It had been a rough fourteen years raising Jason by myself, doing everything for him that a mother and a father would do, but I felt like I had done a great job, well from my standpoint at least.

Jason was now nineteen, he had been born when I was nineteen, and his mother was killed in a small plane crash going to a private meeting on her job.

I did get a good some of money from her death due to the fact that it was the company she worked for that owned the plane,But no amount of money can compensate for a wife or mothers loss. Our house had been insured by the insurance company,with credit life, meaning that if either I or she was to die before it was payed off, it was automatically paid for. So our house as well as her funeral was fully paid for.

Jason was just five when Janice died and I was almost devastated, I hadn't even given thought to what it would be like not having her with me to raise our son. For quite a while I was at a loss, totally wasted, I would catch myself shedding tears of saddness and sorrow many times in the following months and years, But I would always try to make sure it was out of Jason's sight and hearing.

It wasn't easy to hold onto Jason as he cried for his mother, and try to make him understand at five years old that his mother would never be back.

I wouldn't let him go to the funeral home to see his Mother laying in her coffin.

Well time went on and as all things do the hurt goes away or maybe just dulls, but never-the-less, I was doing better getting on with my life, I had a son to raise and be there for and My focus turned toward Jason.

That happened fourteen years ago and I look at him now, he had grown so handsome. He became a star football player and track runner in High School, and his sports I totally supported him in, and I patronized all his games I think I only missed one game due to a slight car accident I was in, heading for the stadium.

All in all I had a great deal to be proud of and thankful for in Jason.

Jason had entered college at the age of eighteen and from all accounts was doing fantastic, his grade point average was very good, and he again got into the sports programs at college.

I received a call one evening after first semester wanting to bring a friend of his home with him on spring break, I had no problem with that.

I just figured that any friend of Jason's was a friend of mine.

They arrived in Jason's 'Honda Fit,' which I had gotten him for college, and they emptied their belongings into Jason's bedroom.

I was so glad to see Jason, and to meet his friend Danny.

I was totally shocked with his friend Danny, he was so good looking he made me jealous that he wasn't my son, not that Jason wasn't good looking.

Danny had an almost boyish face, really cute with a set of perfect teeth, and an almost beautiful smile. He had almost black wavy, not quite shoulder length hair but not short either, it really complimented his looks, it was black and he looked like he could use a shave too, but it looked good on him.

He was very nicely built too, Jason was in top physical shape but Danny was tall thick armed and you could tell he had been into keeping up his body.

Well we went out that night to supper to a nice restaurant and I enjoyed their boyish laughter and just kidding around.

We stopped at the grocers and go snacks and soda pop, and some beer of course and went home, for the rest of the evening.

Spring was in the air and the warm spring breeze was awesome this time of the year.

Danny, and Jason finally went to bed and I went into the bathroom and showered and then hit the bed, I could hear their laughter in the other room and just enjoyed their presence in the house, It had felt empty after Jason left for College.

The third day I was home it went really good, I took a couple days off work to be with the boy's and Jason told me he had a date with an old flame, I just smiled and said, 'What about Danny, you gonna leave him here alone?' I asked.

'Hey Pop's (thats what Danny had named me) I will enjoy being here with you, if that's alright with you?' he said. 'Hey man, I would enjoy your company.' I responded.

Well Danny and I watched as Jason took off on his date and then he turned around and said, 'Pops, would you care if I showered, I need one bad.'

'Help your self,' I said.

Danny went up to shower and after the water started running I went to my bedroom to get something, I don't even remember now what it was, and as I walked by the bathroom I noticed that he had left the door opened, I could see his outline thru the glass opaque door of the shower.

I stared and felt something I hadn't felt since I was in high school. My thought went back to a buddy of mine, damn I hadn't thought of Derick Pendergrass for years.

He did have one awesome cock and as a young, cum filled youth, we had a few sleepovers and we had done the male deed, you guessed it, we started stroking off together and that led to the whole ball of wax. I had never had a blowjob untill Derick sucked my cock that time, But I never forgot it either.

I was watching Danny's naked body thru that glass and noticed the outline vissage of Danny's cock sticking almost straight out, and realized my cock had gotten very hard.

I felt rather stupid but yet turned on at the thought.

I decided I would take a shower too as soon as Jason was finished.

I was bringing my underclothes back with me to the bathroom when I noticed Danny was not finished, he was just in his light gray briefs shaving at the basin, 'Hey Pop's come on in,' he said, 'I'm almost done.'

Now I might have been in trouble here, god damn was his body gorgeous.

Danny had that dark hair splashed lightly over his upper chest and a treasure trail leading straight down into his briefs. and his chest and stomach muscles were awesome looking.

He said, 'if it don't bother you pop's, to take a shower, In front of me, I don't have a problem with it.'

I just figured what the hell, and began to strip, I figured by the time I got done Danny would be finished and out of there.

I stripped and noticed as I adjusted the water he was looking at me in the mirror, standing there naked as a newborn.

