I am lying there with the moonlight highlighting my man’s sexy body.  I could not believe that two weeks ago we started having sex and now we are getting so close.  I can feel his cum still sliding out of my ass.  I have learned that he loves being a cop.  He has a brother and sister both of which are police officers as well.  I have not met them yet but hope to soon.  In fact, we meet up for dinner, talk, eat and then have sex each night.  Some of the weekends we spend them in bed but if one of us works we are usually texting.  I was laying there wondering what he was like in his everyday world.  We never go out.  I think I am getting paranoid.  When I get paranoid my mind starts going in all directions.  All of a sudden I see Simone’s sexy eyes open.  I feel a smile on my face and I lean in and gently kiss his lips.  Over the evening he has a little bit of a beard forming.  He is the type of man that must shave every morning or it looks like he has not shaved for days.  He smiles and kisses me back. 

“Why are you awake?” he says.

“I could ask you the same thing.” I said with a smile.

“Fair enough!  But it is about time to wake up.”

“I know and a long day at work ahead of us.”

“I know a way to make it better.” He said with an evil grin.

I know what that means and jumped up.

“Where you going?”

“To take a shower.  Do you want to join me?”

He was up in one jump and headed behind me.  He was whistling at my ass.  His cell started ringing.  He yelled “Babe start getting the water warm and I will be right there.”

I could hear his mumbling on the phone but could not make out any of the words.  Next thing I knew he  entered the room and sounded serious saying “Change of plans.  I am sorry but I have to be going.  Major things at work and they need me there ASAP.”

“Oh” I said sadly.  Putting my head under the water, I felt his arms wrap around me from behind.  I could feel his hairy chest on my back.  He kissed the back of my neck.

“I really am sorry!”

“I know I was just rinsing off as I thought you would need to take a quick shower before you went in.”

“Thanks but I have a few minutes so turn around.” And looking into my eyes leaned in and kissed me deep.  A moan comes from my throat just from his lips kissing mine.  Feeling his strong arms wrap around me and begin to lift me up.  I wrapped my legs around his waist.  I felt the head of his massive cock pressing at my hole.  He nibbled my neck as I felt pressure and the head slowly entering me.  Again I moaned deep and leaned into him.  I placed my head on his shoulder then I turned and kissed him.  Slowly feeling him spread my hole open.  No matter how often we have sex I love him inside me.  I love him stretching me open.  I love when he moans and just then he moaned into our kiss as the head pops into my loins.  He turned and laid me on the floor of the shower as he started pumping his love stick deep into me.  I was feeling his 10 thick inches into me hard and then almost out of me and then deep back into me.  He looked into my eyes and I was a deep need in his eyes.  I had not even touched my cock when I thrust forward and with a deep loud groan I started cumming all over his chest.  As my ass clamped down on his rod he started throbbing inside me.  I could feel his cum filling me up. 

“I am sorry but we have to get cleaned up.”

“Thank you babe!”  I moaned loudly and then kissed him.

We cleaned up quickly.  Got dressed and as we were going out the door I kissed him.

“Love you!” I said as we walked out.

“I am sorry I had to rush.  I will talk to you soon.”

That was strange response I thought.  I unlocked my door and watched him run down the steps.  I entered my cold dull apartment.  It has not been the same being in there alone now.  I really miss him already.  Boy I have it bad!  I truly know I am in love with him and I am in 100%.  I make some food and head out. 

As I was locking my door my best friend, Darlene, exited her apartment two doors down.  “Hey” she said.  She was sounding very sad.

“Dar, you ok?”

“Yeah me and Carl broke up last night.”

“Why did you not call me?  I am always there for you.”

“Well when it happened you were begging for the stud to do deeper.”  She smiled.

“Sorry, didn’t know you could hear.”

“Honey at least one of us was having fun.  I also knew I would see you today.”

“Want to do lunch?”

“Absolutely!  Thanks babe got to run.”

With the date set and a kiss on the check she was gone with a bounce.  Boy that women has the energy.  I think if she ever finds a man that can keep up with her they would be able to fuck for days.  I laughed to myself as I walked to the office.  I had a slow morning and was standing and watching out the window of my travel agency.

