"So if you take a look here you'll see that it completely makes sense that America would react that way..." Simons professor droned on about World War Two and he couldn't seem to get his head into the lecture. There were no windows in the gigantic room but Simon found himself thinking of anything but Americas reaction to Germany being a douche. His mind switched between the trees, how they seemed to get sadder when the leaves would fall and James voice mail sitting on his phone. He missed his call last night while studying, something that sat in the forefront of his mind as a wrong doing.

It wasn't his fault, it was Simon's routine to put his phone on Do not disturb while studying, James would understand, although he wasn't attending classes at the University he knew studying was vital. This brought Simon to when he first met James, to that same bookstore they kissed at just yesterday, only he didn't go there with the intention of meeting someone like James. No, he went there to find a book for a class that seemed interesting as the class itself. If it wasn't for Simons degree plan, he would have never taken it.

Simon hunched over slightly resting his head on the hard desk. Zoning out of the lecture that failed at capturing him, he was now immersing himself in the first memory of him and James. It was 2 weeks before classes started and the first week Simon had moved into the dorm. His roommate said he would be in next week so he had the whole place to himself. Time to play video games in his underwear. Simons face lit up like a Christmas tree just thinking about it. There was a freakish rain storm so Simon had to dart from the bus stop to the book store and wasn't paying attention when he swung the book stores door open, smacking a guy right in the face.

Simon raced to the guy and tried to help, "Oh crap crap crap I'm so sorry. I didn't see you, it's really raining out there."

The man looked up at Simon, "You got any other obvious observations asshole!" He stood up while another guy walked over, an employee. The employee looked about my height and his jet black hair was slicked back, he obviously cares about his looks. Simon tried to look more closely at the employee but the man swung at Simon and hit him just above the eye. He fell back into a display of books.

The employee started to speak to the man, "What's going on here?"

The man spoke, standing very taller than the employee, "This bozo fucking hit me with the door! I'm out of here."

"Sir you can't leave no-"

"Fuck off."

The employee let the man go and stood above Simon and leaned down, "You okay man?"

Simon couldn't find a hold on himself and then the employees hand grabbed his arm and hauled him to his feet. He looked him straight in they eyes, "You alright man?" the employee asked Simon again while carefully walking him into the main room of the book store.

Simon finally found his voice,"Yeah, just never been punched before. I guess its a good life experience to have." Simon laughed and the employee rolled his eyes. Simon read his name tag, it read 'James' and for some reason Simon smiled.

"Here, you're bleeding kinda badly. I'll take you to the back and get you cleaned up."

"No no no its fine, really I'm fine. Just a little scratch.'

"The gash above your eye and the blood going down your face says otherwise man. Just come on." Simon felt his face and was shocked when he felt how much blood had already accumulated. He allowed James to take him past the register and into the employee lounge where he pulled out a first aid kit and instructed Simon to sit down. James returned and when he sat down Simons left knee and James' left knee were slightly touching. James took a quick look at Simon, not exactly into his eyes just above his eye where the gash was, Simon presumed.

James finally began to talk while leaning in very closely to Simon to address the gash, "So whats your name?" Simon just stared, for some reason this boy hindered him from talking. "Hello? Earth to bleeding boy? You do have a name don't you?"

"What? huh, oh yeah! Sorry, uhm yeah my names Simon...sorry about that. Guess that punch did more than I thought." Simon watched James eyes dart from his own lips back to the cut and then to Simons eyes. James' eyes were a light brown that contrasted with his black hair. It was beautiful in a way.

"I guess so. Dont worry about it man," James laughed flashing his pearly white teeth, "you'll be just fine." James finished putting the band aid on Simons face and pulled away. "Good as new!" James exclaimed, a bit too cheerfully, he cleared his throat, "You're good now."

"Thanks you didn't have to do that but thanks." They began to walk back out to the main room of the book store. The soft warm glow of the lights made Simon feel safe. The light touch of James' hand on his elbow helped excite that feeling. They walked down a narrow row of book shelves making Simon feel like they were all alone in this quite big bookstore.

