Ipamena, part one.

(A story based on partial truths of a recent trip to the beautiful city of Rio this last spring. The names of the guilty have been changed and a few liberties with the facts are exaggerated for effect. But to be honest, the sex was some of the most mind blowing I have ever had. Re-writing the vacation time spent with Alex almost forced me to book another flight for tomorrow.  )

The first few days in town I enjoyed walking around streets, visiting the cafes and bistros and checking out the beaches. I was getting to know the area and checking out all the hot studs who seemed to be doing the same. The last few months at the office had been brutal, and I needed a good dose of sun, sand, waves, cocktails and hopefully an abundance of cock to go along with the tails. I am ready for whatever comes along, with no agenda or plans for the next 12 days.

I for one am loving the fact that the preferred attire is nothing but a speedo. I am in heaven wondering around in a pair of flip flops and a tiny speedo, barley enough to cover my well rounded muscled ass, and a cloth pouch doing it best to hold the weight of my cock and hefty set of nuts. This is pure ecstasy for me. The sun on my smooth skin, enough heat to form a nice layer of sexy sweat all over my body. Yep, this is the perfect vacation.

I sit at one of the many umbrella covered snack bars lining the beach to enjoy the view and order a nice cold local beer. I slip off my flip flops and rest my bare feet on the table. I was as comfortable and relaxed as I can remember, when I hear a very deep sexy Latin accent ask me if it is okay if he joins me at the table. "Of course", I reply even before looking up, and I begin to remove my feet from the table. "You do not have to remove your feet on my occasion" his eyes are as deep rich and erotic as his masculine voice. "I am actually enjoying the view from my position" his eyes seductively roam and explore my body from head to toe, "In fact," he continues, "this is the best view in the entire city". "Thank you, you are very kind" I proudly reply.

The entire time he is inspecting me like a piece of meat, I notice this is the same very handsome older gentleman I have seen around the area the last few days. Striking good looks, chiseled features and smooth bronze skin with jet black hair slicked back in a way that looks like he is a beefcake model from the 1960's. Stunning is the only word I can summon to describe his good looks. I am 52 years old and he appears to be in mid to late sixties. Age besides the fact, this man is drop dead Stunning.

I reach over to offer my hand, "My name is Jack." I introduce myself. He accepts my hand in his and holds it firmly, "nice to meet you Jack" his Latin pronunciation of my name with a J is intoxicating. "My name Is Alejandro, but my friends call me Alex". "Nice to meet you." I meet his intense stare eyes to eyes. "I hope to be one of the people to call you Alex" I add with what I hope is a sexy wink. "Con mucho gusto, my new friend. Please do. Call me Alex". The only thing running through my mind at the moment is I'd rather call you daddy, but I am probably only getting carried away by my horny imagination and the stiffening dick in my swim suit. His hand holds onto mine longer than required in a firm solid grasp. I notice how large and strong his hands are. I am 6.2" tall, 225 lbs. of pure gym rat muscle and I am proud of my body and appearance. Alex is probably 5.9" tall would be my guess and weighs about 165, but his hands are as large and firm as mine. I have always been very turned on by men smaller in frame than I am. Shorter and more lean than buff muscle. I honestly enjoy being "the muscle" for play time. And his looks and stature are so my type if I had to have a specific type, it would be Alex. Tingles run down my spine and goose bumps bust out all over my freshly shaved smooth skin as my over active imagination imagines him naked on top of me.

Alex's intense eyes never miss a beat as they notice every tingle and ridge on my skin. He takes the back of his hand, beginning just below the navel, slowly yet deliberately up my abs to my chest and lingers it over my erect nipple feeling every goose bump forming on my skin. "Are you cold? Or am I having this effect on you?" He asks with his deep brown eyes staring deeply into my baby blues. "I can assure you Alex, it is all you". As I relax back into my chair and enjoy the sensation of his touch. I am aware that we are in public with hundreds of people roaming around and I don't care. His touch is amazing. Alex turns his hand over using his palm, he cups my rock hard pec muscle, grasping it firmly before he moves his hand slowly over my shoulders and down the rear of my arm testing the triceps and finally resting it across the full expanse of my biceps, and squeezing firmly. I am wired instinctively to flex whenever a man has his hands on my muscles so I flex every inch of my 17.5" gun (which equates to 22" biceps on the internet) in his hand filling the muscle to its maximum size and girth. His hand remains firm and tight around the muscle. I am loving his touch.

