Whatever it was that a man desired, Blake knew. It was his birthright as an Incubus. Many tools, many powers he had under his command. Slight tingling, electric shock to the genitals. He could be across the room and still be able to bring a man to orgasm. He fed off the orgasm, the energy pulsing off the body, caressing him, bringing him to climax nearly as well as his victim. He could go into an adult theatre and be sated for a week. However, he desired more to be a participant on the mans ejaculation, to feed off the cum, that fed him better than any energy. He fed to on the raw energy coming from the man as he sped toward orgasm. He loved the smell of the mans' balls as they tightened and then released not only their sweet nectar, but also their scent.

A victim visited frequently by a demon of sex, such as an Incubus or Succubus didn't live long, for as the demon fed off the sexual force brought between the two of them it weakened the person more and more until they were at the brink of death. At this point there was one of two options, the Incubus could leave them as their slave a being to do their bidding whenever the demon had the need, or they could ride them (sometimes literally) over the threshold of death, feeding more on the release of their spirit almost as their demon-cousin the Vampire did.

It was with this thought upon waking that Blake knew the man he met at the gym last night was going to be dead within the month. There was something about the man that Blake already knew he was going to be addicted to from the minute he saw him. He was able to smell the mans musk from across the room. The smell of his manhood permeated the air, intoxicating Blake.

The man (who Blake was pretty sure was named Guy from hearing his friends talking with him) was clean, though his heavily stubble face and lank hair made him look rather grungy.

Guy was tall and lean though as Blake was able to attest from the previous night he had a power in him that while not seen was prevalent in other activities.

It was all he could do not to feast on Guy's reproductive organs as few of his kindred would have done.

It was a primitive act that had died out some time before in the middle-ages. As the world changed so too had the Undercities adapted, and so it wasn't often now that they indulged in such gory acts. However, some of the older Succubi and Inucbi still fed in such a manor. It was a form of disposable meals as Blake thought of it. Almost like Vampire's draining a body.

Bake roused himself off the floor where he had passed out last night. He felt the wound at his neck, already healing to a thin mark. It was still sore from where Guy had bitten him, but he would live.

Blake could feel it in the air. Tonight, when the sun sat and Rayne was reanimated, the Vampire would be calling to him. It was already late in the afternoon, so Blake needed to hurry. He showered quickly, scrubbing the dried fluids from his skin.

Rayne was his master in many ways, being leader of the Undercity Minaras to which Blake was attached. He wasn't the typical vampire, because he had a stronger essence of the Demon from whom all Vampires came. Rayne was very close to being part Inubus himself as it seemed he fed off sexual energy nearly as much as blood.

Blake felt the shifting in the air long before he saw the shimmering opening. As the first pulses of the portal caressed his skin Blake sent out a call to Guy, bringing him here later, where Blake would indulge more in his body.

Then he stepped through the portal. As was normal when he received a summons from Rayne it took him straight into the Vampire's quarters and rarely to the city at large. He was naked still, having just stepped out of the shower. The Undercities had a strange affect on any of demon blood in the sense that there was no need to hide ones true nature here, and so the glamour worn every day faded and Blake stood their in his true form, penis erect, ram like horns protruding from his forehead and sinuous tale hanging from just above his butt.

He looked around for there were others there besides Rayne, and it was made clear what tonight would consist of.

'You are nearly of age Blake, in the demon sense. It is soon that you will venture forth to impregnate a human host,' the powerful Rayne said from his seat across the room from Blake. Blake knew that he would have to breed a human whether male or female, and implant into the person a demon seed which would find some way to come about. As his preference was male he would pass this seed from himself to a male, and eventually the demon seed would find its way to a fertile womb.

Blake bowed his head.

'So it is tonight that you will be charging me with your demon seed?' Blake asked looking around again at the six other men. Bastion he knew well, for they had many rendezvous and he was happy to see the perpetually cumming demon standing against the wall. Bastions blue skin shimmered in the weak light, and his 7' cock was already dripping a thin stream of cum, which was being collected into a glass for later use.

Rayne did not answer, but rough hands grabbed Blake, and he was forced down to the ground. He felt his tale being pulled aside, and then like a handle bar it was used to pull him back on a large cock. He grunted as the cock was pushed into him. Bastion brought the glass over, and the demon behind Blake removed his dick from Blake's ass long enough to dip his dick in the glass of cum, and then push forcefully back into Blake.

His ass was taken, and he smiled as Bastion kneeled before him and placed his ever cumming cock against Blake's lips. The moment the head was pushed into Blake's mouth the thin drizzle of cum began to gush. Bastion could cum like this until he decided he had had enough and finally orgasm. He was an older breed of Incubus, and while his cum was hot his dick was nearly ice cold like so many of the incubi.

When the man behind him was done he pulled out and yet another cock replaced his, this one slightly small, but more vicious. His ass was pounded hard and every time the dick slammed into him, more of the cock in his mouth was pushed further in. Bastion's blue cock was ever pumping the salt seed down Blake's mouth, and soon he started dumping the contents of the glass over Blake's back.

He felt another sensation them, and looked behind him as well as he could to see that not only was the man behind him fucking him raw, but also using his tail as another dick. While he held Blake's tail up, he was using his own like a tongue, and rimming Blake's ass with it. Soon he pushed his tail into Blake's ass as well and he was being used by both of them.

Finally the man was done, but while he removed his dick the tail remained for the use of the next donor. Again and again Blake was mounted and used when finally it was Rayne's turn. Bastion was ordered to remain, and he had started gathering the surplus cum dripping from Blake's used mouth into the glass.

Blake felt a sensation on his cock and when he looked down he saw that Marcus was there below him. Marcus had a special talent, and it was that he was showing now. Marcus' tongue was able to open like another mouth and it was that tongue which worked its way around Blake's cock like a sheath.

Rayne jammed his 9' cock deep into Blake's ass, making the incubus scream, and with a speed that only a vampire could master he began pounding away. His dick felt like it was on fire, jamming deeper and deeper into Blake's ass relentlessly. Reaching forward he grabbed Blake's throat and squeezed. Slowly Rayne started moving his hand up and down, jerking off Bastions cock even as it plunged into Blake's throat.

Blake thought his insides were going to burst into flames any moment, so hot was Rayne's cock in his anus. He was truly being raped. He felt it, he felt his ass being torn under the rough battering of Rayne's cock. He felt all the cum he had taken thus far being churned within him, and dripping out of him down his nuts and into the waiting mouth of Marcus below them, for while Marcus' tongue was sucking Blake's cock his mouth was laving his nuts.

Rayne bucked one more time violently and Blake lost his grip, falling completely onto Marcus and Rayne and Bastion continued seeding Blake like that, riding him on the floor, weak and used, bleeding and nearly broken and most certainly bruised Rayne dumped his cum into Blake's ass. Marcus finally got his reward as Blake came Bastion reached his orgasm as well, dumping the strongest tasting cum right into Blake's mouth that he had ever tasted.

Rayne pulled out of him, slapping his ass and so did Bastion. As soon as he had appeared here Blake was transported back to his apartment just in time for Guy to walk in from his summons. Seeing Blake laying there like that he quickly shucked his pants, and pulling his thick cock out of the front flap of his boxers he shoved his cock into Blake's dripping ass.



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