Shane found himself in the bed of the pickup wedged between Carl and Matt, their bodies bumping against each other as the pickup bounced over the pasture heading back to the barn. He felt the heat of their bodies, the slick sweaty feel of their skin against his own. He let his eyes cut back and forth to each one, their bare upper torsos glistening in the sun with sweat trickling down their chest and stomachs. Matt was naturally dark skinned, smooth, firm, muscular, with thick underarm hair that was wet, rivulets of sweat running from it and down his sides. Carl had a lighter tone but one that darkened in the sun with freckles over his shoulders but his body was even more muscular than Matt's. Shane's eyes always ended up on the trail of hair from Carl's navel down to the waist band of his jeans where his narrow waist allowed them to hang loose revealing the briefs underneath.

It made Shane's heart race to be so near, to literally be touching them and he tried desperately to divert his eyes off to the horizon, to look at the pasture and its fence running its perimeter along the tree line, a fence they had been working on all day pulling new barb wire along several sections. But his eyes only fell on Ryan sitting along the side of the bed, or Jason and Ricky sitting on the tailgate. All three were shirtless too, their developing bodies glistening in the bright sunlight. Shane would watch the way the muscle moved underneath the skin with the shifting of an arm or the turn of a head, or worse, the stretching of arms over their head stretching out their torso with muscles flexing and moving as they did so.

All day he had tried to focus on the task at hand, to do the best he could to keep up with the others but he found himself staring at one or another of the older boys and it made him feel like a kid. He was fourteen but he knew he was still a skinny kid compared to the others who were seventeen or eighteen years old, all able to drive, to go out on dates, and when Mr. Jackson was out of earshot joking about fucking and getting blow jobs, who would do it and how it felt. They kidded Shane, asked if he still a virgin, and he knew he had turned completely red in the face and tried to ignore them and their banter.

Now he felt his t-shirt clinging to his sweaty body, revealing his skinny torso and it made him self-conscious being around the older boys with their shirts off revealing their maturing bodies. He sat with his knees up, arms wrapped around his legs hiding his body from their view. He knew they didn't really care what he looked like and deep down he knew they were similar to him at his age but somehow it didn't matter, especially when he looked at them with the thoughts he tried hard to suppress, feelings of arousal that made him uncomfortable while around them. He got this summer job as a favor to his father even though he was so young and not as strong and Mr. Jackson had given him the easier tasks, even letting him drive the tractor along the fence line as they pulled strand after strand of wire. He had looked forward to the extra money with plans for a new bicycle but all week he wondered if it was worth it.

He glanced up when the truck bounced really hard over a hole and he saw Ryan looking at him smiling. For a moment they held eye contact, Shane unable to turn away but fearful of continuing this staring. Ryan nodded his head and looked back toward the other side of the truck and Shane exhaled his breath slowly with a sense of relief and he cut his eyes up once again to look at Ryan again. The dirty blonde hair, short on the sides and the long top tucked into the cap he wore, the bib pulled low over his eyes. Ryan had a light complexion making him wear heavy sun screen and the whitish haze on his skin was streaked down his sweaty torso. His small nipples stood out prominently on his developing chest and Shane watched as he ran one hand over his chest, over each nipple, making the center stand out erect. Ryan let his fingers manipulate the last nipple, giving it a circular rub before he stopped and Shane watched the way his fingers moved over the nipple and the way it responded to his own touch. Shane stared at the nipple for too long and when he cut his eyes up Ryan was smiling at him again. This time Shane quickly diverted his eyes back down and begged Mr. Jackson to hurry up and get to the barn.

Mr. Jackson pulled the truck underneath an old oak tree near the barn and shut off the engine. Jason and Ricky hopped off the tailgate, followed by Ryan. Shane hesitated, letting Matt and Carl get up first and he followed them to the tailgate and watched as each hopped down to the ground. Shane stepped to the edge of the tailgate and hopped off as the others had done but he landed wrong, one foot twisting underneath him and he fell over only to be caught by Ricky. Shane felt the heat of Ricky's body, the slickness of it as he fell against him and as he got his feet back underneath him and stood up he felt the firm grip of Ricky's hand on his arm.

"Hey, you okay?" Ricky asked as the others sniggered.

"Yeah...just didn't get my footing" Shane replied as he quickly pulled away.

They waited on Mr. Jackson who had gone in to get their checks. His wife would have them written out for their hours put in this week. As they waited Shane listened to the older boys talk about their weekend plans, the dates they were going on or the trips into one of the larger towns that had a cinema and it made Shane all too aware of his age reinforcing the sense of being a kid among these older boys.

Mr. Jackson came out and handed each one of them a check with Shane being last.

"Shane, tell your dad hello and I'll see him at the fish fry tomorrow" Mr. Jackson said as he handed Shane his check.

"Yes, sir" Shane replied and when he turned he watched the other boys get into their vehicles, the usual assortment of trucks and Jeeps, and a pony car. It would be two more years before he could get his license, a time span that seemed far off into the future. He went over to his bicycle and started to step over the frame when he heard his name.

"Hey Shane, you want a ride?" Jason asked from the open window of his truck, an older Chevy with four wheel drive and a lift kit.

"I'm okay...I can ride my bike" Shane replied hesitate to accept the offer, afraid for some reason.

"After all we've had to do today?" Jason said as he climbed down out of his truck still shirtless, "come on let's toss that thing in back and I'll give you a ride" he added as he went around to the tailgate lowering it. Shane walked his bike over and without hesitating Jason grabbed it up and laid it in the bed and lifted the tailgate back into place.

"Alright, hop in" Jason said.

The interior of the truck messy, with cups and drink bottles on the floor and Shane kicked a couple of plastic bottles aside as he settled into the passenger seat. Jason eased out onto the highway and shifted through the gears as he got up to speed.

"Damn Shane, its over six miles to your house; I can't believe you ride that bike after working all day" and he slapped his hand down on Shane's knee as he laughed and to Shane his hand seemed to rest on it longer than usual. He felt the contact all along his leg, felt the way Jason's hand touched him, giving him a little squeeze before letting go. Jason then reached over to the stereo and turned up the volume and sawed at the wheel in order to keep the old truck in its lane. They rode in silence the rest of the way, Shane having no idea what to talk about with Jason, afraid anything he said would sound like a little kid so he kept his eyes to the front or off to the side watching the familiar scenery pass by as they made their way to his home.