"I would like to invite you for dinner, if you would care to join me?" He asks. But with Alex it is almost like he knows the answer without question, merely asking to be polite is his very formal use of the English language, heavily accented with Latin flair. "I would enjoy that, but I need to change clothes." I widen my arms displaying my lack of clothing with a smile. "Can we stop my hotel first? Or would you like me to meet you at dinner". His smile reveals a set of perfect white teeth matching the rest of his godly beauty. "Actually I think you are over dressed in my opinion. We could dine in my hotel room so we can enjoy ourselves at leisure." I stand, "lead the way Mr. Alex. That sounds like a great evening"

On the short walk back to his hotel his hand was firmly cupping my Lycra covered ass, leading me with the palm of his hand in total control and very assured of himself. I very much enjoyed the feel of his control of the situation with me. When we entered what had to be the nicest hotel on the beach, every one of the employees acknowledged him by proper name and welcomed him back. A few of the more attractive men eyed me up and gave Alex a knowing wink and a nod of approval. I felt like a prized slab of beef on display and I enjoyed being paraded through the lobby into the elevator with his hand still firmly planted on my ass leading me wherever he wanted.

Once we entered his 'hotel room', which was an obvious understatement. It appeared to be more like a penthouse with huge expanse of sliding glass walls on two sides exposing a massive balcony overlooking the beach. He invited me to take a shower. When I emerged from the shower, my nude body was on full display as he requested, and I enjoyed the feeling of being able to relax. A room service attendant was setting out a selection of wines and some food on the table, the gleam in his eyes told me he too enjoyed the glimpse of my nude physique parading around the Suite. "Mr. Alex is on the patio. He asked you to join him when you are ready."

"Please Jack, make yourself at home. I am going to take a shower too. May I get you something to drink"? I told him I would have whatever he is having. I hear him ask Paulo to pour me a glass of white wine. Alex brings the chilled glass to me and runs the cold glass across my chest stopping on each nipple to tease and torment my flesh. It feels incredible on my skin in this tropical heat. I feel his other hand trace my pecs down to my abs then winding up hefting my full heavy cock as if testing the weight. "Don't worry about Paulo" he is whispering in my ear, "he is paid handsomely to make sure our privacy is respected. Plus I think he likes the look of your incredible body" he adds with a wink. "I will be back shortly". His lips meet mine in a very soft yet wet passionate kiss before leaving to get cleaned up.

"Mr. Jack, can I be of any other assistance for you?" Paulo asks. I tell him I am fine. And he leaves the room assuring me he will return to check on us later. I am totally enamored by the impressive suite, the wide open doors leading to the balcony. The massive size of the wrap around patio is larger than many homes. There is a small dipping pool and a hot tub to one end. Huge over stuffed daybed lounger under a shade structure and an outdoor shower facing the ocean.

I was so caught up in the view, the fresh breeze on my nude body and the warm sun, that I did not hear Alex return to the balcony until I felt his arms wrap around me from behind with his hands running over my torso, his nude body pressed into my back and what felt like a very large impressive cock nestling deep into the valley between my ass cheeks. All I could do was inhale a deep breath and gasp at his firm yet gentle touch and the feel of his lean hard body pressed into mine. "You have to be the most beautiful man I have seen in many years, thank you for being my guest." Alex hoarsely whispers in my ear while he is nibbling and licking the back of my neck. My only answer was to sink deeper into his embrace and place my hands over his and hold him as tightly as I could from this position.

He turns my body around so we are facing each other, "I want to make love to every inch of your body while getting to know you inside and out before the night is over" I knew this guy was classically good looking and I could tell from the way he carried himself that he was fit and in shape, but what caught me off guard was the size of his massive cock hanging semi flaccid above two of the nicest low hanging balls I have ever seen. In my book, he was the ideal wet dream of the perfect man. Where I am big buff rippling muscle, Alex is lean hard and rock solid. For his age - hell for any age he is in fantastic shape and stunning. Is skin is perfectly smooth naturally hairless, golden bronze with no tan line. His legs are long and perfectly match the rest of him. His feet are as well-groomed and manicured and match every other inch on his body.

