Matt continues the story....

It was hot. Fuck was it hot.

The touch of his leg against mine sent waves of desire coursing through my already overheated senses. He pressed it against me again and I looked over at him, and then at Alice, who was dozing with her back to us in one of the picnic loungers we'd brought along.

We lay in the long grass where we'd both slumped after working our way through the goodies that she'd packed for us. Jack was wearing a loose shirt and tight shorts, while I had on my regulation torn cut-offs and torn t-shirt that Alice said always made me look as though I'd been caught in barbed wire. He'd unzipped himself and was stroking his long hard cock and smiling, as if daring me.

'Alice,' I mouthed silently, nodding in her direction.

'Don't worry,' he mouthed back, and pressed again, this time sliding his free hand up and down my thigh. I kept my eyes intently upon Alice as I unzipped, and hauled out my hard meat. The warm air felt good on it as I stroked it, and watched a spot of pre-cum glisten in my piss slit. I squeezed it and let it run over my thumb. Then I licked it.

Jack rolled over onto his side, his dick almost touching me, so I leaned over and stroked it, admiring its firmness and smooth strength. He slid his fingers round mine and ran them up and down the length. Being easily embarrassed - as I'd mentioned earlier - I was keen to make sure we weren't seen, but this part of the picnic area was deserted, and if it hadn't been for Alice slumped in the lounger it would have been perfect.

This was the first time that Jack had made a move on me since he'd arrived to stay, and I was so keyed up that I knew I'd shoot my wad any time now, so I desperately tried to control my thoughts. But seeing that tanned, manly hand stroking my meat just threw my senses into turmoil and I felt that old familiar hot wave building up. And sure enough I suddenly spurted a fountain of milky semen that arched and plopped over Jack's hand.

I shivered as I continued to cum, my prick pulsing its load before weakening slightly, and all the time Jack maintained the same stroke until I tapped his hand for him to stop.

He wiped his hand on some grass, then abruptly, zipped himself up again and rose to his feet, while I struggled to wipe the spunk stains from my cut-offs with clumps of grass.

'Well, I guess we'd better pack up the picnic things eh, Alice?' he announced in a calm voice.

I couldn't believe he'd done this to me!

He'd made me cum, and then completely ignored me. I was furious, stuffing my dripping cock into my cut-offs just as Alice turned round.

'Yes, dear,' she said in a sleepy voice. 'Do you think it's time we went back home?'

The return journey was really quiet. Jack sat in the back while Alice rode next to me in the passenger seat. She didn't like riding in the back of cars, and I glanced at Jack in the driving mirror, his eyes meeting mine, and he'd occasionally smile like at some private joke that I sure as hell didn't get.

Ever since he'd arrived I'd wanted to get my hands on him, and now it was like he was flirting with me and playing hard to get! Christ, my prick was so hard again it was painful. And I was real mad, and figured if that was the best he could do then he needn't fuckin' bother!

The afternoon lingered on, and while Jack tried to make some sort of sexual small talk back at the house each time we were alone, I merely grunted my reply and wandered off. I hated myself for doing it because he made my cock leap whenever I was near him. I just didn't understand how he could have been so off-hand with me back there in the picnic area.

It got to 9.00 and Jack announced that he was turning in, so Alice and I said our goodnights to him, and I watched him, as he left the room with a wink and a backward glance.

'He's awfully fond of you Matt,' Alice said quietly, as she watched the TV.

I stared at the fireplace, my cock sliding down inside the length of my cut-offs, mercifully stopping short of poking out underneath them.

'I've asked him to stay here to keep you company when I go to my sister's next month. I hope you don't mind.'

My prick stretched a little further. Maybe Jack and would get on better with just the two of us here.

I brightened up.

'Sure, no problem.'

'Well, I'm turning in now, dear,' she said rising from her chair. 'Make sure everything is locked up won't you?'

I decided to leave it for a half hour or so then followed her up the stairs, locking the doors and switching off the lights as I went. She slept very soundly, so I knew I didn't have to creep about too quietly.

Upstairs, Alice had given Jack the guest room, which was along the hallway and opposite hers. I crept past his room, noticing that there was no light under the door, nor under Alice's, so I showered, then padded back to my room, with a towel wrapped round my waist. I entered and turned off the lights, leaving the house in darkness.

I closed my door behind me and lay on my bed, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep, so I switched on the bedside light, pulled the towel out from under me, and played with myself until I got hard. Idly stroking it, I gazed out of the window at the night sky through the gap in the curtains, and thought about Jack, wanting him so badly, even though I was still mad at him.

I spread my legs wide, as far as they would go, cupped my balls, then ran my hand round behind me, and dipped a finger into my anus.

I was hot, and I needed cock.

My thoughts started to take on more and more horny aspects that all involved Jack - maybe a threesome, or two cocks up my ass, or waters-ports, scat and bondage; I wanted to role-play with him, and spread my legs for him, drink his cum and feel him deep within me, but at some point, my brain mist have said 'enough!' because I awoke suddenly with the light still on, and the sound of a light tapping on the door.

I called out 'come in', safe in the knowledge that it wouldn't be Alice at this time of night. The door slowly opened, and Jack appeared round the door, and he smiled, then came in and closed the door behind him. He was sporting an enormous erection, so I slid over on my bed against the wall to leave him room to join me, and he sat down on the bed and ran his hand up and down my body. Then he swung round, and lay down next to me by my side, and turned over towards me. His cock pressed against my side, so I turned over and our erections met.

He was leaking heavily and so was I, leaving damp trails on the bedclothes.

