[ Second Chance at First Line]

I sat motionless on a locker room bench; still in shock about what happened the other night. "hey!" Danny said. "did you talk to Josh?"


"well... Are you guys buds?"

"yeah." I said staring into space.

"so, you gonna hang out wit him at some point?"


"why?" he asked.

"the hunters... His dads one of them."

"what?" he announced. 

"...he shot me."

"Josh's Father!?"

"....with a crossbow! Oh god... What if he recognized me?! Ugh he's gonna kill me!" I yell. "hey hey hey! Not again! Keep it together..." he said slapping me out of it. "focus on the game. You got this!" he said. I picked up my stick and walked down the hallway towards the rink. 

"McCall! One on one against Everson!"

"Everson?! He's twice my--"

"you want to be on first line, or NOT?!" I look back at Billy and I see him show a sly smile

"yes coach..."

"I can't hear you!"

"YES COACH!" I said with a stern voice. 

"get going, McCall!" I sprint down the ice; puck on my stick as I plough into Billy. He falls away from me and I shoot and score. "congrats, McCall! You made first line." coach says as I grab my head in agony. Derek is crouching next to me. I shake him off violently and skate towards the locker room entrance. I slam open the door; leaving a dent in my wake. I take off all my padding and skates and tore off my shirt. I walk only in my boxers over to the showers. I turned it on and thought about what happened to me. My chest tightens; breathing properly is impossible. 

"Ryan? You in here?" I hear Danny ask. I continue to breathe heavily as I try to correct it. I see him come around the corner. "Danny..."

"what's wrong? Are you changing?" he asked worriedly.

"I... I can't... b-breathe...." 

He unzipped his backpack and pulled out my inhaler. I grab it and shake it feverishly. I take in a puff and I soon stop laboring to breathe. "I was having an asthma attack?" 

"no. Panic attack. I used to get them when my mom died. But thinking about having an asthma attack actually stopped your panic attack. Irony..." he said. "I don't know If I can play on Saturday..." I said. "why?" he asked. "because I don't want to change in front of everyone."


"he was cute! He was so shy and I love that." Josh said to his mom. "well, I'm glad you've found someone that you like." 

"I just.... Hope he likes me."

*ding dong* the bell rang. "that's him!" he jumped up and ran to the door. There Ryan stands. "hey, ready to study?" I asked. "yeah."

[Ryan's POV]

"good." I said as I followed Josh to his room. I saw Mr. Sampson looking at me quizzically. I give a shy wave in greetings, then follow Josh to his room. We went inside and he closed the door behind me. I hear the locks tumble into place. I turn to face him; "I know what you are, Ryan."

"w-what?!" I said getting scared. 

"I know... What you are. You are a sensitive guy, you get nervous a lot, and you've never been in love before, but you are hiding something." he said. How did he know all this? "in case your wondering." he said approaching me. "I don't need to study." he finished. He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a little kiss on the neck. I close my eyes as my heart rate picks up. "kiss me." he asked. I leaned in and kissed him on the lips. His tongue had found it's way to mine as he takes off my shirt to reveal my tanned body. "mmm...." he growled in lust. "I like what I see." he said. He pushed me onto the floor and started kissing my body; all the way down to my pants. My heart is racing; I'm getting nervous. "what if I turn?" I think to myself. I feel my pants slide down and I feel the change coming! "uhh... I... I gotta go!" I said pulling up my pants. I grab my shirt and backpack and run downstairs. I run right out the door and I get hit by Mr. Sampson's suburban. I fall and land on my shoulder. "oh my god." he said as he rushed to my side. I didn't feel any pain; how strange. "are you alright?" he asked. "yeah.... I'm fine. Totally fine." 

I noticed him looking at me as if he was studying me. I give him an awkward smile and head home. 

[Mr. Sampson]

he looked an awful lot like the beast I shot the other night, so I walk back into my house and up to my computer. I scan a picture of him into it and open a type of software that allows me to see what they would look like as a werewolf. I watch as the face changes to... The same one I saw that night! I grab my crossbow and head after him, and I will find him. 


I cover my ears as the school bell rings loudly throughout the hallways of my school. I see Josh heading my way. "way to just leave me there all horny, Ryan." 

"I'm really sorry. Trust me, if I hadn't left, you would have." I said chuckling to myself. 

He gives me a cute smile; "I'll see you around, Ryan." I think I'm falling for him, but I don't want him to see me in my wolf form. I feel this strange urge all of the sudden, almost like--

"OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!" a deep howl shivers me; my eyes go wide and I am starting to change. I grab the side of my head and fall to my knees. I see people passing by and giving me weird looks. Danny sees what's going on and rushes to my side. "dude, you changing?"

"yes...." I whisper. 

"what? I could--"

"YES!" I yelp; showing my golden yellow eyes. "alright, alright. Let's get you outside." we rush out to the parking lot and instinct takes over.  Danny brings me behind the school; it was there that I changed. "Ugh....." I groan, burying my head in the grass. "I have no control, Danny... RUN AWAY!" 

