Chad Morgan! Yes I said, as the secretary called me in for the interview, I got up and walked into her office with my resume and took a seat. She said wait here please Mr. Sims will be with you in a moment, I said a polite Thank you, and took a seat.

I was staring out the window on the fourteenth floor of the Large Office building Looking at the roofs of several buildings below, when in walked a middleaged man, stuck out his hand and shook my hand and said, Mr. Morgan, I'm Mr. Sims, Well lets see here Mr. Morgan, your resume looks to be a very impressive one, everything is in order.

Thank you sir, I responded. He said were wanting someone who will go to the other offices and be an omnibudsman, sort of a trouble shooter and root out problems and take care of, and find solutions for them and bring about a mutually satisfactory and pleasant end to the problems, and if need be get rid of any trouble makers in the Corporation, if you take my meaning, I said I'm your man. He said the pay is such and such, and you will be furnished a company car, you can See My secretary, Lilly for the rest of the Information and the Itenary for your company meeting to start with. I said Fine sir. and I went into the other room with Lilly, His Secretary.

She told me where to go to get the company car, signed my W2 forms for my tax withdrawels from my salary, and gave me a packet of information and an Itenarary.

I went outside and The secretary told that me and My partner Stewart Garebets, were to go to a company orientation meeting which was a four day sort of seminar in Dallas, Texas. I said fine and she gave me the company car, credit card, and a packet of information where it would be held and the hotel we were booked into and all the pertinent information.

Well I met up with Stewart as planned. and we set off for Dallas. Now When I saw Stewart I thought he would be a middleaged man in a business suit and rather a bla, possibly pot bellied dude just out to make a living, Damn man was I wrong, He walked into the room and He absolutely lit it up, he was fucking drop dead gorgeous, In a dark blue pin striped suit, black wing tip shoes, white shirt and beautiful tie, and his face was out of some sort of Abercrombie Fitch magazine, He was making me weak in the knees, He had a perfect set of the whitest teeth I have ever seen, and his voice was so sexy and romantic, I just started blubbering, Now when I heard him speak I thought he had a speach impediment, but not so, It turned out he was from 'Budapest' Hungary, and he had a noticeable accent, I just loved it. and I was going to spend the next 5-6 days with this gorgeous man, Fuck, I didn't think I would be able to control myself, I am a gay, man and as gay men are I have my sexual needs, and I was going to be stuck in a hotel with this absolute god, of a man, Holy shit was I in trouble.

Well we introduced ourselves and got aquainted with each other, He hadn't been in America but about three years and He loved the country and I was digging for info from this dude, of any sort and every sort.

Well we reached the hotel in Dallas and to make matters worse they had booked us into a single room with one Queen sized bed and I thot, Oh Shit I'm in trouble and little did I know Just what was going to happen.

We went up to the room and went into it and Stew, thats what he wanted me to call him, smiled, it was wonderful, I said you don't mind having just one bed for both of us, He responded and said why? I come from family of seven boys, we sleeped in three beds and one of them was a single, I sleeped wid two udder brudders in same bet wid me most of my life, no big deal he said. I said If you don't mind then It's alright with me. He said great.

Well we started settling in then and I noticed that Stew was putting his underthings into the drawers provided, he looked over at me and said, Hey, Sexy hey, I said what? He said Sexy Hey and held up a pair of almost micro briefs almost like strippers wear, he said very popular in Hungary with men, I just kinda slid back in my chair and thougth Oh Fuck, I'm really in trouble.

Stew decided we should get changed and go have something to eat, we had been on the road for about six hours and were hungery, I said fine He said I change into someting more comfortable, o.k. I said, fine with me we both started stripping and I watched as Stew took of his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt, and then he pulled off his trousers, and I started breathing heavy when I saw his very muscular upper body, hairy chest almost olympian sort of midsection, and those gorgeous Micro briefs, absolutely stuffed almost to overflowing with cock and these huge balls and the beautiful hair was sticking out from under the briefs, I wanted to die, there I stood, in my Hanes underwear, boxers with a split front and my 7.5 inch cock was sticking out of the slit like a tree limb. I started to put my hand down to hide it and Stew said Hey man, I not afraid of hardon on other guy, I had seven brothers in same bedroom with me, I find very sexy, don't have to hide from me, If I get one I won't hide from you, Just part of being a guy, and He smiled and I was starting to warm up to Stew.

