I leaned over and took it into my mouth, the texture the throbbing of the head and just the complete feeling of a cock in my mouth was a total turnon and I started going up and down, Jasper said Hey Kevin watch the teeth, and I started to be conscience of that part but I think I did pretty good for the first time, Well Jasper didn't seem to think it was all that bad, he started kinda wimpering and grunting and his stomach started kinda doing a lurching action and he said Here it comes and let out one grunt and his cock started pulsing and jerking and shooting a huge load of mancream into my mouth and I thought at first I would gag and throw up but I started to like that musty, kinda bleachy, salty, sweet taste and I started gulping and swallowing, I felt so good that I had done that for Jasper after what he had done for me. Jasper said that was great for a first timer. And we fell asleep in each others arms.

All I can say about camp this year, was I'm really glad I came and learned all this new stuff and I'm rally glad I met Jasper.

Jasper and I have been best buds for years now and we still suck each other off every now and again.



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