Clink was the sound made by two beer bottles touching in a toast to money, power and respect. Jason Bauer and Jo DeWinter lounged back into their poolside chairs laughing over Marc Lander's humiliation. The Florida sun beamed down upon the handsome thirty-five-year-olds wearing only designer sunglasses and wet swim trunks. Their bodies were still glistening from the pool. Jason and Jo had been admiring each others muscular bodies all day and the sexual chemistry between them was rising off the charts. A handsome, blonde college boy with the body of a Greek statue was busy dredging the pool in the distance. He was wearing headphones and humming to his favorite itunes. Jason's eyes drifted from the youthful college boy back to the sexy senator. He smiled as he imagined the possibilities. "How do you do it Jason?" Asked Jo with a half smirk.

Jason stared over the edge of his Gucci sunglasses, "Do what dude?" Jo shrugged, "Is it your money?" Jason slid his glasses back onto his face. "You mean my father's money? I may be running the business but I'm not officially the C.E.O.. Besides I trapped Lander when he thought I was broke. He tried to give me ten thousand dollars to get me off his ass. But I had to have him. Besides I can smell when someone is submissive." Jo remained silent for a moment as he too was now staring at the pool boy with a lustful gaze. "You can tell just by looking at them?" Jason grinned as he stretched his muscled legs and beefy arms outward. "Human beings love order. There's an order to everything we do. We're pack animals just like dogs. Every dog has a top dog. And every top dog is looking to make his pack bigger. You're either a pack leader or you're not."

Jo's mind was reeling,

"So you just chose Lander to be yours."


"Then what did you need blackmail for?"

"Most people aren't comfortable with base emotions. Society makes you believe the mythology that we're all free or that we're all equals. Lander never wanted to be equal and he certainly didn't want to be anyone's Master. His looks, good breeding and superior intellect gave him the keys to the kingdom but what he really wanted was to be put in his place. That's why he was such a douche bag when I met him. It was like he was crying out to the universe. All I did was answering the call."

Jo nodded at the pool boy.

"What about that guy?"

Jason flashed his wicked grin.

"I don't know him. He's new. Let's give it a sniff."

Jason let out a loud two finger whistle and the pool boy looked up in confusion. He was wearing zinc oxide on his nose which made him look cute in a dumb jock sort of way. He withdrew his ear buds and smiled with a toothy grin, "Yes Mr. Bauer?" Jason motioned him closer asking, "What's your name kid?" The sinewy, tan jock's body rippled as he walked. His ripped six pack seemed like a freakish entity all its own as it flexed with his breathing.

"I'm Travis. Your Dad and my Grandpa know each other from way back in the day."

Jason smiled, "Are you in college?"

"Yes Sir. I graduate after Fall Semester."

"What's your major?"

"Political Science Sir."

"How old are you?

"I'm Twenty-One Sir!"

Jason pointed at Jo asking, "Do you know who this guy is?"

The blond jock smiled widely replying, "Oh yeah I'm a big fan of Senator DeWinter. It's a pleasure to meet you Sir!"

Jason stood up and gently placed his hand on the stud's lower back saying, "Do me a favor Travis. Go clear the house. Tell the cleaning lady that she can leave early and when you're sure everyone is gone fetch three beers. I want you to hang with us this afternoon. Maybe Jo can help you put that political science degree to a good cause."

Travis swigged down his third beer. He had been quietly listening to the older men talk about politics, the economy and how completely worthless women were. His anxiety over speaking had been dulled by the sensation of alcohol but neither Jo nor Jason had really included him in the conversation. Jason watched the young stud as his eyes became glossy and it was obvious he was getting a good buzz. He wanted to jump into the conversation. He wanted to tell Senator DeWinter what a great student he was and all of his ideas for the future but his mouth simply didn't move. After each beer was finished the young jock would instinctively stand up and fetch three more. He had only been told once to make beer runs and quickly understood that it was his job to keep the conversation lubricated. As he sprinted off to fetch more beer Jason stared at the young guy's ass. Jason lowered his sunglasses saying, "That boy's ass looks like two cats in a bag. Damn dude. He's ready for you."