"I knew from the first moment that I laid eyes on you two days ago at the beach that I had to have you". My body flinched and my muscles tensed and tightened as a small burb of precum shot out of my now rock hard cock. My reaction must have caught him by surprise. "Did I say something wrong?" he asks puzzled? "No" I chuckle, "I - um just about shot off when you used the words 'have me'." I answered with a guilty grin on my face. Alex steps back just a little to look down between my legs then down to the floor and sees the big load of cum that came out of my dick. He smiled the most satisfied smile of any man I have ever been with. "My words caused you to cum like that? That is perfect" as he leads me by my ass again, this time with his long finger wedged deep into my crack, to the lounging bed on the balcony. His kiss is so deep and aggressive my knees buckle and I bring us both down onto the lounger with our mouths still locked in a deep sloppy kiss.

We land with me underneath and Alex pinning my entire body down with his torso. My arms are raised over my head with his hands firmly restraining my wrists pinning me immobile while his tongue attacks every part of my mouth feeding me his breath and tongue and I feel large amounts of spit slip from his mouth into mine. I lap up his spit and attack his tongue with the same gusto he is feeding it to me. His cock is now fully erect and he is using it to massage my nuts and dick as he glides and humps my body with powerful thrusts. Our lips never part, but he uses his strong legs to pry my legs wide and get to his knees with him getting a better position over me to totally control me as he lines his cock near my hot willing hole. He releases my hands and grabs me behind the knees to bend me in half, my legs are over my head, my feet resting on the pillow behind me and my ass wide open pointed in the air. "You are very limber for a muscle boy" he says out load but more to himself than me. Then his face dives into my ass attacking and feasting on my hole with the same vengeance he used when kissing my face.

Alex is the most vigilante ass eater I have ever had the pleasure of feasting on my hole. His tongue is long and powerful digging deep and inspecting every crevasse he can reach with it. He ravishes my hole like he did earlier to my mouth. Filling it with spit, lapping it out, slobbering around and making me moan like a squealing pig. He uses my ankles and spreads me out into a wide V, telling me the lube is in the drawer. I crawl between his legs and inhale his rock hard cock. In one gulp I bury it all the way to the base until his trimmed pubes are in my nose and hold him there. It is now his turn to moan out load and gasp at the feeling of my tonsils milking the head deep down my throat. I hear a few oh fucks escape his breath, and his hands are on my shoulders grabbing on tight and digging in while I show off one of my talents, sucking such a prized slab of party cock. The words he was using are now incoherent mumbles of pleasure. I am doing a good job, and I enjoy the pride of doing good work.

He raises me up off of his dick using his hands under my arms pits, our sweaty bodies slide up each other until we are both on our knees once again kissing like starving men in heat. "I need to be in that ass of yours." Alex says while his tongue is still crammed down my throat, "Bend over on all fours". Without hesitation I turn around, raise my ass up high, spread my knees wide and lower my head onto the lounger. I hear the lube bottle splat a wad into his hand and feel his fingers trace my already wet hole, lingering around the rim and coating it well with ample amount the lube. His middle finger slips past my ass ring and sinks into my hole with ease and feels awesome as he digs around and pushing as much lube into me as he can get up there. I feel a second finger from his other hand enter me, using both fingers to pry my hole open and he lets loose a large amount of spit adding it into the mix with the lube already there. He spends several minutes fingering me, spreading my ass, opening me up. I guess with the size of his dick, he is used to having to really get guys open to take his length and girth.

"Fuck me" I say in a heavy whimper. "What do you need" he taunts? "Fuck me" I say a little louder. "Is that all you got muscle boy"? He taunts me even more keeping his fingers moving in my open willing hole. "FUCK ME! Daddy" I beg with a demanding voice, "Please" I add for effect. His fingers slide out of my ass and I feel a sharp sting on my ass cheeks as he slaps them firmly. "Now, was that so hard?" He lays the head and length of his cock over my slippery hole and glides back and forth, giving me the full length of his dick for me to gauge and lust after in anticipation of it entering me. The stokes get short and tighter as the head nears my ring, he slowly but firmly eases past the first ass muscle and slides gently but continually deep into me until he is resting his hips tight against my tail bone and I feel his large full nuts dangle and bounce off my ass. He holds still for me to accommodate his massive size. It feels like a log is planted deep inside me and it feels awesome.