"no, I'm staying!" he said putting his hand on my shoulder. I turn my head; he gets a glimpse of my face. Golden yellow eyes, sharp canine teeth, sideburns to my chin, and my nose is more canine like. "your not that scary there bro." Danny said as he patted me on the shoulder. I spin around and grab him by the throat and press him against the wall. My blood boils; anxiously waiting for the spilling of his blood. "how about now?" i ask in a voice not my own. "well, now that... Ugh... You have your claws around my neck... Yeah!" he said sarcastically. I started thinking about Josh, the way he smiles, talks, walks, everything. I release him from my grip and fall to my knees. I bury my face once again in the grass and let out a cry. "I'm sorry Danny!" I yell into the ground. "it's ok bro. I know oh can't control it, but I'm going to help you learn how." he said comforting me. "I just don't want to hurt anyone." I cry once more. By this time, I have shifted back into my human form and Danny went back to class. I sense something, almost like another werewolf is around me. I turn my head and there stands Dylan. "hey, I'm so-- Ugh!!!!" he pushed me against the wall. Hard. "you almost shifted in front of everyone. It's not just the hunters that are after us, it's everyone. If you try anything like that again, I'll kill you myself. Understand?!?" he yelled. 

"ugh! Yeah!!" I yell in pain. He quickly let go and I fell onto the ground. "I hate my life..." I whisper to myself. "now the alpha can make me change when I don't want to. Great. I grab my bookbag and head back inside the school. "Great, chemistry..." I groan. Out of nowhere, I'm shoved into the lockers. Billy. "alright... Where are you getting your juice?!" he asked as he held me against the wall. "huh?" I ask questioningly. "where. Are you getting. Your juice?"

"my mom does all the grocery shopping. Wait.. You mean steroids. You on steroids?" I ask. He pushed me harder into the wall and got in my face. "I wanna know."

"you wanna know? You really do?! Well... So would I. Because I can see, hear, and smell things, that I shouldn't be able to see, hear, and smell. I can do things that should be impossible, I'm sleepwalking 3 miles into the woods, and im pretty sure that I'm totally out of my FREAKING mind!" I yell. "you think your funny, Don't you McCall? Well... I'm gonna find out what your hiding, and I don't care how long it takes." he said punching the locker next to me. I grab my backpack and head home shortly after the encounter with Billy. I unhook my bike just when I see Josh. "hey." he said. "hi..." I reply shyly. "I hope I didn't make you too uncomfortable with the move I made on you." 

"aw... Don't worry about it. I just... Freaked." I said smiling. He gave me a peck on the cheek and left. "he kissed me." I said smiling. I hooked up my helmet and climbed onto my bike. I rode down the sidewalk thinking about Josh kissing me again and again. Before I knew it, I was home. I brought my bike inside and I headed upstairs to get changed into my pajamas. After I ate dinner, I couldn't wait to get some sleep. Today has been a looong day. I walked into my room, took off my shirt, and laid down in my nice warm bed. Sleep was coming; darkness fell.


I'm walking In the woods; nose to the wind and claws ready to kill, the primal need to kill fills my mind as I start to run through the woods; following a scent not smelled before. I track a lonely deer from afar as I smell the sweet smell of it's blood. It's easy prey. The moonlight shines through the dense, dark fog of the forest as I creep slowly towards the deer. I strike with vicious tact as the deer shrieks in pain. I rip through it's flesh with my razor sharp claws; spilling its blood. and take a bite out of it's neck; spilling it's blood further, and watching it die, and tainting the ground red. I look at my hands and see blood dripping off each claw as blood trickles down my fingers. The putrid smell of decaying flesh fills the air and attracts the scavengers of the night. I start to run towards the school. I could smell the scent of my next victim. I burst open the doors and prowl the halls, looking for someone to kill as the moon shines through the windows. I hear talking coming from the hallway to the left and I crouch low to the ground. I peer through the darkness and see Mr. harrison. I stalk him in the shadows and watch as he turns; his eyes filled with fear as I race after him and grab his ankle. I pull him towards me as he kicks and screams; trying to get away. I reach for his shoulder, and slice him open and watch him scream for his life. I dig my claws further into him and watch as his body quivers in pain. Blood pours out of the newly opened wound as I climb over my dead prey and howl once again Into the night sky. 


Gasping for air, as I wake up from the very terrifying dream. I climb out of bed and get dressed after taking a quick shower. I ride my bike to Danny's house and meet up with him. I climbed into his jeep along with him and we proceeded to the school. "Danny, I had this really weird dream last night." I said as we approached the school. Police cars litter the parking lot as we found a spot to park. We walked into the building, and flashbacks about last night fill my vision. Blood was everywhere. I saw a body; I saw what I had done in my sleep. I killed someone! My jaw drops in fear and in realization at what I had done to Mr. Harrison, our chemistry teacher. "you ok bro?" Danny asked as blood drained from my face. "that was my dream, Danny... I killed him in my sleep...." 


"DYLAN!!!" I scream outside the school. I look around for any sign of him. When I turned back, there he was. "you rang?" 

"I need to know something. Right now and I need a straight answer. Can I control this?"


"can I kill in my sleep?"


"am I going to kill someone!?"

"Probably. But, because you and I are both looking for the werewolf that killed that guy In there, I need you now more then ever." he said.

"one more thing.. Is there a cure?" I ask.

"there's one, but I don't know If it's true."

"what is it?"

"you have to kill the one that bit you." he said.

"kill the alpha?!"

"yes. Ryan, If you help me find him, I'll help you kill him."


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