I had had my eye on Aleksey since the skating season began. He was the new partner for Tonya in the ice pairs division, and he was sheer sex on ice. He was all dark, brooding good looks; muscle and power and with curly black hair on his arms and legs and swirling around his pecs and diving in a wide path down into his leotard. He wore his jet black hair long, in a pony tail, with a few strands loose across his face, only seeming to hide his piercing eyes and sensual mouth, making them all the more desirable.

The public was able to see the loop ring through one ear, but only those of us who saw him in practice and in the showers knew of the ring through a nipple and the other, maddenly intriguing one down below, in the helmet of his cock.

All season long, I had agonized over the thought of that cock ring running up and down my ass chute, but Aleksey had hardly spoken to me at all, let alone given me a tumble. The lack of attention and interminable waiting only made me love and want him more.

I knew he fucked men. I was well aware of his ritual of having a good fuck the day before competitions, but he'd always had his own friends around him to accommodate him for that' at least until now. None of his usual male friends were in this competition, and he was so on edge that I could tell he hadn't emptied his ball sack since Skate Canada, two weeks previously. I'd watched him just now in practice, and he was so unsettled that his timing was off. I was afraid he was going to drop Tonya to the ice during one of their lifts. He must have been afraid of this as well, as I saw him send her off the ice and start to furiously skim the ice on his own, practicing his moves, trying to get them under control.

I wanted Aleksey to love me, and in order for that to happen, I had to maneuver him into making love to me. No time seemed to be better than the present, so I glided out onto the ice and started some practice warm-ups for my singles routine, hoping to attract his attention.

My timing had been right. I could see instantly that he was watching me. And I could see the desire building in his eyes and his groin coming to life. You can't hide much in an ice skater's practice leotard, and Aleksey was so mammoth down there to start with that any building of sexual energy there was impossible to keep a secret. For performances, he wore a cup that kept his manhood reasonably within bounds, without disguising it to a point of disappointing the women spectators' and a good many of the men spectators as well. But in practice, he didn't bother with a cup, and I could see him lengthen and thicken as I skimmed across the ice.

He skated over to the boards and pulled off his practice T-shirt and came back out to center ice and did some magnificent spins that were not part of his current pairs routine. He was doing them for me. My heart began to pound.

I skated over to the boards and removed my T as well. My smooth, lithe blondness complimented his dark, hairy muscle pack perfectly. I was a youthful yang to his older, experienced yin; I was compliant, soft, seeking bottom to his urgently needy, hard top.

We started to skate in relationship to each other, our glides and spins and jumps coming into a shared rhythm and into a complimentary pattern. We also skated in ever-tighter circles, in toward each other until, in a cloud of ice shavings, we both stopped dead, facing each other, very close. Both of our chests were heaving from the intensity of the syncopated ice dance. He leaned his head down to me as I tilted my head up, meeting his lips with mine. Our tongues entwined, and I felt a flash of recognition and pleasure zip through his body as he discovered I had a knob-headed stud in my tongue. I could feel the wheels turning in his head concerning the pleasure I could give his cock with that stud, just as I was melting in anticipation of what his cock ring could do in my ass.

With one hand on my butt and the other on the small of my back, Aleksey arched my torso back and attacked erect nipples with his lips and teeth, leaving me in no doubt about his need and his intention to ravish my body. I rewarded the hot attention he was giving my body with little yips of pleasure and pain and buried my fingers first in the curls of his chest and then in the hair on his head, giving at least token indication of trying to pull him off me, but only effecting my real goal of releasing his long black hair from the pony tail to flutter across my face, shoulders, and chest, giving me more points of pleasure. My fingers slipped away from his hair and fell limply at my side, as he lifted me off the ice and slid my body up his while moving his lips and teeth down to my belly and navel, which was pierced with a gold ring that got a workout from his tongue, teeth, and lips.

He then let me slide down his body onto my knees on the ice and pushed my face into his crotch.

'Suck me,' he said, 'And then I'm going to fuck you.' I thrilled at hearing those words, which I had longed to hear for months. Without hesitation, I pulled his leotard down to below his pelvis and began working his cock with my mouth. He gasped at what I was able to do with that stud in my tongue. I had barely gotten him hardened up, however, when he pulled me back up to where he could lock his mouth onto mine. I wrapped my legs around him above his hips, and he skated over to where the boards broke to accommodate a judges' table. The urgency of his need was apparent. He seemed like a wild animal in heat now, focused only on his own sex urge. I had envisioned romance and a lover, and I was getting raped by a fucking machine.

Flipping me around, Aleksey laid me on the table chest down, pulled my leotard down to my knees, and went for my asshole with his tongue. With one hand on the small of my back, Aleksey held me down on the table. The other hand explored my cock and balls and gave them attention that drove me wild in anticipation.

