James paced in front of his mirror, naked down to his boxers. Half of his wardrobe was on the floor and his bed. He kept telling himself he would find the perfect outfit soon, so much so that it became close to a mantra. He gasped loudly and stood still in front of the mirror.

His tall tanned lean body looked simple at the moment and failed to be up to James standards. How I'm associated with such an amazing guy like Simon I'll never know. He looked on the floor and spotted a plain white shirt. Well maybe this can work...oh but it's so bland. I need something gay, he thought, but not too gay and I need it in the next forty five minutes. He sighed loudly again and threw the white shirt behind him as he made his way into his closet. This is going to take forever.

Gosh this shouldn't be such a hard choice, Simon thought, I have three decent shirts and one of them is dirty. He shrugged and decided on the purple one with the triangle pattern.

Simon sat at the edge of his bed and looked at the clock, it read 7:15pm and now he had no clue what to do. He laid back with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed and stared at the ceiling. He began to count the bumps on the ceiling and when he reached one hundred and thirteen his roommate came bursting in like a storm.

Cody was odd in that he wasn't normal by any standards and life seemed to come easy for him. Like people had a knack for certain hobbies or jobs, Cody had a knack for making life his bitch. He's taking 17 hours but hardly study's throughout the week and receives pretty good grades. If he doesn't then again, he's using another god gifted talent of perfect secrecy. You'd think, him being a freshman, that his love life would be crap but you'd be very mistaken. Upperclassmen are constantly taking him out. Basically he's got it made. Simon sat up and waited to here what story he has to tell now.

"Bro, so get this! I'm walking back from English class, which was a total snooze fest btdubs, and this guy comes out of nowhere talking about how he needs an assistant for some star crap. Long story short, dudes paying me $500 bucks to go with him up to Lockett creek and take pictures of the stars!"

Simon stared at Cody in disbelief. "That's cool!" Was all Simon could come up with. It was actually awesome but Simon would be lying if he said he wasn't kind of jealous of Cody's luck. Some should rub off on him seeing as how they live together!

Cody turned around in his chair and began typing on his laptop. "You look nice man. You going out?"

Simon was surprised he noticed, "Yeah I am actually!" Before Simon had to lie about it being a girl there was a knock at the door. It was definitely James. Simon quickly grabbed his phone and his jacket. "It's for me! Be back later tonight, see ya!" Simon exclaimed before he got out the door in a hurry.

James didn't have to wait too long for Simon to appear from behind the door. It was actually very quickly and he looked flustered. James frowned a bit, "I'm sorry, I know I'm early I didn't mean to rush you I thought you'd be all ready and just waiting. If you need more time I can come in and wait."

Simons face was alarmed, "No no no you're fine, I just didn't want my roommate to answer the door. I am completely ready, where are we going?" Simon ushered James away from the door and down the white and gray hallway. Their footsteps on beat with each other slightly making a sound while they walked. James was dressed in a plain white T with black jeans and black boots. My own little 'James Dean' Simon thought.

James lit up with this question and pushed away his confusion of the answering of the door. He began to speak slowly with excitement, "We are going to the best spot in this town to watch the stars. Me being from here and knowing all the great spots I am taking you to none other than Lockett creek!"

Simon remembered Cody saying something about that but didn't try to recall. Instead he asked a question he realized was dumb just after it slipped out of his mouth. "Oh, is it nice?"

James stopped at the bottom of the stairs and looked down into Simons eyes deeply. "Of course it is nice Simon. It's more than that, it's beautiful, you'll fit right in." James placed his hand on the side of Simons head, tilting it so that this time he could control the kiss. It was much shorter than their first but only left them both wanting it to happen more and more.

They made their way to James' Nissan Rouge and in the back of the car there were several items Simon could not make out. Probably for their date tonight which made Simon wonder excitedly. The drive was peaceful and filled with small talk between the two boys and the scenery outside was amazing. The large trees that looked like they were reaching towards the full moon that seemed bigger than the sun captivated Simon like only James was able to.

When they reached the area James had in mind he backed the car up to where, when the back was open, it over looked the creek. Him and Simon got out and James quickly opened the back and revealed his big design. There were two strings of light across the top of the inside of the small truck powered by a batter pack. A blanket was laid out with a basket full of goodies for them to munch on. James smiled wide as he watched Simon take it in.

Simon finally spoke after a few minutes of silence, "It's beautiful, the scenery, the set up, all of this is just beautiful."

"And see, like I said, you fit right in." James took Simon by the shoulders and sat him down inside the truck. He pulled out his phone and snapped a picture of the moment. He looked at it for a moment and then pressed play on a playlist he had made. The music began to play on the cars speakers. While sliding the phone in his pocket he slid right next to Simon and took his hand in his.

The boys were quiet for a couple of songs when Simon recognized one. Chasing Cars was building up to the explosive chorus he loved and he leaned his head on James shoulder. The water before him was reflecting the starry sky in a more magical way which caused for a mystifying sight. The song was in its middle and Simon decided to stand up.

