Being new in town and starting a new job, I wasn’t sure where to go to find cock.  One past acquaintance had said that when he was in a new town, he’d slip a cabbie a twenty for the names of the popular gay bars.

I had also heard of guys putting ads on Craigslist.  I decided to give it a try, but didn’t want my address to be known.  I pondered what to do as I checked out the ads of guys wanting male sex.  

One ad had just been posted that day and it seemed interesting.  It was from a thirty year old married man in town on business looking for male companionship for a couple of evenings.  I looked over his stats and loved what I read.  His height and weight were perfect, he was hairy, hung and muscular and he said he had seven inches, and had few limitations.

I shot him a reply giving my stats and telling him I was interested in meeting.  Less that two minutes later I had a reply with him saying he was interested also and that he was in room 612 at the Hyatt, near the airport.  He said he would have the door slightly ajar and to walk on in, asking for ‘John’.

Although I was nervous, it sounded extremely exciting.  He had said that he liked the fact that I was younger and liked slightly older men.  At twenty-four, I wasn’t that much younger, but I did like older men with experience.

I was ready for anything he wanted, but mainly I wanted him to feed me as much cum as possible.  I craved it and never got enough. I had even pretended to be bisexual and had three ways with a man and wife just to get to suck the husband off.

I arrived at the Hyatt and after parking headed for the elevators.  Stepping out onto the sixth floor, I saw the sign indicating that the room I was looking for was to the right.  It was the last room on my right as I reached the end of the hall.  I immediately saw the night latch flipped around holding the door partially cracked open.

Stepping up to the door, I gently pushed it open, and said, “I’m looking for John.”

“Come on in,” a voice said from around a corner.  Shutting the door completely and flipping the night latch, I stepped into the room and found a hot hung handsome man laying nude in bed.  He was everything he had said he was and blended in with the hair on his chest, above his left nipple was the USMC emblem.

Looking at me he said, “I don’t know how you feel, but I love what I see so far.  Why don’t you get more comfortable.”

As I stripped, I told him that I definitely loved what I saw.  He lay there watching me undress, his cock getting harder and harder, and when I was down to just my briefs, he got up and walked over to me and as my briefs fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, he kissed me gently and lovingly and after a moment offered his tongue.  I immediately accepted it and offered mine.

After a long passionate kiss with lots of groping, he led me to the bed, asking, “How long can you stay?”

“As long as you can feed me cum,” I replied.  

“That has never been a problem for me,” he said.

As we lay on the bed, I asked if his wife knew anything about his activities on the road.

With a grin on his face, he said, “I wouldn’t have anything for you to put in your mouth if she did.  The only family member that knows anything is her father.”

“Your father-in-law? How the fuck did that happen?”

“I was at an adult video store sucking cock and getting fucked through a glory hole.  I had taken a couple of loads when this hung guy entered the booth next to me  Before long I was sucking his cock and when I knew he was getting close, I stopped sucking and backed up to the hole. In less than a second he was buried completely in my ass, fucking me like a wild man.  He soon climaxed and his load was so huge, I had problems keeping it in.  I turned around and quickly sucked his cock clean, before pulling up my pants to leave.  As I stepped out of my booth, the guy stepped out of his booth.  I was face to face with my wife’s father.  He looked at me and said softly, “Outside.”

I followed him out, and once outside he motioned for me to follow.  He went around the side of the building into some thick bushes.  Once we were out of sight, he asked if his daughter knew anything.  I told him no and he said, lets keep it that way and kissed me passionately.  Not only was he my father-in-law, but he is also my boss.”

We soon were sucking each others cocks, and after he collected my cum load in his mouth, we kissed and he fed part of it to me.  In the three hours I was with him, he fed me four delicious loads.

As I dressed top leave, I asked how often he was in town and he said once a month for a couple of nights and asked if I could return the following night.  I said I could and asked if his father-in-law ever traveled with him, because I would love a three way.

“He has on occasion and we get as many guys together as we can for orgies.  He loves multiple cocks in him at the same time.”

“Well, I’d love to have you two watch me suck both your cocks.”

I gave him my cell number and said I would be back the following night unless I heard from him.  He said he was looking forward to it.

