They stumbled backward into Blake's apartment, clothes flying, Blake's clothes. The door was barely shut when the man he had met at the gym pushed him down on his knees, leaning his back against the door with a sigh and a thrust of hips suggestively. Blake knew what he wanted, for the stranger wanted it nearly as much as Blake himself wanted it.

His dick in his mouth.

The stranger closed his eyes and swallowed hard with his lust, his Adam's Apple bobbing powerfully in his corded neck. At eye level Blake saw the mound in his gym shorts, full and pointing, almost in accusation. There was a dampness to the blue mesh shorts that hinted at pre-come, and Blake leaned in, his heart pounding in his neck making his saliva thick and hard to swallow, suggestive of the very substance that he would be working so hard to achieve this night.

He wondered if the man knew what he was after. He wondered if the man knew that Blake could control him. With a touch of his powers Blake could cause the man to cum without even working for the substance that gave Blake life. He wondered if the man even knew that he had met a demon this night, a demon that fed of the sexual fluids of other beings. He wondered if the man knew that Blake was an Incubus.

He licked around the tip of the mans dick through his shorts and a slight gasp escaped the mans lips. It was the first noise either of them had made. Blake smiled to himself and bit down on the lump before him and watched the man writhe. The bite was not hard, but enough to send a jolt through his prey.

Blake liked this method better, using human means to gather his sustenance.

Blake didn't know what he was in for, however, and in a moment the man had pushed him down on the floor, and fell to his knees over Blake, the legs of his shorts gaping open giving him a view of the strangers freshly shaved scrotum before his new friend grabbed the back of Blake's head and forced his head up a short leg so his mouth could meet his sweating balls.

The taste was salty, musty, smooth and unmistakably male. He let the balls roll around in his mouth for a few moments before he began to feel the pre-come wetting his lips, and he looked up to see that the shorts where the mans dick pressed against was drenched with his excitement, so much that the liquid was slipping down the thickness of his shaft and to Blake's eagerly waiting mouth.

He couldn't wait a moment longer, he ripped off the strangers shorts and had his dick in his mouth in moment, lapping at the pre-come, taking all the sweet-bitter fluid into his mouth. Blake's tongue flicked around the tip several times and before long the stranger had his hands balled in Blake's hair, thrusting his dick deep down his throat.

And then he came. He tried to force his dick further into Blake's throat, but that wouldn't happen for Blake wanted to taste the sweet reward of his effort. The head of the man's dick was cradled in Blake's mouth, his tongue pressing it hard against the roof of his mouth, and the slimy juice pumped load after load into Blake's mouth as the man moaned loudly above him.

And then he was limp, trying to pull out of his mouth, but Blake had not finished. He held the man where he was with a steady, firm hand on his ass. The man gasped and shuddered with sensitivity as Blake took his softening cock back into his mouth, but Blake also had to come, and this was one way to do it.

With the limp penis in his mouth Blake reached down into his own shorts, a liquid mess from his excitement of face fucking. And there he beat off, not bothering to lower his shorts. His hand slipped off his large cock several times due to the pre-come, but eventually he was releasing his entire large load in his shorts even as he gagged on the strangers large flaccid cock.

The stranger pulled out of his mouth and lowered himself to Blake's lap. He pulled down his shorts licking and sucking him clean. Before long Blake was hard again, and the stranger knew he was ready to go further. He began to lick his ass, readying him for the actual play of the day. Blake was ready almost instantly, his ass thundering pleasure through him as the stranger's tongue probed, licked, and teased him to full arousal again.

Pre-come was nearly exploding out of his dick like an orgasm as the man raised up, forcing his nuts into Blake's mouth where he sucked on them as if they were the only source of water for his dehydration. The man jerked himself off as Blake pleasured him. He put his dick back in Blake's mouth long enough to get it good and moist, and long enough for Blake to taste the salty residue of cum and palm sweat.

Then he was pulling out of Blake and kissing him deeply as he fingered his ass.

The stranger leered up above him, his face a mask of triumph, and in an instant he had plunged into the depths of Blake's wetness full and hard, burying his shaft to the base. The man was even longer than the silhouette in his gym shorts had foretold and there was a moment of searing pain that quickly turned into raving lust. Blake bucked under the thrusting might of the stranger, sure that any moment the vicious pounding would brake him in some way.

He beat at the man, his demon side loosing some control, and to his surprise the harsh slapping and scratches he showered his prey with only fueled the other mans lust, and soon Blake was crying out in pain as the man turned from fucking his ass to raping it.

They had not spoken a word, which made the romp more erotic, but there was something strange about it. Here he was sweating and writhing on the floor under this strange man like a common whore, waiting for the sustenance that his subconscious cried out for. It was a substance that only the hard work would give him, maybe a tablespoon, possibly less if he was unlucky, more if he had found lady luck that night.

He squeezed his muscles tighter, his heartbeat thundering around the dick in his ass. The stranger moaned with the tightness and leaned down, biting onto Blake's lips tugging on them before sucking them into his mouth to message them with lips, tongue and teeth. Blake moaned, a high pitched sound that was close to a cry, and pulled the man closer into him, raking his nails down the others back.

As the blood flowed free on the mans back they both came in an explosion. The man screamed in some tone that Blake had only heard before in his pre-earth life and he felt heat searing through his ass, heat of the cum that was many degrees above that of a human. Blake came too, and as his paranormally heated cum left his cock it steamed in the air. The press of their flexing abs together made their stomachs slick as the cum surrounded Blake's cock. He felt for a time (as the stomachs churned and writhed as the man kept pushing himself further into Blake, shoving them across the floor, giving Blake rug burn on his back) that he was fucking an ass himself.

Blake's legs felt the mans ass clenching as he grunted into his canal forcefully as if his eleven inches was not enough and he wanted to give Blake more. His legs strained as the tendons worked harder, pushing them across the floor until they were finally against a wall, and the man kept brutally pounding into Blake. Neither of their cocks had softened and the man was biting down on Blake's neck, drawing blood which he greedily swallowed.

Blake knew this mane wasn't completely human, but he knew, also, from previous experiences that this man was definitely not a Vampire either.

They came again, and the man slammed Blake's head so hard against the wall that the demon nearly lost consciousness.

Finally, as brutally as he had entered Blake, the man pulled out, flicked his cock a few times onto Blake, showering him with sweat and cum. He pulled his shorts up, snapping them around his cum covered waist.

The man leaned down, grabbed Blake by the hair of the head, gave him a savage kiss, then pressed Blake's face into the cummy mess on his stomach, making him lick it clean.

Then he left, leaving Blake sated and well fed on the floor glowing a soft blue in the light of the moon pouring through his large glass wall.




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