We went out to get some dinner, and then went to a Movie about a block up the street from the hotel, and We went back to the hotel, and was getting ready for bed and I wanted a shower and Stew said me too. and I got ready, didn't see the need for closing the door and I stripped nude and went into the shower and got in and it felt great, was getting the road dust off my body and I heard Stew in the bathroom with me and he said when you done, leave water running, I get in next and he was taking a leak in the commode, I finished and slid the glass door back and grabbed a towel and I saw Stew totally nude and sporting one of the most gorgeous european uncut cocks I have ever seen It looked to be about 7-8 inches very thick and the little eyelet of the head was peeking out from under the foreskin, and Since I have a thing for uncut men I started getting that feeling and my cock started bouncing upward with each heartbeat untill it was like a Howitzer Militarty Artilary peice kinda standing up looking at the ceiling, fuck man, my dick was giving me away and I couldn't hide it, Oh well, what the fuck, If he don't like it so what, he just smiled and said Nice, very nice, you need to take care of that, and he winked at me, I almost creamed on myself then and there.

I was finishing drying an 'ole johnson' had started to deflate when Stew came out of the shower drying off with a towel in his hands drying his hair I turned around and Stew said, Hey man I have seen your cock, and you have seen mine, now there is nothing to hide, I sleep in the nude, just like home if o.k. with you, underwear is too binding and can't sleep free, I said fine with me, so Here we were, walking around the hotel room two grown men, both sporting half to three quarter hard ons in the same room, Well that was fine but my body has a way of giving itself away, I started leaking pre-cum from the head of my cock, and Stew noticed it and said that need some attention, I just smiled yea it does badly, and I started to go to the bathroom and releave the tension I was building up an Stew came over to me and said get into bed Chad I help you out, My brothers and I always releaved each other that way back in Hungary, I said what! He repeated, My brothers and I always releaved each other that way back in Hungary, I liked to lost it, I couldn't believe my ears, this gorgeous, I mean friggen gorgeous man, was offering to relieve my sexual tensions for me and I thought I was in the 'Twilight Zone' or something, Fuck what an offer, I said only if I can relieve yours too. He said yaw! Sure! So we snapped off the lights and crawled into the bed naked and sporting hardons like a Horney man in a whorehouse. Stew said hey man I like to blow job, is that alright and I thought he was wanting me to give him one and I started to lean over and he said yaw dat too, but I give, I looked up and said Hey man that would be awesome, and He started his occupation of my body, I just layed back and let him do his thing and man did he ever, evidently he had learned well from his seven brothers, he started by kissing me on my neck and working his was down to my nipples, and he kept stopping ever so ofter to ask wether I was liking what he was doing, I just said If you want to know, just look at my cock, He smiled and said, awe yaw great, and went back to suckin my nipples which, I have always loved done to me.

while he was leaning over to me I slowly reached over with my right hand and wrapped my hand around his hungarian cock and it was thick and throbbing and hard as a peice of iron, and wet from pre-cum too. I was gettin more turned on by the second and then He leaned down and took each ball into his very warm, moist, loving mouth and tongues each one gently and lovingly. I was starting to moan lightly, Stew said you like, I said fuck man I love, and he then crawled down and took my cock into his hand started sliding my foreskin back and forth over the head of my cock and started tongueing my asshole with his tongue, He was groaning his pleasure as I let him practice his art, he was just gently quietly bring me to into a state of ectasy, I was in a dreamlike state of absolute bliss, I didn't know where I was, or even who I was, Stew was a master of his craft and I was the canvas on which he was painting his artwork, I was lost to the world, each nerve was so alive, so tingly and his tongue was penetrating my rectum and he was sorta groaning out his pleasure and I said I can't take it any more, I had to have that cock in my mouth, He said O.K. and layed into a 69 posisiton and his cock and his balls and his gorgeous almost black, almost like carpet pile bush was so thick,and intoxicating and beautiful, I thought I was going to cry, God Man I was loosing it, Stew was working on my cock with his lips, mouth, and tongue, and I was taking him to the hilt and he raised up and said Chad I like the manjuice, do you, I said What? he said when you cum I swallow, I so Oh fuck yea man I do too. and he went back to work I was feeling his work on my sensative cockhead and getting that feeling deep in my body that heralds the impending rush of the climax, and then I started feeling his body start to push into my mouth and his grunting and groaning started also and I was so turned on by it, I felt my blast coming closer, I could feel my cock getting harder and the head flaring out thick and hard and Stew just grunted and kept on sucking swirling his lips and hand around my cock and the feeling was just fantastic, how do you describe that feeling, no words, I felt one last long hard push of his cock into my mouth and it almost most gagged me, down my throat it went and I felt that pulsing feeling of his cock, it was jerking and pumping the semen into my mouth, and I went over the edge I started that pumping of my cock and started shooting my cum into Stews mouth, and God was it ever intense we almost tore the bed down, Fuck I neve felt like that before this beautiful man who could have anyone he wanted, male or female and he wanted me. God what a rush. We layed there silent for almost a half hour recooperating from the intensity of our tryst, and He said that was just 'vunderbar', I said what? He said, Wonderful as you say it in America, I said Oh yea it was.