I got home and checked Craigslist again, and found another young man looking to get sucked. I contacted him and went to his motel and sucked him dry.  Hanging in his closet area was a set of army fatigues with sergeant stripes, freshly ironed.  I got two huge delicious loads out of him before leaving, and also found out that he was in town looking for an apartment.  He was being transferred to town as the new Army recruiter.  I knew where to find him in the future.

The following night I returned to the Hyatt and to John’s room and again the door was left cracked open.  I entered and found John in bed nude, as he had been the night before.  I stripped and lay in bed next to him and as we kissed, I suddenly felt someone else on the bed.  Jumping up with a startled look on my face, Josh said, “It’s cool, Mark.  After you left last night I called Clay and told him about you and he came down to join in.  Meet my father-in-law/ boss, Clay.

Clay this is Mark.”

Looking me over, he smiled and said, “John, I see now why you said I needed to join you.”  Then, looking at me he asked, “Mark, do you have all night?”

“I do,” I replied.

Clay was forty three, but didn’t look a day older than John,  He was extremely well built and hairier than John, and with a bigger cock.  One of my biggest pleasures was watching them kiss and make out as I alternated sucking their cocks.

Later, as I continued sucking John, Clay began fucking John’s ass.  They both climaxed simultaneously and after swallowing John’s load, 

I quickly began eating John’s ass telling him to shove Clay’s load out for me to eat.

As I sucked up the cum draining from John’s ass, Clay spoke up saying, “John, you have really found a keeper here.  I may have to join you on this route more often.”

After licking up the last of the cum from John’s ass, I smiled and said I would service them both anytime they were in town.  With them both supplying huge loads, and with my craving of cum, I looked forward to sucking them both anytime.  

Before leaving the motel room the next morning just before five, I had sucked three loads out of John and two out of Clay, as well as being their urinal during the night.

As I left the room, Clay kissed me and said, “You are one hot fucking cum dump.  I look forward to seeing you often.”

After Clay called me what he did, early the next morning, I posted an ad on Craigslist.  It read: “Cum dump looking for multiple shooters or a large group to feed me. Looking forward to hearing from individuals, couples, or groups. Few limits.”

I pressed enter after re-reading my ad, and I checked for a response every half hour or so.  About two and a half hours later, I noticed I had a reply.

I began reading: “We are a group of coworkers that all enjoy having a man suck our cocks.  For more info call 321-555-6699.”

After blocking my own number for the time being, I dialed the number, and heard a deep sexy voice say, “Hello?”

“Are you the one that posted the reply on Craigslist?”

“If you’re the cum dump, I am.”

“I’m the cum dump.  What do you have in mind?”

“Let me ask one question and see how you answer it before I give you any details,” he said.

“Ask away,” I replied.

“We are a group of construction workers, that during idle conversation during our lunch breaks, discovered we all have been sucked off by another male and enjoyed it.  To be honest, I was looking to get sucked tonight when I saw your ad.  After reading it, I contacted the others in our group and asked if they were game to get together for a weekend and all get sucked off with the others watching.  Everyone agreed, and I was wondering how you felt about it?”

“First off, how many guys are we talking about?”

“There are ten of us, ranging from twenty-two to forty-five, and three are married.”

“Well, I enjoy married cum as much as I love single guys cum.  Where would this take place?”

“I have a lease on a fish camp up on a private lake, about two hours from town.  We’d go up Friday after work and come back Sunday evening.”

“Hey man, the idea of sucking ten construction studs all weekend has me turned on big time.  Just tell me when and where.”

“Well, how about you doing me tonight  and us getting to know each other?”

“Perfect, just tell me where and what time.”

He gave me his address and said “As far as time, just as soon as you can get here.”

Knowing the area of his address, I said, “Give me twenty minutes at the most.”

“I’ll be waiting,” he replied, then said, “Everyone calls me Wolf.”  I gave him my name and said I would see him soon.

I put on only a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt and sneakers with no socks and headed over to his place.

Finding the small bungalow in a quiet neighborhood, I pulled up in the drive and went to the door.  After ringing the doorbell, I heard a voice call out, “Come on in, It’s open.”

I went in and found Wolf laying on the sofa, facing the TV, totally nude.  “Lock the door,” he said as he started to get up.

