How to Stay In School

Part One

Matthew and Wesley

Mathew Peterson knew that he was gay from a very early age, so he perfected the art of staying closeted. He had to. His father was Mayor of the mid-sized, mid-western city, in which he and his family lived. Matthew, Sr. had won his position running on a platform of family values, and conservative principles.

Matt attended a very prestigious co-ed prep school. By the time he was fourteen, he tried hard to identify a kindred soul. He desperately needed to find a brother. Even if they never had sex, he longed for a gay friend to hang out with. After a while he began to fear that he was the only gay student in the school. Intellectually, he knew that there had to be others, but where were they? Finally, early in his last year in high school, he met Wesley Morrow.

Wes came from a poor family; poor compared to the Petersons. He went to a public high school, and he had a part time job in the food court of a local shopping mall. One Saturday morning, Matt was hanging out at the mall with one of his classmates, Susan Meyers. He gallantly offered to buy her lunch, and they went to the food court for hamburgers.

Susan found a table, while Matt went to order their lunch. Wes waited on him. The two boys looked in each other's eyes. Cosmic forces, and secret synapses in their brains, went into high operating mode. They both knew the score, and they smiled at each other. Nothing more than a smile passed between them that day, but they were so attracted to each other, that neither boy could get the other out of his thoughts for the entire following week.

The next Saturday, Matt went to the mall when it opened up. He prayed that Wes was at the store where he first laid eyes on him. He was, and Matt approached the stall.

"Are you open for business yet?" Matt asked Wes.

"I need a few minutes to get everything ready," Wes said, smiling broadly. He was so happy to see the boy who had occupied his thoughts all this past week.

"I don't mind waiting. I'll just watch you set up."

Wes blushed, and Matt found him even more attractive. At seventeen, both boys were almost fully grown at 5' 10" tall. Each would grow to six feet even. Wes had curly brown hair, brown eyes, straight nose, sexy full lips, and a manly square chin. Matt had dark blond hair, blue eyes, a pug nose, and a square chin just like Wes's. They didn't know, of course, but they were both cut, and fully mature at 4 inches flaccid, and nearly 7 inches hard.

When Wes was ready for business, Matt ordered a breakfast sandwich of ham and eggs. At the moment he was the only customer, so while Wes was preparing his order, he asked, "What time do you quit, Wes?" He had read Wes's name tag.

"I've got the early shift today. I'm off at 2."

"Would you like to hang out with me after work?"

"I'd love to."

"Great, I'll be back at 2. My name's Matt, by the way."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Matt. I'll see you at 2," Wes beamed at Matt. He had no doubt that he would not be stood up. He wasn't. Matt was there at 1:30.

When Wes spotted Matt, he asked. "Would you like a hamburger? It's on me."

"Sure, but only if you have one with me, when you get off work."

"It's a deal."

The boys found a table in the overcrowded food court, and sat down to have their lunch. "Do you have plans for this afternoon?" Matt asked. "Would you like to hang out with me at the mall?"

"I have a better idea. My folks own a ladies' sportswear store on this very mall. My dad will be here until closing at ten tonight, and my mom will be here until six. I have no brothers or sisters. How'd you like to hang out at my house today? We have lots of time until my mother gets home."

"I'd like that a lot."

"Good. Come with me. I'll introduce you to my parents, and I'll let them know that we're hanging out at home. I should also let you know, Matt, that I'm gay. Is that cool with you?"

Matt broke out into the widest smile he had ever produced. "It's frigid cool," he said. "I'm gay too."

"I thought so. Let's get going." Wes wanted to introduce Matt to his folks, but they were very busy with customers, so he decided not to waste time, and to introduce Matt another time.

"We can walk to my house from here," Wes announced as they left the mall.

"Better yet. I just got my driver's license, and I've got a car. Follow me."

In the car, Wes said, for no particular reason, "I'm a virgin, Matt. I've never...."

"I am also. Are we going to change our status today?" Matt asked in a plaintive voice.

Wes smiled at Matt seductively. "If you want to, I want to very much. By the way, do your folks know that you're gay? I told mine last year. They were disappointed, but said that it didn't make any difference in how much they loved me."

"I haven't had the courage to tell them yet," Matt said sadly.