The street was humming with activity and all I could think about was Simone.  I was imaging his dark hair, sexy blue eyes, his massive arms and chest.  I was starting to get hard.  I grabbed my phone and off went a text.  “Simone thank you again for last night and this morning.”

In walked an elderly couple wanting to take a trip to Europe.  So an hour later they were leaving as Darlene bounded through the door.

“Looks like you are doing better.” I said with a smile.

“Of course, I will miss him but I was the one that kicked his ass to the curb.”

“Let me lock up and we will had to the diner down the street.  So tell me what happened?”

“He wanted to move in.  I told him hell if I liked him that much he would have already been there.  Of course he looked confused.  I told him all he was for me was someone to fuck me when I wanted it.  I did not like him and I did not like anything else about him but his dick.” She was laughing about it now. “I just hate being lonely.  I want someone to love.  What about you Jake?”

“I think I found him Dar.  I realized I was so deep in love today I can’t take it being apart.”  With that comment it made me realize I had sent the text.  I pulled out my phone and saw no response.  Well he must be busy.  She must have seen the look on my face.

“What is wrong?”

“This morning we were headed to the shower and he received a phone call.  Next thing I know we were headed out of the apartment.  He said it was work but I told him I loved him and he did not acknowledge.  I sent a text 2 hours ago and no response.  I just..”

She interrupted me, “Control your mind Jake.  You know how you get.  He is very busy just give it time.”

“OK” I said sadly.

Every time I get home I look next door and think about him.  I have stated laying around the apartment at night and will find a tear running down my cheek.  I have not heard anything from him in a week.  Returning home from work I was exhausted.  I looked over at his mailbox and remembered the day we met right there in the lobby.  As I came up the stairs I noticed a note hanging on my door.

The note read, “Jake, I have been really busy.  I am sorry but we need to talk.  Simone”

I stopped cold in my tracks and went down to Darlene’s.  Knocking there was no answer.  I went back to my apartment and sent a text.  “Dar when you get home come to my apartment”

She responded, “Hey what’s wrong?”

“I need to talk!”

“I am almost home about 15 minutes.”

She knocked and when I opened the door she saw tears and entered with a warm hug.  I handed her the note as I poured us both a glass of wine.  She looked at me and looked confused.

“I am not sure why you are crying over this.”

“I have not heard a thing from him and now I receive this note.  He has found someone else and is breaking up with me.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I am not this lucky to find the man of my dreams.  I knew it was too good to be true.”

“STOP!  You are the best guy I know and you deserve the best.  If he wants a good guy then that is you.  He just said he wants to talk.  Maybe it is about why he has been gone.”

“You might be right.  I just really miss him.”

“I know but it will be ok.  Let’s go to a movie to get your mind off of this.”


We ended up with a tube of popcorn watching a movie and she picked a comedy so I ended up laughing and I ended up feeling better.  She wanted to go to a bar for a few but I was exhausted and left her there and went home.  As I was unlocking my door I heard Simone’s door open.  My heart went to my throat as I looked over.  Coming out of his door was the sexy hot man I saw when he moved in.  The beefy guy was about 5’9” and 175 pounds of pure muscle.  He had short buzzed black hair with blue eyes and sexy large arms.  I could see his sexy hairy legs as he was locking the door.  He calf muscles that were buldging.  They big mounds of muscle.  All of a sudden my heart dropped to my stomach.  He turned smiled at me and I saw his eyes move up and down my body and a soft “mmm mmm” come from his mouth as he dropped down the stairs quickly.  I was frozen in place.  Was he sleeping with Simone?  I made the decision to go and confront this now.  I knocked on the door and no answer.  As I stood there I knew he had to be in there.  As a cop he would never let a stranger in the apartment without him.  Sent a text to Darlene.  “He is sleeping with a much more muscular man than me.”


“Come home”

“Ok on my way”

She arrived and did not knock she used her key.  “What happened?”

I explained and she just hugged me.  I am sorry.

“He went with someone that looks a lot like him, a pure hunk of a man.”  I said with a sigh..

She stayed until I fell asleep.  The next several days were tough.  I had to work but my heart and brain were not in it.  About time to head home late that week my phone buzzed.  “Hey what are your plans tonight?”

It was from Simone.  I was so excited and then felt the anger at the same time.  I texted back, “oh I have a date. You?”