"See ya around" Jason said as he pulled away leaving Shane standing in the driveway. He watched the old truck ease around and head back to the highway and it felt like the end of something, what he wasn't sure, but it seemed to indicate the end of summer especially with the start of school only two weeks away.


Going into high school Shane found it intimidating at first, he and his classmates once again the youngest and now the differences seemed more dramatic. Some of the guys had beards or long sideburns and their bodies were filled out in ways that Shane couldn't imagine. When he first saw one of the guys from the summer job he didn't know whether to say hello or not for he was afraid they would ignore him now that they were back in school among their friends. He assumed they wouldn't want to be seen speaking to a freshman. It was Jason he saw first, with two other guys and a girl laughing and talking as they made their way down the corridor. Shane moved to the wall and waited for them to pass knowing Jason wouldn't speak.

"Hey Shane" Jason said, nodding his head and Shane surprised, stumbled over his words as he replied. He watched them move down the hall, especially Jason and the way his ass moved in his tight jeans.

"Hey Shane, come on" Cathy, a classmate, called out making him realize how he was staring too long.

Shane found the other guys would say hello as they passed and eventually he relaxed and settled into the routines of ninth grade. The year passed slowly, for Shane struggled socially with his classmates growing apart from those he had been friends with since elementary grades and he found himself sitting alone more and more often, the sense of being different weighing over him. When they came back from the holidays he went out for baseball just so he could try to reclaim some connection with some of the others. As a freshman he struggled to keep up and when it came time to play he sat on the bench more often than not. But it let him get back in with old friends and he pushed aside the way he felt, the struggles with being around the other guys, looking at them the same way they looked at girls, with a sense of longing, desire and arousal. Ninth grade came to an end and he found himself waiting for his dad to pick him up near the student parking lot and he watched Carl, Matt and Ricky leave the school for the last time.

Tenth grade was easier in many ways, but there was still the continued struggle to keep his desires to himself, the infatuation he felt toward some of the guys. There were several in his own class he found attractive, but it was the older boys he found himself looking at with longing. He watched them come down the corridor between classes or at games and events on campus. Jason and Ryan were seniors this year and something about them on the cusp of leaving made Shane have a sense of sadness. They always spoke to him when the crossed paths and he found himself studying them whenever he saw them. The way they filled out, grew more muscular, more masculine and it always brought back memories of the summer before especially the last day on the ride out of the pasture.

Then the year came to an end and he saw Ryan and Jason celebrating with some of their classmates in the corridor, yelling and cheering, and Shane found himself leaning against the wall watching them. He felt a hollowness inside, something missing or about to get away from him and he eventually pushed off the wall and headed down the corridor away from the commotion.

Eleventh grade came and went and Shane went through it with all the usual ups and downs. He earned a starting spot on the baseball team and found himself standing before the mirror more and more often amazed to see his own body transform with its muscular development. He grew sideburns and let his hair grow out longer than usual. And he tried to go out on a date with one of the girls in his class. It made him anxious, knowing it wasn't right and he didn't ask her out a second time. At Christmas he got an an old Cherokee and his dad told him he'd help fix it up. By the next summer it was lifted with larger wheels and tires and the interior was reworked with new seats.

Shane found himself riding for hours in his Cherokee, taking it down old trail roads, roads that cut through rough terrain down to some creek or river and he drove the countryside going to one town or another. Occasionally he'd let one of his friends come along but most of the time he was alone, lost to his thoughts, wondering about his future, and if he'd ever find someone like himself.

Then he hit his senior year and everything became harder. His classes, hanging out with his friends, and worse, planning for his future, with college applications and getting his class schedule set up to graduate with the courses he needed. And on weekends when the others were going out on dates or parties Shane would get in his Cherokee and drive around. Sometimes he went into a town far enough away he knew he would not run into any of his classmates where he would find himself hanging out around guys he didn't know letting the anonymity give him a sense of freedom.

Graduation came and he found himself sitting around a bond fire with several of his classmates passing a bottle around. He listened to each one's plans, the way some were going to college in the fall, some were going into the military and one was staying to farm. He thought of his plans and wondered if it would be different, better, opportunities he didn't have in high school. For a few weeks he helped his father on the farm and hung around the house not motivated to do anything. Then it was his birthday, July sixth, and he celebrated with his family and his closest friends. He was eighteen he told himself but in many ways he felt no different and sometimes regardless of what he saw in the mirror he felt like that kid from summers ago, huddled up in the bed of a truck with older boys surrounding him, more mature boys, boys he considered attractive, sexually desirable.


The next Saturday he climbed into his Cherokee and took off on one of his drives. He cut through the familiar countryside seeing farms being tended, cattle being moved from one pasture to another and one general store or another with pickups and tractors parked in front. He soon found himself turning down one of the few dirt roads left in the county. It was a rough washboard surface and in the rear view mirror he could see the cloud of dust he was throwing up in the air. He came up to the drive to an old trail road that cut into the trees and decided he would work his way to the river where an old logging camp use to be, a place some of locals liked to go to fish and swim. The trail road to the camp was rough, washed out in several places, and he had to navigate through those sections carefully. When he finally arrived at the small clearing near the river he caught himself holding his breath for he saw Matt's old Jeep parked there. It looked exactly like he remembered it with its faded blue paint, stickers on the back of rock bands and the top that needed replacing for the rear window would no longer zip back into it. The only noticeable difference was the addition of college campus parking stickers.

Shane climbed down and for a moment hesitated to pull his shirt off, the notion he was still a kid compared to Matt crossing his mind and he realized how foolish he was being and slipped his t-shirt over his head and tossed it on the seat. He kicked off his shoes and rolled the legs of his jeans and headed to the river. He could hear talking and laughter and knew Matt wasn't alone. He came out on the river bank and stood a moment seeing who was here with Matt. He saw someone swimming just underneath the surface and immediately realized they were in white briefs and he felt his heart begin to race.


