(Note: I'm playing with the structure of telling the story, the continuous sentence, to be taken breathlessly, read quickly, the way the scene unfolds.)

I know you're there, standing in the shadows watching, for that is part of the experience, this primitive urge of ours, so go ahead and watch, touch yourself, play your part as I enjoy this man before me, young, viral, his body shiny under the lone light, already heated up by our foreplay till his briefs are tented, and I grabbed them by the waistband jerking them down his long lean legs, thinking he runs, or maybe he swims, as I strip him naked, his cock snapping back to his abdomen, hard, the head wet and slick, and I grasp it, run my rough hand around the head making him moan, as his hips push upward, an instinctual move trying to increase the pleasure and I release his cock and take his sac pulling it down till it is tight, dark red, and he moans, cries out as his body shivers, and I release his sac and run my hands over his stomach, up his chest and rub them over his nipples, each one erect, hard to the touch and I take each one between my fingers and squeeze, as hard as I can till he is pushing up with his chest, his mouth open sucking in air filling his lungs so he can cry out with my release and he spreads his legs, invitingly, and I move between them and lay over his body, flesh against flesh, warm and slick, and I hold his head down and kiss him, roughly forcing my tongue into his mouth letting him know at this moment he is mine and I pump my hips against him, rubbing my cock over his sac and along the side of his cock, the two of them smearing their lube over each other, and he wraps his legs around my waist pulling me tight between them, submissively, wanting, and I move to his right ear, always the right, and I rim its curving form, nip the lobe, giving it a tug and I whisper in his ear, asking him what he wants, commanding him to tell me what he wants and he begs, pleads for me to fuck him, to shove my cock in his hole, his voice growing louder, urgent, as he tells me what he wants and I move down his body, letting my tongue trail over his skin, so smooth, slick, the slight saltiness of him drives me onward, down his stomach, the concave curve of it undulating quickly as he breaths hard till I can feel his cock brush my cheek, and I lift it up so you can see it, the long shaft wet, glistening in the light and it flexes in my hand, the slit flares open and a clear drop forms and I lick it off, savoring it on my tongue before putting the head in my mouth and run my tongue over it, making him push up and I let him, his cock pushing into my mouth and I take as much of it as I can, feeling it slide over my tongue and push at the back of my throat as he pumps his hips, fucking my mouth and I let him have a few strokes, a moment of pleasure before I pull off, stand up and leave him panting as he lies there, his stomach pumping up and down with each hard breath, until I can't wait any longer and I lift his legs and hold them to my chest, locked together and I twist them to the side to bring his ass up, and as I push his legs back folding him in two his ass spreads open, his hole visible and I rub my cock over it smearing the slick clear lube my cock is leaking till he is wet and trying to push his ass on my cock and I press against his hole and give him what he wants, swinging my hips forward penetrating him, breaching his tight hole and I feel it squeeze my cock as I push it in him, slowly, inch by inch, till half my cock is sunk into his hole and he begs me to shove it all in, to fuck him, to open him up, and I shove hard till all of my cock is buried in his hole and he cries out, and the word echoes in the room, and I do it, what he ask, standing up, holding his legs, I fuck, hard and fast, slamming my cock into his hole, my hips slapping against his ass, rocking him roughly till his moans reverberate with each downward thrust and he throws his arms over his head and grasps the edge of the platform and his lean body is stretched out with his back arched upward, his smooth flat torso quivering as he holds it up taking my cock, each thrust deep into his hole, roughly pushing it in him, changing angles, changing my pace, till I know he is seeing stars as I batter his prostate with my cock, driving it into his hole, and he begs me to finish him off, to fuck him harder and I slap his ass cheeks leaving red hand prints as my hips drive my cock into him and he cries out, his body shakes and quivers, his skin looks so tight over his lean muscles, skin so slick and shiny under the light with the sweat beading up on it and he cums, his cock flexing untouched as wad after wad of cum arcs out of it spattering his face and chest, the thick ropes of white cum cover him and his cock keeps dribbling out more that drools down the shaft and drips off onto his stomach, and I feel it, each ejaculation with the spasm of his hole, tight on my shaft as I keep pounding my cock into him, my only thought the release I feel coming and I keep fucking him till I feel my body tighten and the cum surges through my cock and it aches it is so hard, it feels like iron as I bury it in his hole and cum, shooting out wad after wad, and I keep pumping my hips feeling my cock slide slickly through my own cum that fills his hole until I'm spent, suddenly feeling fatigue of my exertions and I pull out of his hole, my slimly cock beginning to soften and he sits up looking only at my cock, the cock that he had just taken and he slides to the floor down on his knees and takes it and sucks it in his mouth, all the way letting the cum pool against his lips initially before licking it off and he sucks me till I'm hard again and I can only think of getting off again, of finding another hole to sink it into and fuck.

I look over letting you know it is your turn to give me pleasure.



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