Jo sighed heavily saying, "So you think this guy is submissive?" Jason laughed replying, "If I have to be the one to turn him out then I'm not going to let you fuck him until he's done with college and ready to move to DC. So up and take the reins. He is primed and ready to go."

When Travis returned Jo told him to sit down and pointed at the edge of his lawn chair. The twenty-one-year-old was comfortable enough with the men not to feel uneasy about personal space. He sat at Jo's feet and listened intently. Jo and Jason toasted Travis which made him slightly giddy. It was obvious that Travis felt like the luckiest person alive. He smiled saying, "Man this is awesome! Who would have ever thought that I would be hanging out with you two?"

Jo leaned forward gripping the youth's shoulder asking, "What are your plans when you graduate?" Travis swallowed hard and answered with a shy hesitance, "Well Sir I really want to move to DC and work as an aid for someone like you probably. It's my goal to run for Congress someday." Jo nodded approvingly replying, "How long do you think it'll take you?" The young man paused for a moment answering, "I would hope before I'm thirty." Jo shook his head, "That's too long. If you wait till you're thirty you'll be forty when or if you make it into the Senate. Then any chances of going higher are going to be rough. You need to make it to Congress by at least the age of twenty-seven." Travis hung his head as it seemed like the conversation was way beyond him. Jo let him fester in the uncomfortable reality before saying, "You know if you were cooperative I could have you on a fast track. Let you meet the right people and you'd have things popping in the next four years." Travis was confused yet hopeful. "Yes Sir! I'm all ears!"

Jo rose up in his chair as he could feel his hefty cock growing erect. He didn't want the uncomfortable hardon popping up from his swim suit too early. He adjusted himself and asked, "How loyal would you be? That's the question." The young guy answered without hesitating, "Oh man! I know what I want out of life! I also know that you have to hustle to get it! Sir I would do whatever I was told." The senator stared at Jason speaking as if Travis wasn't there. "They all say the same thing and when it gets down to it no one is truly loyal." Jason stared at the boy replying, "I think Travis is serious. He's got fire in his eyes and he seems pretty disciplined."

The senator felt his mind snap like it had been fueled by an unseen passion. He breathed deeply commanding, "Stand up boy!" Travis felt blood rush to his face. He was in shock but he found himself obeying the older man's command. He stood before the senator obediently. Jo snapped his fingers commanding, "Strip!" The young guy shifted his weight from one foot to the other stuttering, "Is this some kind of practical joke?" Jo shook his head at Jason saying, "Told you. He's not serious about politics." Within in an instant Travis dropped his swim trunks around his ankles and stepped out of them. His tan, sinewy body stood before them a like trophy waiting to be claimed. Travis was obviously buzzed but he still felt a dangerous rush overcome him. He had no idea why he obeyed the senator's bazaar demand, he just did. The exhilaration washed over him as he was both excited and terrified of the next orders coming.

Jo grabbed the hot jock by the back of the head and forced him to his knees. Within an instant his 7.5 inch cock was aiming for the twenty-one-year-old's mouth like a heat seeking missile. Travis turned his head hesitantly with a grimace announcing, "I'm not gay dude. And this is..." He stood grabbing his swim trunks and turned away. "...this is seriously fucked up." Jo was irritated and embarrassed that his attempt had failed. Jason remained quiet as he watched Travis slip away into the pool cabana. Without saying one word he followed him. Jo stared into the water thinking that he had really lost control. He was ashamed to think of what the young, pool boy thought of him. He was even more embarrassed of his behavior towards Marc Lander. His mind felt assaulted by conflicting emotions and his new found lust for sadistic control over other men.