When they entered the house, they ran upstairs to Wes's bedroom and stripped rapidly. "Can I kiss you?" Wes asked.

Matt hadn't thought about kissing, but he murmured, "I suppose so."

They leaned into each other, and crushed their naked bodies together. How sweet was their first kiss! Their mouths were closed, but they pressed their lips hard against each other. Instinctively, their mouths opened, and their tongues made contact. Both boys sighed.

"Climb into bed with me," Wes suggested. They lay down side by side and each boy reached tentatively for the other's cock. They were both ramrod hard. They fondled each other delicately.

"Isn't this nice?" Matt asked. "What should we do first?"

Wes didn't answer for a long time. When he did, he asked a question. "Will we see each other again?"

"I sure hope so."

Wes smiled. "Good. I hoped you'd say that, so let's go slow. Let's just jack each other off this time. Then next time we can do oral, and after that I'll be prepared with condoms and lube, and we can try to fuck each other."

"That sounds like a plan, but why condoms? We're both virgins, and I don't intend on being with anyone else, until we meet again," Matt laughed. "Can you make the same promise?"


"Then lube only."

They continued fondling each other and kissing. As they got more and more excited, their stroking got more frantic, and they soon came in each other's palms. When their frenzy subsided, they continued kissing passionately. Finally Wes took Matt into the shower and they cleaned up.

Afterward, while they were still naked, Wes said, "I want to show you something. He went over to the desk in his bedroom and opened his laptop.

"I created a website," he said. "I call it Nude Tube." Wes brought up the home page, which warned viewers that they had to be eighteen or older, to enter the site. Neither he nor Matt were over eighteen. Notwithstanding that little glitch, Wes clicked on an icon that said 'photographs.' A page full of male pictures popped up on the screen. Each one was nude, and proudly displayed the man's attributes.

"There are over thirty pages of pictures," Wes announced proudly.

Matt ogled the pictures, searching for Wes.

"I didn't post any pictures. I'm not over eighteen and I didn't want to get into trouble." He clicked on another icon that said, 'videos.' About a dozen listings appeared on the screen. Wes clicked on the first one. A short, two minute video, appeared on the screen. Two young men were fucking each other. They made no attempt to cover their faces.

"I had no idea how popular the site would be. I get thousands of hits a day and hundreds of postings."

"Wow," Matt explained. This is hot. "What do you say to us posting our pictures? Who'll know how old we are?"

"You think we should?" Wes sounded uncertain.

"It'll be fun. I know something even more fun. Let's make a video of us having oral sex next time, and anal sex when we finally do it. It'll be a blast."

"You're a real pervert," Wes laughed. "Yeah! Let's do it."

The boys could not get together on Sundays. Both families went to church, and after church Wes's parents ran to the mall and opened the store. In addition, Wes worked from noon to 6 PM. The only time the two boys could get together was on Saturday afternoons after Wes left the food court. For the next several Saturdays, they experienced oral and anal sex for the first time. Matt was able to obtain a male porno tape at a video store by presenting a false ID. They watched intently and learned much. By the time the boys were facing high school graduation a year later, they were expert homosexuals. The only partner each had was each other.

During their last two high school years, they took nude pictures of each other in every stage of erection. Sometimes they took selfies of themselves performing various sex acts. At least once a month, they set up the video recorder and filmed an entire sexual sequence. They posted photos and videos on Nude Tube constantly.

The website had grown to epic proportions. Literally thousands of men of all ages, shapes, and sizes began to post photos and videos. Wes set up a link whereby a contributor could contact another one, if he liked what he saw. Nude Tube evolved into the biggest gay dating site in the nation.

Matt was enrolled in Copley University, a small, all male, private school. His father had gone there, and it was rated as one of the best schools in the country. It was top of the line expensive, and very prestigious. There wasn't a school that came near to it. Wes was accepted to the State University.

The boys faced their separation very philosophically. They were sad, of course, but they both saw it as an opportunity to experience the joys of gay sex with other young men. They agreed that if the universe meant for them to be together for a lifetime, they would certainly reconnect at some later date.

 Part Two

 Matthew and Cameron

They were both handsome young men, and before their first month at school was finished, they both met, and had sex with other gay men. Matt's roommate, Eddie, was straight, so he never came on to him. One evening, at the beginning of his second month at Copley, Matt and his roommate were sitting at their desks studying and doing homework. There was a knock at the door and the RA handed Matt a note.