Quickly, though, he had my ass wetted with his tongue and widened with his roaming fingers, and he crouched up and over me and got the helmet of his cock into my ass opening. I could feel the coldness of the ring. I whimpered and complained under him as he worked to gain entry. I wanted love; I wanted him to make slow, sensual love to me, not just to ravish me. His cock was huge, and my whimpers increased to gasps of pain and objection as he pushed insistently into me a few inches. He stopped the assault, giving my ass canal a chance to adjust to the size of his cock, and then, punctuated by my exclamations in French, obviously not caring about how he was using me, he thrust into me to the hilt. The cock ring caused my ass walls to ripple and tremble as it drove up my canal.

But this was what I wanted. And as my ass accommodated his billy club, the pain subsided and the pleasure flowed in. My objections turned to moans and sighs and more accommodating French phrases, as my tight little ass opened to him. He began to slowly pump me.

He dug his hands into my pecs and pulled me up to his hairy chest. The silkiness of his hair on my smooth back was sensual. Acknowledging my sighs, He turned my head to his, and we kissed. I looked at him with a dreamy expression and searched for the English that would express what I was experiencing; I certainly couldn't express myself in Russian.

'The cock stud,' I said. 'The feeling.'

'You like?' he asked.

'Yes, I like very much,' I said. 'Please. Can you fuck harder?'

'Sure,' he said, although he didn't respond immediately. He twisted my torso so that he could get his teeth at one of my nipples, and I gasped and moaned at the attention he gave me there.

After a few minutes, he let my torso descend back onto the table top. But then he was trying to turn me onto my back on the table. In his urgency and realizing that he wouldn't be able to strip off my practice leotard over my skates, he lifted his own skate-clad foot and sliced through the crotch of my pants, freeing my legs. Then he slowly spun me around on the table top on the spit of his still-buried cock, turned me on my back, and lifting my legs in the air with his hands. My hands fluttered up his torso, following the silky trail of the hair, and he began to deep fuck me. I was letting out little yelps of pleasure and whispering sweet nothings to him in French. He seemed not to be listening to me, to only be tuning in on his own cock. I then began jerking myself off, pushed by the need, but disappointed that he was only thinking of himself and his own needs. I was beginning to cry. This wasn't the romance I had expected from my long-anticipated lover.

When he was about to cum, he pulled out of me and shot off across my belly and up into my pecs. He buried a fist in my long blond hair, lifted his head to mine, and gave me what he obviously intended to be one last, deep, brutal, good-bye kiss. But, while we kissed, I took his cock in my hands and pulled his still-hard dick back into me. I was desperately trying to get him to focus on me; to give me some love, not just a fuck that would relieve his own pressure, enhance his own performance on the ice.

I grabbed his butt cheeks, holding him inside me, and writhed under him, my lips flying through his curly chest hairs and into his pits. I was doing everything I could to arouse him again, to make him want me. I nipped his nipples and rolled my tongue stud over the flesh of his torso. I wrapped my strong legs around him, below his buttocks, and I felt his cock coming to life again.

He had thought we were finished, but I thought he had more to give, more to give me, and I proved to be right. This time, I wrapped the strong fingers of a hand around his balls and rolled and pulled them and held him to my pelvis until, many long minutes later, with me fucking myself on Aleksey's cock with the rhythm of my strong leg muscles, Aleksey had cum deep inside me once more.

I just knew I had him now, that now he would become my tender lover, just the way I had envisioned. But I was wrong. All he had wanted was sexual release so that he could perform well in tomorrow's competition. Without further endearments, he just pulled out and away from me and left me laying there, spread-eagled on the judges' table. He skated back out to the center of the ice, performing a perfect triple salchow jump to show me that I had only been part of his routine. Then he skated over to the boards at the other side of the rink, snatched up his athlete T, and skated back to the exit to the locker rooms, not looking back to me at all. I lay there on the table, sobbing my disappointment and my feeling of being used.

I saw movement in the stands, and my coach rose from a seat and slowly descended the rows of empty stadium seats to the table where I lay. He was bundled up in a long coat to counter the cold air lifting off the ice into the stands. I had no idea how long he'd been sitting in the rink or how much of my encounter with Aleksey he'd seen.

He sat down on the table beside me, his hands deep in the pockets of his coat, and let out a long sigh. He was clucking endearments to me, telling me not to cry. That Aleksey was a pig who had a well-earned reputation of using other skaters to solely serve his needs.

I wiped my eyes, trying to stop the crying, struggled to get back up on my skates at the edge of the judges' table, and started to pull at the tattered fabric of my leotards. Suddenly I felt the need to be covered.

But the hands came out of my coach's coat, and he pulled me toward him, whispering encouragement and comfort to me. He opened his coat and pulled me up into his lap, my back to his chest. He was naked inside the coat, and his cock was fully erect and standing at attention. He gently lifted me with arms around my chest, and lowered my ass onto his cock, penetrating me easily with the lubricant of Aleksey's cum and pulling me down until my butt cheeks felt his wiry pubic hair. He enveloped me in his warm coat and nuzzled his lips into the side my neck and rocked me back and forth in a gentle in and out motion of his cock under the power of his undulating hips that continued long after he had flooded my insides with his own cum. This was just what I had wanted from Aleksey. But even now, I knew it was just my coach in a long line of men who would use me.



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