Jo's emotions were spring boarding from bipolar extremes at this moment. But the forth coming image would settle his mind solidly into the world of BDSM. The senator looked up from the pool at the sight of Jason Bauer probing Travis' hole. The young stud was slumped back in a lounge chair inside the cabana. He was holding his legs up high in a complete form of submission as Jason fingered his tight, pert anus like a girl's pussy. The young, blond jock was moaning with his mouth gaping open. His eyes conveyed an expression of absolute lust as his own throbbing cock pulsated from the stimulation. Jason looked over his shoulder with a devilish grin. He winked at Jo inviting him to come closer.

Travis' cloudy blue eyes stared up at the two men standing over him. He had never been fondled in such a manner. The very idea that he was the sex object was difficult for him to comprehend. He was popular with girls and he was used to using their holes to get his rocks off. Not the other way around. He wasn't exactly sure how Jason Bauer had convinced him to lie down. He had no idea how the cunning and manipulative Mr. Bauer had convinced him to raise his legs in the air while he began fingering his asshole. Everything happened so fast. Jason's fingers found their way into places that he didn't know existed. No one had ever made his cock so hard without touching it. He felt like Jason had found a hot button up his ass that made his dick feel like it was going to erupt. His erection was throbbing and his balls felt like they were being filled with intense pressure as the masterful Jason continued to probe, stroke and tap at his juicy, little prostate.

Travis was an Abercrombie sight to behold. With his curly blond hair, tan and freckled nose and gorgeously ripped body he was the perfect mix of pretty and masculine. Not many men could have resisted his good looks. Jason and Jo's hands were hungrily running all over his sinewy build. The experience was the most erotic thing that had ever happened to Travis. He winced as Jo's fingers pinched his pink nipples. He groaned as Jason stretched a second finger into his tight, hairless asshole. He began to shake and quiver as it seemed as if his body had become over stimulated. He had been wishing for their attention all afternoon and now he was the center. They stroked, licked, fondled and toyed with every inch of him. He would have done anything to please these men and they both knew it.

Without asking Jo slid his hard dick into Travis' mouth. The sensation was shocking and at first he wanted to protest but the musky smell of the senator's groin quickly aroused him. He instinctively began sucking and licking Jo's cock. Jo didn't seem to care what Travis did. He wasn't getting a blow job he was fucking the dude's face. Travis felt the senator grab a fist full of his blond curls as he began pounding his mouth like a cheap, little whore. "Suck my cock bitch!"

The image of Jason, Jo and Travis was reminiscent of ancient Greece where young men are taught sexuality by older ones. Travis was feeling more eroticism from two dudes than any woman had ever given him. His entire body vibrated as he found himself quickly letting go of all inhibition. His loud moans fed their hunger to use him.

"Get up boy!" Commanded Jason as he gripped the young lad by the ear and forced him to stand. Travis had slipped into a submissive state that was strangely familiar to him. He had spent his entire life being bossed around by older men. Men like his father, his coaches and all of his bosses had been telling him what to do for as long as he could remember. Being dominated sexually by guys was way more comfortable to him than he'd ever imagined. He obediently followed Jason's lead as the alpha male in the scenario. Jason plopped down onto the chair. He was a sight to behold with his muscled body, freckly skin and raging boner rising up from a thatch of bright, red, pubic hair. He slapped his thigh signaling that he wanted Travis to straddle him. The gesture was as degrading as it was effective. Travis knew in an instant that Jason Bauer wanted him to ride his cock like a little bitch. Obeying him would mean a drastic departure from his safe, masculine self image. But it would also open the door to sexual freedom. He knew if he obeyed this demand that he would never be completely straight again. The gravity of the situation terrified him but as he stared into Jason's deep, blue eyes he couldn't see another way to go. As his face flushed red with color the young, sexy jock found himself gladly and obediently taking his new master's order. He straddled him and even though his face shown red with shame his cock was standing at attention in raging glory. He had never been more turned on before. "Yes sir!" Said Travis as he made the biggest leap he'd ever make.