James looked at Simon in the pale moonlight and couldn't help but smile uncontrollably. Simon leaned over to kiss him again, he whispered to him, "Dance with me." Without missing a beat, James stood and took Simon into a very intimate sway to the music. There was no longer the world of tests and customers needing help there was only this perfect moment that existed.

Another song began to play that was much faster and sexier. The close proximity of the two began to settle in and James hands moved down below Simons waist. It was startling at first to Simon, but he quickly became familiar with James hands on his ass and actually liked the feel. Kissing was inevitable and had already begun. When James moved to Simons neck he knew then what was going to happen next. He also knew that he would not stop it from happening.

James and Simon fumbled back to the small "cave" they were sitting in and continued the making out there. James sat while Simon instinctively climbed on top of him. The sound of quick breaths and lips pressing together and pulling away and repeating filled the air. Along with an unrecognizable pop song that oddly felt comforting to both of the boys. James came off of Simons neck and edged his hands underneath his shirt, pulling it up over Simons head. He stared at his lovers chest for the first time and began to kiss him. From his collar bones to his sensitive nipples. Evoking a long moan from Simon that excited James so Simon could feel his boner on his ass more prominently.

James stopped his discovery of Simons body and stood up, forcing him to do the same. He now sat Simon down the way he was, except he did not climb on top of him, he pushed Simon so he laid on his back. James spread Simons legs apart so that he could stand between him. He then jerked Simon closer to him so his dick pressed hard against Simons ass. All the while Simon was on cloud nine. A level of ecstasy he never felt before, coming down from here seemed no where in his near future.

James removed his shirt and let it fall to the floor as he laid himself on top of Simon. He spoke in Simons ear, "I want you."

Simon did not hesitate with his response, "What's stopping you? Take me." He purred in James ear and it was enough to send him over the edge. He quickly kicked off his shoes and pulled off his pants and underwear. He came back to Simons chest and kissed him again from the collar bone and down. Only when he got to the pants he undid the fly and the zipper. Simon lifted the lower half of his body while James took off his pants and underwear. The shoes came off easily and now both boys were naked in the cool air of early fall.

James admired Simons body for a moment, letting it all sink into his mind. Simons dick stood straight up and James went to town without hesitation.

When Simon felt James mouth take in his dick he stifled a loud moan and grabbed some handle on the backseat. Clenching to whatever it is he had, Simon began to gasp in one of the best feelings he ever felt. James began with just his head and it felt like pleasurable torture, who knew the head of a penis was that sensitive? Nothing prepared Simon for what happened next, James completely swallowed his entire dick. Simons upper body went up and his hand went to the back of James head, pushing him down more, if that was even possible. His mouth made a wide 'O' in surprise as he felt his dick in James' throat. He nearly exploded right then and there but James quickly pulled off and smiled up at him.

James went back down but skipped past his dick which made Simon put a lil pouty face on. What was he doing? Go back James! Simon thought it couldn't get any better until he felt a tingling on his...asshole? James' tongue was making circles around it and Simon felt like laughing. It was pleasurable sure but kinda tickling. When he felt James' finger enter him all he could say was "OH" and James just watched his face. After awhile one finger turned to two and then to three.

James spoke for the first time in a while, "I'm going to fuck you now Simon. Okay?"

"Do you really have to ask?" Simon asked dumbfounded.

"It's going to hurt, I did the best I could but you are a virgin...so...yeah." Simon nodded and laid back down. James stood up straight between him and placed Simons legs on his shoulders. He slowly entered Simon and the pain registered on his face immediately. "I'm sorry. Do I need to stop?" James asked worried.

"No...no...no...just give me a minute." James waited until Simon told him to continue. It was little by little until James was balls deep in Simon and then the fun really began.

Simon noted James keeping up a nice rhythm and in between the small waves of pain Simon felt a sensation like none he'd ever felt before. James sped up and began to quickly pound Simons ass. He moaned loudly and let out "OH MY GOD"s and "YES"s here and there. The pain went away all together and Simon enjoyed every stroke of James' dick inside of him. James leaned down while continuing to fuck Simon to kiss him hard. It was a more rough passion filled kiss than before and only heightened Simons feeling of bliss.

James came back and said loudly while grabbing the top of the truck, "Fuck fuck fuck I'm gonna cum!" His strokes became more rapid and the sound of him slapping against Simon was loud. James and Simon were both panting and sweating loudly. Simon had came several times already but this was James first. His strokes became even quicker and breaths more shallow. Before Simon knew it James exploded inside of him and kept stroking as he shot his load inside of his ass. James slowly leaned down and jerked more into Simon as he came down from his orgasm.

James laid on Simons chest as they breathed at fast paces, sweat coming off of them both. James rested his chin on Simons chest and looked at him approvingly.

James spoke, "That was.....I can't even find a word that's how that was."

"Wow Mr.Suave and cool is at a loss for words? What a strange night!" Simon joked with his lover. He laughed and wrapped his legs around James waist.

James grew hard again, "Ready for round two?" He asked seductively.

"Fuck yeah." Said Simon.



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