Ipamena, pt 2

We both stirred awake sometime before the sun rose. Nude and sprawled out but still outdoors on the balcony day bed. The night was crystal clear and warm. Alex had his head resting on my chest, and his hand was cupping my nuts and now hardening dick. I had both arms wrapped around him tightly even though it was warm and we were both covered in light layer of sweet sexy sweat.

"Good morning Sexy", Alex wakes me with a soft kiss. "Did you sleep okay?" he asks. "Yes Sir. I slept like a baby. And you?" Waking up after an evening of incredible sex with a beautiful man is the best feeling in the world. He adjusts and sits beside me on the bed. He reaches over and caresses my body with soft yet firm and solid strokes. Rubbing me from my nipples down to my hard dick pointing straight up. "Are you hungry? I will ask Paulo to prepare us some breakfast". "I am starving". He continues to rub and massage my body, not making any attempt to get dressed or prepare when Paulo brings us the food. He finds a bottle of oil and uses it to knead deep in to my muscles and skin. I am literally spread wide out nude and with my rock hard erection in Alex's hand when Paulo enters with a tray full of fresh fruit, juice and cereals. Alex does not remove his hands from my body and asks Paulo to set the tray on the lounger so we can enjoy in bed.

Alex takes a slice of pineapple and runs the juicy chilled fruit over each ridge of my abs and six pack definition. The juice is cold and tingles on my warm skin but feels incredibly erotic. He uses the piece of fruit to trace the full length of my 8" rock hard dick, and coats my large shaved balls with its juices running down between my legs into the crack of my ass. "I love that you shave every inch of your body. It makes the muscles show off so much clearer." He leaves the pineapple on my stomach and adds more fruit to cover them entirely. He takes a sliced banana and rubs it over my pecs paying special attention to my nipples that are now as hard as bullets from the unusual yet arousing experience. The bananas are not as juicy but the soft texture is equally as intoxicating the way he rubs it on my skin. "I would love to shave your body for you one day, if you will allow me." He is lining my body with the fruit in a very unique erotic way. I lay my hands behind my head and enjoy the new sensations and watch him enjoy himself. He next takes a bowl of fresh yogurt and pours it all over of the fruit. He pours some into my pits and dribbles a large amount on my arms covering my biceps with the soft creamy cold liquid. I have never experienced such pleasurable sensations, nor have I ever used food of any kind for erotic play, but for Alex this seemed as natural as breathing.

Once he has all the food arranged he begins licking and eating it off of my body. WOW. I am shivering with lust and tingling from head to toe from the feel of his hot mouth and tongue licking my body mixed with the cold sticky fruit off of my smooth oiled skin. My dick has added its own juice to the mixture with a large pool of precum on my abs. Once my skin is as spotless and cleaned of all the food, and even the light sheen of sweat he looks deep into my eyes, "I hope you enjoyed that half as much as I enjoyed myself eating breakfast off of your beautiful muscles."

"I have never experienced anything so sensual and erotic in my life" I tell him. "That had to be the most unique mix of pleasurable sensations. And the look of lust in your eyes while feasting on me was so intense I could only lay here and enjoy it through your eyes." He takes another piece of pineapple and runs it around my full lips before he feeds it to me. "I not only enjoyed it, I absolutely could devour your body 24 hours a day. You are the most stunning man I have ever made love to, and I want you to know that." He feeds me the rest of my breakfast with his fingers. At times sliding his fingers into my mouth with the food for me to lick clean and suckle on before feeding me more.

Once we both had had our fill of breakfast. He asks me if I have any plans for the remainder of the day, or If needed to be anywhere. I tell him the only plans were to join a trainer for a work out later this morning, but I would be willing to cancel. It was not anything formal, just a good work out. "I would never want you to skip a gym appointment for me, your muscles are way too impressive and I like them as large and sculpted as they can be". I strike a double biceps pose laying on my back popping the big muscles to full size, grinning up at him, "you mean you like these 'lil-ole' things and you want me to blast them for you to enjoy later".

He attacks both flexed guns with his hands, rubbing gently punching and massaging the sculpted muscle. "Come back over after you work out, and we can continue were we left off last evening and I will show you just how much I am in love with them" he kisses each peak with a hot wet tongue.

I lift him off the bed and place him on his back. I straddle his hips and rest my ass firmly on his massive dick. Once I am sitting up there I run my hands over each chest muscle, flexing and rubbing and touching myself in a very seductive self-worship motion. Looking directly into his deep brown eyes I allow my hands to roam my torso, using my finger to trace each ridge in my six pack as I flex the abs to full contraction. If Alex gets turned on from my body, I am 110% down for that action. "I don't have to be at the gym for two hours" I grind my ass harder onto his hard dick, "I could go back to my hotel room and wait there" I raise one arm up beside my face and begin to lick on my bicep and flex it in my face as I get it soaking wet with my own saliva. "Or you could figure out what to do with me until I need to be at the gym".

I teasingly flex my ass along his rock hard cock, sliding the full length of his dick. Still flexing and showing off. His eyes are about three times their normal size. I reach behind my butt, cover his morning wood with the oil and lower myself down and settle in for a perfectly hot morning fuck. His cock meets me deep in my ass and hardens like a brick. I begin to rock back and forth lifting up enough to slide back down. We settle into a steady rhythm as I lift up higher and get my feet underneath me. Now using my strong legs I piston up and down enjoying the full length of the cock in me.

His hands rub my calves moving up to my thighs, feeling the muscles flex and contract as I use them to enjoy his massive hard cock. I am in full sweat already and I love the feeling of the droplets rolling down my smooth body and falling onto the man beneath me. My rock hard cock is slapping his abs with every thrust leaving a splattering of precum in its path. Looking down at the most sensual handsome man ever I let him know I may not be able to hold off much longer.

He tells me not to wait, he is ready to cum deep in me too.

We both unload at the same time, I feel his hot semen shoot deep in me as my full morning load covers him from his chin down to his abs in a large puddle of heat and passion.

Even after we both empty our balls, I cannot force myself off of the prize piece of meat lodged in me. I roll and grind and enjoy the fullness of his manhood. I see his face wince from the pleasure and after effects of the orgasm. But he makes no attempt to remove himself from me until he finally loses enough hardness and slips out.

When we are both satisfied with the morning romp Alex grabs my hands, "come on muscle boy, let's shower and clean up". He stops, his expression changes and he turns to face me. "Does it bother you that I speak of your muscles like they are the most important part of you?" he is actually serious.

I stifle a laugh but a good chuckle slips out, "I have spent 30 years in the gym." I spread my arms out wide emphasizing every inch of my impressive nude shaven physique, "and 1000's and 1000's of hours to build all of this." I run my hands down my pecs over my abs, "If you did not have a serious muscle fetish you would have not had the balls to approach me yesterday, and I would have missed out on the most passionate sex with the most incredible man. So No, I am much more than a body, but using my body to get to know me is totally fine by me". I kiss him deeply to send the message loud and clear.


The two hours flew by quickly between a very hot morning fuck and a long shower together, it was time for me to hit the gym.

Alex asked me to come back to his suite when I was done so he could treat me to lunch.

What I was not expecting when I got back from the grueling two hour work out, what was waiting for me when I came back to his hotel.

My mind was blown and left me totally speechless. ........................





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