I did then walked over closer to him and as we neared each other I couldn’t take my eyes off his thick, long beautiful cock, which was half hard and steadily getting harder.

After shaking hands, he said, “Make yourself comfortable.”

I immediately stripped off what clothing I had on and as I did he laughed and said, “It looks like you were prepared to get undressed.”

“That makes it more even, I think.”

I looked over his muscular body, noticing a nice patch of hair on his chest and stomach and a thick bush down lower  On his left arm was  the cancer zodiac sign and on his right arm was a tattoo of a baying wolf, hence his nickname. I found out that he was twenty-nine and divorced, no kids and loved being single and watching another guy suck his cock.

He looked me over and smiled and said, “If a guy is going to suck my cock, I want him to look like a man and you certainly do.  Mark, it’s all yours,” he said as he lay back down on the sofa, one leg hanging off.

I sat on the sofa between his legs, and after lifting his now hard cock, I gently started licking it and his balls before taking it in my mouth and swallowing it totally.

As I did, he moaned loudly then said, “Oh, fuck, yea.  Very few can swallow it all.”

I didn’t just suck his cock, I made love to it, taking my time and giving us both pure pleasure.

After several minutes, he spoke up saying, “Mark, never, and I do mean never, has anyone, male or female, sucked me as good as you are doing.  The guys will go wild if you suck them the way you are sucking me.”

Curious, I asked, “How many loads are you good for?”

“Tonight, at least three, maybe four if you have time to stay a while.”

“Buddy, I have all night.”

Hum!” came his reply.

I returned to sucking his cock and with more urgency.  Soon he moaned loudly and said, “Oh fuck Mark, don’t stop.  I’m cumming!”

I milked his cock dry, containing his huge load in my mouth until I had it all.  Then looking directly into his eyes, I smiled and swallowed.

He surprised me when he smiled and said, “That’s it, baby. Eat it all.”

Reaching up to me , he pulled me down on top of him and had my head on his shoulder as he held me, caressing my body.

After a moment, he asked, “Mark, can you stay the night?”

“It’s Saturday so I don’t see why not,” I replied.

“Great,” he said as he hugged me slightly.

I began to wonder if he was as straight as he pretended to be.  Most guys that just want to get blown aren’t this affectionate.

“How about a beer?” he suddenly said.

“Sounds good to me,” I replied.

We got up and I followed him to the kitchen and after we had each taken a sip of our beer, he stepped up to me and after setting his down, grasped my shoulders and pressed his lips to mine immediately offering his tongue.  I quickly accepted it and offered mine which to my surprise he eagerly accepted.

After we parted, he said, “If you tell anyone about that, you won’t live to see another day.  That’s not a threat, that’s a promise.”

“Wolf, I’m not the type to ‘out’ another guy.  If he wants it known he will tell others.  My lips are sealed.”

“I figured I could trust you.  You have no idea how bad I’d  want to flip you into a sixty-nine earlier, and none of the others have any idea that I love cock.”

“As I see it, it is none of their business,” I said, then asked, “Is this what caused your divorce?”

“Oh yea.  She was out of town on business and came home a day early and caught me in bed with her brother and his cock in my mouth.”

“Holy shit!” I exclaimed.

“I moved in with her brother for a few months but he was just too feminine for me.”

“Were you into men when you married?”

“Nope. I discovered men in the army when a captain made a pass at me when I was half drunk and sucked me off.  About the third time he blew me, I was curious and blew him in return and found I loved it.’

“What would happen if the others in the group knew you sucked cock?”

“I don’t know and I don’t want to find out,” he said.

After another sip of beer, he took my hand and led me to his bedroom and told me to lay down.  I did and he got between my legs and very lovingly, began sucking on my cock.  As it stiffened, he sucked with even more passion and after a few moments, said, “I want you to feed me.” 

“Keep going and I will,” I replied.

He looked up into my eyes as he again swallowed my hard cock, and seeing this hot masculine guy sucking my cock turned me on big time.  Seeing Wolf in normal circumstances, no one would ever dream that he was into sucking cock and eating cum.

Moments later, I began to rub his head and said, “I hope you’re hungry, ‘cause you’re bout to get fed.”

