I have lived next door to Jerry Dean McAlister for almost all my life, well at least since we were boys together, I was two years older than him, but we still were fairly good buddies we played down at the river all the time. I remember one time, I had to carry him home from the river when he cut his bare foot really bad on a sharp rock, he had to have stitches, but we loved to play at the river for some strange reason.

We grew up and from, I would say the time He was about sixteen, maybe, seventeen I had a sexual attraction to him, I was coming into my own sexually, and it was taking the gay direction. I hadn't planned it, but it just did. Oh yea I had tried dateing girls, and had a prom date you know, all the right boy, girl things, but it was just not my thing, I was attracted sexually to guys.

I remember my first blowjob, fuck me man, there was this guy, about twenty five, I was about seventeen, I was at the rest room at the Local park, I was standing at the urinal with my workout shorts pulled down and pulled under my nuts, just letting my cock hang out, I was pretty proud of my cock as it was, I was seventeen and it was bigger than my Dads, and I was above average in the cock department. Well I was standing there with a half piss hardon, This good looking dude, about twenty five walks up to the urinal next to me, and says hey man, Hows it going? Well I must say I usually don't carry on a conversation while taking a piss, but, I can't say after seeing his cock flop out, that I didn't want to get to know him, I was fucking feeling my heartbeat increase, as well as the thickness of my cock, I had finished and I was looking at his, at least eight inch, very thick, hard, cock on this guy, but he wasn't pissing he was stroking it, just lightly, he was smiling at me and said man, it is sure a great day to be at the park, I said yes, it is, then he got a little bolder and was looking down at my cock and said, man that sure looks like it could use some attention, I sorta studdered Ye, yea! it could, he looked around to see if anyone else was coming, and reached over and took my cock into his hand and gently stroked it back and forth, Damn it felt awesome, and he said would you like a blowjob? I said now! here? he said outside, in my van, he stopped and we put our cocks back into our shorts, sticking straight out like a tree limb, stiff as a board, but so was his, We looked like a couple of theifs, with contraband in our shorts, walking out to his van.

He opened the door and we got into a very nice van, it was set up for camping, a stove, sink, closet and bed, table, and frig, really very nice, and new, I complimented him on it, he smiled and said yea, man, Its my,'Made for loveing Pad' and we went in and I set down on the edge of the bed, and he knelt down and said now lets see this little problem you have here, and He started rubbing my now almost softened cock, which immediately started to thicken, Here, lets get these off, and he started undressing me, then he took his shorts off too. He leaned over and layed me back, on the bed, my legs dangling over the edge, and spread my legs and started rubbing my inner thighs and upward untill he reached my nuts and he said man, kid this is awesome, and he started rubbing my nuts and pulling on the sack, and licking them, damn it was absolutely the most awesome feeling I had had, to that point, he reached up and as he sucked my nutsack and balls hr raised me up to rimm my ass, he started playing with my nipples, as he licked my assholw, and fuck me, I started wimpering and said to him, fuck I have never had that done before, but I loved the feeling of it, and then by the time he got to my cock, I was about to burst open, shit, my cock was so fucking hard, I was afraid it would split, it was throbbing it was so hard, and then, Oh yea man, then he did it, he took my cock into his hand and took just the tip and licked on the tip, and on the underside of the shaft and head, I like to lost it, a first for me, man was this guy great or what? That did it, I started grunting and my stomach was doing little lurches as he licked and then, took the shaft and head about half way into his mouth, I grabbed the coveres on the bed and started tensing up and saying man, Its gonna blow soon, he stopped, and said man it this your first blowjob? I said yea, he said how is it so far? I said oh fuck man, its the most awesome feeling I have ever had, he just smiled and went back to taking it in his mouth, Man did he suck me dry or what? It took me about four minutes and I started that jerking, my cock started jumping in his mouth, and I started filling his mouth with my nut sauce, he just a groaned, and started really sucking like a madman, fuck man, he wasn't gonna let me loose untill he had every last drop. He finally stopped but held my cock in his mouth and I could feel his body moving rapidly as he continued to suck gently on my deflating cock and he jerked himself off to a ball busting climax, after I got up from laying there, I noticed his cum hanging down on the little cabnet door there in his Van, I wanted to try a taste and I reached over and swiped a glob of his nut butter with my finger, and put it in my mouth, man, I was really surprised, It was different tasting but I loved it. I said man I should have taken that in my mouth like you did for me, He said, Maybe next time.

