It was the early sixties, I was a senior in High School, and man my body was playing tricks on me, I was getting into self sex like a maniac I could't understand how and or why I was feeling like I wanted to stick my cock into anything that was big enough, I tried sticking it into the center of a toilet paper roll, but I didn't realize I had grown bigger than the hole in the t/p. Fuck man my cock was getting bigger than I ever thought it would, and I was really proud when I turned eighteen I noticed It was almost the biggest in gym class and In the showers I found myself checking other guys out, I was feeling very proud of myself, Me, Mr. Stud, ha ha. I was a rather 'nerd', Oh I was handsome or at least good looking, and I was built alright though not like most of the jocks, but rather muscular but I wasn't bad looking overall.

Now in my High School class there was a guy, he was built like an army bunker, muscular, extremely good looking. had himself a Chevy Impala, actually his Dads extra car, and He reminded me of the James Dean character in the Movies, for those of you who don't remember James Dean, He was kinda the original Fonzie character, and Dylan fitted that discription, he had wavy almost black hair, which he kept combed back on the sides in a what we called a Ducks Tail hair style, and he had a couple curls that hung down in front on his forehead, he had gorgeous dark eyebrows, awesome looking almost black brown eyes and he wore levi's without a belt, White polo shirts, and a black leather jacket like the bikers wore only without any patches on it, and he wore black biker boots. He was everyones Idol, I know he was mine. I did everything I could do to be his friend and be next to him, damn man, I admired him so much I would have eaten his shit if he ask me to.

Dylan was warming up to me, oh yea I had noticed a rather substantial crotch bulge to the left of His button fly Levi's too, and It looked rather nice and thick. I couldn't help notice that everywhere he was at, he was usually leaning against a wall with his legs crossed which made that bulge sorta push out and become very noticable. A few weeks into our senior year Dylan was starting to notice me, and every time I would see him in the Hallway at school, he would yell, hey Jase (short for Jason), wait up, and he would come and walk to class with me, I felt ten feet tall, this was Mr. Awesome at high School and I was his friend, If felt absolutely awesome. I would lay awake at night in bed and jerk off but instead of thinking about girls I would think about Dylan, I was beginning to question my sexuality, and I was wondering If something was wrong with me, Girls liked me and always talked to me, But I didn't seem to want them around like the other guys did, I would rather be with Dylan, I would even fantasize about doing things with him sexually, Fuck I was beginning to think I might be a Fag or something.

Well the year went on and I sorta let those thoughts pass me by, Then one Friday Dylan Ask me to go to the Drive in Movie with him, Now a drive in movie was awesome, there was parking places all lined up in a row that let you park your car in an upward slant just slightly and you had a speaker that you pulled off the post there and brought into your car and you watched the movie from your car, I loved it. Well Dylan said that we would be double dating and he had gotten this girl and she had a friend for me too, I felt it was a nice thing to do and I went along with it.

Dylan had gotten his Dads car, a big Chevy Impala, four door, and He picked me up about seven thirty, It wasn't dark yet, and the movie at a drive in started at dark.

Dylan pulled up at the house and I noticed he was by himself, He came to the door and said Hey Jase, Ready to hit it? I said sure, Mom gave me some money and said, Have a nice time boys. Don't be out all night please: I said sure thing Mom.

Well we got to the Drive in and Dylan said I hope you don't mind It's just gonna be me and you Jase, the girls backed out at the last minute and Sheila, Dylans female friend had said she didn't want to go, because boys only want one thing, I said what? he said yea, ain't that a crock of shit? I said sure is, He just said Hey man we can have a great time with just the two of us, can't we? I said Sure thing man, but I didn't know just exactly then what he meant, I was soon to find out.

Dylan and I parked to the back of the Drive in, and Dylan said man this is more private, and we can do what ever we want back here no one ever comes back here, I just said yea man, thats cool.

We went to the snack bar and to get us a couple cokes, then we went back and got into the car.