Pausing for just a moment, he said, “
“Just make sure I get every delicious drop,” he quickly said before again swallowing my cock.

Only seconds later, my cock exploded, shooting my built up load into his mouth, which he contained until I was totally drained.  Once he had milked me dry, he again looked into my eyes as he swallowed his meal.

“Oh man, that was so fucking delicious,” he said licking his lips.  “how many more can you feed me?”

“I think I might be able to match you one for one,” I replied.

“Man, I fucking hope so.”

After another few sips of beer, he asked, “Mark, do you get into anything other than sucking cock?”

“Oh, yes!” I replied.  “besides sucking cock and eating cum, I enjoy fucking and getting fucked, giving and receiving  rim jobs, and all water sports.  I drink straight from the tap.  The only thing I refuse to do is any scat play.”

“Well, I see we both are into the exact same things.  I look forward to being your urinal.”

“And I, yours,” I replied with a smile, then asked, “Do you ever get thirsty when you watch one of your coworkers take a piss?”

“Oh, fuck yea!  All the time.”

I spent the night with Wolf and ate each others loads two more times during the night and fucked each other once, plus lots kissing, rimming and piss drinking.

Before leaving the next morning, we tentatively set the following weekend for our get together with his coworkers.  He called me late Sunday evening and said it was all set and that he would pick me up.

I asked if he told them about anything about  Friday night, and he said he had, but only that I had sucked two loads out of him, and nothing else.

“Do you think any of them will want my ass?” I asked.

“Baby, be prepared to take it in both holes all weekend.  Some asked if I knew if you got fucked because they wanted to fuck a guy in the ass and see what it was like.  I told them that you did.  Was that okay?”

“Hell yes!” I told him.

He gave me the address of their job site, and mid week, I drove by and got a glimpse of the crew.  They were all hot as hell, and I couldn’t wait for Friday evening.

I kept my ad listed and for the next week there was only one evening that I only had one cock offered to me.  The other nights, I sucked two and once three cocks during the evening.

On Friday, after Wolf picked me up, I told him about my week, and he asked if we could try again the following week and share the cocks.  I told him that I would love sharing with him.  

As we drove to his lease, I asked if the others were going to be there when we arrived.

“There is one car load of four guys following us and the others will probably be waiting at the gate.”

“What do you think the ones following us would say if they saw me lean over and put my face in your lap and suck you off?”  

“Who gives a shit!  That’s your job this weekend so go for it if you want to.”

We were in his pickup and before leaning over I looked out the back window and seeing the other guys watching, I smiled, then leaned over and swallowed Wolf’s cock which he had pulled out of his jeans.

The musky aroma turned me on, and I had told him to tell the others not to shower after work.  As I sucked Wolf’s throbbing cock, I could hear the horn from the car following us start blowing their horn.  Wolf lowered his window and after sticking his arm out, gave them a thumbs up sign.

We arrived t the lease, and Wolf opened the locked gate and had the last car in, relock it.  A half mile drive through thick brush and undergrowth, we came to a clearing.  

After parking, as everyone climbed out of their vehicles, one of the guys following  Wolf and I said loudly, “That fucking Wolf got his cock sucked off driving up here!”

“Well, I am the one that put this together,” he said before starting to introduce me to the others.

After introductions, Wolf had me strip while the others watched and once I was nude, they all began stripping.

One of the married guys was thirty-five and a former Marine.  He was extremely well built and exceptionally hairy all over and sported a thick beard, and that turned me on.  And the youngest in the group had a beautiful eight and a half inch cut cock.  Some started wondering out loud if I could deep throat the entire cock.

I smiled and singled out the hot muscular twenty-two year old and said, “Let me show these guys just what I can do.”  

I dropped to my knees in front of him and as I began licking his growing cock, the others gathered around casually fondling their growing cocks.

Once he was rock hard, I began my adventure, slowly taking inch after inch down my throat.  When I almost had it totally down my throat, several said, “Fuck, he’s taking it all.”

Then with one final forward movement, I buried my nose in his thick pubic bush as he gasped and said, “He’s got it all!”

“Holy shit!” “Mother fuck!” “ Unbelievable fucking believable!” were just some of the comments I heard as I sucked off the hot young stud in my mouth.

