Demon Part Two: Dean

Authors note: You'll notice Dean is more passionate than aggressive as Leo is. 

I wake up sweating and hot. A weird electrifying feeling flows through my body. I groan and grabs my hard cock. 

~what's going on?~ 

I moan again, siting up and pants like a dog, I'm boiling hot and sweating. "You're yearning for a cock in your ass" I look over and sees Dean, completely naked on the edge of the bed. His dick is already growing hard. Black wings behind him, his eyes red.

"Wh-what do you mean?" I stare at his hardening cock which is a big as Leo's.

"That stuff he injected you, changed you, you swallowed him. You're becoming dependent on our cum to satisfy you." He grins, his cock fully erected and standing up straight, nearly touching his own stomach. He suddenly lunges at me, pushing me off the bed and into the ground. He straddles me, grinning down at me.

"I can help you with that."  He leans down and kisses my neck, sucking on it. I find myself moaning. "Th-this isn't me..." I gasp as he lifts me up and slams me into the wall.

"It is now." He smiles and violently jams his cock inside my ass without even using spit for lubricant like Leo. I cry out in pain. "Wrap your legs around me."

I do as he commands and wraps my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. I moan as he pushes me up against the wall, repeatedly thrusting up inside me. I gasp and my arms tighten around his neck. "Oh Dean." I mummer in his ear. Excitement rushes through me.

He grunts. "Leo wasn't've got yourself a tight little ass." He starts panting and slowly we lower to the floor, my back on it. He stops and pulls out of me. "Turn around, on your hands and knees." He growls.

I get onto my hands and knees, unable to deny him. He slides inside me and I moan, moving my hips to meet him. He grabs onto my shoulders as support as he plows me. I moan "D-Dean..."

He pants and I can feel he's about to finish. I groan as he does, pumping his sweet liquid inside me. I breath heavy, the feeling I woke up with starts fading away

"Hey, room for one more?" Leo walks in naked and hard. I look up and stares at him.

~look at that beautiful man! His cock, a masterpiece made in heaven....No! What am I saying? They're sick freaks rapping me...but it feels so good.~

"Yeah. Come on in" Dean grunts and thrusts deep inside me repeatedly. "Take the head. He's hungry"

Leo gladly comes over. He doesn't even tell me, I instinctively grab onto his dick and squeezes. "Woah! Fuck that feels good" he exclaimed. "Guess you really are hungry. Well, you gotta work for it."

I lick up his dick as Dean fucks me hard in the ass and grunts. I squeeze the base as I put the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. I slowly put it all the way in.

"Good god!" Leo grabs the back of my head and keeps my face up against his balls until I start choking a little. He finally pulls back and gets into rhythm with Dean. "What do you think Dean?" He laughs.

"I-I think I'm gonna cum!" Dean answers. I moan lustfully and thrusts my ass up, I tighten around his cock. "Damn this bitch really wants our cum." Dean laughs and thrusts deep inside and quickens his pace. I keep working on Leo.

~what am I doing?! I'm anticipating them to climax! There's something fucking wrong with me.~

After a while Dean groans and tightens his grip around my waist and I feel him fill me up again. Leo follows soon after and I swallow it all willingly. "That was amazing...Ill leave you two to get aquatinted." Leo walks out and shuts the door.

"Just you and me." Dean picks me up and sets me on the bed on my back. I grunt as he shoves his fist into my ass. "What do you want to do? Or does it matter?" He laughs as he fucks me hard with his arm.

"N-no!" I stammer, amazed at the feeling. Dean smiles and leans down, licking my dick and grabbing it with his free hand, squeezing it tightly. He slides it into his mouth, sucking it and swirling his tongue around.

I moan as his arm moves around fast and the hot, electrifying sensation flows to my dick. I gasp. "Oh god Dean!" I moan again as his hand moves up and he squeezes my nipple, twisting it and playing with it.

My breathing hitches. "D-Dean...I-I'm almost...." I cry out as my body spasms, taken over by my orgasm. I let out a long moan, escaping the world for  what seemed like minutes.

Dean pulls his arm out of me and its soon replaced with a black tentacle. It borrows deep inside me and I tighten around it as it moves through me.

Dean looks at me, wiping a drop of my cum from his lip and licking it off, sticking his whole finger in his mouth, never taking his eyes off mine. "Delicious".

I moan as the tentacle moves through me. "Dean....I-I love you. I love Leo!" I groan. "I love your dicks, your cum in me!"

~what the fuck am I saying?!~

Dean grins and leans down, licking my nipple and bites down, drawing a little blood. "I love you too...and your sweet ass!" I cough, feeling the tentacle crawling up my throat.

Dean kisses me, his tongue meeting mine. I kiss back, with passion, I cup his cheek. "You're not a demon...your an angel" I hiss.

Dean looks down at me and smiles. He kisses my neck, biting it softly. I swallow, feeling his tentacle In my throat. I reach down and grabs his dick, squeezing it as I milk it like a cow. He gasps. "Jason.." He growls.

