Senator Jo DeWinter's office was teeming with traffic for the first day of his return to DC. Phones were ringing, aids were hustling and the overall feeling was energetic and lively. Rachel DeWinter arrived fresh from a breakfast with her ladies club at the Ritz Carlton. "Buzz my husband and let him know that I've arrived. Won't you?"

The Senator looked dashing in a tailored, black Burberry suit complete with suspenders and cufflinks. He glared at her with an expression that seemed borderline psychotic as she sat primly smiling. Her face was fresh from a weekend of relaxing in a spa. She had taken extra time to perfect her makeup and hair, more so for her lady friends than her husband. But alas Rachel did look her best and she wasn't used to him giving her attitude. She sat patiently as he finished a telephone conversation with a voter, "God bless you too Mrs. Swanson and thank your son for his sacrifice to our armed forces. I will keep you both in my prayers." He hung up the phone and glared at Rachel, "What do you want? You fucking cunt!" Her face lost all color. Her jaw dropped as she replied, "I don't know what happened to you this weekend but I hardly deserve being talked to in such a manner." Jo shuffled papers across his desk as she began coughing, "Jo, tell someone to get me water." Jo buzzed his secretary, "Have an aid fetch my wife some ice water." Her coughing persisted. Her eyes began to water as she asked, "Why are you acting so weird?" He smiled replying, "Sorry darling. I just have had a lot on my mind. I apologize for my behavior. Marc entered the room wearing slacks, a blue shirt and a ridiculous looking bow tie. He handed Rachel a glass of ice water and turned to leave. Jo grinned, "Oh boy? I'd like you to meet my wife." Marc's face went crimson as he turned to Rachel saying, "Hello Mrs. DeWinter. I am Marc Lander, your husband's aid." Rachel spat water on the floor and doubled over into an extreme episode of coughing. Jo held back a laugh. He loved watching her squirm. Marc turned to the door to leave. Jo waited for a second and said, "Oh boy?" Marc sighed in frustration replying, "Sir?" Even at his most psychotic Jo DeWinter was irresistibly charming. He flashed his pearly white teeth giving Marc a naughty, boyish grin saying, "I have a press conference in an hour. I need you to shine my shoes." The senator pulled a traditional shoe shine box from underneath his desk and handed it to Marc. Marc stood waiting for Jo to remove his shoes. Rachel watched on in complete horror as Jo snapped his fingers and pointed to the floor. Instinctively Marc dropped to his knees before the senator. He opened the box and removed polish and a rag. The senator put his foot on the platform and Marc obediently went to work.

Jo carried on with his paperwork as if nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Rachel cleared her throat chirping, "Ok. I get your point. You can let Marc go back to his normal job and I'll go back to being the dutiful wife." The senator laughed loudly in a condescending tone, "Riiight. I don't think so woman." Marc was buffing with his head and eyes downward submissively when the senator said, "You know boy, the other guy that does my shoes gets them a lot shinier than this. The secret is you need to use a little saliva." Marc spat on the rag and continued to work. Jo stared down at handsome Marc Lander feeling his cock fill with blood again. His lust for power was like an infection that was spreading. "No boy. It works best if you lick em." Marc paused for a moment as his eyes nervously darted towards Rachel. Jo smacked Marc in the face saying, "Did I tell you that you could look at my wife?" Marc shook his head replying, "No Sir." "GET YOUR FACE DOWN THERE AND LICK MY FUCKING SHOES CLEAN!" Marc hurriedly obeyed without question. Jo laughed as the slave's tongue wet the senator's shoes.

The insanity was too much for Rachel to comprehend. She stood flipping her hair huffing, "You've lost your mind. I'm leaving you Jo!" Before she could reach the door Jo circled in front of her yelling, "You're not going anywhere bitch!" She shrank back with her mouth gaping. "Jo, get help!" He ushered her back to her chair saying, "I have pictures of you sucking his cock on our yacht! You step one foot out that door and I will release them to the media." She shook her head sneering, "You wouldn't dare. It would ruin your career." Jo laughed replying, "I don't think so sugar. The sympathy vote alone would get me a presidential nomination! Now you sit your ass down! You'll leave when I say so!"

