This is my first story.  Please let me know your thoughts.  Also if you want more from these characters.

It is late summer in the south east part of the United States.  Temperatures are well into the 90s and approaching 100° F.  At night it is still in the 80s.  The humidity is high just to remind you it is summer.  The day is Saturday and I hear loud noises.  Is it real or am I just dreaming.  As I part my eyes and the light starts flooding in from the window. 

“Yugh, really”, mutters from my lips.  I turn to see the clock says 8 a.m. on a Saturday.  I think I just went to sleep.  To tell the truth it was so hot I couldn’t get cooled   off until around 3 a.m.  As I rolled out of bed, I took a good stretch and heard something hit my door.  I jerked on some lounge pants and walked to the front door of my apartment.  As I opened the door I saw moving guys carrying furniture to the apartment next to me.  Guess they finally rented the apartment which had been opened for the last 3 months.

I made a decision to go take a cool shower and get ready to go open the store.  Standing in the shower I allowed the cool water to carass my body; slowly the water rolling over my chest and my hands soaping my body.  I was getting so horny. 

I had gotten out of a long relationship about 10 months earlier.  I have had no one else’s touch since.  Let me explain, I am a hopeless romantic so giving up on a long term relationship was not in the cards.  Coming home at lunch one day to find my boyfriend in bed with someone who I late found he found on the internet.  Come to find out he had been sleep with a different guy in our bed every day for 3 months.  I kicked him out and sanitized the bed.  The next 10 months was painful of have to get tested for diseases and healing a broken heart. 

I am ok in the looks department but not your typical gay guy.  I am just your regular guy.  I am about 5’9” and run about 190 pounds.  I am ok built but a little bit of meat on the bones.  I am blonde with blue eyes and my body is covered in blond hair.

Even though I had only seen the movers for a minute, I was soaping my body imaging the beef guy I saw.  Reaching down I wrapped my hand around my hard seven inches.  I began stroking my cock as I imaged what he looked like without those clothes on and being there to suck me off.  Before I knew it I was groaning and as I started shuddering I shot a load into the show floor.  Man I was lonely but life goes on.

I took a deep breath and cleaned up and jumped out of the shower.  Heading out the door I locked up the apartment and looked next door and wondered who my new neighbor would be.  I headed off to work.

I own a travel agency and Saturdays are my busiest day.  I worked all day and at 7 that evening came home.  Grabbing my mail in the lobby I looked up and caught my breath at the vision in front of me.  There was coming toward me was a cop in uniform.   He was 6’2” and built like a god.  He had black hair and as he got closer I could tell he had piercing blue eyes.  You could tell through the bullet proof vest and uniform he was built.  I think I was getting weak in the knees when he spoke. 

He said, “hello how are you today?”

I didn’t know if I could even find my voice but ended up responding, “Great and you?” 

As he extended his hand for me  he said, “I am good man, just headed to work.  I am Simone and I just moved in to apartment 322.” 

I took his hand and could feel his manly grip and then saw the smile on his face.  I managed to respond, “Nice to meet you Simone.  You are the reason I got up early this morning.”  I started laughing and said, “I am Jake and I live in apartment 321.”

He started to blush slightly and said, “I am sorry buddy I told those guys from my squad to keep it down.  I promise I will make it up to  you as some point.”

“No problem man!  It actually got me to my office early and I ended up making 2 extra sales then I would have.”

“Well nice to meet you Jake and I am glad I was able to help you out.”  With that award winning smile he waved and said, “sleep well since you know I am out there to protect you.”

With that he was gone and for a small moment I was lost in my thoughts.  I was brought back to reality when I heard a familiar voice coming from the door in front of me.  It was my best friend Darlene yelling at me as she was entering the building.  She had spent the night with her latest guy from the bar and was telling me all about it.  Thank goodness she knew I was gay and spared me the details of the sex sessions.  I explained to her about new neighbor. 

“You already have the hots for him don’t you honey?” she asked.

“Of course!”  We both laughed.  “You can try to meet him tomorrow and let me know your thoughts.  Since he is your neighbor too it would be nice for you to introduce yourself.” 