“Oh ok”

That was it.  Nothing else.  About time I got home I could hear him in his apartment.  I could not keep up this charade I still loved him and I had to know.  So I walked down took a deep breath and knocked.  The door opened and I lost my breath.  He always takes my breath away.  My eyes just took in all 6’2” of this muscle man but then I met those eyes and I saw a tear forming in them.

“Oh hi are you headed to your date?” I could hear the hurt in his voice and was so confused.

“I do not have a date.  I was trying to make you jealous and I did not want to confront you and look at you as you broke up with me.  But I figured it was better to get it over with.”  Tears dropped from my cheeks as I spoke.

“What the hell you mean?  I am not going to break up with you.  Get your ass in here.”

I walked in and sit on the sofa.  “Where did that come from?”  He said as he handed me a drink.

“You had left me a note we needed to talk.”

“Well we do but that does not mean I was ending this.”

“But I saw the guy you have been seeing leaving your apartment when I came home a little early one day.”

“What?”  He looked very confused.

“Five days ago he was leaving your apartment and even checked me out.  He was more built than me and..”

He cut me off and said did he look a lot like me but a little shorter with more muscles.  I thought about it and responded, “Yes.”

He started laughing uncontrollably and I could not figure what was funny as I was hurting.  He got up walked over got his phone and a couple minutes later showed me a picture.  “Was this him?”  I looked and respond with a shake of my head as I could not form the words.

He moved closer.  Took my chin with his finger under it and lifted my head to look at him.  My skin went on fire just from his touch.  Looking in his eyes my heart was so in love with him but I was trying not to be.  He leaned forward and gently kissed my nose and then my lips.  He then wiped away my tears. 

Listen to me ok and don’t you speak until I am finished.  Look into my eyes so you can see I am telling the truth.

“Almost two weeks ago I woke up in my bed to see you laying there looking at me.  All I knew when I looked at you was this is the man I want to spend the rest of my life with.  I just didn’t know how to say it.  I was thinking in that moment I was going to get with Darlene that evening to work a way to romantically tell you my heart was yours forever.”

I took a breath to speak and he stopped me.  “Not a word please I have to explain.”

He grabbed my hand and looked deep into my eyes.  “As we were headed to the shower my phone rang.  It was my boss and he was telling me about somethings that happened over night.  There was an opportunity to go undercover and he wanted me to do it.  I looked to the bathroom and heard the water and I knew my plans with you was going to have to wait.  He was telling me if I was able to find the evidence they needed I could probably get a detective job I wanted.  I had been wanting a detective job for the last couple of weeks because it would allow me better hours and more time with you.  Are you following me so far?”

Tears streaming down my face and my inside in knots, I just nodded.

He continued, “I can’t give details about the case but I was all the time thinking of our future.  I had to surrender my personal cell phone when I got to the office.  When I saw it this morning it made my heart drop seeing your text.  I love you more than life itself and would do anything to protect you.  Don’t you see how much I care about you?”

“But you didn’t say it!”  I blurted out before I could think.  He looked at me very confused.

“What do you mean?” He asked.

“The day you left.  I felt you were pushing me out so I kissed you and told you I loved you.  All you said was, I am sorry I had to rush.  I will talk to you soon.” As I looked up at him I saw a tear drop from his cheek. I had to continue to get it off my chest, “You then never answered my text, you never told me you would be away, and then to see that man leaving your room hurt me deep.”

“I never meant to hurt you that deeply Jake.  I was so concentrated on some of the details of the case the boss gave me over the phone.  I didn’t know I had to give up my personal phone until we were walking out the door as I was going to call you later on.  I handlers around me and listening to everything.  And look at me Jake. I have never thought of being with anyone but you since we first met in the lobby that day.  I know I didn’t know if you were gay or straight but I knew I was going to try before I ever looked anywhere else.  You are the hottest man I have ever seen and I am lucky to have you and to have your love.  The man you saw leaving my apartment.”  He looked deep into my eyes as he paused and I could see he was being honest.  “That was my brother Alex.  He came to my apartment to grab some files from my computer.  He never told me he saw you and I will take that up with him later.”

“Oh my God!  That’s was your brother?  Why was he checking me out?” I was deflecting from the fact that on the first day I saw him I jerked off in the shower dreaming of him, but that was before I met Simone.