It looks like Dean Fisher wants to see you," he said.

"Who is Dean Fisher?" Matt asked. He had never heard the name.

"He's dean of student affairs, and he seems to know you, Matt. You better get your ass down to his office."

Matt was about to ask where his office was, when he glanced at the note. The letterhead indicated that Dean Fisher was located in Boyle Hall, Room 106.

"OK, I'll head right over." Satisfied that his task was done, the RA left.

"I wonder what this can be all about," Matt said out loud to nobody in particular. He located the Dean's office. A sign on the door read, "Cameron Fisher, Dean, Student Affairs."

Matt was shaking as he knocked on the door.

"Come in," someone said. The voice sounded kind. Matt had expected a harsh, authoritarian voice to come from behind the door. The softness of the voice helped him relax a little. He opened the door and stepped in.

Dean Fisher was standing up, and appeared to be about forty. He wasn't very tall, maybe 5'9" at most. His eyes were a beautiful blue. He had a full head of curly, light brown hair. His nose was pugged, giving him a very youthful look. He was stocky, but not fat. In fact, he was all muscle. After Matt entered, the dean locked the door. Now Matt was fearful again.

Dean Fisher walked over to his desk, and put his hand on a yellow file folder. "Come over here," he said sternly, and still he did not sound threatening. Matt's feeling of dread peaked and waned. "I want you to look at the contents of this folder," he commanded.

Matt stood beside the dean, and opened the folder. One quick glance and he turned ashen, and gasped. The folder was full of pictures. They were nude pictures that he and Wes had posted on Nude Tube. Matt was now shaking in his boots, but he was able to note that the pictures covered the past two years. They were in chronological order, and clearly showed the stages of his maturing body. Of course, he was speechless.

"I've also seen videos of you and that other boy. It's quite disgusting," the dean said, expressing his disapproval. He motioned to a chair in front of his desk.

"Sit," he commanded, and after Matt sat down, he sat down at his desk. He stared at Matt for several minutes, making the young man more and more uncomfortable. Finally he spoke.

"This school boasts a fine reputation for academic achievement, and conservative principles. I don't have to tell you what a scandal would occur if these pictures ever got out. They could place a stigma on the school which would take years to erase. Your family would be devastated. Think about your father's career. You realize that I have no recourse but to expel you."

"Please, sir. Don't do that. It would cause a worse scandal at home. My father would never forgive me."

"Well, there might be steps we can take to make all this go away."

"Like what?" Matt pleaded.

"First of all, every picture of you alone, every picture with that other boy, and every disgusting video of the two of you, has to be deleted. Can you do that? I'm not computer savvy, and I wouldn't know how to erase the damning evidence."

"Yes sir. The other boy and I run the website." Matt refrained from using Wes's name. "But there are literally hundreds of pages to go through. It might take me hours and hours."

"No matter how long, it has to be done."

"You said, first of all," Matt whimpered. "What else must I do?"

Dean Fisher stood up and walked around to face Matt's chair. Matt was forced to stare right at his crotch, which was obviously straining to be released from bondage.

"You can help me with a problem." Fisher dropped his pants and freed his burgeoning cock. Matt was fascinated. He was fully erect. His cock was hefty and uncut, and it had to be standing up at about eight inches. When he exposed himself, Matt was aware of a fine scent of perfume. The dean had obviously bathed his cock in something very pleasant smelling.

"Do you think you can help me with this problem I'm having?" Fisher smiled, pointing at his hard cock.

"I know I can."

"If you're sure you can help me, then when we are alone together like this, call me Cam. I think we are going to be great friends."

Matt took Cam's tool in his hand and fondled it sensuously. Cam purred in appreciation, so Matt took as much of the man's rod in his mouth as his jaw permitted. Deftly, his tongue began to bathe the underside of Cam's cock, and he gave his crown tantalizing little swipes. In a very short time, Matt felt Cam's balls shrinking. Cam pulled away.

"I've got condoms and lube in my desk. I presume you know what to do with them."

Actually Matt was confused. He didn't know if Cam wanted to fuck or be fucked, so he made a decision. He was aching to fuck Cam's slightly plump, very luscious ass. He put a condom on himself, bathed Cam's ass with lube and then greased the already lubricated condom with more lube. Cam smiled at him. Obviously he had made the right choice.