"What brings you to the book store?" James inquired of Simon.

"Just a book for this class I'm taking at the University."

"Oh you're in college?"

"Freshmen, yeah." Simon stated. They now stood by one of the many large windows after finally making it out of the row of shelves. Looking over the small town streets that slightly began to flood, Simon thought if he hadn't known any better and with the absence of the sun it could be midnight.

"Well I've been taking some classes here and there if you ever need someone to study with. I live in the area I could definitely help," James paused and did a slight smirk at Simon, "if you wanted." Everything that came out of James' mouth sounded like it came straight out of a move made in the 90's about the 70's. It was full of swagger but not too much to be called cocky. He was...perfect.

Simon eyed James, and laughed, "That would be great." Simon was startled by a loud bang that made him jump, not in the day dream but in his classroom. He nearly fell out of his seat but caught himself. Simon looked around and realized that all eyes were on him. He felt the blood rush to his face like a tomato, he must have nudged his heavy text book off the desk waking his self up.

The professor eyed Simon and continued her instructions."Go ahead and take out your sheet that was given to you at the beginning of class."

"Shit" Simon whispered to himself, but not low enough because when he looked up the guy sitting next to him gave him the high eyebrow look. His face was contorted like he was peering at a crazy person. Simon laughed trying to lighten the moment, to no avail. The guy quickly angled himself away from him. Whatever, he thought, I've got to find that paper. He flipped through all of his papers on his desk making quite the noise to find it on the floor next to him. Being in the front row surely didn't help Simon today in class but neither did kissing a boy yesterday. Is it natural for one person to have such control over another without even being present?

The class ended at 11:20 and when the clock hit that 4 Simon was about ready for his day to take a break for 4 hours. While walking towards the door he heard the professor call his name in that dreary concerned tone she used when talking to a student. Cant I have one bad day? Just one day where I'm not the perfect student? Simon turned around and hauled himself back to the teachers desk putting every ounce of detest he could muster into his steps. "Yes Dr. Sheffield?"

The woman, barely in her forties, pulled off her glasses and looked at Simon. She was a small petite woman but you wouldn't believe that if all you heard was her voice. Some days she had a cheerful voice that made you want to learn and others, like today, you wanted to fall asleep to her lull like voice."Are you okay Simon? You seemed very inattentive in class today and that's not like you."

Simon was shocked by his professors familiarity with him and it took a minute for him to develop a response, "Oh yes I'm fine, I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night, I was cramming for a test I have today. It wont happen again. So sorry."

"I hope not Simon, you're a very intelligent young man. Time management is very important. Get on top of it." She put her glasses back on and directed her attention to her computer screen.

"Thank you for your concern." Simon turned and hurried his way out of the classroom and as soon as he was out side he stopped under a tree and pulled out his phone. The shade being given to him was not needed for cooling reasons, it was actually quite nice outside even with the bright sun. He just wanted to be able to see his phone clearly. Simon quickly typed in his pass code and began the voice mail by his...boyfriend? Friend? His James? Simon didn't know what to call James but 'his' was a nice start.

The voice mail began and Simon sucked in a breath, the first sound was James breathing and then his voice began, "Hey there," Simon could picture his half smirk appearing like always making him weak, "so I know you've got a big test today and should be done around six, am I right?" Simon said yes in his mind. "So, to celebrate your perfect score I just know you'll get, I'm taking you out." Simon began to protest in his mind 'but I've-', "No buts,"James spoke and laughed, "I said butts ha. Anyways, be ready by 8 and dress comfortably. I'll be at your dorm on the dot."

Simon stood under the tree with the biggest smile on his face looking like a dopey lovesick girl from a another teen movie. He pushed his longish brown hair out of his face, before he began to walk off a leaf fell from the tree he was under, he watched it slowly descend to the ground. Simon touched the tree, and thought about his own sadness, or the absence there of, how the lack of his sadness was because of James. Wise men say only fools rush in. I'm always studying and very smart when it comes to everything. Simon thought, I don't mind being a fool for once, especially if it feels like this.



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