Darlene lives in apartment 323 on the other side of Simone.  She had agreed to see what she could find out tomorrow but she planned to rest a lot.  She was going to have 9 days of shift at the hospital before her next day off.  As I walked into my apartment I could tell the air was trying it’s best but not winning.  I knew it was going to be a long night.

After watching TV, I lay on the bed in just my boxers and had two fans on me.  I heard a siren in the distance and started thinking about Simone.  My hands began rubbing my chest and gently working my nibbles.  As I thought about his eyes looking into mine, my cock hardened to the full seven inches.  As I slowly wrapped my hand around it and imagined Simone hand touching it.  My cock is very thick at about 6.5 to 7 around.  Feeling my cock throb I started moaning his name as the first rope of cum exploded from my cock.  I rubbed the cum into my chest and stomach before deciding to take a shower.

The next few days was quiet until I came home and I heard that voice of my recent dreams say from behind me, “hey there Jake!  How has your week been going?”

I said, “Great Simone and you?” (yes I am a man of few words when I see him)

“Last tour before a few days off.  I still owe you for move in day.  Would you come to dinner on Saturday?”

“I would love to!” I said being a little overly excited.

“Ok be at my place at 6.  Do you need the address?” He said with a chuckle as he gave a wave and exited the building.

I was looking through my mail as I said to myself I am going to have more images to tonight’s jack-off session.  Yes I have cum every night for the last two weeks thinking about Simone.  I heard Darlene arrive again and told me I had to come to dinner because she got to meet Simone and wanted to talk.  I let her know I would be there as soon as I got changed.  I knew if she wanted to talk about meeting Simone then she either had more information for me or she got nothing from the meeting.  I was knocking on the door and was quickly greeted with a hug.

“So now I understand why you were in lust on the first day meeting Simone.  He is charming but has the sexiest eyes in the world.  AND THAT BODY!  You can tell through his every day clothes.”

“I wouldn’t know as I have only seen him in uniform.  Trust me it has given me enough to think about.”  I said.

I assisted in helping to make dinner for us.  As we were preparing she was talking.  I brought the conversation back to Simone.

“Dear I found out a few things.  He is single and not dating at all.  He explained his job keeps him very busy.  He has a brother and a sister.  All three of them ended up being Law Enforcement Officers.  Other than that I do not have anything more.”

“Thanks!  He asked me to come over for dinner tomorrow at 6.”  She stated bouncing and squealing.  You have to understand how supportive Darlene was with me after the break-up.  She was best friends with my ex but told him she could not have a friend like him when he could not respect his commitments.  She still talks to him from time to time but just to get dirty so we can talk about it and make me feel better when he is having it hard.  Lately we discovered how many things we have in common and she is my closest supporter.

Spending the evening talking about jobs and news about friends I headed home.  I felt really exhausted and for once it was raining so the humidity dropped.  After a shower and dropping to the bed I was asleep in a few minutes.  I work up the next morning and got dressed before I realized I did not have my jerk session last night.  No time now as I need to head to the local farmers market before having to open the store by noon.

At the market I was picking up some vegetables and I felt something in my back.  I heard coming from behind me in a deep voice, “Excuse me sir, put your hands in the air you are under arrest.”

I froze!  Immediately thinking what did I do.  Putting my hands up in the air as much as I could with some bags in my hand I said, “I am sorry officer what did I do?”

I heard him laugh and say in his normal voice, “You are guilty of being a nice guy.”

I turned to see Simone standing there laughing with his fingers in the shape of a gun that he had stuck in my back.  I started blushing but could not speak.  The view before me had me frozen and lost for words.  He was there in front of me in a TShirt and gym shorts.  His bare arms were covered with a nice coating of black hair as was the legs of a athelete.  He had calf muscles that were strong like carved from stone to a thick set of thighs.  His thighs were straining the legs of his shorts.  The biceps on his arms were so big I would not be able to wrap both my hands around it.  I noticed his chest was pushing tight against that shirt and knew what Darlene was talking about.  Glad my shorts were loose because I could feel my cock getting hard.

I finally got out “Damn you Simone!  You scared me.”  I reached out and gave me a fake punch to his arms.  I felt how solid his arms were.  I thought I could faint. 

