Brad had gotten home late and Nick was already in bed asleep. Brad was exhausted having to pull an extra shift at the restaurant and then help close down. As fast as he could he had flipped through the mail, showered and crawled into bed. The wind was howling outside as snow came down, blanketing the city. The bed was warm and Brad and Nick were snuggled up together sound asleep for most of the night.

Sometime during the night the wind stopped. The quiet was dramatic, with the city blanketed in snow everything was still. Brad stirred a little in bed, not really awake, as he moved a little against Nick, shifting his body along the front of Nick, and feeling the warmth radiating from him. He felt Nick's cock, its hardness pressing against his ass. Nick stirred, ran his hand draped over Brad up and down his chest, his face snuggled up to Brad's neck, his breath warming the skin.

"What time is it" Nick asked, his voice low and sounding far off.

"I don't know but it is still dark outside" Brad replied.

Nick ran his hand down, his fingers running through Brad's pubic hair, raking through it, tickling the skin with his light touch. His fingers trailed over Brad's cock, feeling its half hard length, the soft skin as he stroked it with his finger tips. He pushed against Brad as he brought his lips against the flesh of his neck, kissing him lightly, nipping at its skin. He slipped his other arm under Brad's neck and hugged him tightly as his other hand took Brad's cock firmly, stroking it, getting it hard. He kept pushing his cock against Brad's ass, feeling his cock harden up all the way as it pressed into the cleft of Brad's ass. He shifted, moved his mouth along Brad's neck over to his ear, tonguing it, nipping at the earlobe as he held Brad firmly against his body.

"I want you..." Nick whispered in Brad's ear just before he tongued it, ran his nose through Brad's short hair, letting it tickle his skin as he inhaled Brad's scent.

Brad rolled on to his stomach as Nick moved with him, moving on top, pushing Brad's legs apart as he slid between them. Nick laid fully on top of Brad, his full weight, his body conforming to Brad's, following the curve of his back, the rise of his ass as he wrapped his arms around Brad's chest, hugging their bodies together. His hard cock nestled between the cheeks of Brad's ass, slid back and forth over it as Nick pumped his body against Brad. Nick slid over to the side of Brad, ran his hand down Brad's back, feeling the warm skin, soft and smooth, as he moved down to Brad's ass, ran his hand over each cheek, felt their firm roundness, and then he slid his fingers down into the cleft between them, probing down, till he felt it, the tight opening to Brad. Nick rubbed his fingers over it, pushed against it, feeling its resistance, as Brad pushed up against his fingers, wanting it, wanting to feel the penetration.

Nick pushed one finger in, penetrated through Brad's tight opening, stretching him open slowly. Then he slid in two fingers, feeling the tightness slacken, Brad open up further, accommodating the two fingers easily. Nick pushed in three fingers and felt the resistance as he twisted his fingers around, pumped them in and out through the tight ring of Brad's opening. When Brad's hips began to push back, showing his need to take it, to feel his hole stretched open, to feel the movement through it Nick pulled out and moved back over Brad's body, sliding his cock over Brad's ass, pushing between his cheeks, rubbing up and down, letting Brad feel the wet slick head rub over him. Then Nick pushed against the opening, pressed the head of his hard slick cock against it as Brad pushed upward and he felt the breach, his cock penetrate through the tight opening, slide into the warmth inside of Brad. He eased down into Brad, sliding this hard cock through the tight ring of Brad's hole feeling it milk his cock as he pushed through. Soon he was buried all the way in as he lay fully on top of Brad, the heat of their bodies trapped between them.

Nick began working his hips, pulling upward and pushing back down, slowly at first, easing his cock slowly through Brad, feeling every inch being stimulated as it slid through the tight ring. Nick loved this part of their fucking as much as any other, the initial penetration, the tightness gripping his cock as he slowly works back and forth. But his need increased, his body tightened to the sensations his cock felt, and he moved faster, his hips pulling back and slamming down harder. He bear hugged Brad, locked their bodies together as he thrust his cock into him, his rhythm fast and hard. The heat of their bodies and Nick's exertions makes them sweat, their skin get slick, as Nick slid over Brad, fucking his hole faster and faster.

Nick wanted to change positions, wanted to see Brad's face as he fucked him, and wanted to penetrate deeper as he fucked harder. He pulled out and got Brad on his back. He held Brad's legs against his chest and as he moved down, pushed his cock back in he folds Brad in half, opening him up, giving his body up to Nick completely as Nick slammed his cock all the way in, hips pounding down on Brad's ass, over and over and over. Nick quickly set a furious pace, his hips swung up and down fast as he pummeled Brad's ass, pushed his cock into his depths. Brad hugged Nick, held him tight as he took it, the feel of Nick's cock as it pushed into him, filling him up, touching him deep inside. He felt his body tighten, his muscles tensed up, as Nick hammered away at his hole.

"Fuck....fuck me Nick" he cried out.

Nick's body moved on top of him, the feel of its heat, the sensation of his cock as it worked through his hole had his own cock hard, the leaking head wet and slick. Nick was soon getting rough, this rhythm shifted to short hard jabs with his cock and Brad knew he was close. Nick's body tightened up, his muscles strained tight, as he slammed down hard into Brad, shoving his cock into him in rapid short thrust as he felt it swell further, tense up and shoot. He thrust it into Brad with each ejaculation, pushed his load deep into Brad. As he finished shooting his load he slowed, worked his sensitive cock through the hot slick insides of Brad's hole until he couldn't take it any longer and he pulled out and eased off the top of Brad, letting him breath normally again.

Nick slid down Brad's body, rubbing his chest, his stomach, and finally taking Brad's hard cock in his hand, stroking it, rubbing the slick head, feeling the heat of it, the slickness and he smeared the pre-cum down the shaft. He moved over, licked the head, tasted the familiar flavor of Brad, then he slid his mouth down the shaft, feeling the hard cock move through his lips and over his tongue. He moved slowly at first, knowing Brad was close, just letting his sensitive cock slid gently through his mouth. Brad ran his hands over Nick's head, feeling the short hair tickle his skin as Nick's hot mouth slid over his cock. Soon Brad was pushing up with his hips, shoving his cock upward, deeper into Nick's mouth as Nick kept moving up and down the shaft. Brad could feel Nick's tongue moving over the head of his cock, feel the heat of his slick mouth, and the tight ring Nick's lips made around his shaft as it moved through them. He felt the fullness of his hard cock, and pushed into the warm slick mouth, thrusting upward, shooting out his cum, pushing it over Nick's tongue, feeding it to him. Nick swallowed each wad as it shot into his mouth, tasting it as it slid over his tongue, the familiar taste he had taken so often before.

Brad thrust upward a few times; short hard jabs, pumping out his load, until he was spent. Nick milked the last of his cum out and licked the head clean before moving back up next to Brad, their bodies spooning up next to each other as they cooled down, their breathing slow till both were asleep again, quiet, letting the remainder of the night pass.



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