I walk up the stairs to my house, my keys already in hand. I go to unlock the door to find its already open. "Mom? Dad?" I call as I walk into the empty house.

~must've forgot to lock the door this morning when they left for work~

I think to myself as I walk through the empty house. I go into my bedroom and sets my bookbag on my bed and takes out my English binder to study.

Suddenly a pair of strong arms wrap around me. I let out a yelp in surprise and a hand goes over my mouth. "Shhh. Be silent Jason." A man whispers into my ear, sending chills up my spine. I feel his hand lift from my mouth.

"Wh-who are you and what do you want?" I stammer a little in fear. I hear the man chuckle a little.

"You." He answers. I feel a needle jab into my arm and nearly instantly the world goes black.


I wake with my hands bound behind my back, laying on the hard floor. "Look who's finally awake."

I'm lifted from the ground and forced to kneel. I look up at the man in front of me. He was tall, maybe 6 foot 8, a giant compared to my 5 foot 7 height. He looks 25 and is a very well built man with broad shoulders and I can see his muscles through his shirt.

"Let's just get something straight. Your mine and my brothers now. We're out in the middle of nowhere so there's no use trying to run." The man stares at me with icy blue eyes.

"Wh-what exactly are you going to do to me?" I ask, more scared than ever. I quickly look behind the man when the door behind him opens. Another man walks in, he's just as big and good looking as the first man.

"Just in time Dean. I was just about to show little Jason here what his future is gonna be." The man says to the one who walked in.

"That so Leo?" Dean walks over and grabs my jaw, forcing me to look at him. "Ya scared pretty boy?" He asks.

"Y-yeah...listen if you brought me home..i would never tell anyone you guys took me. I-"

"You ain't leaving."  Dean cuts me off and looks at Leo. "Think it's time to turn him around bro."

Leo smiles and grabs my shoulders, he turns me on my knees, revealing the rest of the room to me. I gasp, horrified. A low bed is in the middle, metal posts at each corner. A whip hangs on the wall and handcuffs, rope and other things lay on a table. This place looked like some sort of sadistic rape room.

"Ready to have fun?" Leo grabs me with his strong arms and lifts me to my feet, forcing me to the bed.

"No! No please don't! I-I'm not into guys, I-I've never even had sex. You-you'd want someone who knows what their doing!" I say as I frantically try to get away from Leo's grasp, with no luck.

Leo throws me on the bed and holds my down by putting a hand on my chest as he pulls off my jeans. I struggle with no effect. "Coming Dean?" He asks with a truly wicked smile as he undoes his belt.

"Nah, I gotta go. You two have your fun. I'll play with him later." Dean turns away and leaves.

"Guess I have you all to myself then" Leo laughs and watches me struggle against him before pulling his own pants down.

"No! Fuck, please don't do this." I plead as I watch as his cock starts to harden under his underpants.

~son of a bitch is getting off watching me struggle~

My heart beats rapidly in my chest as he rips my shirt off, leaving me in only my boxers. "I can't wait to feel how tight your virgin ass is." He lifts his hand away from me and pulls off his own shirt. He was full of muscles, a perfect six pack. There wasn't one hair on his chest. I try to scramble off the bed as he pulls off his underwear. "Hold it!"

He grabs my ankle and drags me back to the foot of the bed. I stare in horror as I see his massive dick fully erected.

~oh fuck! It must be a foot fucking long! It's almost as thick as my wrist!~

"Shit! Fuck you!" I pull my ankle away and quickly gets off the bed. I'm stopped quickly as his arm wraps around my chest  and he throws me back on the bed with my back up. I try to move away but he grabs my sides and forces my ass up into the air. I hold my legs tightly closed.

"You can struggle all you want, only makes me hornier." I feel him put a shackle or cuff over my ankle, locking it around tightly. I look behind me and whimpers as he puts my other ankle in a cuff at the end of the bar he already cuffed my other one to. "This'll help open you up"

Leo laughs as he pulls on both sides of the bar, there's a soft clicking sound as it becomes longer, forcing my legs to spread open. "Please! Don't" I whimper as he cuts my wrists loose and brings them down underneath me, pulling them to the bar and cuffing them to it, making my face press into the bed and also locking my body into place.

"Damn look at that fine fucking ass! Made in heaven." He says sliding his hands around my ass.

My fear gets mixed with anger. "Let me go goddammit! Fuck you you fucking bastard! You dare touch me I'll kill you!" Leo stuffs a piece of my ripped shirt into my mouth.

"I bet your ass tastes as good as it looks." I let out a muffled scream as Leo spreads open my ass. I feel his tongue lick my asshole and I tense up at the feeling. His tongue  penetrates me and I try to move away but I'm held in place. I whimper as he circles and twirls his tongue around inside.