Jason's cock was used to plowing grade A assholes. He had given many gorgeous men an anal slaying in his day. Travis was top of the line and the longer Jason spent with him the more possessive of this boy he'd become. He smacked Travis' ass saying, "Here's how it works. Because you're a virgin I'm going to go easy on you boy. You control how much of my cock goes in your ass. That doesn't mean that you're in control though. When I tell you to sit you better sit like a good dog. Understand?" Travis nervously grinned and nodded obediently. Jason squirted a glob of sunscreen on his dick and lubed the 9.5 inch monster up like a piston. Jo found himself completely fixated on the sight of Travis' perfectly formed ass. It looked like a sculpted work of art. He wanted nothing more than to be Jason at this moment. But at the same time he found Jason's mastery over this straight, all American male to be very impressive.

Jason pushed the head of his cock directly onto Travis' tight, pink asshole. Travis found the sensation so stimulating that he had to hold off from cumming. He could have shot his load at this point but he so desperately wanted to please Jason that he held off. He worked his ass in a circle slowly lowering himself onto his master's cock. Jason's dick was extremely thick and long. The sight of it intimidated Travis but he again found himself caught up in a desire to please. He was in complete awe of Jason's power and control. The red headed stranger had literally spell bound this young stud in ways that made no sense. He began pushing the beefy cock deeper inside him. The pain was blinding. He could feel his anus stretching to unnatural proportions. Jason's beefy hand smacked his ass. "That's it boy. Sit on my cock like a good little bitch." The sting of his master's words was worse than the spanking. He had never been called a bitch before. The idea that this man was making him perform like a woman was so humiliating yet so exhilarating at the same time. His heart raced as he pushed passed the pain and lowered himself. He was determined to take Jason's entire dick like a champion cock whore.

Jason laughed saying to Jo, "This cowboy knows how to ride a bull. He's so fucking tight that I can't even move. Stick your finger inside the edge of his anus. I want you to see what I mean." Jo knelt behind Travis and began massaging Jason's bulging dick and the edge of Travis' hole. The young lad's anus was clamped so tight onto Jason's cock that he had to pry his finger inside. Travis gasped as he felt the senator stretching his virgin hole even farther. He wanted to run from the pain but Jason's grip on his hips made it impossible to move. The senator began pushing and probing the edge of Travis' ass. The sensation was stimulating and deliciously painful. Travis moaned passed the pain pushing his ass deeper down onto Jason's legendary 9.5 inch cock. The young jock's eyes began to water as he stared down at his new Dom. Jason smacked his ass cheek again saying, "Take that cock! It's good for you boy." Travis' own hard penis was bouncing as he began to ride the big dick. With each thrust the boy went lower until he was completely impaled. He groaned loudly as it became apparent to him why men like getting fucked.

Travis was addicted to the anal stimulation. He had never felt anything this pleasurable before. Jason was pleased at how well the blond slave was taking his role as bottom. Jason grinned at Jo saying, "It looks like we have ourselves a nice little fuck slut." He spanked the blond jock's ass making it turn bright red and pinched his nipples commanding, "Ok boy. I want you to roll your hips like a chick does. It'll get more of that cock up inside you." The young stud obediently started rocking and rolling his hips like a belly dancer. He was amazed at how Jason's cock magically found its way deeper. He felt an intense pressure on his prostate as he started to hump Jason's dong. He knew that he wouldn't be able to hold off cumming for much longer.

Travis' mind was exploding with dirty ideas. He had bravely let go of all inhibition and was prepared to do anything Jason wanted. Nothing could have prepared him for what would happen next. As he neared climax Jason grabbed hold of his nut sack and twisted his balls so tight that it nearly brought tears to his eyes. He screamed out in agony as his new Master said, "Let me help you control yourself a little. You don't cum until I'm ready." Jo watched the young jock's face twist into shock with amazement. Jason had taken total control over the stud to the point where he would suffer humility, torture and a huge departure from morality. His own cock was throbbing when Jason said, "Jo! Push your dick in there with mine. We're going to double stuff this twinky."