Cam leaned over his desk, and Matt lined his cock up with Cam's hole. He entered slowly, with practically no resistance. When he was all the way in, he reached around and grabbed Cam's cock in his hand. When he finally started to pump, he stroked Cam's cock in a steady, synchronized rhythm.

Cam began to whimper, but he did not speak. When his balls started to shrink again, Matt pumped harder. and stroked Cam faster. Now Cam got very noisy. He began to yell, "Fuck, fuck, fuck," and he came in strong, continuous spasms until he was spent. When he came, his ass constricted and Matt couldn't hold back either. He emptied into the condom Cam had provided.

Matt tried to stay in as long as possible. Even Cam urged him not to vacate his ass, but nature dictated otherwise. The men cleaned themselves with tissues from a box on Cam's desk. When they put themselves together again, they faced each other and smiled. Cam took Matt in his arms and kissed him tenderly.

"You're a fan of Nude Tube, aren't you?" Matt asked. "Otherwise you never would have seen the pictures. Did you ever post any of yourself?"

"Of course not. It's a stupid thing to do, unless you hide your face. Look what happened to you. I recognized you immediately."

"I know. It'll never happen again, and I promise to remove all my postings and videos before the end of the weekend."

"Tell your friend what you are doing so he doesn't foolishly repost them."

"Yes, Cam, I sure will. Now am I safe from expulsion?"

"You're safe, Matty. Do you think I'd let you get away after what we just did? I'm really rooting for repeat performances. Can you promise me that?"

"You bet. Is there any chance we might spend a weekend together in the near future?" Matt pleaded.

"I'm sure we can work something out."

"Cam, I think that this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Matt and Cam decided that their relationship was exceptionally risky, and discretion was required to the nth degree. It wasn't that Matt was under age. He had turned eighteen the summer before he came to Copley. It was their reputations, and possible scandal, that they had to worry about.

They both had private E Mail accounts, separate from the university provided site. Until now Matt used it strictly for corresponding with Wesley, but now he and Cam began to use the site to arrange their furtive trysts. Besides arranging for meetings, they described in great detail, and very graphic language, what they would do to one another to bring each other to a higher state of being; hopefully to reach Nirvana, in fact.

Cam lived alone. He would rush home after work, open his mail, and read Matt's lurid letters over and over. He would work himself into a frenzy, and then he would open up the Nude Tube pages, and whack off to some of his favorite pictures or videos.

On the other hand, Matt had to be more careful. He would read Cam's letters on his cell phone, when he was in the bathroom. He only went to his secret user name, on his laptop, when his roommate, Eddie, was out of the room. Even then, he would not open Cam's mail until he knew that Eddie would not be returning for a while.

Matt lived too far away to go home for weekends, so he told Eddie that he had a cousin, who lived in the nearby town, and that he was spending weekends with him. Eddie envied Matt for having a real home environment to go to every weekend. Of course, Matt spent those days with Cam.

The sex they had was hot and lustful. It could hardly be called love making. In fact, one time, Cam was lost in a fit of frenzy. He threw Matt on the bed and entered him without lube and without protection. He was exceptionally rough, and when he vacated Matt's ass, the sheets were full of blood. Matt was bleeding profusely. Cam packed Matt's ass with surgical gauze, and in time the bleeding stopped.

"I'm so sorry," Cam wailed. I don't know what came over me. Please forgive me."

"There's nothing to forgive. I love it rough like that. My boyfriend back home is gentle, too gentle. In a couple of days, when I heal, I want you to fuck me like that again. I'm sure that when my ass eventually gets used to that kind of fucking, I'll stop bleeding."

"I still feel that I have to apologize. I care for you, and I don't want to hurt you. Now how can I make it up to you?"

"A nice slow, blow job would be just what the student ordered." Cam smiled and kissed Matt, with a feather like touch. He proceeded to give Matt a trip around the world that was endless. It included licking under Matt's armpits, and rimming him until he could barely tolerate it. After more than forty-five minutes, Matt begged Cam to bring him to a conclusion. Cam was glad to oblige, and Matt's climax was tremendous, even if his ass was hurting. After Matt shot his load down Cam's throat, they wrapped their arms around each other and slept for several hours.