I smile and keeps going, I feel him start to tense up after a while, I can tell he's close to climaxing. "Fuck...Jason..." He grunts and the tentacle in my throat cums, it starts coming back out my ass, pumping his seed in me the whole way, I count how many times it convulses.

~14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20....~

It goes on forever, cum shoots out from his dick and covers my chest. I watch Dean in the midst of his orgasm. The tentacle still pouring into me.

~27, 28, 29, 30...~

I groan, panting and feeling myself fill with his seed. He trembles, holding onto my shoulders tightly.

~35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40..~

Deans grip looses around my shoulders and he lets out a hard breath.

"Fuck...Jason...that was..." He pants and looks at me smiling, the tentacle finally comes out and cum pours out of my ass.

"Hey, not on the bed." The tentacle wraps around me and picks me up into the air, making me go into a sitting position with my legs spread.

Dean gets up and walks over, I hear his cum flowing down to the ground like a waterfall. I'm put to the ground, in a puddle of his cum. "Lick it up." He pants.

I obediently get onto my hands and knees and starts to lick the floor. I slurp it up, feeling Dean watch me intensely. "Good boy.."

I smile as  he wraps his arms around me, picking me up and lays me in the bed on my side. "That was a lot in you."

"There's always room for more." I hint as I get comfortable, leaning against his chest.

~what am I turning into?~

He chuckles and slides his dick inside and I gasp in delight, leaning in closer to him. "Aren't you tired?" I ask as I wrap my arms around his that are around my chest. "That looked like it was exhausting."

"Only a little" He mummers into my ear.

"Wanna sleep?" I mummer back. "You don't have to take yourself out of me."

"Sure...We'll finish when we wake okay" I can already tell he's more than half asleep, so am I.

"Yeah.."I answer and dozes off with him. ________________________________________________________________

I wake up and sees Dean's arms still around me and his dick inside me. I moan, feeling hot and an electric feeling goes through me again.

~I-I need him.~

I move a little forward, making him slide a little out and moves my ass toward him again, sighing as I feel it moving inside.

~ this isn't me...this is wrong.~

I move quicker, making his dick go faster through me.  I hear him groan, starting to wake up. His arms go right around me.

"Well good morning to you too" he whispers in my ear, the feeling of his breath makes my dick spring up and harden nearly instantly. He kisses my neck.

"I..have that feeling again. Will you help me?" I ask, leaning into him.

"I'd hate to say no, since you asked so nicely, but I'm still worn out. Why don't you fuck yourself with me?" He pulls away and I pout a little feeling him come out of me.

He rolls onto his back and smiles at me. "Come on. If you want it take it."

I stare at his magnificent body and reaches out, grabbing his 12 inch member. "I think you're wrong, I don't just wish to have you in me, I wish to please you as well"

~What the fuck?! They've taken over my body...~

I squeeze on him, making him grunt. "Do what you want." He looks at me and smiles. His black wings lay beneath him, one flutters in excitement.

I gladly straddle him and licks the tip, giving more attention to the most sensitive spots. I slide it in and sucks on it, making it go deep into my throat.

"Fuck Jason, you weren't really want to please me!" He moans. "Faster"

I do what he says and moved faster, I close my eyes and gets lost in the feeling.

~he tastes so good..I can do this all day~

Dean moans "I'm gonna finish soon!" He pants and groans as I slow a little. He moans as he cums into my mouth.

I moan as it fills my mouth. I swallow it all and looks at him smiling. "How'd that feel?"

"Good" he pants. "Did you enjoy it?"

I nod. "Yeah. But I want more..." I grin and uses my two fingers to 'walk' across his bare chest.

Dean smiles back. "Well, you decide what you want."

I sit down on his dick and slides down it. I smile and leans forward, kissing him. I feel his tongue roll around mine and moans softly. I gasp when he holds me closer, his arms on my back. I wrap my arms under him and slides them down. I stop right at the bottom of his back.

"Mm?" Dead pulls away and looks at me questioningly. "Where are you going boy?" He asks almost teasingly. He gets real close to my ear. "Wish to sneak a feel?" He nips my ear.

"I'm sorry" my breathing hitches a little "if it's not ok..I'll  stop here..."

"It's alright Jason. I'm not as dominating as Leo.." He smiles and pulls my head close and kisses me again.

I bring my hand farther down, my finger touches his asshole. "You sure?" I mummer, breaking away from the kiss for only seconds before we continue.

"Yes." Dean replies, going right back to kissing me.

I slowly slide my finger in and he growls passionately. I lift my ass up and forces it back down on his dick as I move my finger around, adding another. "You feel so good Dean. I never want to leave this bed." I sigh.

Dean chuckles and rolls over, pulling himself out and getting up. He smiles down at me. "Sorry to say, I've got to go. Don't worry, I'll be back later, I can promise you that. See you later Sweet Ass." I pout, watching him walk out the door and closing it behind him.

I sigh and falls back into the bed, already tired. I quickly fall into a deep sleep, having a dream about Dean. 

Really hope you enjoy the second half...feel free to criticize my work, I want to become a good writer so it will help me. 




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