“Who knows but he is 100% straight.  Also I think he would fall for Darlene if she ever broke up with the loser she is dating.  He knows a lot about you and knows I love you more than I have anyone.  My sister wonders how I found someone so great but can’t wait to meet you.”

I interrupted, “That is another problem I have been thinking.  I was wondering if you were ashamed of me because we never go out and never have met your family.”

“No I have had so many plans to take you out but then I see you walk in my door and I want you all to myself.  I enjoy our talks and then I have to just take you to bed and show you my love.”  He was still tearing up.

“Thank you” I reached up and wiped his tears away from his cheeks.

“For what?  Hurting you this bad.  I am sad when I see the pain I caused you.”

“So did you accomplish your goals of taking the case?”  I asked.

“Most of them.  I have one left and I was going to make this more romantic but this is a good time.”  He looked into my eyes and dropped to his knee and held my hand.  “Would you be with me now and forever?  Would you Jake make a life with me?  Would you make me the luckiest man in the world to have you grant me you in my life?”

I was crying with joy now and started shouting “YES…YES…YES..YES” I was interrupted with him pressing his lips to mine and just kissing me and holding me.  “Jake I promise to never be a dick again and hurt you like that.  I am here to protect you until I die.”  I sank back in his arms.  “What now?” 

Simone said, “Well we need to either move me into your apartment or you into mine?”

“As long as I am in your arms I do not care which apartment.” I said.  “Can we plan a party to meet people in your life?”

“Sure anything you want.”

We talked for hours and I realized how crazy I was being.  He explained some of the case and we fell asleep.  We were both off the next day and we took a run together to the farmer’s market.  I felt pride when I would see guys look at my man and I knew I was his.  I explained to Simone that Darlene was now single and we were going to set her and Alex up at our party.  I found out that his sister Susan was married and was trying to have a child with her husband.  His mom and dad live about 30 minutes away from us and are supportive all their children in every way.  They do not know about me yet but we plan on them knowing soon.  We spent our weekend out in the city doing things we both liked to do.  We came back to the apartment to start inviting people and planning the party.  Darlene came next door to the apartment and we explained everything.  She was very happy for us and asked that we moved to Simone’s apartment as it was a little bigger and newer but closer to her.  So we agreed and spoke to the landlord on Monday.

The next two weeks flew by before the party.  The day of the party we explained if people got drunk it was ok we still had a second apartment to use to sleep over.  I had taken the day off but the night before I got home to all candles and then nicest smells. 

“Hey honey I am home.” I yelled.

He smiled coming from the bedroom, “I never get tired of hearing that.  I love you babe welcome home.”

“Thank you and I love you too.  What smells so good?”  I asked.

“Dinner! Duh!” He laughed and said, “Sorry you left that one open.”

I came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him.

“I love you so much.” He turned around and kissed me deep.  “I love you too Jake”

“So what is for dinner?” I asked.

“Salad, steak and baked potatoes.  I am trying a new recipe.  Get washed up and it will be ready in five minutes.”  I walked away to the bedroom and came back in shorts and tshirt.  He turned around with plates in hand and I heard, “DAMN!”

I laughed.

“You still take my breath away!  You are so HOT!”

“Thank you! And you do the same to me.”  I answered with a smile.

We enjoyed a nice dinner and conversation.  As he picked up the dishes and placed them in the sink, I asked, “What is for dessert?”

“I was hoping you made dessert.”  He had a sly smile.

“Oh I forgot I guess you have to settle for me.”  I smiled back.

He chased me down the hall and tackled me on the bed.  Oh how I love his warm body pressed to me.  You could tell he was more desperate then normal.  The urge was greater and with that thought he reached up and jerked down the ass of my shorts.  I turned to look at him but he was not there.  I then felt his tongue on my ass.  He licked that hole like it was his dessert.  I smiled as I moaned into the bed.  I felt him rise behind me.  And then I felt the pressure of his big cock entering my ass.  His large girth spreading my ass wider and all I could do was groan.  Then after sliding all 10 inches deep inside of me he leaned over and wrapped his arms around me as he was on my back.  I was supporting both our weight with my arms.  He nibbled my ear and neck.  He leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You are as tight as the first time I made love to you.  You feel so good!”

“You feel good too!”