Shane looked around and saw Matt walking out of the wood wearing wet boxers carrying a couple of beers.

"Hey Matt" Shane replied.

"Goddamn, that is you. Son of bitch I didn't recognize you at first. You want a beer?"

"Sure" Shane replied and watched Matt come to him holding out one of the beers. Shane heard the water break where the other person came up and saw it was Ricky and he found himself looking at the toned upper body, so much more muscular now and he watched the way the water trickled down over his form.

"Hey Ricky, its Shane" Matt exclaimed.

"Hey man...damn you...filled out..." Ricky stuttered and Shane realized Ricky was staring at him.

"Come on, get out of those jeans and get in. It's so fucking hot the water feels great" Matt said as he set his bottle down and waded out into the river. Ricky moved up toward the bank and Shane saw his body rise up out of the water and when his waist came up the wet briefs were transparent letting Shane see the cock nestled in the pouch.

"Hey Shane, did Matt bring me one?"

"I think I got want the rest of it?" Shane replied as he held out the bottle, his voice low and far away as he struggled to look up at Ricky and not down at his cock so plainly visible.

"Yeah, I'll finish it" Ricky said as he came up out of river and moved up close, so close Shane could see the individual stubble on his chin, the pattern it made around his chin and along the jaw, and he could see the bright blue of his eyes and the gentle arch of eyebrow over each one.

"Here...I only drank a little of it" Shane said as he held out the beer. Ricky's fingers moved along the side of Shane's as he took it and Shane found himself holding his breath.

Ricky took a several deep swallows turning the bottle upwards and when he brought it down he leaned over and set it in the sand.

"Come on Shane, get out of those jeans and come on in" Ricky said in a low voice barely audible. Shane glanced over at the creek and saw Matt standing in waist deep water watching them then he looked at Ricky and nodded his head as he began to undo his jeans. Ricky moved back into the river, walking backwards with his eyes on Shane. Shane slide his jeans down and worked each leg free and when he stood up he felt his growing cock confined in his white briefs and he had to adjust it knowing Matt and Ricky were watching him.

"You've filled out nicely" Matt said and Shane wondered if he meant his body or his cock for he felt aroused even with his nervousness and knew his cock was pushing outward within his briefs. He knew things were different, knew this was not like it was in the bed of Mr. Jackson's truck. He felt Matt and Ricky's eyes on him and saw the way they stared at his body. He hesitated for a moment, letting them look at him, so approvingly, for it made him feel good. He stepped off the bank and down into the shallow waters feeling the cold water flow by his ankles, then his calves and upward as he moved into deeper water. Matt and Ricky watched him take each step and when he felt the cold water touching his sac he knew his briefs would soon be wet. He took another step and felt the water push around him wetting his briefs completely and he saw Matt and Ricky staring at his crotch. He glanced down and saw how his cock pushed outward, aroused by the attention, the way their eyes looked at him and he wanted them to look, to see his growing erection. He dared them to look.

"Has anyone else been here today?" Shane asked as he moved into the deeper water and kicked off till only his head was above the surface.

"No" Matt replied as they moved into the deeper water with Shane.

Shane suddenly felt bold and he moved closer to Matt and Ricky.

"Can't we ditch our underwear? I hate the way they feel when wet" Shane whispered afraid he could be wrong, afraid of how they would respond.

Ricky smiled suddenly, mischievously and he glanced over at Matt.

"I agree, why are we wearing our underwear? No one is around" Ricky said and Shane could see his shoulders working knowing he was slipping his briefs off. When he held them up he looked at Matt then Shane before tossing them up on the bank.

"Well?" Ricky asked and Matt and Shane slipped their underwear off and tossed them up on the bank. There was a moment of awkwardness, a moment when they acted like they were fourteen again, suddenly shy but Ricky smiled, then laughed and the tension was broken. He dove down and swam beneath the surface moving past Shane and going downstream. Shane and Matt began to swim around, to splash one another and when Ricky came up behind Matt and pulled him under they began to wrestle around dunking one another.

The tone changed dramatically when Ricky came up behind Shane and bear hugged him pinning his arms to his chest. Shane felt the way Ricky was spooned up against his back and more aware of how Ricky's cock was nestled against his ass and he found himself relaxing in Ricky's hold. Matt stood up in front of him watching them as Shane felt Ricky's warm breath on his neck, then he felt his lips touch him, warm and soft and it made him push back against Ricky, push his ass back against the hardening cock nestled between his ass cheeks. Shane closed his eyes and felt Ricky slide one hand down over his stomach and soon he felt the fingers wrap around his own cock, grasp it tightly, squeeze it then he felt them move along this growing length.

"Fuck you feel good" Ricky whispered in Shane's ear.

Shane felt another hand on his chest, softly touching him, moving in circles and when he opened his eyes he saw Matt right in front of him.

"You really look good...filled out and all" Matt whispered as he moved toward Shane and soon they were kissing. Shane felt Matt take one nipple between his fingers and pinch it till he moaned against his mouth. He felt Matt move close, their bodies coming together till Ricky could take both of their of cocks and manipulate them, fingers moving along each one and then rubbing the sensitive heads together.

Matt took Shane's arms and pushed them upward getting Ricky to take them and pull them over his head. Matt kissed Shane along the underside of his arms, moved his lips along till he was kissing in the pit of one arm. Shane had very little hair under his arms and it felt good the way Matt touched him there, lips on skin, warm, wet and when he felt Matt move over to his shoulder then his neck kissing and nipping at his skin he pushed his hips forward pumping his cock through Ricky's fingers and pushing it against Matt.