He leaned his head towards me, and I moved mine to meet him, and his slightly stubbled chin scraped softly against mine, as our mouths found each other, lips parted. His hot tongue darted in to meet mine and I closed my eyes, giving myself up to him and sliding my hand between us to grasp his hard, strong meat, gripping it tightly, as if afraid he might leave me.

He was breathing heavily through his nostrils as we kissed, our mouths awash with each other's saliva, and I ached for the strength in his body and those muscular arms embracing me.

'I want to taste you,' I whispered, pulling free and sliding down to take that cock in my mouth for the very first time ever.

His hair got all over my nose at first, but I brushed it aside and licked his pre-cum. His flesh was hot, and giving off that musky man-smell that always turned me on, and as I ran my tongue round his piss slit, I felt him jump slightly, then I took him further into my mouth, just about managing to accommodate his size. My eyes were wide open as a reflex to the enormity of his prick, and as I reached his root, his hot tangled bush rising to greet me with little beads of sweet-smelling sweat clinging to the hairs.

I briefly let him slide from me, almost letting the tip leave my lips, before taking him all the way back in, my eyes now watering slightly. He gasped each time I let his cock slither out, and again when I re-took him.

He tapped me on the shoulder.

'Lie still,' he whispered.

I watched him as he rose from the bed, then turned so that we were nose to tail, and were both lying on our sides. His open thighs and cock were level with my mouth, and then he started to suck on me, taking me deep into his mouth as he fingered my asshole. I tried to concentrate on sucking him, but when he dipped two fingers into me I had to fling my head back at the glorious sensation and open my mouth in a silent scream.

'More!' I cried hoarsely, and he duly obliged by dipping in four fingers up to the knuckle inside me. Then I leaned forward and tended to his cock once more, taking him all the way in, and slowly I began to build up a pace, while my senses were now spinning with what he was doing to me, mixed with the heady odours that filled the air.

At that moment I think I had genuine love for him. It's hard to explain; I'm promiscuous and I'm happy with that because there's always someone new, always a new body - but it seemed so right with Jack that, at that moment in time, I hoped he'd never leave.

At that moment in time.

Once the afterglow of the orgasm and the spurting cum had passed, then no doubt Jack would revert to be immensely desirable.

For now, I love and needed him.

His mouth was moving expertly on me, sucking me at such a rate that I knew I couldn't hold for long, but I didn't what him leaving again like he did earlier that afternoon.

'Stop, Jack!' I almost cried out, then he slowly slid round again, so we were face to face.

'Fuck me, Jack,' I murmured, stroking the side of his face. 'There's some lube in the drawer.'

He reached over and brought out my tube and gave his cock a good coating. I stayed on my back, spread and ready as he moved over so that he was between them.

His strong hands raised me so that my butt was resting on his thighs, spread me wide, and smeared some lube round inside my hole.

Then he pushed his cock against my ring.

Bliss overwhelmed me, and I opened myself up to him totally so he could slide smoothly all the way into me. That bulbous head filled my hole, and then I closed my eyes as he entered me, my greased rectum giving off a slick slushy sound, and then his balls were against my ass.

I realised that I was panting violently as this living breathing man began to fuck me.

He rode my body like a stallion and my heart soared and his cock seemed to rise up to my throat as he ploughed me, his flesh rising and spreading within me as though exploring my insides. I grasped my cock, massaging it to make it hard again - I still found it difficult to sustain a hard-on with an ass full of cock, but I managed.

Jack plundered me. I reached up with my free hand to stroke his matted chest hair, feeling the tension and strain as we fucked, his voice groaning above me, and splashes of sweat dripping onto me, and I was transported.

This was every horny dream I'd ever had, come true; this luscious hunk filling my body with his hard cock, his hands holding my thighs, as I felt my ass ring tightening around his flesh.

I masturbated vigorously, not knowing how long it would be before Jack dropped his load inside me, and longing to get there at the same time. His breathing was now really harsh, and as his chest heaved above me, I stroked his nipple, and ran my hand in the sweated mass of his body hair.

He groaned a deep groan of pleasure, slumped for a moment, then his thighs drove against me with ragged, uneven, yet very strong thrusts. I opened my mouth wide, almost by instinct, my whole body tensed and wired, then

'Aaahhhhhhhh!' he cried, sending saliva down over me. 'JEEESSSUUSSSSS!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!'

The first stab of cum hit my bowels, and there was a micro-second of nothing, then the full flood bathed my guts with his spunk. And as the last vestige of sanity seemed to be about to desert me, I shot my wad, up at him, splattering his chest and chin, and dripping back down onto me and bathing my hand in a viscous glove as I continued to whack off.

He pistoned into me for what seemed ages and damp spread beneath me as cum leaked out of me around his cock. At last his flow subsided and he lowered his head to kiss me, his face a mass of creamy sweat that poured off him and onto me.

We kissed passionately, but his breathing was laboured, so he rolled off and out of me. I clamped my fingers to my ass as the wave of cum emerged from within me, and I rolled over onto my side to face him.

Our combined breathing seemed to fill the entire room, and my ass was now almost buzzing.

'Why did you leave me so suddenly this afternoon?' I heard myself asking, between gulps of air.

'I wanted you to want me more.'

'You knew I wanted you!' I hissed.

'Maybe I just wanted this instead.'

His hand stroked my sweat-stained forehead as he spoke.

'Maybe I wanted you here in bed, and not in some grassy fucking picnic area.'

I nodded as he stroked my chest and stomach, running his fingers through the trails of cum that streamed from me. I silently gave thanks for having had a dream come true, and from what Alice had said, it looked like I'd have Jack to myself for a while longer.


Cal Ritchie

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