On Mondays, Matt's last class ended at two. His roommate, Eddie, was on the school's baseball team. The team practiced every day until five, as long as the weather remained mild. On Monday, Matt opened his E Mail long before he expected Eddie back. There was a short note from Cam, asking Matt once again to forgive him for his roughness over the weekend, and asking if his ass had stopped bleeding.

Matt knew that he had to reassure Cam that he was fine with what happened, but he had to go to the bathroom badly, so he shut down his lap top. He had to be super cautious. When he returned, he was anxious to send Cam a note of reassurance. He booted up his computer, and thought for a moment about what he would say.

There were only two addresses on Matt's contact list in his secret E Mail account, Wes and Cam. He clicked on "To:" and was taken to his two man address list. He clicked on Cam, or at least, he thought he did. He bypassed the subject line and went right to the text, never noticing that the note was addressed to Wesley.

Dear Cam: he typed.

Please stop whip lashing yourself. I swear you didn't hurt me yesterday by being too rough. Even though my ass bled, it stopped quickly and I swear, I'm not hurting now. My boyfriend back home is way too gentle. I wish that he would be rough like you sometimes. The sex was fantastic. I want more of it, not less.

Until Friday night, Love, Matt.

He glanced quickly at the text. Nothing was underlined in red, indicating that there were no spelling errors, so he clicked the 'send' icon, and shut down his computer. He was paranoid about Eddie finding out about him and Cam. He had no such problem E Mailing Wes. Early on, he confided in Eddie that he was gay, and he showed him a picture of Wes, fully dressed, of course. He was relieved that Eddie didn't give a shit. Anyway, he and Wes rarely exchanged E Mails. They preferred to text each other.

Fifteen minutes after he had sent the Email out, he heard the familiar beep of his cell phone. He grabbed it and saw that Wes was sending him a text message. He frowned when he read read:

Wes: What's going on? Who the fuck hurt u? I'll kill him.

Matt: Nothing is going on. A fuck buddy got a little rough, but I luv'd it. I was trying to tell him he didn't hurt me. U got the note by mistake. How's your luv life?

Wes: What luv life? I'm saving it for Thanksgiving and u.

Matt felt pangs of guilt, even though they had given each other permission.

Matt: Stop worrying about me. I luv u.

Wes: Then be more careful having sex.

Matt: I promise.

Matt tried to examine his emotions. Wes knew he was having sex. It was out in the open, but Wes was upset at the kind of sex he was having. He vowed to be more careful with his E Mail activities. Just then he heard Eddie open the door. It was only 3:30.

Part Three

Matthew and Edward

"Anything wrong?" Matt asked.

"Yeah, look." Eddie dropped his workout sweats, and revealed a big surgical gauze taped to his knee. "I scraped it bad when we were practicing sliders," he said.

"Shit," Matt said. "You should stay in bed. Did they give you antibiotics?"

"Yeah, they're in the pocket of those sweats you just tossed away." Matt retrieved the vial with the pills, and read the label. "one pill three times a day."

"When are you due for the next one?"

"At bedtime."

"Don't worry, buddy. I'll take good care of you. Why don't you stay in bed the rest of the day, and I'll bring you a tray from the cafeteria for dinner."

"Wow. I never expected so much TLC."

"We're friends, Eddie. That's what friends are for."

Edward James Fleming III was even richer than Matt. His family owned a chain of auto parts stores that went around the globe. He too attended only private schools before coming to Copley. In casual conversation, Eddie and Matt figured out that their fathers had been classmates here a quarter of a century earlier. They liked each other a lot, but sexual orientation kept them from becoming the really close buddies they might have been.

"I'll take you up on your offer, Matt, but I ask one more favor. I'm filthy from practice. Could you get me some plastic somewhere, and wrap my knee, so I can shower?"

"I've got some plastic clothes covers from the dry cleaner. I'll get one."

Matt neatly wrapped and secured the plastic around Eddie's knee, and cut away the excess. He began to undress.

"Why are you undressing?" Eddie asked.

"I think you'll need some help. Sometimes antibiotics make me woozy, so it might happen to you. If you say pretty please, I might even consider doing your back."

"I'm sure you'd love that, you pervert." Eddie joked.