Ricky suddenly moved around Shane and took him by the hand leading him toward the bank. Matt followed and soon they were standing on the bank, the three of them pressed together, kissing, fondling each other, their hard cocks pressed up between them. Ricky turned Shane toward him as he moved down onto his knees, his lips kissing Shane's chest, stomach and finally his cock. He ran his tongue along its length, brought the flared head to his lips and let it slip between them as he moved forward sinking Shane's cock in his mouth. Shane inhaled deeply as he felt his cock in Ricky's warm slick mouth. He moved his hips back and forth slowly working his cock in Ricky's mouth. He was lost to the sensations it was giving him and he didn't notice Matt as he move down behind him but when he felt a hand on his back pushing him to bend over. He moved as directed as he became aware of how Matt's hands taking his cheeks and spreading them. He felt Matt's face, the rough stubble of his beard move between his cheeks and then he felt it, Matt's tongue, move up along the cleft between his cheeks all the way up to his lower back. Matt did it again and again, each time getting more vigorous until Shane felt his tongue working over his hole, wetting it, working it loose until the tongue could breach his tight opening and work his hole open. Ricky sucked his cock, took it deeply into his throat and worked the head with his tongue while Matt opened him up. He closed his eyes and focused on the pleasure they were giving him and he began to pump his hips, to drive his cock into Ricky's mouth as he felt his cock grow achingly hard. Suddenly he felt Ricky slide off his cock and Matt move from his ass.

Shane opened his eyes and found Ricky moving in front of him, bent over holding his cheeks apart.

"Come on...stick me fucker...shove that cock in me" Ricky begged and Shane felt Matt push him toward Ricky. Shane knew what Ricky wanted and he wanted it too as he moved forward pushing his cock down in alignment with Ricky's hole and when he nudged up to the tight hole Matt's hands came around his waist and took Ricky by the waist and pulled him back stretching his hole open and it over Shane's cock.

"Goddamn" Shane uttered as his cock sank into Ricky. He felt the tight ring of Ricky's hole milk his cock. He saw Ricky quiver with the penetration and when he was all the way in Matt pushed up against his back and kissed him on the neck.

"He's got the tightest ass...doesn't he?" Matt whispered as he pressed his body against Shane.

Shane put his hands on Ricky's back and rub upward then circled his hands over to each side and gripped him firmly on the waist as he pulled back, easing inch after inch of cock from Ricky's tight hole and as he moved back he felt Matt's body, warm, muscular, firmly pressed to his back and he felt Matt's cock nestled in between his cheeks. He worked his hips back and forth, slowly, savoring the way every inch of his cock felt as it moved through the tight ring of Ricky's hole.

Matt moved back and began to rub his shoulders, fingers digging into the firm flesh. Matt moved downward over each shoulder blade, then he shifted position and Shane felt one hand move downward, slide over his ass, firmly manipulating each cheek and when the fingers slide down into the cleft he felt the other hand take him by the neck and push him forward bending him over Ricky. Matt's fingers probed his cleft, stroked up and down and rubbed over his hole, probed its tightness till Shane was pushing back, pushing back to take one of his fingers, wanting it to penetrate him.

"Yeah, open up for me" Matt uttered as he slipped one finger into Shane and worked it deeply into his hole. Shane hugged Ricky tightly knowing he could now feel the quiver of his body as Matt stretched his hole open with another finger, then another till he pumping three fingers through his loosening hole. Matt moved behind him and put his cock up to Shane's ass pressing tightly against his hole. Shane held his head down putting his lips to Ricky's back and kissed the warm firm flesh as Matt breached his hole and sank inch after inch of cock into his hole. Matt moved slowly for only a few strokes then he began to fuck, to drive his cock into Shane and Shane tried to move with him, to work his body with Matt's fuck and in doing so drive his own cock into Ricky with the same urgency.

The hot sun beat down on them and they were soon covered in sweat, felt it trickle down their bodies as they exerted themselves, pumping hips back and forth, their fuck physical, exerting their bodies till muscles swelled prominent along their torsos, their arms and legs bulged with their efforts. Matt thrust through Shane's tight hole over and over and over, his hips slapping hard against Shane's ass till he felt his cum surge through his cock swelling it even more and he slammed into Shane, sank his cock as deeply as he could pumping wad after wad deep into Shane. Matt felt each ejaculation as he hammered his cock into Shane, pumping his hips vigorously back and forth till he felt the hot slick cum coat his cock and pump back out of Shane's hole.

He had pushed Shane down on top of Ricky and held them down as he came and now that he was spent he eased his cock out and stepped back, slapping Shane on the ass.

"Fuck...that was two have fun" Matt said as he waded out into the creek and just eased over and floated out in the deeper water.

Ricky pulled away and turned to Shane.

"I want to watch you fuck me" Ricky said as he eased down on his back. Shane didn't need encouragement and was quickly between Ricky's legs holding them apart as he let his hard cock press up against Ricky's hole. He sank all the way in with one push and began to drive his hips up and down. He felt a renewed urgency and drove into Ricky hard, hips slapping down on ass and Ricky groaned and moaned and begged to be fucked harder.

"Jesus, tear that ass up" Matt exclaimed as he watched Shane's hips move up and back down hard, smacking against Ricky's ass and when Shane rose up on his hands, his toes burying into the sand he fucked harder. His body glistened in the sunlight as he exerted himself, every muscle bulged up tight.

Shane pumped his cock now to cum, his mind focused on bringing himself off as he pumped his hips up and down slamming his cock into Ricky. Sweat poured down his face, down his torso and dripped down on the folded over body beneath him.

"Fuck" Shane uttered when he slammed down all the way, his cock swelled up large and cum shot deep into Ricky. He pumped his hips with each ejaculation, smacking his hips down on Ricky's ass till he was spent. When he pulled out of Ricky's ass he saw the ropes of cum over Ricky's chest and stomach and knew he had cum during their fuck.

Ricky let his legs fall flat on the sand and he lay there breathing hard for a few minutes.

"That was...awesome" Ricky uttered as he stared up into the sky.

The next hour they floated around in the creek letting the water cool them down. Matt and Ricky admitted to messing around for some time and Shane asked about the other guys from the region, especially the ones from that summer long ago. Matt wasn't sure but Ricky laughed telling them Ryan and he almost messed around once when they had gotten drunk at a party. They had ended up in a bedroom and were touching each other when they were interrupted so nothing ever happened. Shane thought of Ryan and how he had looked at him that summer riding in the truck bed and he wondered.