I got dressed and left, and he pulled out an I never saw him again, and I have gone back looking for his van, but never saw it again.

That was then, but now ,I had this thing for J.D. I walked out of my back door one afternoon and J.D. was laying on the patio, in just his thin skimpy swimming shorts, he was laying on a lounge chair, I guess he was just trying to get some sun, but he had a pair of sun glasses on with a cloth under the glasses to block the sun out of his eyes, He couldn't see me standing across the fence and I was just staring at him, God Damn, he was awesome, Home on leave from the Marines, His Mom had told me he would soon be home, he had been stationed in Guantanmo Bay, but here he was, I knew His Dad was gone to work, He traveled, and His mom was a court clerk, for one of the Judges in the county courts.

J.D. was just laying there and my eyes did a total scan of his gorgeous body, Damn man, he could be a Model, advertizing some sort of Gym equiptment, or something. He was awesome looking, Perfectly formed pecs, with a lightly hairy looking brush across them, trailing down into his shorts, his arms, muscular and veiny, and his legs looked like he was a powerlifter in a weight lifting contest, and his neck thick, and bullish looking, god he was gorgeous, My cock was at attention saluting this Marine, but the eye catcher was his crotch, His awesome package looked like he had stuffed at least two pair of socks in it, and I watched as he gently reached down and slid his hand into his swim trunks and re-adjusted what looked like a hardening eight or nine inch, very thick cock.

I just stood and ogled, fuck man, I would love to have that for a while in my mouth, or my ass either, damn Jerry looked totally different than I had remembered him looking as boys.

finally I thought to my self Mike, you got to get ahold of yourself you've got things to do.

I left the fence line and just kept looking back at J.D., I guess he never knew I was there lusting, and Ogling him.

About two days later, it was about 7:30 in the morning, I heard my doorbell ring, man who the fuck can that be at this time of the morning? I walked to the door without even thinking, still in my briefs, and opened the door, and there, stood this awesome looking delivery man from FED EX. I opened the door in nothing but my briefs smiling like an idiot, and said yes, he kinda looked funny, and said I need you to sign for this package, I said come on in.

He stepped into my house and I noticed he was looking like wow? man! He was so fucking good looking, God man, I signed the booklet and he just stood there staring at me, I looked down and his cock was stretching out in his shorts he was wearing, I realized I was almost naked and said oh man, Damn, Did I do that to you? He smiled and said Oh Yea, well what a surprise, I got his name and phone number, and we have a date that next Friday night for dinner, and I'm sure from his reaction to me in my briefs, I will be having more than just dinner. But thats another story itself.

Well the package it seems was for J.D.'s Mom, but he had tried to rouse someone over there, but no one answered the door, I said its alright I'll take it over later this morning, He said Hey man I'm glad I had to bring it over here anyway, it worked out well, I said yea! It did, didn't it? he leaned over and gave me a kiss on the lips and said, see you Friday night.