His rhythm starts slow and steady once he feels my hips start moving to accept his size. Gradually he builds up to a nice pace using his thighs, legs and torso in perfect unison to keep the pace firm and heavy. His hands find their way around my waist and one hand grabs my rock hard dick. "Nice. I like fucking a hung bottom boy who stays rock hard." I think I reply but more than likely my words are more guttural moans and noises. I enjoy a verbal top, but I am at a loss for words while fucking. I am loud yes, but actual vocabulary is lost on me in the heat of passion. He repositions me, laying me on my back with my legs over his shoulders. "Aww. This is a much better view. I like to see your eyes while I make love to you Jack". His large hands he grab behind both of my knees lifting them up and separating my legs wide. This angle allows him total access and deeper entry into my willing hole. I reach behind his neck and I use the leverage to pull myself up until our mouths meet with the same horny desire that his cock is using with my ass. He accepts my mouth yet never loses his pace or his steady rhythm. His mouth tastes like a real man, fresh yet strong. I can almost taste the natural testosterone coursing through his body in his saliva.

We continue fucking for what seems like an eternity. It was honestly at least a full hour of him in me. He moves my large mass of muscle with ease into many positions. Some for better leverage, some to adjust the pace and some to get a better view of each other or to kiss again. Our bodies are both drenched with sweat from the tropical heat and the passionate love making. We glide and slide over each other as easily as his cock slides in and out of my ass with ease.

"I want to see you come Jack. I want to see you cover your muscles with your seed while I am making love to you". His voice is as steady as the tempo in my ass. So in control so masculine and so sexy I could damn near come hands free with this man making love to me and speaking to me with that voice and accent.

I grab hold of my rock-hard cock with my right hand leaving my left hand on his soaking wet chest. "Are you close? I can come any time you ask me to." I hear him say "Go for it beautiful man". And with those words my first volley lands on my left cheek. Following is several blasts landing on my chest and the remainder on my flexed abs. His pace quickens and I feel his cock grow even fuller deep in me. He buries all the way deep inside and lets out a loud roaring moan with his head tossed back and his eyes shut. I can actually feel my ass getting hotter as his load is filling me up from the inside. He doesn't move for a few minutes, and I use my strong ass to milk every last drop out of his throbbing dick until he collapses on top of me with a wet smack of our two sweaty cum covered bodies colliding.

When we both finally catch our breath, he licked the cum off my chest and face then he leaned over me and dropped it into my open mouth with another mouth full of his delicious spit and cum mixed together before kissing me deeply.

He slowly raises to his feet and takes me by the hand to the outdoor shower, where he gives me the most luxurious bathing and scrubbing I have ever received. He is still making love to my body only this time using his hands covered with soap and water and his eyes memorizing every detail and his tongue following it all up after I am rinsed clean. Passionate is too lame a word to describe the treatment and incredible worship / cleaning / admiring session he performed on me. There may not be an English word to accurately describe the amount of love mixed with lust and desire in his eyes, hands and touch. I felt like a king in his hands. And I loved it.

When the shower ended and I finally came back down to earth, I notice his magnificent cock is about three quarters still hard, heavy thick veins pulsing down the entire length with his manly sac of nuts hanging low and heavy, I almost let out a gasp at the sight before me, even though I have seen his endowment - even had it in both ends of my body, the sight is still mind blowing to me. I sink to my knees and slowly trace the length with my tongue. Test the weight of his majestic cock with my hands. So full. So heavy. Such perfection. I raise the large dick up and lower my mouth to inhale both of his nuts allowing the huge cock to lay and swing freely on my face as I enjoy the smooth bronze sack of real bull balls on a man.

"Perfect", the words out of his mouth are so seductive yet powerful when he speaks. "The image of all your muscles on your knees worshipping my big cock is perfect".