A few days later Shane pulled up to Brown's General Store, the one closest to his home, and went in for a snack and drink. He paid Mr. Brown and leaned back against the old drink cooler listening to the farmers standing around the counter with Mr. Brown talk about the latest gossip. They asked how his family was doing and if he was ready to leave for college and he told how eager he was fall to arrive. Finishing his bag of chips he told everyone goodbye and headed out the door. As he moved across the lot a new Jeep pulled up and he saw it was Jason with Carl in the passenger seat.

Shane had to walk past them as he headed to his old Cherokee and he said hello as he moved up next to the driver's side.

"Hey Shane, like my new ride?" Jason asked.

"Tell him yes or he'll drive you fucking crazy" Carl exclaimed, laughing, as he climbed down.

"Yeah, it's nice" Shane replied.

"Get him to take you for a ride. Maybe you can get him to go off-road and actually get some dirt on it" Carl said as he moved around next to Shane. "I've got to go; see you guys later."

When Carl was pulling away Shane found himself looking over at Jason who was still grinning.

"Well, you want to take a ride?" Jason asked.

"Yeah, sure; let me move mine out of the way."

Jason drove down the narrow two lane highway, the tire humming over the rough asphalt and the stereo turned up too loud to talk. Shane leaned over to Jason so he could get his attention.

"Why don't you turn up ahead; we can go down to the old camp road and see how well it does on that washed out old road?" Shane asked and Jason looked at him with hesitation in his eyes then he smiled and nodded his head.

"Why not."

Soon they were easing along the rutted and washed out old camp road, easing over the rough sections easily. The Jeep rocked back and forth and bounced over the rutted road and Jason and Shane were grinning over every rough obstacle.

"Where did you take Carl?" Shane asked.

"Oh hell we just rode around on the paved roads. Carl needed to get home and besides..." Jason looked over at Shane smiling mischievously, "he's not as adventurous as you."

Shane smiled back thinking about when Ricky, Matt and he were down on the river a few days ago.

When they got to the end of the road Jason shut the Jeep off and they sat for a moment staring at the trees that blocked their view of the river.

"I've not been down here since last year" Jason said in a low far away voice.

"Really? I rode off down here a few days ago" Shane replied leaving off how he found Ricky and Matt here.

"Did you go swimming?"

"Yeah" Shane replied adding "I just took off my clothes and swam around for a while. The water was nice and cool."

Jason didn't say anything for a minute then he spoke without looking over at Shane.

"You want to go in for a swim...I mean no one is around or anything...since we don't have swimming trunks or know..." Jason stammered and Shane interrupted him.

"Sure; come on let's go."

They stood on the bank and looked out over the slow moving waters, the swirls and ripples moving over its surface, neither saying anything for some time. Shane glanced over at Jason and saw how he was doing the same, these quick glances to see who would go first, who would take something off. Shane was more confident after the afternoon with Matt and Ricky and he began to unbutton his shirt, his fingers moving quickly down the front till his shirt opened up revealing his chest and stomach. He saw Jason look over at him and how his eyes lingered in their gaze. He took his jeans at the waistband and unfastened them, followed by the zipper. As he pushed the jeans down his legs he saw Jason pull his t-shirt over his head.

He worked one leg free then the other letting his eyes cut up to Jason time and time again. He looked at the familiar body, one that was still lean, muscular like a runner or a swimmer, and he let his eyes move up the smooth skin of Jason's flat stomach, upward over his chest till he finally let his eyes come to Jason's face and he saw it, that look, one he knew for Jason was watching him slip his jeans off revealing the white briefs underneath. Shane felt aroused, his cock half hard with anticipation and he didn't care that Jason could see how it pressed obscenely outward, even reaching down and manipulating it with his fingers as he adjusted it within the stretched out pouch.

"Come on, Jason, get those jeans off" Shane stated in a commanding tone.

Jason unfastened his jeans and worked one leg free, then the other, nearly stumbling over as he got his left leg free and he tossed them up on the bank next to Shane's. He wore boxers, their dark plaid colors revealing nothing and Shane was now inpatient with desire to see Jason without them. He slipped his fingers into the waistband of his briefs and began to push them down.

"You taking them off too? What if someone comes?" Jason asked, his voice nervous, an anxiousness Shane found cute.

"We can hear if someone drives up and besides, I don't want to have to wear wet underwear; do you?"

"Nooo..." Jason replied as he watched Shane slide the briefs down his legs till they fell around his ankles. Shane stepped out of them and using one foot kicked them on top of his jeans. His cock arched out half hard, the head flared out wide and he tugged on it once. Jason stared at him openly, unable to turn his eyes away as he slid his boxers down his legs. He bent over moving all the way down and worked them off each foot before standing back up. Shane watched him, boldly letting his eyes move over Jason's body. When Jason stood up he saw the long thin cock, the head arrow shaped and he saw how it hung over its sac wondering how big it would get when erect.

They moved into the water and for several minutes they swam around, moved around each other at a distance with eyes cutting back and forth between them. Shane swam slowly downstream letting the water carry him along and when he stopped he stood in water up to his chest. He saw Jason standing in swallow water, only up to his knees. He looked at the firm lean body, shiny and wet in the sunlight and without thinking about what he was doing began to stroke his cock, to slowly move his hand along its length building up his arousal. Jason dove into the deeper water along the main line of the river and disappeared from sight. Shane watched as a few bubbles rose to the surface, his mind playing out one fantasy after the next on how to move on Jason as he slowly stroked his cock.

Jason came up in front of him a few feet away and he shook the water from his hair and wiped the water from his face and when he looked at Shane he smiled.

"What are you doing...Shane?"


"It's not what it looked like underwater."

Shane looked at Jason and smiled, then he moved to Jason, closed the gap between them till he was so close he could see every freckle over Jason's cheeks and nose, could see the outline of his beard where it came in around his chin and along his jaw and he could see Jason's brown eyes looking at him, questioningly, imploring him to do something. He reached out beneath the surface and let his fingers graze Jason's stomach, lightly, stroking the fingertips over the skin and Jason inhaled deeply then smiled.

Shane let his fingers move downward trailing along the smooth skin, rake through the pubic hair and travel along the elongating cock floating out in front of him. He grasped it, let his fingers wrap around it tightly and he began to stroke it. It was only a few seconds before he felt Jason take his cock. Fingers wrapped around his shaft and began to move along its length, to rub over the flared head then travel down to the base.