Well I got my shorts and a shirt on and took the package next door, I was already a little sexually aroused by the delivery man, and the possibility of a new boy friend, but I rang the doorbell, and beat on the door, and finally J.D. came to the door opened when he saw me and said come on in, squinting his eyes at the light, I liked to lost it when I saw J.D., he was just in his military issue boxers, and he had a morning boner about to rip them off him, the slit was standing open and I could see his dark thick pubic bush, and his very large thick cock was sticking down and outward toward the right leg, He walked into the kitchen, I followed, and he said would you like a cup of coffee? I stammered and said yea, please, I sat at the kitchen table and he poured his coffee and a cup for me, turned around set my cup on the table in front of me, and leaned back against the kitchen sink right next to me, and his cock wasn't deflating either he was leaning back against the counter and with his legs crossed as he sipped his cup of coffee, and his cock was about to tear the material of his shorts apart, I looked straight at his crotch and could see J.D's cock head right at the edge of the leg opening and it was pushing the opening outward and I could see a very large round uncut cock head as it peaked out from under the material, god it was beautiful, the foreskin slightly opening up to where the head with that piss slit was barely visible, Fuck man, my cock was straining on the material of my shorts to get free, I just kept staring, and I looked up and J.D. was looking straight at me, and smiled, all I could say was man does that thing need attention, or did I interupt something? he said yes, and no, I said yes and no? he said Yes, it needs some attention, and no, you didn't interupt snything, I said Oh, He set his coffee cup down and walked over to me and I could feel heat, man did I feel heat, He stood there right beside me, and I turned with my face right into his basket My mouth was just about three inches from his cock, I thought I would pass out, I just said aw fuck J.D.as I lickd my lips, He said man, I have known for several years you would like to taste that, I wanted it, but you never came on to me, so I just let it be.

But the other day, when I was sunning in the back yard, I caught a glimpse of you looking and staring, and I wanted to tell you then, to go ahead, and lets have a good time.

I said man your cock looks so awesome, he said Mike have yourself a ball, I reached up and started rubbing it, and he just kinda went weak in this knees,leaned his head back, took a gasp of air, and moaned and said man that feels so fucking good, I said how long since you got off J.D.? He said about three weeks, and It needs a release. I smiled and said man, your release is just minutes away, and I slid his boxers off his body and out popped his gorgeous uncut eight incher and I had it in my mouth before you could say blowjob.

I had pulled his forskin back and He said, Jeezus man, Damn, that feels awesome, and he grabbed my head and said, yea man, suck it, Oh god man, thats it, suck that fucking cock, He was really enjoying what I was doing, He was shoving it to the hilt into my throat, that cock was like a thick rod of glass, it was so tight and hard, damn, I wanted his man milk more than I had ever wanted anyones.

I finally said man, lets go to the bedroom and get you undressed, He led me to a bedroom downstairs in the basement, I was naked in less than thirty seconds, and My cock was sticking out like a light hanger. We jumped into bed and he said let me try that, and he started sucking my cock, now that was totally shocking, I had thought that He was totally straight 8, and here he was sucking my cock, I could tell It was not his first, he was about to bring me off, and I took his cock into my mouth and we started a sixtynine, he was going wild while sucking me, saying man, I want your cum, fuck man give me your load, I said you got it, and I started Jerking and letting my cock pump the most awesome feeling load I ever lost, Damn it was exciting and I was totally filled with lust for J.D., I wanted to eat him alive, and about that moment, His body started jerking, he Let out a Long Moan and an AW, fuck me, and he cut loose at least ten vollies of cum down my throat and he like to choked me, Fuck he was full of cum, I swallowed, and sucked and swallowed some more, and he finally settled down and he started kissing my mouth and slathering me with his tongue, and was going absolutely wild, And he said Man Mike, can I fuck you? I said sure man, Let me catch my breath.

Now I have know some studs in my life but this dude was a fucking stud, he never lost his hardon, He got up, and got some lube and rolled me over started eating my asshole out, I was going wild, and he started sticking his tongue in first, then fingers, and finally he got up and I was on my knees, he got up behind me, and started sliding that awesome cock up my love canal, God when he got to the pubic hair I was stuffed full, and I loved it, he started making love to me, and was really pounding my ass, which I love. Finally he rolled me over, and layed into me like a man loving his lover, Damn It was hot, finally I saw that look, and I knew he was getting ready to dump a huge load of mancream up my ass, and he started and I started and as unusual as it is, we both blew a load at the same time, and he was kissing and licking and just plain making love or lust with me, Fuck it was awesome.

We had sex almost everyother day while he was home on leave and we went swimming, boating, fishing, out to the movies together live two lovers almost.

He calls me now almost every week and tells me he can't wait to get home to me. I never knew J.D. Was even close to being like that, but I'm not disappointed about it either.

Since J.D. was gone back ot base, guess who has kept me occoupied? you got it, the Fed Ex delivery man, I'll have to write that story soon.



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