That evening the purple shadows were gathering, casting the apartment into a slight gloom. Even though the bedside lamp was on the bulb was low wattage and I stood leaning against the veranda doorway, a bath towel loosely tied around my waist, though it was hardly able to disguise the swell of the cock that had been so well-exercised that day. I watched my cigarette smoke curl lazily up and out into the night sky as I listened to the cicadas, and the two men making out in the bedroom behind me.

It was my 35th birthday and I'd been celebrating in the gay bar, where I'd worked ever since I'd been slung out of the navy for 'depravity likely to corrupt my fellow officers' which, roughly translated, meant that I'd been caught below decks with two of those fellow officers; fucking one, and taking a mouthful from the other.

And so I'd entered civilian life.

An old pal, Scott - one of the two guys rutting on the bed behind me - was a partner in a local nightclub, and he'd fixed me up with a job tending the bar, where I got into the habit of picking up more than just tips.

Scott was 25, a good-looking blond guy; into weights and workouts in a big way, and with a cock to die for - permanently hard and pumping - and he'd insisted that I stay with him until I got settled so, naturally, I never got settled, and we soon became lovers.

As a birthday treat we'd taken the evening off from the nightclub, but we'd gone along anyway as members of the audience to see one of those muscle-boy dance troupes, and there had picked up one of them - a 19 year-old called Adam - who joined us for a few drinks at the bar. At my request, and as a birthday treat, Steve then took him back to the dressing room where he persuaded the dancer to come home with two totally horny strangers.

I hadn't actually been there when he'd persuaded the boy but, when they both eventually re-appeared at the bar, Adam's face was flushed and his eyes were bright and excited, so I could only guess that Scott had used his potent sexual athleticism to sway the boy in my favour.

The cab ride home had been eventful; Scott had occupied the driver by masturbating him as he drove, while I undressed Adam in the back of the car, running my hands over his muscular body, and stroking his beautifully slim dick, before diving down and sucking him. He seemed to be so excited by the prospects of the night ahead that he'd cum almost immediately, which he then made up for by licking it from my face, then kissing me, hard, with his mouth full of his jizz.

I was horny as all hell by the time we reached our apartment, and as Scott paid off the driver - giving him his phone number and a kiss - he looked over into the back and saw me and the naked Adam entwined on the rear seat.

'Fuck it, Jack - you might have waited!' he laughed.

I had no plans to get Adam dressed again.

'Let's just make a run for it,' I suggested.

So we did.

We kept Adam tightly between us and made a dash for the steps, which luckily weren't too well lit, and we all three tumbled in through the front door. Adam was giggling and writhing between us as we negotiated the stairs, but we finally managed to reach our floor without anyone seeing us, and then somehow negotiated the front door key in the lock.

Hardly had we got inside the door when Adam pressed me hard against the wall, kissing me wildly, and running his hands feverishly over my body. He slipped one hand down and unzipped my chinos, then gasped as his fingers curled round my engorged cock. It was a fully distended ten inches - something I've always been rather proud of - and his eyes were wide as he pulled his face from mine and stared down. We staggered about the room as in some surreal ballet while I attempted to shed the rest of my clothes, our lips glued to each other.

Scott was already naked, and was pouring three large brandies which he took over to the bed, his hard cock bobbing before him as he walked.

Adam was gasping as I forced him backwards onto the bed, sliding up his body as we moved and leaving a snail-trail of cum on his skin until we were cock to cock, our erections hard against each other while our lips mashed together.

I rolled over and back and swung one arm out to the open drawer in the bedside cupboard and pulled out a tube of lube, which I opened with one hand while holding the top against my teeth, then I squeezed a large blob onto my cock. Adam watched, then took some from the tube and smeared it round his anus ring with one hand, while he greased my shaft with the other.

He lay on his back as I knelt up between his thighs, then obliged by raising his legs up and back, knees level with his ears as I lifted his ass and inserted two fingers. There'd be no problem there I thought - as if I'd imagined there would be - so I squeezed some lube onto my hand and gently inserted four cupped fingers, which made him writhe and squirm on the bedcover, a mischievous smile never leaving his lips.

'Feels like you've had some cock in your time, baby,' I murmured as I gently twisted and turned my hand inside him.

'Sure,' he gasped as I probed. Then he smiled, flirting with me and licking his lips.

'I'm an exotic dancer. I like men fucking me, y'know?'

'How many have you had at one time?' I asked, idly.

He thought for a moment.

'Well, not all in me the same time but seven in one session,' he laughed. 'It was a big bed.'

He closed his eyes for a moment as I pushed in a littler further.