Matt got completely undressed. It was no big deal. The men had seen themselves naked lots of times. He wrapped a towel around his waist and tossed one at Eddie. Matt pulled Eddie's jockey shorts down and helped him stand up. When he put weight on his injured leg, he winced. He did indeed need help. He was limping badly. Matt supported him all the way to the showers.

As they walked down the hall, Matt observed, "If you are still in pain in the morning, I'm taking you back to the infirmary. Are you sure you didn't break anything?"

"They told me that I didn't."

"Nevertheless, I'm staying in with you this evening. I'll bring us both a dinner tray from the cafeteria so I can keep you company while you eat."

"Thanks, Matt. I appreciate it. Is there anything I can do for you?"

"Sure, give me a dozen of your stores." Matt broke out laughing and Eddie joined him.

Matt had showered many times with Wes, and plenty of times with Cam. In the shower, his muscle memory betrayed him. As he was scrubbing Eddie's back, he began to do his ass, and without realizing it, he began to soap Eddie's balls. Thoughtlessly he ran a finger up and down Eddie's luscious crack, occasionally fondling the opening. Eddie was not reacting. Indeed he was not recoiling either.

Finally he sighed, "WOW."

That brought Matt back to reality. "Gee, I'm sorry," Matt muttered. "It's just that I do that to all my fuck buddies."

"Am I one of your fuck buddies now?"

Things were getting awkward, so Matt tried to lighten the mood.

"Are you coming on to me?" he quipped, and laughed. Eddie didn't laugh back. Instead he asked.

"Would you think that I might have a couple of gay genes in me, if I told you that I often wonder what it would be like to have sex with a guy?"

"It's my studied opinion that all straight guys wonder that, but very few will have the guts to find out. Some others might experiment, and decide that they are straight, now and forever. Still, a handful of others might actually discover that their true nature is to be homosexual."

They both grew silent. After a while, Eddie said, "You're very philosophical today, but I can't think about all that now. This shower really knocked me out. I just want to get into bed and rest before you bring us some dinner."

Matt had actually grown frightened at where their conversation was headed. He was glad to say, "Sure. Let's dry off and get back to our room." They shut off the showers and dried off. Matt removed the plastic wrapper for further use.

"I'll hang this out to dry in the closet in our room," he informed Eddie. Eddie nodded. They wrapped their towels around their waists and limped back to their room. Matt could see Eddie turning white, so he got him into bed as soon as possible. Neither man attempted to put underwear on the pained baseball player.

"You rest, Eddie, and I'll go get us dinner."

Matt got to the cafeteria before it officially opened. He told the manager that Eddie was injured, and requested two meals to go. The manager expressed his concern, and prepared the two meals in Styrofoam boxes.

When he returned, Matt sat Eddie up by propping the pillows from both their beds behind his back. They ate their dinners together and chatted amicably about their classes, their teachers, their schoolmates, and about Copley in general. Then for a moment there was silence until Eddie said, "Do you realize Matt, that this is the most we've chatted since we met. Why haven't we done this more often? You're a great guy and so easy to talk to. I can't say that about most of the guys at Copley."

"I know," Matt said smiling at Eddie. "From now on we'll have more chats like this one. I want to know all about you."

Out of the blue, Eddie threw a zinger at Matt. He asked, "Have you had sex with any of the guys here at Copley? I have a suspicion that your weekends at your cousin's house aren't chaste at all?"

"I have no reason to lie. Yes, I have had sex, with two different guys. What prompted you to ask?"

"I wasn't kidding when I said I was curious. Tell me what it's like. Tell me what you do?"

Matt got the distinct feeling that he could have sex with Eddie that night if he wanted to. He wanted to, so he said, "It would be much easier for me to demonstrate. Would you like that?"

"I'd like that very much, but I want you to tell me in advance, what you are going to do, so I can veto anything that I don't want to happen."

"What if you veto everything?" Matt asked in all sincerity.

"That's not likely to happen if I intend to have my curiosity satisfied."

"OK, then," matt said. He undressed, and sat down beside Eddie. "I'm going to start off easy," he said. "I'm just going to fondle you, and I would ask you to do the same to me. While we fondle each other, we will kiss. Are we good to go so far?"

Eddie hesitated, but in the end he said, "Yes, it's very OK." He said it very emphatically. "I want to experience as much as possible. I may never do this again."