I wrap both large arms around his thighs, lifting his weight off the ground and carry him over to the ledge. I grab a towel to place under him. I step between his sleek smooth legs and nestle in for some of the most intense oral worshipping of my life, and hopefully his. Not thirty minutes ago this man had ravaged my body and mind with a massive orgasm inside of me, and here he is again with his cock as hard as the granite ledge I laid him on. Good looks, beauty, hung like a porn start and stamina. I may have just won the lover lottery.

Alex allows me the same free reign with his anatomy that I allowed him earlier. I planned on exploring and learning every inch of this magnificent man laid out before me. I slowly rubbed down the length of his legs, massaging / licking / tasting and getting lost in his powerful beauty all the way from his hips down to the end of his feet. I raise his left foot and place it on my large pec, then pick up his right foot and begin licking it from the heel over the arch around each toe and back down. I hear a moan escape his lips. Pleasing Alex makes me very happy so I place the tips of his toes in my mouth and begin inserting as much of his foot into my mouth as I can possibly get. I never knew how sexy and erotic a man's foot could be, but then I guess I have never met a man as beautiful as the one before me, and yes his feet are turning me on while I make love to them.

I feel his left foot move slowly down my pec muscle until his toes are pinching my nipples, I let out a light gasp, and the feeling is unlike anything I have felt before.

I place his thoroughly wet right foot on my other pec and raise his left one to give it the same treatment. Studying the veins, muscles and tendons of his perfectly manicured sexy feet with delight. When I run my tongue between each of his toes I feel his body shiver. This must be as erotic for him as it is for me. I pick both feet up and run my tongue between them, raising them up I allow my exploration to continue down his lean smooth calves. They may be thinner than mine, but they have every muscle cut and honed to perfection. Tasting his skin is an aphrodisiac to my senses. My big dick is rock hard and drooling down my thighs.

When my tongue reaches the sensitive area on the inner thigh, I spread his legs slightly and run my wide fat tongue across his heavy hanging balls just dangling there for me to bathe and enjoy. His cock is now as hard as mine and leaking on his lean smooth abs. Of course I lap up all the tasty drippings and suck the tip to get all of the delicious nectar out of him that I can. His body is so turned on that a light sheen of sweat is beading up all over the smooth bronze skin and it is shimmering in the soft light of the evening.

I continue my ravenous adventure over his taut smooth body, leaving not even a centimeter unexplored and totally serviced. When I raise his arms and dive into his pits, the manly clean aroma of his natural musk mixed with sweat and lust is as powerful as any cocktail I have ever had. I spend what feels like hours making love to his body with my mouth, hands and eyes. If he has ever received such treatment, I doubt it, but from his reaction he is enjoying this journey as much as I am.

I feel his hands wrap around my biceps on each side, and my muscles tense, expand and I enjoy the tightening around them. "Oh yea" he whispers, "flex for me big boy"- and I do. I lift him off the ledge then lead him back to the bedroom. I stand him up at the foot of the bed then kneel in front of him. I place one arm between his legs and raise it up so his massive nuts and cock are resting on the peak of my bicep then begin to flex very slowly. The feel of his heavy nuts and cock on my tight skin is electric. His eyes are rolled back deep into his head while I continue to flex off on his dick. I arrange his cock so when he humps it is rubbing my lips with each flex and thrust. He is lost in the urge to fuck my muscles while I tongue the head of his swollen dick lapping at the precum oozing out.

"I have never had a man use his muscles to fuck my pinga before" he hoarsely mutters as his pace pics up on my sweaty fully jacked up muscle, "I am about to cum."

"Shoot all over these huge muscles" I flex to the max.

Without answering, his hips buck hard and grind on the peak of my cep and I feel the first volley shoot clear across my arm and shoulder and land on my cheek. The next few shots erupt with wild abandon, and fly randomly. The last few huge pools puddle on my arm and run down the peak like the most delicious icing I have ever seen.

He rests his hands on my shoulders for balance while I raise the cum frosted bicep and lift it to my mouth and begin licking every inch of the muscle that I can reach. After my skin is clear of his precious seed, I slip is softening dick into my mouth and suckle his tube dry getting every drop that is left in him.

We finally collapse into the oversized bed, with him nestled in my arms his head on my chest, both satisfied drained of every drop of cum and drift off into the most satisfying sleep that I have had in many years.



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