Well we started talking about girls and It was getting darker and we then started talking about you know, guy things, sex, and the whole nine yards, And when It had gotten really Dark and we were watching the movie, Dylan just looked at me and ask me if I had ever had sex with anyone, I said no, he said you jerk off don't you? I said yea, don't you? he said just about three times a day, we laughed and I said, dont' feel like the lone Ranger, I do it at least twice a day, He laughed and we were drinking our cokes, I don't know why, but I was feeling nervousness and excitement, He looked over at me and said Hey man lets get into the back seat, I said why? he said you'll see, I said o.k., and we crawled into the back seat, and then he said Jase, can I do something? I said sure man, you know you can, I was starting to feel heat and arousal even though I didnt' know what Dylan had in mind. I just smiled as he was staring into my eyes and he took off his jacket and scooted over to me in the seat, and he said man, Jase your really a good looking dude, and I really like you, I just looked at Dylan, and said thanks man, I really like you too. I was staring into his gorgeous eyes, and I noticed he was breathing funny and quick, and sorta talking in an erotic almost whisper, and then he leaned over to me and put his hand up behind my head drew me to him, and said kiss me, I was a little shocked and, said wha? and he leaned in before I could get my words out and kissed me right on the fucking mouth, and he slid his tongue in my mouth and started kissing me like you would your girlfriend, fuck I had never kissed a guy before, But I must say it was fucking awesome, especially from a guy I had always held in such High esteem in my life such as Dylan, fuck man, I just wilted and thought I would melt into the floor, I had been reduced to a blathering fool, I couldn't talk and was having trouble breathing, I said, OH Fuck Dylan, that was awesome, He said man I'm just getting started, then he said Man Jase I have thought about doing this with you for a long time. I said man me too, but I didn't have the guts to tell you, Dylan then lifted my shirt up and started to rub my nipples and my stomach and I was loosing total control, I felt heat running thru my body and I was grabbing at Dylan and wimpering and saying I want somthing Dylan, Man I don't know what it is. He said let me handle it Jase, and he reached down and found my throbbing cock in my trousers and started to rub it, I wimpered and said, Oh Shit Dylan, I was sucking on his tongue and going balistic, fuck man I was feeling sensations and feelings that I had never in my life experienced before and I wasn't sure what to do with them, then Dylan said Jase, I want to make love with you, I am so fucking horny, I said me too man, He reached his hand down and started to unbuckle my belt and unsnap my trousers, I felt my zipper being pulled down and then he pulled my trousers open and pulled the elastic out and slid his hand down into my briefs and All I could do was let out a big breath and say Awe fuck Dylan, He wrapped his hand around my thick, very hard cock and started stroking and moving his hand up and down, and said can you take those pants off, I said yea man, and I did, here I was setting in the back seat of my best friend, my most admired buddy, and with my pants around my ankles, and his hand working my cock over, what the fuck else could I want? I was falling in love with not only the feeling I was experiencing but with Dylan too. I wanted to bring him into this and I started pulling his white shirt up and playing with his stomach, so fucking muscular, and he had that hairyness just a little straight line of hair from his navel down to his levi's and it was absolutely beautiful, I reached over and undid the button on his levi's and started unbuttoning them and I noticed a very large cock pushing his levi's trying to get out, when I got them opened I had to manuver his cock around to get it up to the opening and he was grunting and saying awe fuck man, I finally got his cock out and it was like the rest of him, just fucking awesome, he had a foreskin and I don't have one, but I didn't care I was wanting that thing in me somewhere, just in me. I leaned down and for the first time I smelled a mans manly body aroma, It was fucking intoxicating an odor that will live in my mind forever, and then I slipped his foreskin back and exposed his cockhead and he moaned and said, awe fuck Jase, Oh fuck, I took his dick into my mouth and just let it lay there against my tongue savoring its taste and I started to taste this liquid coming out of his cock head, it was my first taste of pre-cum, and I loved the salty taste, Man I was in Limbo. I started sucking after getting used to the awesome taste and velvety feeling of his cock in my mouth, I started for the first sucking a cock, and I was learning and enjoying knowing that Dylan was really enjoying what I was doing. He said Jase, you sure you haven't done this before?, I said nope, your my first. Dylan layed his head back and I crawled between his legs and really started to suck his cock taking it as far as I could, and licking on his cock head like an ice cream cone, And I was enjoying sucking it as much as he was enjoying getting blown. He was wimpering saying Jase Oh fuck man, Oh Jase I'm gonna cum, Here it comes man, I wanted to give My Idol as much pleasure as I could, He started pumping his hips up driving his cock into my mouth and I was doing my best to take it all and then He grunted and just said, UGHMMMNN, Fuck man, and I tasted his nut butter for the first time and All I could do was swallow, tasting the salty, sweet, musty tasting nut cream and I loved it expecially since It came from Dylan, He just layed back and started breathing really heavy and not moving there with his cock still in my mouth, Fuck I was in Heaven, He finally spoke up and said Jase, fuck man, that was fantastic, I said I enjoyed it too, man. He smiled and kissed me on the lips, and said now you man, I said you don't have to Dylan, said no man I ain't like that, you took care of me and now I am going to take care of you, He got down in the floorboard his levi's still down around his ankles and I got up on the seat of the car, I layed my head back and I thought I had died and gone to heaven the most awesome feeling began to take place on my cock, He took me to the hilt, his mouth was so frigging hot and moist he had all eight inches in and he started working on the head and the shaft of my cock, fucking awesome. Fuck man, as excited and turned on and hot as I was, it wouldn't take very long to finish me off, I just layed back and enjoyed Dylans handiwork, He was taking me to the top of the mountain and I wanted to fly away, the sensation and the intensity of getting my cock sucked by Dylan was astronomical, I was gone, and I felt the cum boiling as he sucked on the head and licked the frenum, and swirlled his tongue around the head, man, I was loosing all restraint and I felt the muscles at the base of my cock stronger than I had ever felt them as they started to convulse and pump, and I felt the cum flying out of my cock head and into Dylans mouth, All I could say was AW Shit man, Awe shit, and Dylan just kept sucking and slurping and licking every drop of my cum. Then he sat back and as he licked on my cock head and looked up into my eyes and just smiled a very satisfied smile, I started laughing, He said now we are really male lovers, and I just reached over and kissed him, and nobody knows the better. I just hugged him and we just layed back and just cuddled and hugged each other while the movies finished.