Rachel obeyed her husband feeling as if she'd stepped into the twilight zone. Jo stood in front of Marc Lander unzipping his pants. He pulled out his erect penis and snapped his fingers, "You know how this works , don't you Lander?" Rachel she shook her head and stared at the floor. "Jo, you've gone crazy! You need a psychiatrist!" The senator's large veiny cock seemed to be jumping with his rhythmic pulse. Marc took the throbbing monster in his hands and gently began sucking it. The slave's well trained mouth felt like velvet on the head of Jo's throbbing penis. He laughed as he imagined that Rachel would need decades of therapy to get over the sight before her. She was shaking half from shock and half from humiliation. He didn't care. All the senator was concerned with at this moment was getting the most expertly administered blow job he'd ever had. Marc's head bobbed up and down on the senator's big dick with little gag reflex. "Awesome job you're doing there Marc Lander! You are so much better at this than my wife. Of course you would know that she literally sucks at sucking. After all her tiny little Texas mouth doesn't really fit over my entire cock. She never goes longer than..." Jo's eyes rolled back up into his head as he felt Marc swallowing the entire sheath effortlessly. He moaned and shook his head saying, "Sorry boy. I lost my train of thought. As I was saying, you are an expert cock sucker. I'll have you over one night to teach Rachel how it's properly done." Rachel was now sobbing hysterically as Jo snickered yelling, "Now lick my fucking balls you faggot bitch!" Marc's tongue never left the senator's beastly penis as he licked his way down to his hairy nut sack. The senator reclined back into his leather executive chair moaning as Marc lifted his legs onto his shoulders and began lapping at his taint. "Holy Mother of God, you are one hell of a cock sucker. Bauer must have made you do this every day! I'll have to send him a basket of muffins or something." Marc's tongue dove deeper grazing the edge of the senator's asshole. The overwhelming pleasure was like a sensory overload. Rachel stared curiously at her husband as he began moaning. Marc's head was literally buried between her husband's legs. She couldn't believe her eyes as she watched her lover lick her husband's asshole. Jo's mouth gaped open as he moaned, "Oh yes. Lick my ass. Make me feel good boy." Marc's tongue rolled back up the Senator's throbbing cock as he began sucking him harder. At this point Jo had been pulled into a whirlpool of lust and desire. He was no longer thinking clearly and could barely articulate basic commands. Marc instinctively pleasured the senator with an intuitive connection that surpassed anything Jo had ever experienced. The slave sensed his Master's desires as his tongue swirled around the senator's cock like he was French kissing it. The sensation was supremely pleasurable. A few seconds later Jo's entire, muscular body tensed up completely as he felt himself nearing climax. Marc reached down between his own legs and pinched the head of his bulging hardon. The senator grabbed a fist full of Marc's hair and forced him all the way down yelling, "Put your nose in my pubes boy! I'm going to feed you some jizz." Jo moaned loudly as his entire body began to rise forward in a deeply wound tension. He was ejaculating and nothing could make him wait a second longer. Marc's throat felt stretched to capacity as the raging boner drilled deep inside him. He could feel the contractions as the senator's cock shot a healthy stream of warm, jizz down his esophagus. The senator's moaning grew so loud that his secretary took pause outside the door to listen. "YES! SUCK THAT FUCKING COCK BOY!" He yelled as his entire body was swept into a deep state of sexual bliss. At that moment he had completely forgotten that Rachel was in the room. His mind, body and soul were all drifting far away from his marriage, his political career and every single thing he'd ever considered important. Jo DeWinter had traded all of his stress for an addiction to power and Marc Lander was gladly feeding his greed.

Note from the author: What's up you little perverts? I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for reading into my dirty, dirty mind. I bet some of you are still stroking your hard cocks thinking, "What happens next?" It's short this time. Isn't it? Let me know if you prefer the entries brief or lonnnnng. I personally think that sometimes a quick rub out does just the trick. Also I will have you know that Jason Bauer has some very diabolical plans for Washington DC. he chooses to do things can be influenced by you! Leave me comments about what you guys like. More fucking...more sucking...more spanking! I aim to please. And chances are if it turns you on then it will me too! Have a great week and don't forget to give me some stars!!!!!!!!



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