I was a High School junior when I first layed eyes on Mr. Steiner, He was a tall, six two or so, good looking man, probably about thiry six or thirty seven years old. He is really nice looking. I had noticed him in the hallways sweeping the floors between classes on several occasions, and He was always so pleasant, outgoing and friendly.

WE were not well off financially and I had applied for a student job on the school campus, they always had jobs opened for kids in need of financial help in school.

My dad had been killed in a car wreck when I was twelve and Mom struggled all those years raising my sister and me alone. We didn't have a lot, but we did have a home filled with the love of a wonderful mother.

I got chosen along with a High School buddy of mine name Daniel.

Daniel and I had been best friends for almost ten years, ever since we were in grade school.

I had sorta had a crush on Daniel but had never told him, now we were both eighteen and I was haveing those desires that guys get at about that age.

I would notice things about Daniel, the way he looked, his hands, his face, his general appearance, and the more I noticed him, the more I wanted to do something with him, which at that time I had never done. I had never let him know how I felt about him for fear of loosing him as a friend.

Well we both got assigned to Mr. Steiner, the Head School custodian, and was told to report to his office one hour before school in the morning, and we would also stay an extra hour after school too, and there would occasionally be some Saturday work for us too.

I had gotten there first and Mr. Steiner ask me to come into the custodians office and fill out a time card. He began going over the duties that I would be performing and the way he wanted things done.

I noticed that he was so friendly and really touchy, he was always grabbing me by the neck and sorta rubbing my shoulders and a few times I was feeling funny feelings for Mr. Steiner, Actually his first Name was Steve, thats what he wanted to be called.

Daniel finally showed up and we got the introduction into doing our jobs. We had been doing our regular assigned work,putting down the chairs,the most time consuming, In the lunch room. W,ne had put the chairs up on the tables the night before so the floors could be mopped, then in the morning we had to put the chairs back down under the tables.

We had been doing our regular work about two months into the year. We were really good at it.

Steve couldn't have been a better boss. It was Friday evening, we were getting ready to put those chairs down. Mr. Steiner came into the cafeteria where we were working and said, 'Daniel I need you to go with me,' Daniel went with Mr. Steiner and I went on putting down the chairs.

I finished up about forty five minutes later and started to the other end of the main hallway and down the stairway to the lower level of the School, not far from the Mens lockeroom and showers. I got to the custodial office and I could hear something going on inside the office.

I got up close to the door and I heard.'Oh fuck kid, God damn that feels so fucking good,' It was Mr. Steiners voice, I kept listening,with my ear against the door. I knew I was the only one left in the school besides Mr. Steiner and Daniel, but what I heard next was Mr. Steiners voice saying, 'Oh yea, Daniel, thats it suck that cock, yea.....Oh Fuck...I'm Cumm.........ing, I realized that Daniel was sucking Mr. Steiner off in the office, I just kept listening, realizing I had gotten a hard on and it was jutting out like a tree limb. I was rubbing and listening what I was hearing behind the door. It was a little quiet for a while, and then I heard something else, Mr. Steiner said,'Oh Fuck kid, your cock is bigger than I thought,' Daniel, said, 'Damn man, your ass is so hot, I love it, oh man, I have never fucked a guy before, it feels awesome,'

I realized Daniel was fucking Mr. Steiners ass.

I was floored by the thought of the guy I had grown up with and sexually been attracted too was actually haveing sex with another man. I had no Idea that Daniel was even interested in guy on guy sex.

I pulled out my cock and started jerking off like crazy, massaging my nuts with my left hand as I stroked my boner with my right.

I could hear the grunting and moaning and all the sexual terms of endearment between Mr. Steiner and Daniel. The more I heard the more excited I got. I heard Daniel finally say, 'Oh Fuck Mr. Steiner can I cum in your ass?'

'Oh Fuck yeah man, thats what makes it so good.'

At that moment I got so excited at hearing it, that I blew my load all over the freshly mopped floor.

I quickly got some tissue and wiped the mess off the floor and cleaned my cock off, just in time too.

I had just zipped up my fly when Daniel came out and smiled and looked back at Mr. Steiner, who was standing there with his shirt out of his trousers, 'See you again tomorrow morning Sir,'

'Sounds good to me. Good night Daniel, you too Marty,' 'yeah,good night'

I looked at Daniel with a funny look 'What?' Daniel said.

'Oh Nothing, You just look so happy and satisfied.'

'Whats that suppose to mean?' his faced looked like he was blushing.

'To be truthfull Daniel, I have known you for at least ten years and I had no Idea you liked to have sex with guys.'

'How did you know?'

'Well It's not hard to figure out whats going on when you can stand outside the door and listen to you suck his cock and then fuck him in the ass.'

'You could hear all that?'

'Yeah DAniel, but don't be upset, I got so turned on I whipped out my cock and jerked off and unloaded a big wad on the floor.'