“I am sorry Jake” he said with an award winning smile.  “You have to admit that was funny.”

“Oh so funny.  You better make it up to me good tonight.”

“I plan to all these items were things I needed for tonight.”

I told him, “Since I got to see you can we make it 6:30 because I have to stay until 6 tonight due to a last minute meeting request from a client.”

“Sure I will see you then.” But before I could comprehend what was happening he had put his arm around my shoulders and side hugged me. 

Oh my god!  I think I about died.  I could smell his cologne and his manly scent from the heat increasing again.  I got back to the apartment and saw the time so had to head to work.  Every hour I was counting down to be close to him again.  I got a phone call from Darlene later asking if I was getting excited and I explained what happened that morning.  She was reminding me to slow down because we did not know if he was straight or gay.

I finished up and got home at about 6:15.  I could smell this amazing smell that made my stomach growl.  Oh my stomach was reminding me I had not eaten since that morning.  I changed and had taken a quick shower.  In shorts and tshirt I walked next door.  After knocking the door opened and my eyes had the man of my dreams in sight.  Next I knew Simone had reach out and wrapped me into his strong arms.  It is a place I knew I did not want to leave.  I handed him a bottle of wine I got on the way home from work.

We talked a lot over the next 3 hours.  We had moved to sofa and he had gotten up to get more wine for us both.  When he sit down he sit very close to me.  I could feel his legs just inches from mine.  I didn’t know how much I was going to be able to go before letting the hormones take control.  It got quiet for the first time in 4 hours.  I broke the silence.

“So I have to ask why you do not have a lady in your life?”

“Well because I am so busy with work and all…” he let his voice get soft.  He took his eyes and looked down.

“Sounds like excuses to me.  Be honest because it seems there is something you are trying to not say.”

“Well I don’t want to do something to loose what we just started building man.”

“I am not going anywhere.  You can asked any of my friends.  I am a friend until  you push me away.”

“I don’t want  to push you away but I can’t figure you out.  You asked me but why are you single because you seem like a great guy as well?”

“Well I was off the market for 10 years and then found my man was cheating on me all the time.”   I looked into his eyes and he started smiling.

“My pain funny to you officer?” I said with a smirk but deep down meant it.

“No not at all but I hope you never hurt again.”  He stated as he reached out a hand and placed it on my knee.  Was this what I thought and hoped for?  “I am smiling because you just made me a very happy man.”

“Well I am glad I could make you happy but I am very confused.”

“Let me see if I can help that.” He was slowly leaning into me.  My mouth went dry.  His hand had move to my thigh as I felt his lips touch mine.  I let a small moan out from my lips as I felt his tongue slide through my lips and I opened my mouth allow his tongue entrance.  My head was spinning but I knew just from the kiss he wanted me as bad as I wanted him.  My hands felt his pecs.  Pecs so hard and firm through the shirt I feel my cock jump.  My tongue was returning the favor.  I pushed him backward and I jumped on top of him.

My hands were on his shirt cover chest and looking into his eyes I said, “iif this is a dream please don’t ever wake me up.” And slowly kissed him and I slowly slide my hands up under his shirt.  As I felt skin I leaked pre-cum just from feeling the most amazing body on planet earth.  I lifted his shirt and saw a black hairy strong muscular chest.  Slowly working his nipples with my fingers as I nibbled on his neck and ear.  I receive a groan from deep down in his chest as encouragement to continue.  My tongue explored his chest finding a nipple which I began sucking gently at first.  Then gently nibbling on which receive a loader groan.  I looked up to find him watching me as I slide down his body.  Slowly exploring his 6 pack with my tongue until I reached the edge of his shorts.  I then slide down the waistband of thos short and gasped when I saw a 10 inch thick cock spring towards my face.  I licked his balls as I pulled his shorts down.  Sucking those large balls caused Simone to groan and rest  his head on the back of the sofa.  I then placed my tongue on the slit of the cock and slowly started moving my tongue gently around the head of his cock.  My lips parted to feel the head enter my mouth.  As I sucked on just the head I tasted the salty pre-cum emerging from the head.  I felt a hand rubbing my blonde hair.  As I began to go down on the shaft I was working it with my tongue.  Getting 5 thick inches in my mouth I started going up and down on this hunk of a man.  I could feel my cock throbbing but before touching myself I was being pulled up to him.  He kissed me deep.