'We were on tour and went to a party afterwards, and you know how it is - I had a little too much to drink...' He paused as if trying to recall, then gave a little gasp as I twisted my hand. 'They were very gentle - I think - and they all wanted to have me, and then they all came over me. I was bathed in cum!'

I slowly eased out my slick hand, glistening as it emerged from him. Then I pressed the flared head of my cock against his sphincter ring. I pushed in, its girth sliding smoothly into him like a hot knife through butter. Cat-like, he arched his back; stretching himself sinuously, his hard cock pointing stiffly up and along his belly as my last few inches buried themselves within him, until we were completely body-to-body. I propped myself up on my hands on the bed and looked down at him, still smiling up at me, his arms outstretched.

Adam began to play with his nipples, fondling them and licking his lips, his gaze flicking between Scott and me. I replaced his hand with mine and stroked the small bud-like nipples, while he reached down and began to stroke his own cock.

'I'll do that,' said Scott quietly, and placed his hand over the boy's and taking over the movement.

'I love this, Jack,' Adam sighed as I started to ride him. 'I love your big cock inside me!'

'It's all yours, baby.'

My voice had developed a slight rasp. This scene, this boy and my lover, it was getting to me, and I loved the feeling of Scott's hand moving up and down the shaft between us as I slowly pumped in and out. Adam's ass ring was clamped tightly round me and my length flared within him, buried in his warm as I fucked him, solidly, my balls starting to swing heavily against his butt.

'Make me your fuckboy, Jack!' Adam whispered hoarsely. 'Fill me with your cream! Fill me, fill my ass!'

'I'm gonna fill you so full of jizz, baby!' I croaked, gritting my teeth as I pulled out slightly. He gasped loudly at the loss - then gulped as I plunged, quick and hard, all the way back into him again.

'Make me your whore!'

Adam's voice rose in pitch, in the otherwise silent bedroom, and as my movements became harder, his body shifted further up the bed while I plundered him.

Scott continued jacking him with one hand, the other stroking the boy's face while he kissed his forehead. Meanwhile his own cock was swelling and leaking as Adam stretched up to him, trying to kiss Scott's open lips, before finally succeeding. I watched them through half-closed eyes as their tongues snaked and coiled in each other's mouths, saliva dribbling and bubbling from the corners of Adam's lips.

'You've got a great butt,' I hissed as I pummelled into him, feeling my spunk boiling deep within me. Scott's hand was a blur on the boy's cock as he masturbated him between us until Adam had to tear his lips from Scott's, his eyes wide open, mouth gaping, his rectal walls gripping my shaft as he began to spasm.


His voice rose higher. 'Sheee-itttt!!!...AAAHHHH!!'

The cry became shrill and I gazed down, through a film of sweat as a solid, seemingly endless stream of cum shot from his cock and splattered his hairless body.

I....that's so...fucking GOOD, Jack!' he babbled. 'K...keep it...keep it...aaahhh!'

He was still shrieking as I slammed into him, shuddering and jerking, my spunk now well on its way and unstoppable as it snaked in a scalding ribbon, spurting from my piss-slit into him.

He jerked and bucked up from the bed against Scott and me as the heat hit his insides, his perfect white teeth gleaming as his mouth frothed in the half-light, eyes tightly shut, head thrashing from side to side, as again and again my cum pulse into him.

His feet drummed on the bedclothes as we peaked, his belly a creamy mess between us, as I slowly withdrew and reached for a handful of tissues, thoughtfully taken from the drawer by Scott in anticipation. I wiped my streaked cock as it emerged, bubbling from Adam's asshole, followed almost immediately by an outpouring of my cream onto the bed.

I stood up shakily, leaving Adam with his legs now drawn up tightly again, as his ass continued to stream, then staggered to the bathroom and into the shower.

I leaned back under the hot water and washed off my throbbing cock and aching body.

When I came back into the room after towelling myself, I wrapped it around my waist and watched them as Scott, now lying at Adam's side, caressed and stroked him. They were in their own private world and didn't even notice me as I stepped out onto the veranda and lit a cigarette.

I stood staring out over the small town, watching the fireflies in the garden below and thinking my own thoughts.

I turned and looked again. Adam was now spread-eagled on his back, with Scott's tongue trailing from the tip of his semi-erect cock all the way down to the hairless root, making the boy gasp and rise beneath him.

Then I turned away again.

What neither of them realised was why I'd got Scott to persuade Adam to join us. It wasn't just that he was attractive.

It was because Adam reminded me of someone. Someone I'd not seen for a very long time...


Cal Ritchie

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