"Feels good" Shane whispered.

"Yeah" Jason replied. "You ever do this before...with another guy I mean?"

"Once" Shane replied and he moved closer to Jason knowing he was taking a chance but he wanted to feel Jason in other ways, he wanted to feel their lips touch, their bodies come together and he wanted more. Jason pulled back slightly at first and Shane kept moving toward him till Jason relaxed and their lips touched.

They moved to the bank and lying side by side they kissed, ran their hands over the other feeling the shape of their bodies, their muscular forms, the heat of their skin and they grasped each other's cock and stroked them, felt the way they flexed in each other's hand and after a while Jason felt the slickness at the head of Shane's cock and he smeared it over the head and down the shaft making Shane pump his hips trying to fuck his cock through Jason's hand.

Jason pushed Shane over on his back and Shane thought Jason wanted to fuck him but Jason moved over him, straddled his waist and rubbed his cock over Shane's stomach and chest leaving a trail over his skin.

"You're leaking too" Shane uttered as he felt Jason work his ass back and forth. Jason was pressing down on Shane's cock as he moved his hips back and forth. The way Jason was rubbing Shane's cock was too much and he pushed up increasing the sensation.

Shane watched Jason when he stopped rocking his hips back and forth and moved over him, watched how he rose up and took his cock holding it under his own ass.

"Have you done this before?" Shane asked and Jason just nodded yes as he let his body ease down till the head of Shane's cock pressed tightly to his hole.

"Don't move till I get you in me...okay?" Jason asked as he moved downward, slowly, taking inch after inch of Shane's cock letting it stretch him open and sink into his hole. Shane watched his cock disappear, sink into Jason's hole and when Jason was sitting on his hips he reached up and ran his fingers over Jason's chest tweaking both nipples. He felt Jason shudder, felt his body quiver. Jason rose up and began to work his body up and down, slowly at first but he increased his pace, working his legs to lift his body and drop it back down fucking his ass on Shane's cock. Jason reached down and took Shane's hands in his own and leaned over pinning them in the sand over Shane's head. He held Shane down as he worked his body up and down on Shane's cock.

As Jason's pace increased, his movements faster it made his cock bounced up and down, smacking Shane's stomach leaving a wet slick spot. He moved tirelessly, exerted himself till he was breathing hard, his muscles bulged along his lean torso and his skin grew shiny with sweat. Jason sat up and took his own cock in hand and stroked it with the rhythm of his fuck, fast and furious was his pace and Shane lay back savoring the feel of his cock as it was being milked by Jason's hole.

"Goddamn...fuck...FUCK..." Jason cried out and Shane felt the wads of cum hit him in the face and on the neck, felt the next wad rope up his chest as Jason ejaculated, his hand a blur on his cock and he rocked his body up and down violently. Shane felt every spasm of Jason's hole while he came, felt the way it milked his cock and he shoved upward as hard as he could pumping his own cum deep within Jason's hole.

They washed off in the river, swam around for a while making casual conversation each watching the other, looking openly at the other's body. Shane moved up in the swallow waters over a sand bar and let the cool water trickle down his body. He suddenly sensed Jason behind him and he waited, wanting Jason to come to him again, and for what seemed like a very long time he finally felt Jason's hands rest on his shoulders and pull him back till their bodies were pressed together. He felt Jason's lips on his neck, felt them move along the edge of his hair, over his earlobe then Jason's tongue moved within the curve of his ear and worked around the earlobe. He felt Jason press against his ass, felt the growing erection nestle between his cheeks and he pushed back against it.

"Can I fuck you?" Jason whispered.

"Yes" Shane replied and he felt Jason's hand on his neck and he knew what to do.

Bent over, water cascading around his legs, Shane felt Jason press a finger to his hole, felt it breach his tight opening and stretch him open while he felt lips kiss his back, move over his shoulders and neck. He cried out when Jason slipped two fingers into him and he found himself moving his ass back taking those fingers as deeply as he could force them into his hole.

"Fucking want it bad" Jason joked as he moved back up to Shane's ass and nestled his cock to the stretched opening. Shane braced his hands on his knees as he felt Jason slide into his hole, pushing inch after inch into him. Jason moved smoothly, steadily pushing forward till he was all the way in and he held Shane by the waist and began to fuck, to drive his hips back and forth with a steady rhythm. Jason was physical with his fuck, holding tight to Shane's waist as he hammered his cock into him, over and over and over, bodies slapping noisily together. Shane's cock hardened and flopped back and forth slapping his stomach frequently with the rough rocking Jason fuck did to his body.

"Oh fuck" Jason uttered through clinched teeth as he drove inward. He felt Shane's hands touch his thighs with the fingers digging into the flexing muscle. "God...I wondered what it'd be like with you" he exclaimed as he ran one hand along Shane's spine feeling the hot skin, so slick with the sweat beading up on its surface. Jason leaned forward letting his chest rest down on Shane's back. The contact was hot, slick, and Jason moved roughly over him. Jason reached underneath Shane and took his cock, grasped it tightly and stroked it in rhythm with his fuck.

Shane was moaning, grunting with each push inward by Jason, and he rocked his hips back and forth increasing the sensations of Jason's hand on his cock and cock fucking his ass.

"I'm going to cum" Shane cried out and he thrust his hips forward pumping his spurting cock through Jason's hand. He shot wad after wad as Jason stroked his cock then he felt it, the hard push inward and Jason holding still a moment and he knew Jason was coming too. Jason rested his head on Shane's back, his breath hot against the skin as he slowly pumped his hips till he was spent.

Jason pulled out and helped Shane stand up and they kissed, softly, gently and as they pulled apart they began to laugh with each other.

"That was fun" Jason said.

" know I always wondered what it would be like to fuck around with you."



They eased off into the deeper water and floated around for a long time till both were exhausted with their exertions and being in the water so long. Back on the bank they dressed quickly and headed back to Jason's Jeep.

"Have you ever done it with Carl?" Shane asked curious if Carl would fuck around too.

"Oh hell no; he's so straight...Jesus, he'd freak if he knew I...we" Jason corrected himself looking over at Shane, "...fucked around like this."