“You are amazing but I want this to last.  I have been thinking about you for the last two weeks since we met.”  He kissed me as he pulled my shirt up over my head.

I said, “Really?  I have been jerking off to you every night since we first met.”  He just smiled and said, “No more of that as you will let me have it in person from now on.”

All I could do was smile at the thought as he wrapped his strong arms around me.  He kissed me as stood up with me in his arms.  I could feel our hairy chest together and his tongue exploring my mouth.  He began to move and before I knew it he was laying me back  on his bed.  His hands move my shorts down and lifted me as he removed them.  I heard a moan as he observed my hard cock snap back against my abs.  He slide 4 of my 7 inches into his mouth.  I groaned as he was sucking me into his throat.  He continued to work my cock all the way up and down my shaft.  My fingers running through his hair as he shoved my all the way into his mouth.

“I AM NOT GOING TO LAST LONG” I groaned loudly.

This only encouraged him to go deeper and work harder on my cock.  I felt my body begin to shake from the inside out.  I could not help but shove forward into his throat as I began to unload into his mouth.  Shooting about 6 hard squirts of cum into his hungry mouth.  He swallowed every mouth full.  He held it deep into his mouth milking out every drop.  Making me shudder.  He smiled up at me as he moved up.

He looked into my eyes, “You taste amazing!”   Then he kissed me some more.  I could taste my cum on his tongue as I feel his monster cock on my stomach.  I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist.  He opened his eyes and smiled as he asked, “You saying what I think you are?”

“I want you to make love to me baby.” It was the only thing I could get out of my lips.  He moaned as he slide back down between my legs.  I felt his amazing tongue begin licking  my hole.  A load moan escaped me as he licked deeper and harder.  His finger began to enter me.  My super tight hole resisted at first but then released to feel him hit my prostate.  My cock was already hard again and leaking pre-cum.  He continued to work my ass and started telling me how much he wanted to be inside me.

“I want you inside me too.  Please I want you.  I need you.”  It felt like it only had been minutes but he had been working me over now for 30 minutes and was driving me wild.  He then put a hand on each side of my head and looked deep into my eyes.  I felt the head of his big dick press against my hole.  I let him control the pressure but reach down and guided it in.  I felt the fire as he started to enter into me.  I almost screamed from the pain but found I started pushing down on him.  He moaned as I moaned.  Felling him move deeper.  Then his tongue entered my mouth as he pushed deeper and I groaned loadly as I felt the head pop into my ass.  He then slide deeper as he moaned into our kiss.  Then I knew he was ready as I felt him start rocking in and out slightly.

“Take my ass babe.”

“Your ass feels amazing.  So tight on my cock.”

I reach up and work his nipples as he was now pounding his huge cock deep  into me. This made his cock jump inside me.  I was so hard I was throbbing and could feel his six pack was jacking my cock as he moved inside me.  I felt his big cock deep inside me.  I did not want it end but I knew I could not hold much longer.  He was  working my nipples with his tongue and mouth as he was fucking me.  Then he looked at me and said , “I am getting close honey.”

“Cum inside me.  Breed me officer.”  That did it and I heard him almost scream as I felt his warm cum coating my insides.  Not only was he filling me up with cum but he was filling me with his love.  I started yelling “I’M CUMMING” and exploded between us on our stomachs.  I knew I was in love. 

Simone’s head collapsed on my shoulder and was still inside me.  I could feel his cock move in me as he adjusted to get his breath.  As he looked into my eyes, “That was the best sex I have every had.”

“I agree and I love you Simone.”

He smiled and said, “I love you too Jake and I never want you to be alone again.”

“Are you sayng what you think you are?”

“That I want you to be mine forever”

“Yes I want that too!”

He smiled and said, “I think I want to take you again.”

“I know I felt you get hard inside me.”  Let’s go to the shower and see what I can make you sound like in there.

We both laughed as we went to the shower.  Needless to say we had sex several times that night and for many nights to come.  We had many adventures ahead of us.


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