"How can i figure out what really happened?" I asked Dylan still in shock over what I have done. "go there tonight, but don't use your sight. Use your senses; they'll tell you more than just remembering." he said.

"but what if the alpha comes back."

"he won't."

"are you--"

"you wanna find out what happened that night? That's what you have to do." He finished.

I took Danny later that night to the school and as we approached the gate, he stopped he car. "you sure you wanna go in alone?" he asked. "I have to." I said climbing out of his jeep. He followed suit. "hold on, let me open the--" I jumped atop the gate and quickly climbed down and into the school.

"gate." I walk up to the door I kicked in and the flashbacks start. I walked into the school as a human after hearing something outside. I continue through the hallways. I was following something big! It wasn't me, it was something hairy, beastly, and terrifying. This thing killed him, not me. I saw claw marks o the side of the wall; I trace my fingers along the marks as more flashbacks come. I was peeking around a corner at the attack. I run through the hallway back to the parking lot. I run full speed towards the gate and I take a leap. I grab the top and vault over the other side. "that was.... Terrifyingly AWESOME!!" Danny yelled with a smile. "it wasn't me in there, it was something bigger."

"the alpha." I hear Dylan say as he appeared behind Danny. Danny turned and shrieked. "Jesus, don't do that!" he said gasping for his breath. I let out a little chuckle and tell him what I remembered. "so, what do we do?" asked Danny. "I have an idea, but our not going to like it."


"Josh, it's time you know about our family's history." Mr. Sampson said to Josh. He watched as his tall, muscular son walked over to he door he was standing in front of. "he is going to be a natural talent." he thought to himself. He opened the door and turned on the light; revealing crossbows, guns of all types, strange purple plants being harvested and ground up. Bullets being filled with the same plant. "what is this?" Josh asked. "we're hunters. We hunt werewolves." his dad said seriously. "werewolves?! They don't--"

"exist? Then explain this..." he said turning on a light; revealing a being with sharp teeth, claws, pointy ears, and un-human like eyes. "this is Isaac, a werewolf we caught a few months ago." Josh couldn't believe it. "this is the beast that killed your mother." his dad said as he handed him a crossbow. He could see the beast getting ready to die. "do it, kid. Kill me like I did your mother..." he taunted. Josh felt immense rage and shot the beast in his head with a wolfsbane-laced arrow. The wolf was soon silenced. "that is what they do... But only the ones that spill human blood. You MUST remember that." Mr. Sampson said as he saw hate glowing in his sons eyes.


"dude, your crazy!" Danny screamed when I proposed the idea. "it's the only way we can bring him to us." I said trying to convince him. "well... In case you haven't freakin' noticed, I'm not a fucking werewolf!" Danny said sounding a little angry. "it's our only chance! Look, we'll sneak in to the office, we'll turn on the PA system and I'll do a howl into it."

"ok, but if I die, you stay away from my funeral, buddy!" he said with a cheeky smile. Dylan was coming too so he can help me kill the alpha. Danny and I went up to the main door; "you ready?"

"ready as I'll ever be." Danny replied. Danny pulled out a lock picking kit just as I ripped the handle off of the door and pulled it open. "close the door Danny." I said as he closed it and locked it. He turned on the PA system and I started to change a little. I let out a long, chilling howl using the PA system as an amplifier. We listened for a howl back; no response. We went outside and went towards Dylan. "it didnt--" we were shocked when the beast shoved his claws into dylan, and threw him against the building. We looked into it's red eyes just before we ran into the school and blocked the door. We ran down the halls and found an open room. We closed the door and listened quietly as 3 loud bangs filled the air. We could hear it's growling as it hunts for us. I could hear Danny whimper as the beast walked by the door. I covered his mouth and held my breath. We stared at the door as the black figure stopped; then proceeded down the hall. We let out a collective sigh of relief and slowly opened the door. I looked left, then right, making sure the coast was clear. We crept out slowly and made our way down the stairs towards the cafeteria. We found the exits and opened them; they were blocked. "Shit!!" Danny yelled. "c'mon. We have to keep moving. "Ryan?" Josh. Why is he here? We ran to where he is and found him. "Ryan, you wanted to see me here?" 

"what? No." I said. He pulled out his phone and showed me a text. "meet me at school. -Ryan." "I didn't send that." I said quietly. "well if you didn't, who--" we saw it again. Standing down the hall. "what the hell is that?!" Josh screams. "RUN!" I yell. We run towards the gym as the beast--the Alpha, follows us. We slam the doors shut and Danny brigs back a rope to tie it shut. The Alpha pounds on the doors; trying to get in. "what the hell is going on, Ryan!?" 


"Josh, we really don't know that the fuck that thing is." Danny said covering for me as I think things over. "I know how we can get out." I say. "how?! Were trapped in here." Danny yells. I look towards the cafeteria entrance. "the janitors office has keys. Keys we can use to get out." I said stepping in the opposite direction. I feel a hand on mine. "don't go Ryan." he said pulling me into a tight hug. "stay." 

"I have to get you out of here." I say pulling away from Josh. He pulls me in, stares at me for a moment and kisses me. "be careful." I said. I turn and walk out of the gym and into the cafeteria. I take a right and walk up the stairs; my steps echo loudly as each step I take gives away my location. I quickly find the janitors office and find his keys. I leave the office and I walk down the next hallway and there the Alpha stood. He knocked me down, stood over me and howled in my face. I look away; too terrified to look him in the eyes. He soon vanishes and I lay there in total shock. All of a sudden, I feel a change. By body twitches as I roll over onto my stomach. "UUUUGGGH!!!" I yell as my fangs descend, my nails grow. My eyes change once again to the golden-yellow. My vision is red, and my instinct takes over. "AAAAHH!" I yell in pain as I totally transform. I slowly stand up. And begin walking down the hall. I hear my breathing. Heavy, and Deep. I drag my claws across the cinderblock wall; leaving 3 scratch marks in my wake. I walk down the stairs back to the gym. I take the key and insert it into the door. I start to feel rage. I want to kill everyone in the gym, and I turn the knob. I thought about Josh again, and I start to calm down. I remember the feeling of our first real kiss. I walk into the room. I'm back to a human. "got 'em." I said with a smile. We open the gym doors and run to the emergency exits. We insert the key and the door opens. We run back to dylan, pick him up and put him in the back seat of Danny's Jeep. Danny and I jump In the front seat and take off down the road. 


Aaron Heights

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