'Holy Fuck Pop's, your really built, do you do weights or something?'

'I used to but just hard work keeps me fit I guess.'

I hurried into the shower to not look so suspicious since my cock was rising by the second.

Well if finally got it down and was finishing up when I slid the shower door back and Danny was leaning against the wash basin, just standing there, I jumped at his being there and then tried to not look so inconspicuous, Danny just smiled and said,'Pop's can I tell you something?'

'Well sure,' I studdered almost shaking like the water was cold or something.

'Well don't get mad at me but I just want to tell you that I didn't go with Jason tonight because I wanted to spend the evening with you, Your really a handsome guy and I would love to............'

'Well, I might just as well tell you sir, I think your are really one sexy, hot looking man and I want to have sex with you, I would love to suck your cock, it looks awesome and I would love to have a go at it.'

I was shocked and stunned by his statement, but just as intrigued and inticed at the prospect of making it with this young stud.

I looked down at his bulge and it was standing straight up at an angle and looked like it would split out his briefs.

I smiled at Danny's almost 'fearful at my response looking face,' and said, 'Damn Danny, I would love to. I haven't sex with anyone male or female in several years.' truthfully I had only had sex with a woman five times in fourteen years.

I watched as Danny's demeanor changed and I saw those pearly white teeth come shining thru his lips.

I just wrapped my towel around my waist and grabbed Danny's hand and led him to the bedroom, I set him down on the bed and pushed his body back and slid down those briefs, I was sex starved and lusting after this kid and with the go-ahead Danny had just given me I was set to blow.

I reached out and was shocked at the size of his cock, it was awesome, beautifully shaped with a slight curve to the right of his body,about a little over seven inches, and veiny, with a beautifully cut head, shiny and showing it's proudness, god Danny was awesome looking.

I started by sucking on Danny's cock, taking him to the max in my throat, Danny was shocked to say the least as I went on the attack.

'Hey Pop's I was the one that was going to take care of your sex needs, remember?' he said.

'Well Danny my boy, two can play at this game can't we, He smiled a big smile and said, 'Shit yeah.!'

Well I had sucked his cock for about four minutes when he said, 'Just a minute, and he turned around on the bed laying on his back, and hung his head over the edge of the bed in front of my crotch, 'I want you to stick your cock into my mouth and slide it down my throat, and fuck my throat.' Danny said.

'That sounded like a great idea, and I slid the foreskin back on my uncut cock, and slid my cock deep into his throat and he began working the shaft of my cock with his tongue and I leaned over and took his very hard shiny headed cock and started sucking it like a wild man.

Danny had his arms around my torso pulling me deeper into his throat, I was wondering how he was able to breath, but he didn't seem to be having any problem with it.

I felt the most awesome feeling I had felt in years as Danny took me to heaven with his mouth. As I sucked his cock I began tasting his pre-cum and it was awesome tasting. I was drinking from this own Fountain of Youth and enjoying the fuck out of it.

We had enjoyed each other's sucking for several minutes when I felt his body began to jerk and act funny, he unlodged my cock and said, 'Pop's Im gonna cum soon, Oh fucking shit,' and I felt his cock began to pulse and jerk in my mouth and fill it with sweet tasting youthful cum, a taste I hadn't had since Derick had cum in my mouth years ago.

It was awesome tasting, Danny went back to sucking my cock and sliding my foreskin back and forth as he swirled his hand around the shaft of my cock, I Felt the strongest climax I had felt in a very long time coming on, by the time I unloaded my load I was almost going wild and Danny never missed a stroke, I shoved my cock deep into this throat and unloaded my load, he sucked me empty like my cock was a big straw, god was it ever an awesome feeling.

He just smiled and said,'Holy Shit Pop's that was fantastic.' as he wiped the moisture off his mouth with the back of his hand.

I fell back wasted and exhausted and we fell asleep that evening on the bed together, I was awakened early in the morning by Jason coming into the bedroom, and noticing me and Danny laying there naked together.

I pulled the covers over me and Danny's nakedness, Jason came over and leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. 'Its O.k. Dad, I know just how awesome Danny sucks cock too, I have enjoyed it several times myself at college.

Jason opened his eyes and said, 'I think I'm in love with your Pop.' and started giggling, 'I hope you don't mind but Im going to sleep in here with Pop's tonight.' Danny told Jason.

Jason just smiled and said, 'Hey man, it's alright with me, I need to shower and get the smell of pussy off me, we'll chat more tomorrow.

I was in a state of shock after that night I got my cock sucked, and it was fantastic, I sucked a young cock and it was fantastic, and my son comes home and tells me he had enjoyed getting his cock sucked by his friend at college too. Talk about a shocking and revealing Spring Break.

Oh by the way, Danny and I hit it almost every night during his stay at our home. Jason's responce to that was Hey Pop, enjoy yourself you deserve it.

Jason is suppose to bring Danny back for the holidays too, I can't wait.



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