"What about Ricky, or Matt, or..."

"Ricky? Probably, but Matt I'm not so sure and as for Ryan, which is who you were going to say, well..."

"Well what?"


On the way back to Shane's Cherokee Jason told how he had messed around with Ryan the night they graduated from high school and continued to do so the rest of the summer. Jason admitted to how much fun they had together but by summer's end they found each wanted something different, that something was missing and they decided to keep their relationship as just friends.


A couple of days later Shane found himself in Jason's room, the two of them in bed, their sex exhausting, both covered in sweat. Jason had called inviting him over and it didn't take but a few minutes before the two of them were naked and wrestling around on Jason's bed.

"I'm leaving early for fall term" Jason said as he lay on his back with Shane snuggled up next to him.

"Really? I've got a couple of weeks before I leave."

"Have you talked to Ryan? You know the two of you will be at the same university."

"No, I've not seen Ryan in a long time."

"Maybe you should call him up. Ask him about the university and what the city is like."

"Yeah... maybe" Shane replied letting his voice drift off as he thought of that day in the bed of the pickup and how he kept catching Ryan looking at him.


The next few days Shane found himself holding his cell phone contemplating calling Ryan and each time he had chickened out. By the time Saturday arrived Shane was lying on his bed listening to the rumble of the thunderstorm blowing over and the rain as it beat against the house. He picked up his cell phone and before he could consider what he was doing, before he tried practicing what to say, he dialed the number Jason had given him. The familiar ring sound once, twice, three times and Ryan's voice mail came on.

" probably don't remember me very well but this is Shane. I got your number from Jason. He said I should give you a call since I'm going to be at the university this fall. I thought you might be able to give me some advice about the place and...well...give me a call if you have time my number is..." Shane spoke his number slowly making sure not to rattle it off too quickly wanting to make sure Ryan understood each digit.

Ending the connection he laid the phone on his nightstand and lay back staring at the ceiling thinking of that summer day and Ryan and the others in the truck. He stared at the ceiling wondering if Ryan would call him back or if he'd blow him off. Lightning hit close and the thunder rattled the windows followed quickly by the power going off leaving Shane lying in the darken room, the house strangely quiet since he was home alone.

He settled down and was nearly asleep when his phone rang.


The small restaurant in nearby Monroeville was busy with people rushing in out of the rain for a quick dinner. The parking lot was nearly full with all the spaces up near the building occupied. Shane parked in the rear and ran for the side door and as he cut across the parking lot he saw Ryan's pickup parked nearby.

He ran into the door pushing his wet hair back out of his eyes and he shook off as much water as he could. Looking around the room he saw it was as busy as he feared with all the booths along the walls taken along with several of the interior tables. He scanned the room looking for Ryan and suddenly saw a hand waving at him from the back of the restaurant. Cutting through the dining room Shane made his way to the table making.

He saw Ryan was wearing a tank top and jeans and he still had his hair rather long on top till it hung down over his forehead concealing his eyes from view. Shane let his eyes roam over the upper body visible at the table, the muscular arms and broad shoulders exposed by the tank top. He saw how the tank top fit loosely, hanging low across the chest revealing the smooth fair skin with the chain of a necklace visible around his neck. As Shane got closer he saw the way even Ryan's arms still had a smooth look with little or no hair on them and when Ryan reached over and pulled out the chair next to him Shane saw the sparse hair underneath his arm, a darker blonde than the hair on his head. Even with the body of a man Ryan still had a youthful appearance and Shane felt an attraction he dared not think about as he sat down next to him.

"Can you believe this weather?" Ryan asked.

"It's crazy. The power was out at home."

"Ours was too" Ryan responded as he glanced up to the approaching waitress.

"Hey guys, can I get your drink order?"

When the waitress went to get their drinks Ryan leaned back in his chair and grinned at Shane.

"What is it?" Shane asked feeling even more anxious.

"I was beginning to think you wouldn't call."


"Jason told me you had my number" Ryan said and he leaned forward and for a moment Shane saw the look from years ago, the one Ryan gave him in the bed of the pickup. "He also told me you two had some fun the other day."

Shane wanted to be surprised but he wasn't, in fact, he was glad Jason had said something and now there would be no cat and mouse game between them. He grew bold, even in the midst of the busy restaurant and he leaned forward, close to Ryan.

"So he told you we fucked?"

Ryan's eyebrows rose up in amusement at the blunt response.

"Yeah, he told me."

The waitress came over with their drinks and took their order. For the rest of their dinner together talked about college, what Shane should expect, what it was like in the dorm. They found out they would be in adjacent dorm buildings. When they came out of the restaurant the rain had stopped and the sun was beginning to shine through the clouds that were breaking up.

"You want to come back to my place...hang out, play games or something" Shane asked wondering if Ryan had just been teasing him earlier or if there was a chance. "My folks went down to Fort Walton to hang out with some old friends and won't be back until Monday" he added letting Ryan know they'd be alone.

"I'll follow you" Ryan replied as he walked up close putting his arm around Shane's shoulders and leaned in close. "Maybe you can show me some of those moves you put on Jason the other day."

It was different this time, an intimacy the other times didn't have being in his own room, his personal space, sharing it with someone else. It seemed dreamlike as Ryan moved up and took him by the waist pulling their bodies together.

"You really grew up" Ryan said as he leaned to Shane and kissed him gently on the lips. For a long time they just stood in the middle of the small bedroom and kissed, hands moving up and down the other's back, slipping upward and holding a neck or combing fingers through hair.

Shane pressed his groin against Ryan's letting him feel how aroused he felt, let him feel the growing erection confined in his jeans and Ryan pushed back, just as aroused. Ryan moved back a step and began to unbutton Shane's shirt, one button after the next he methodically worked free till Shane's shirt hung open revealing his muscular torso. Ryan leaned over and kissed him in the middle of the chest, ran his lips over the smooth skin until he grazed one nipple and he nipped it lightly with his teeth. He pressed his mouth over the nipple and sucked lightly as he pushed Shane's shirt off his shoulders letting it fall to the floor.