'Daniel laughed, and said, 'NO shit.'

'Well Marty, tell me the truth, are you down on me, for doing it? I love to suck cock and fuck a guy,'

'Mad man, Im only mad at myself for not having told you I have wanted to do something like that since we were younger.'

'Your Fucking kidding me, I had no Idea you wanted to mess around with me, we would have bee tearing each other up like mad, I have layed in bed at night jerking off thinking what it might be like to suck your cock or get it on with you.'

'Hey now that we know this, you want to spend the night tomorrow night with me and well not off some sex with each other and really get to know one another.'

'Hey man, I can't wait,' Daniel leaned over in the corner of the school hall and grabbed my head and kissed me, his tongue was slipping in and out of my mouth and I was getting turned on right there.

I said 'DAniel we need to get home.'

The next morning we got to the School and did our morning work, We were putting the chairs down when Daniel came up with a plan.

That Afternoon we both were in Mr. Steiners office, he walked in and said, 'Hey guys, what happening?'

I walked over to Mr. Steiner and Daniel shut the door to his office and locked it.

Mr. Steiner looked sorta funny, Daniel then walked up to him and started to undo his shirt, He looked a little startled, then as we got his shirt out of his trousers and I noticed his silver and turqouise necklace around his tanned, muscular, hairy chest. Daniel just smiled and said,'Hey Steve, we have planned this little surprise party for you.' Steve just smiled as I was playing with his chest, rubbing it and playing with his nipples listening to his moans.

I slid my hand down his stomach,unzipped his trousers, and unbuckled his belt, and undid his pants and heard the buckle hit the tile floor.

He stared straight into my eyes licking his lips.

I could already feel a really large thick heavy cock in his shorts and I slipped my hand into his shorts and, my mouth fell open, I layed my hands on the biggest cock in three counties, it was at least nine inches. I had thought my seven was fairly big, but not like this. I slid his boxers off and leaned down and started licking oh his nutsack, his crotch had that masculine, aroma and for the first time in my life I smelled an odor that gave me an erection like a rock, It was an awesome manly aroma, I was harder than flint. I felt my own cock pressing out inside my briefs as I took his cock into my hand, it was uncut and beautiful, Im cut so this was a new experience for me, I wanted to slide that skin back and find the treasure under it. It was awesome, beautiful and heavy purpleish pink and flared out like a rock, I leaned into his cock head, and could smell deodorant soap fragrance which is a sigh that the man cares about his body and anyone who might just want to enjoy it.

Before I knew it I had his cock in my mouth, stretched as it was I had it in.

I was sliding my mouth back and forth listening to Mr. Steiner wimper and felling his cock flex in my mouth, Daniel was kissing and had his cock out and Mr. Steiner was stroking his cock as I sucked Mr. Steiners.

It was an evening of total passion. I worked Mr. Steiners cock over for about twenty minutes untill I heard his moaning and felt his cock start flexing as its cream filled my mouth, I got to taste a huge load of mancream for the first time, Strange as It was, I loved the taste and the knowledge of knowing I had pleasured a man.

Then Mr. Steiner leaned over the desk and told me to fuck him.

I got up he pulled out a tube of lube from his desk drawer and I lubed up my seven incher and all I heard was 'Awh Fuck,' as I slid all seven inches into his shit chute, 'Oh yeah man, fuck that ass, give me that meat,'

I started pumping my cock like a madman and It was feeling fantastic, another first for me.

Daniel walked up to the front of Mr. Steiners desk and dropped his pants and slid his eight incher into Mr. Steiner's waiting mouth, Mr. Steiner started sucking him off like a Hoover vaccuum cleaner.

I Fucked Mr. Steiner, and leaned over and Kissed Daniel as Mr. Steiner sucked his cock, I guess it was about ten minutes when I notice Daniel starte really getting into his groove and he said,'Jesus Man, I'm Cumming,' his body starte jerking and Mr. Steiner never lost a stroke, Daniel was so sexy looking that it took me over the top and I Jammed my cock to the hilt and unloaded a load of hot man cum into Mr. Steiners ass. we just stayed where we were motionless for a few minutes.

Finally we disconnected, and was cleaning ourselves off when Mr. Steiner just started laughting and said, 'Thanks Guys, that should hold me untill monday evening,' We just smiled at each other, Daniel raised his eyebrows at me and smiled.

I was totally fulfilled at that point, the next night Daniel came over and spent the night, It is neat to because my bedroom is in our basement, and it is totally private.

All I will say about that weekend at my house was come Monday morning, My cock was bright red, raw and I almost couldn't stand to touch it, so was my asshole.

I think that Daniel was in the same shape. But we have been hitting the sex thing regularly for some time now, and yes Mr. Steiner is still in our picture too. Life Is Good.





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