He then proceeded to start moving his cock inside me.  He started rocking it in and out.  He was getting deeper and more desperate with each pump inside me.  He knows how to drive me crazy.  After 5 minutes of him fucking me, I asked him to let me look at him as he made love to me.  He knows I love to watch his face as he goes deeper.  He then flipped me over and plowed back into me with a load groan.  I placed my legs up on his shoulders as he pushed them to my chest.  Kissing me deep and looking into my eyes.  He made love to me with so much love but with so much want and desire.  He started to reach for my cock and I moved his hand away.  He looked at me with puzzled look.

“I want to show you what you do to me and cum for you without touching it.”

He smiled and pushed harder.  Taking long deep strokes in my ass, I squeezed his love muscle with my ass and he groaned loudly.  He looked at me and saw my face.  I could not speak but did start moaning at the top of my voice.  He had my ankles in his hands as he was plowing me.  He noticed as I was curling my toes and my fingers gripping the sheets that I was going to cum.  My cock started jerking and long ropes of cum started shooting in the air.  Several loads hit above my head and then some on my hairy chest.  “WOW” he said.  He took his hands and started rubbing my cum into chest and as he looked into my eyes he groaned.  Then he through his head back and with a scream started unloading in my ass.  I felt at least 8 jerks of his cock.  He dropped down placing his head on my chest.  Catching his breath before looking up in my eyes.  “I love you so fucking much!” he said almost breathless. 

He continued once he finished taking a long deep kiss from my lips, “You are fucking amazing that your big cock shot that huge load.”

“I think the credit goes to you for making it cum without touching it.”

He just smiled and rolled onto his back.  We ended up drifting off to sleep.  I was up at 5 a.m. to start cooking for the party.  He looked at me stretching in the hallway.  

“Hey babe, good morning.”

“Morning stud” I responded with a smile.

I walked up to him rubbed his sexy chest as I kissed him deep.  He moaned.

“Are you trying to get another round like last night?  If so you have made a good start.”

“No time I just love you and I wanted you to know it before heading to work.  Now get dressed!”  I stated as I smacked his tight sexy hairy ass.

“Yes sir”

With a laugh he disappeared back into the bedroom.  He emerged 20 minutes later dressed in his suit and looking so damn hot that I had to think about taking him back to bed.  Noticing that detective badge sparkling which made me smile.  He came up where I placed a plate at the bar and he smiled.

“You made me breakfast?”

“Duh?” I said with a smile.  “I can’t have my man going out without building up his energy.  Not after I drained that energy last night.”

He smiled, “Thanks babe.”

He ate as we talked.  Talking about the party and how excited we both were.  We had invited my friends and his to mingle together, as they will be from now on, since we are now forever linked.  I went down the hall to help Darlene while Simone started greeting everyone.  Darlene and I were talking and she said, “I have to ask how big is Simone?”  She was smiling.

“Did you hear us again last night?” I laughed.

“Did I ever!  You too we getting me turned on.”  I laughed so hard.

After a moment of laughs I said, “Glad to help out.  That makes me think about something I have been meaning to talk to you about.  Alex, Simone’s brother is coming to the party and we want you both to meet.” 

She groaned, “You know I do not like to be setup.”

“I know but this was Simone’s request.  He thinks you are just his type and he really wants to see if you hit it off.  If you do hit it off and he is anything like his brother then you will be MORE than satisfied.”

She grinned, “Well that leads back to you answering my question.  How big?”

I motions with my hands, “This thick and 10 inches long.”

“Ok I will meet him but no promises.”

We both entered the party.  As we were making our way to the bar Alex was in front of me with a smile.  I shoved out my hand and realized just how much him and Simone did look alike.  Instead of taking my hand he hugged me tight.  After the hug he said, “Thank you for making my brother happy.  I have never seen him this happy.  Oh and sorry about the day I saw you in the hallway.  I looked you up and down and knew why he was so happy.”

“Thank you and this is Darlene.”

“Oh you are the one that is supposed to be my type.  You are beautiful!  Mind if we go talk and get to know each other.”

“Not at all.”  She stated and as she walked away she winked in my direction.

I also got to meet his sister and sexy brother-in-law.  Needless to say we all hit it off, including Darlene and Alex.  We spent the next three nights trying to out scream each other through the wall.  We both are living very satisfied lives at the moment.


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