Ryan stood up and faced Shane noticing how Shane was looking at him, a longing he'd not seen before and he lifted his tank top over his head and tossed it to the floor. Shane reached out, his hand shaking slightly, and touched Ryan on the chest, let his fingers move over the smooth fair skin, used his index finger to trace a line up along Ryan's neck and cup his jaw as he moved to kiss him again. Shane pressed his bare torso against Ryan's feeling the heat of his body, the feel of skin on skin, soft to the touch but so firm underneath with muscle. Ryan wrapped his arms around Shane's body and hugged their bodies together tightly. He pressed his groin tightly against Shane's and let his hands move down taking a hold of each cheek and pulling them together, pumping their groins together feeling each other's arousal.

Ryan let one hand slip down beneath Shane's waistband and felt the soft cotton fabric of his briefs. He pushed down further working his fingers along the cleft between the cheeks and he probed down between them pushing the fabric along with his fingers. Shane moaned, becoming more animated within Ryan's arms and when Ryan let him go Shane began to undo his jeans and push them down his legs working each leg free. Shane's briefs were tented by his erection and he didn't hesitate to push them down letting them drop to the floor around his ankles where he stepped out of them.

Naked, his cock standing up erect, he let Ryan see him, aroused, ready and Ryan moved to him and hugged their bodies together. Shane felt the soft worn denim of Ryan's jeans against his nakedness and he ground his cock against him. He slid a hand down between them slipping it down Ryan's jeans till he was fingering the hard shaft confined within them.

"Fuck me. Fuck me Ryan...I want you in me" Shane whispered in Ryan's ear as he manipulated his cock.

Ryan pushed him back to his bed and eased him down on it. Standing by the bed looking down at Shane, him lying back naked, cock hard and leaking, Ryan worked his jeans open and slid them down his legs. His boxers were tented out and he wasted no time in pushing them down and stepping out of them. Shane spread his legs running one hand down below his sac and fingered his own hole letting Ryan watch, watch him rubbed it with his index finger, circling the tip of his finger over his opening, then penetrating himself with it, puumping it in his hole, all the while keeping his eyes on Ryan, looking at the way Ryan watched him.

"Fuck me Ryan" Shane whispered, his tone pleading.

Ryan moved down over Shane, shifted his legs between Shane's and pushed his cock up to Shane's hole. Shane grabbed him by the waist and pulled him downward forcing Ryan's cock into his hole. Shane threw his head back and moaned as he continued to pull Ryan down taking his cock inch by inch. Shane shivered with the penetration and he wrapped his legs around Ryan's waist.

"Fuck me...fuck me Ryan" Shane pleaded and Ryan began to work his hips up and down thrusting his cock deep in him, over and over, building up his rhythm. Shane hugged their bodies together as Ryan built up his pace, drove his cock into him faster and faster. The small bed squeaked and rocked roughly against the wall as Ryan pumped Shane's ass with his cock. Their bodies were hot to each other, slick with their exertions and Ryan undulated with his fuck, the full weight of his body on Shane, physical, masculine, driving his hips with urgency. Ryan kissed Shane on the neck, moved his lips along the collarbone to the shoulder and as he felt the tightening of his body, the surge of cum racing through his cock he lightly bit Shane on the shoulder. Shane cried out and pushed upward taking Ryan as deeply as he could as he felt Ryan fuck his hole in short hard thrusts. He knew Ryan was pumping him full of cum and he clung to Ryan, holding him tightly.

Ryan eased out of Shane and lay down next to him with Shane rolling over on his side to make room. Their legs intertwined, bodies nestled together, Ryan ran his hands over Shane's back and down over the round cheeks of his ass. He let his fingers slide down between them, probing down into the cleft till he felt the wetness, his cum leaking from Shane's hole.

"This is nice..." Ryan uttered more to himself than to Shane as he leaned over and kissed Shane on the neck. "I want you to fuck me...okay?"

Shane turned his head back, smiling, and nodding his head. He shifted over watching Ryan lay down on his stomach next to him. He moved over the prone body, put his legs on either side of Ryan's thighs and moved into position, holding his cock down aligning it with Ryan's hole. He pushed down and saw Ryan push upward. His cock pressed against the tight hole, pushed against it till he felt it loosen and he penetrated through the tight ring and began to sink into him. Ryan pushed upward more, urgent in his desire for this fuck.

Shane eased his cock into Ryan slowly, inch by inch, till his hips pressed down on Ryan's ass. He shifted his position, wrapped his arms around Ryan's neck bear hugging their bodies together as he began to fuck. His body undulated on top of Ryan, heaving for breath as he exerted himself pumping his cock into him, working it through the hot soft interior of Ryan's body, thrusting downward deeply. Ryan rose up beneath him crying out, begging Shane to fuck him.

Ryan savored the way Shane's cock bore into him, deeply, stretching his hole open, the penetration locking them together. He felt the heat between them, the way Shane moved slickly over his back and Shane's hot breath on his neck. The bed squeaked in rhythm with their fuck, the steady rhythm of it echoing through the house.

"Oh shit...I'm going to cum" Shane exclaimed as he drove his cock inward faster and faster.

"Give it to me" Ryan uttered as he buried his face down in the pillow pushing his ass upward taking Shane's fuck, the way their bodies were spooned together in their movement.

Shane's pace quickened as he felt his cum surge through his cock, felt the way it swelled thickly inside of Ryan, now so sensitive to every touch, every move almost painful in its intensity and he pushed inward hard grinding his hips against Ryan's ass as he pumped his cum into him. He worked his hips up and down with each ejaculation, his cock pushing through each wad slickly until he was spent and he kept pumping his hips, slowly, feeling every sensitive inch move through Ryan till he was exhausted, unable to continue.

Shane lay on Ryan for a long time feeling the heat trapped between them, the slickness of their skin and the slow rhythmic movement of their breathing. When he moved to Ryan's side he pulled him over to his side as he spooned their bodies together. They lay quiet watching the last of the sunlight move over the walls and ceiling as it set ending the day. Their eyes closed, nearly asleep, Shane's arm and leg draped over Ryan who shifted in his arms turning toward him.

"Can I stay?" Ryan asked.



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