"I was right. I can't wait any longer." I look behind me and watches him spit onto his hand and my asshole. He slowly slides his finger inside and I let out a groan, moving my ass a little in discomfort. "Oh yeah. Such a nice tight ass." He slides his finger around and adds another. He moves them in and out and all around, getting his spit all over. I sigh as he takes out his fingers finally, but my relief is short lived when I feel the tip of his cock replace them. I plead frantically, all of it muffled. "It'll hurt less if you'd relax" I let out another scream as he slides himself in slowly.

~relax? How am I to relax?!~

Leo moans as he pushes himself deeper. "Stop!" I groan as I feel his dick inside, ripping into me. "You'll tear me apart! Your too big!" My eyes squeeze shut in pain.

"I'm not even an inch in." Leo laughs evilly.

"Fuck! Stop it!" I yell through my shirt. "Stop! Now! God your tearing me apart!"

Leo suddenly stops and let's out a growl. "You don't order me around! I'll fucking show you you're place" he suddenly shoves the rest of his massive cock inside me. I scream and whimpers.

~oh god. He's so huge. It hurts, he's ripping up my insides~

He works his hips into a rhythm, quickly pulling out and thrusting himself in. "How's this feel bitch?" He growls and slaps my ass hard. I tense up around him when he does and whimpers. He chuckles and slaps me again, once more I tighten around him.

My face is repeatedly pushed into the bed as he keeps going. He grunts and moans, his hands feeling me up and down. He starts slowing down after what feels like forever and he pants like a dog. "Oh god. I-I think I'm close. I'm gonna I'll you to the brim with my seed, mark you as my own."  He grunts again and slows even more, deeply thrusting himself in.

"No no, please don't finish insi-Shit!" My muffled plea is cut short as I feel his hot liquid pour into me.

"Oh fuck!" He groans loudly and grabs me tightly. I feel his dick convulse again, pumping out more of his cum. I groan, feeling it convulse 10 more times, keeping his promise and filling me until I feel it ooze out while he's still inside. "Oh shit." He laughs. "You feel amazing. You're so full right now..." He moves his dick around inside me and takes off my gag.

I groan " done now?" I close my eyes and wishes this nightmare to be over.

He chuckled. "Not even close. I want to have more fun with you Jason. And hopefully I can make you love this too."

"I will never love getting my ass pounded and raped" I growl.

"Oh you will in time." He slowly slides himself out of me. I feel more of the hot sticky liquid run out with it. "My dick needs time to rest before I fuck your face. But that doesn't mean we have to stop."

I whimper. "Just leave me alone." I whine, scared of what'll happen next.

"Didn't you learn before not to tell me what to do?" He flips me over on my back and ties my ankles to the bottom bed posts with them still cuffed to the bar. I gasp when I feel two finger slip inside, swirling around. "If only you knew." He chuckles. "You think being fucked by that tiny dick was bad? You're in for a rude awakening when I transform."

~that was a tiny dick?!~

My breath hitches as they poke the side of my chute hard. "What do you m-mean transformed?" I ask breathing hard.

He laughs again. "We don't rape the shit outta little 17 year old boys just because you are love it. We're sex demons." I gasp when I look at him and his eyes are red.

"B-but that's-demons aren't real-FUCK!" I suck in a breath as he sticks two more fingers inside me, he grins.

"They are Jason. And your lucky enough to be chose." He slides his hand as far as it can go. "You'll see" he slips his thumb inside and I cry out as he goes farther in, closing his hand into a fist and starts fucking me with his arm.

"This isn't luck!" I groan. "Your just a sick fucker along with your brother!" I squirm a little and gasps when I see his pupils are slits, like a snaked. "Wh-what the fuck?"

"I told you, I'm a demon." Leo grins, fangs show, almost like a vampires. He pulls his arm out and frees my legs from the bar, letting me unbend my knees. He ties my hands to the top of the posts, making me sit up in place and gets up onto the bed, standing before me. "I'm ready"

I whimper as he grabs my head and sticks his giant dick in front of my face. I stare as I watch it get even bigger.

"Suck it" he violently shoves it into my mouth and I gag as its forced into my throat. He moans and thrusts it deeper in and pulls it back out only to thrust it all the way back in again.

"Suck it nice and good!" He growls and slaps my face. I do as I'm told out of fear. I swirl my tongue around the awful thing in my mouth and sucks on it. He moans and keeps moving it back and forth. "Shit im already close!" He yells after a few minutes.

He grunts and pushes it all the way in, my face pressed into the hair of his balls. I gag as he finishes, pumping his liquid down my throat. He wraps his other arm around me tightly and snarls. I cough and gag as I swallow him. His entire body convulses and tenses before it relaxes again. "Oh fuck yeah..." He moans and takes his dick out of my mouth.