After a moment or two, the young man said, “Damn, is this guy ever good!”

Moments later, the others watched as he climaxed and fed me his huge load, waiting anxiously for their turn.

One after the other, I sucked off each of the men, with Wolf being the last one to feed me.

As I stood, I turned and looked at them all and said, “Anytime you want it just tell me, and if you want my ass, you can put your cock there also.”

They all smiled, and then I added, “I’m also the urinal for the weekend so don’t be bashful.  I’m here for your pleasure.”

Shortly later, I was fed a few loads of piss after the beer had started flowing, as well as sucking off a couple of the guys again.  They all had no idea how much I loved being watched when I sucked cock or got fucked.

The twenty-two year old was the first to say he wanted my ass.  “He proved he can swallow all I’ve got.  Now lets see if he can take it all up his ass.  Some women refuse.”

I jumped onto a picnic table and lay on my back with my ass at the edge and said, “It’s all yours, and I only take it bareback.  I want your loads in my ass and not in a condom.”

He got in position and accepted the lube I offered and began his insertion..  He was about half way in when I reached back and grabbed his hips and pulled him to me, driving his cock into my ass balls deep.

Several comments were made and I said, “Now, fuck my ass good.”

He began pounding my ass like I was some whore, as several others fucked my mouth as they watched.

Once the youngster had filled my ass with his load, the others cheered me as I got up.  It was then that the former Marine spoke up and asked, “Guys, everything that goes on here is going to be kept just between us and no one else, right?”

Everyone immediately agreed that whatever happened stayed just between the group, and the oldest in the group asked, “Why are you asking?”

“Ever since I had my first blow job back when I was in Iraq, I have wondered what it was like to suck a guy. I want to find out,” he said.

“It will be our secret,” one of the guys said and after everyone agreed the oldest guy said, “If you want it go for it.”

As the former Marine knelt in front of me, he hesitated for a half second then took my cock into his mouth and started sucking. 

Jim, the forty-five year old spoke up saying, “Anyone that opens their mouth and says anything, is automatically out of a job.  No name calling or telling anyone outside out group what happens here.”

Wolf was standing next to me and when I looked at him questioningly, he whispered, “Jim if the head man in our crew and what he says is law.”

Then, after a moment, Jim stepped closer to Wolf and soon started sucking his cock. 

Everyone else began to relax and a few of the others started fondling each others cocks with a couple of them kissing.

The ice was broken, and by dark, all but two of the guys had sucked at least one cock to completion.

Before settling down for the night, I had been fucked by every one of the guys and
Wolf and come out of the closet and sucked several of the guys and been sucked and fucked.  As bed time neared, most of the guys had paired up and spent the night together, and by noon on Saturday, everyone was openly sucking whatever cock was available.

As we sat by the lake, each person admitted that ehy werwe curious or was into cock before the weekend and was glad that it was all out in the open.

The ones that had never sucked cock before, now openly took one in their mouth and sucked it dry, eagerly eating the loads.  And some that were just starting, lost their cherries that weekend, taking cock up their ass.

Everyone, including the newbie’s, were fascinated at watching Jim, the foreman, take two cocks in his ass at the same time while sucking another cock. 

By Saturday evening, anything and everything was going on, without any hesitation from anyone.

By Sunday when we dressed to return home, everyone was glad and relaxed that there were no longer any secrets between any one of them and they thanked me for bringing it out into the open.

The following week on Friday, Wolf called and asked if I was busy for the evening.  I said no and he invited me to his place.  When I arrived, Josh, the twenty-two year old was there, and they were both nude.

I found out that Josh was wanting to try getting double fucked.  He had already become a urinal.  As we talked, they told me that during their lunch break there was lots of cock sucking or fucking going on.

I continued running my ad and it paid off.  I soon was orally servicing a local college fraternity as well as six police officers that enjoyed using men.  When I blew the first of them, I had no idea that he was a cop.  I just knew that he had some buds that also liked to get sucked.  It was really hot then I got them all together in uniform and sucked them all dry.

I continue to have response from my ad and never does a night go by that I don’t get several cocks.  I have sucked men from all aspects of work: lawyers, construction, law enforcement, doctors, truckers, and military, with Marines being my favorite in that category.

It really pays to advertise.


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