The following week, we met at his house and I spent the night His Mom had passed away when he was younger and His Dad was out with a girlfriend spending the night with her at her apartment.

We grilled burgers on the grill and had supper and then we went to the front room, and watched some t.v. after a couple hours of t.v. Dylan started acting like he was getting sleepy, I said man if you want to have sex just say so, he started laughing and punched me and said I don't beg for it like a dog, I said no just ask for it like a man, and hw started laughing, then he said, lets go to bed.

When we got to the bedroom we crawled into the bed and layed there in our briefs and I noticed that Dylans cock was starting to harden and throb and stand up in his briefs, and seeing that got me going, I just reached over and said man your ready arn't you? he said always man, I just smiled. and He reached down and slipped my briefs off and my cock stood up like a monument. He smiled and said man I want that, I was thinking he was gonna suck me off again and I said man, have at it, He said something something different and he got a tube of lubrication and smeared some on my cock and he got up on top of me and spread his ass cheeks apart, then he set down on my cock and it slid up his asshole like a giant suppository, fuck it was hot and tight and he was milking my cock with his rectal muscles and fuck man, It was another first, It was fantastic. Dylan was fucking me with his asshole and he we getting off on it, His cock was sticking straight out and he was pumping it with his right hand and bouncing up and down on mine, and fuck I was loving it, we fucked like this for about thirty minutes and he was starting to huff and puff, saying yea man, oh fuck yea, and his face was getting red and sweat was dripping off his face, and I was feeling it as his cock rubbed some sort of spot in my asshole and I was about to loose a load and he started grunting and shooting a load all over my chest and face and I just Grunted a big grunt and I started filling his intestines with my man cream. It was and extremely intense climax I jerked and bolted upwards and then went just as dead as I could be, and just chuckled and said fucking awesome Dylan, Is there anymore that I don't know about, He just smiled and said yes Jase, and we'll get to it in the next few days. I said O.K. man Lead the way. Well I learned it all and I got fucked the next day and It was awesome. Just knowing it was Dylan doing this made it all the better.

Dylan is still my best friend and we have had a great life being intimate friends together so far, and are looking forward to more years together Me and My Idol Dylan.




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