The young lad didn't dare resist as Jason grabbed him by the ear to pull him forward. Within seconds Jo was pressing his lubed cock in next to Jason's. Travis' body began to tremble from the pain as he heard the senator whisper in his ear, "Hell of a way to lose your virginity boy." The blinding, unnatural, anal stretching was incredibly painful. Travis screamed out in agony. His voice cracked and raised an octave as Jo's dick doubled the size of his sphincter. Jo felt his cock bending in half as it would barely move forward. He felt Jason's hand on his arm as his buddy whispered, "Stay still. He'll open up in a minute. His little asshole has never seen this much traffic before." Travis' eyes filled with tears as he began sobbing and begging, "Sir it hurts. Please stop fucking me." Jason smacked him in the face yelling, "Shut your fucking mouth boy! This isn't about what you want! You're gonna take these dicks like a man!" The whimpering and crying seemed to feed Jason's sadistic lust. He rocked his cock up and down giving Jo a little room to move around. Within a few minutes both tops were see sawing inside of Travis' asshole. The young, muscular stud started to whine, whimper and moan as his own cock grew erect. Travis imagined that not many people could ever say they endured such a thing. He was getting double dicked by a famous senator and a billionaire playboy. He started to roll his hips again as the intense pain slowly transferred into maximum pleasure. Jo was now humping Travis' ass. He could feel Jason's cock sliding along next to his. The experience was exhilarating to all three men. The young, blond jock became addicted to the full feeling as he hopped up and down on the two hard cocks. He wanted so badly to please them and in the process he discovered a new found love for dick. "Fuck me," screamed Travis with a liberated yell. "Fuck me hard Sirs. I want you to cum inside me." Jason stared over the boy's shoulder into Jo's eyes. He grinned victoriously as Jo started aggressively slamming his meat into the tender, virgin asshole. Travis began whining with a high pitched, screechy tone that sounded surprisingly feminine. Every shred of dignity this young man had was rapidly diminishing. He had been reduced to a desperate, pathetic, little fuck slut that craved nothing but cock and cum. Jason stared up at his magnificent body in awe. The athletic chest, abs and shoulders were enough to get him off but his ass was a porn show all its own. Jason gripped the boy's hefty butt cheek thinking, "This will make a fine addition to my stable. He was going to seed inside this dude's ass and nothing could stop him.

As the alpha leader of the pack Jason knew he would be the first to seed him. He felt his balls draw tight as they were coiling to spit venom from his snake. "I'm going to cum inside you Travis." Travis stared down at Jason with a pornographic gaze. His light, blue eyes gleamed with a mesmerizing effect on the dominant top as he mouthed the simple yet suggestive words, "Do it." Jason couldn't hold back any longer. He felt his cock burning as it needed to spit cum and there was no room. He yelled at Jo demanding, "PULL OUT! I NEED TO SHOOT INSIDE HIM!" Jo obliged Jason and found himself busting all over the young stud's sinewy, muscular back. Jason thrust deep inside the boy's ass fucking him liberally for a half second, "YES! YES!" Travis could feel the warm jizz filling his bowels. His entire body started to vibrate as he too ejaculated. The idea that he was shooting his load onto Jason Bauer made him extremely nervous but there was no way to control it. His body was being operated from the inside out. He shot a generous load of cum hitting Jason in the face, chest and belly. His mouth let out moans of rapture. Submissively he found himself licking his own spooge off of Jason's handsome face. Jason held the young stud in his arms whispering, "Good boy. You did very well. You were amazing and I have many things to share with you."

Jason could feel the young jock's healthy heart pounding next to his. He held the stud tightly in his arms as he whispered, "When you go home I want you to leave my seed inside you. It will make you feel more submissive to me. Isn't that what you want boy?" Travis trembled as he stuttered, "Yes Sir! It's exactly what I want. It's what I need."

Jo stared down into Jason's eyes. As he studied Jason he realized that there was no method to his madness. It became obvious to Jo that Jason wasn't harboring insecurities or nursing a bad relationship with his father. The S&M debaucheries fed Jason Bauer because he was a naturally dominant personality. It was obvious that nothing made him happier than being in control. The revelation gave Jo many things to consider and much, much more to explore.



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