We got up and went and showered off lightly, and rinsed off the sex from our bodies and got into bed, Stew said Have someting more for tomorrow, and he reached over and put his arms around me and we went to sleep in each others arms, it was wonderful, He said you like? and I said I like, very much, he said good.

Our orientation the next day went just fine and we learned quite a bit about he company we were hired to work for and the job we were to be doing,

and after the daily 6 hour seminar was through we drove around seeing the sights and stopped and had some supper, and then went back to the Hotel room and just started to relax and Stew came over to me and said Chad I like you, and I said I like you too Stew, He said no man, I mean I really like you, I have not met man here In America I like, like I like you, would you be my lover, I said I would love to Stew, and said will you fuck me please I always liked that and I want you to make love to me, Please and he looked so beautiful and innocent, I was mesmerized by his gorgeous looks and childlike sweetness. We started taking each others clothes off and got down to the unders and I reached down and said let me do it Stew, and He said I was hoping you liked me enough to be lover with me, I really think your beautiful to Chad, I knelt down and started chewing on his cock thru his briefs and it didn't take long until his brief couldn't hold the motherload back anymore and I had to remove the restraints his big, beautiful, uncut, gorgeous cock just flopped out and his nuts looked like to hens eggs in that skin sack just hung there waiting for me, he just wimpered and I gently pushed him back on the bed and then I crawled upon the bed after I had undressed and slipped off my undershorts too and I leaned over and started working on his cock with my mouth, and Stew started wimpering and then I had him raise up his legs, and grab them with his arms under his knees and raise his ass hole up to my mouth level and his body responded immediately, and he started almost wimpering, I started tongueing his pinkish brown little love hole and I loved the hairyness of his ass and I went wild with it, Damn I loved it, I was in as much heaven with it as he was, and then I reached over into my bag and got a condom and some lube, Stew said use lube, no condom, I said what he said I'm clean and I trust you are too, I said O.K. if that what you want, I lubed up and pulled back my foreskin, and started pushing it into the little brown hole of his rectum and he started pushing back, He knew how to do this, he acted like he had done it before, I punched the head thru and he kinda grunted and he said it's alright keep going I get used to you soon, and I gently slid my seven and a half inch cock to the hilt, my balls were resting on his buttocks and it felt fantastic. Then Stew started fucking back up as me and saying aw shit Chad it feels so good and wonderful, I said I know man, I started pumping my cock in an out of his tunnel of love an he started writhing and wimpering he said oh fuck man you toughing that spot, I feel it, and then he mumbled something in Hungarian, I didn't understand, then said sorry, I forgot you not understand Hungarian, I said that is fine, just enjoy yourself, and said I am man, I am, about five minutes of this pumping and I started feeling that buildup and said oh fuck Stew I'm gonna cum He said me too. I love to feel you shoot into my manhole. I said It's about there and aghnnnnn man, fuck man, and I almost stood upon my toes and buried my cock into his turd tunnel and grunted and blasted a load worthy of a stallion up into his intestine, and He yelled awe fuck man, and he started bucking and grunting and shooting his cum all over him and me and the bed frame and his face looked like he had lost a battle with a paint gun, I started kinda giggling and he started laughing too. I said friggin awesome Stew, that was friggen awesome. He smiled and said thanks Chad I really needed that.

WEll needless to say Stew and I were really quite intimate from then on and If I could leave one statement with anyone about our love afair which has lasted for several years now, it is this, that Nothing tastes as good as my Hungarian Stew.



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