I cough and looks at him, my eyes go wide. Red dragon like wings are spread out behind him. He grins at me and kisses me, his tongue invites its way into my mouth. He stands back. "Ready for the time of your life?"

I stare in terror as a tentacle comes out from behind him, and wraps around my waist, wrapping around my neck as well. He frees my hands and legs from the posts and I'm lifted up into the air.

My heart and breath races as more tentacles come out and wraps around my arms and legs, I'm held in place as another tentacle rubs up and down my ass.  

"You're gonna love this Jason. Soon, you won't be able to live with out us." He laughs as I whimper and tried to struggle. "Your gonna have the time of your life."

I gasp as another tentacle slithers up my leg, the end of it opening up and wraps around my dick. I yell out when I feel what I think is a needle prick me in my ass cheek as the tentacle over my dick starts sucking and moving as if it's milking a cow utter.

I feel a hot tingling sensation grow where I felt the prick in my ass. The feeling moves through my entire body and to my cock. I moan, not in pain but in pleasure. "Wh-what did you do to me?" I ask, breathless. My cock fully erected.

"I made is so you can relax, have fun too." Leo smiles and the the tentacle moving up and down my add makes its way inside, twirling as it goes in deep. It moves a little back and thrusts forward even deeper inside repeatedly. My breathing goes tagged as an electrifying feeling goes through me. "Say my name." Leo growls.

I find that I can't deny him, like I wasn't in control of my own body anymore.  "Leo!" I call out. I moan as the tentacle on my dick tightens around me.

"Yeah fucker. Who's your master?" I let out a moan. "You are! Your my master!" I gasp, feeling as though he's in my stomach. "Fuck Leo! I-I'm almost...there!"

"Come on Jason. Let it flow out!" The tentacle comes off my dick and its replaced with his mouth. I groan as he sucks on my dick, the his tongue swirling around it. I grunt as I tense up, close to finishing.

~no this isn't happening! There's no way i can let him do this to me...~

Leo sucks harder and I groan, trying to hold myself back. I gasp as I start to feel as though the tentacle inside is cramming itself up my throat. I feel it moving all through my whole body. "Oh god!" I exclaim. "Leo!"

I cry out as I finally let myself go. The end of the tentacle pops into my mouth and swirls around just as I climax. My mind clouds over and I let out a low moan, I stay tense and stuck in an orgasm that lasts for at least 10 minutes. I'm so engulfed in the feeling I don't even realize Leo set me back into the bed.

I finally come to with Leo on top of me, the tentacles gone and his real dick inside me. My legs are up and resting on his shoulders as he pounds my ass, his balls slapping my ass each time he thrusts in.

There's a trail of my cum going down his chin. I let out a loud moan, suddenly excited at the feeling of him inside me. "O-oh Leo." I mutter. He grins and his eyes never leave mine as he slowly licks my cum off his chin. He speeds up, his ripped and perfect body glistens in sweat.

"Was I right? Are you having fun?" He grins and grabs hold my cock and squeezes hard as he works his hand up and down it.

I moan. "F-feels a-amazing!" I let out a cry of pleasure. "Harder!" I pant. "Fuck me harder!"

~what the fuck? What's gotten into me? It's like I have no control over my actions~

Leo grins and his hand starts going faster. "Told you you'd learn to love this" he laughs. I moan and grips the bed sheets tightly.

"L-l-Leo!" I grunt, a hot and electrifying sensation pulses through my entire body. "I-I'm...close!"

"So am I" he slows to a stop, his entire 12 inch dick all the way inside me and I moan as I feel him fill me once more.

Excited at the feeling and with him working my dick I soon let out a loud cry as another orgasm seizes me. My cock shoots my load all over Leo's chest and face as I let the wonderful feeling wash over me and letting my mind slip away.  

Leo doesn't waste any time. He takes himself out and flips me onto my stomach. My eyes close and I pant softly, exhausted and hot. "I think you've had enough for now." I hear him say. "Let's just clean you up."

I tense a little as he spreads open my ass. I feel him lick up his cum that had ran down my thigh. He makes it all the way to the top and my breath hitches a little as his tongue slides in. He begins to eat my asshole, sucking and swirling his tongue around, lapping up the majority of his cum from inside me.

"You may sleep now Jason." He says when he's done. "It was certainly nice to fuck you." I hear him walk out of the room. I'm finally able to comprehend what just happened.

~a demonic rapist made me orgasm, twice. I-I called out his name...asked for him to fuck me harder. What's wrong with me? It must've been whatever I was injected with...~

I sigh as my eyes close all the way and sleep over comes me. 




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