"Or," Matt said with a smirk, "this may be the only thing you do from now on."

"I doubt it," Eddie said, with just as much smirk in his voice.

Matt took hold of Eddie's cock. He rolled it gently in his palm. It was flaccid and showed no sign of coming to life. "I'm going to kiss you now," Matt said. "Is it OK with you?"

Eddie squeezed his eyes shut and nodded. Matt placed his lips on Eddie's, and began to kiss him. Gingerly he began to force Eddie's lips open with his tongue. Eddie responded by sheer instinct. With his eyes closed, he pretended to be kissing a girl. Their kiss got more passionate, and Matt could feel Eddie's cock growing and hardening. He took Eddie's hand and laid it on his own very erect rod. Eddie began to fondle it. He rolled it gently in his palm as Matt was doing to him.

They stopped kissing and came up for air. "This is the first prick, other than mine, that I have ever held," Eddie said.


"It feels rather nice." Eddie resumed kissing Matt, and his cock was hard, firm, and seven uncut inches.

"I'm going to suck it now," Matt informed his roommate. "Is it OK with you?"

"Yeah, sure, suck it."

Matt did not go directly for his target. He teased it instead. He sucked Eddie's balls and his pubic area. He was surprised that Eddie trimmed his pubic hair. Eddie began to moan with pleasure, and Matt took him into his mouth. His educated tongue bathed up and down Eddie's shaft and constantly swiped his head. With each swipe, Matt tasted pre cum. He had successfully aroused his straight friend.

Matt felt Eddie's balls shrinking and hardening, and he stopped sucking.

"Why did you stop?" Eddie asked. "You can't leave me like this."

Matt didn't answer. He took a condom out of his night table and rolled it down Eddie's prick. Eddie moaned, "Oh God." Then Matt took a tube of lube from the drawer and shoved a glob up his ass, and coated Eddie's cock with lube. He straddled Eddie and sat very slowly down on his friend, as he guided his cock into his own waiting hole. Both men purred with pleasure.

Matt kept perfectly still, but Eddie kept moaning, "Oh God." It was Eddie that began heaving his hips upward and Matt joined in the action. Eddie actually began to groan louder and louder and he came with one primordial scream. He stopped thrusting and Matt stopped as well.

When Matt felt Eddie's cock trying to work its way out of his ass, he got off his friend. He removed Eddie's condom, and sucked his cock clean of cum. Then he rolled over and asked, "On a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, and one being the worst, how would you rate the experience?"

"It was a nine," Eddie said, trying to catch his breath. "The only reason I'm not giving it a ten is that I was so scared shitless, I couldn't completely relax and enjoy what was happening. I'll be calmer next time."

"Will there be a next time?"

"I'd like that Matt, but I gotta warn you, I don't know if I can reciprocate."

"I told you, Eddie. We won't do anything that might gross you out. Now let me give you your antibiotic, and you try to get some sleep."

"Something tells me I'll sleep like a baby."

Matt continued to service Eddie periodically during the week. It was not a steady thing, but it happened more often than Matt would have expected. On the weekends, Cam and Matt indulged in mind blowing sex, which was totally reciprocated.

One evening, Matt asked, "If we stopped having sex, would you still expel me from school?"

Cam got hysterical with laughter. "You are so naïve. I never intended to expel you."

Suddenly it was Thanksgiving. Copley gave its students the entire week off, and both men went in opposite directions to a place they called home.

 Part Four

 Mathew and Wesley

Matt got home on the Friday evening before Thanksgiving. Wes wasn't due home until Wednesday. He was out of his mind with anticipation. Wes called him shortly after dinner on Wednesday, and they told their folks that they were going to the mall. Instead they drove to a motel they had used before. The place rented out by the hour, and the men took a room. From the first kiss, they knew. They could fuck their brains out with other men, but they were destined to be a couple forever. They were soul mates and they knew it. That night they made love, like it was their first time. There college fuck buddies were gone and forgotten.

After Matt came, and spilled his seed high up Wes's ass, he cried.

I love you so much," he sobbed. "If you want me to, I'll give up all my fuck buddies."

"Not on your life," Wes said adamantly. "I want us both to have plenty of sex partners when we are apart. I don't know about you, but it makes me love you more. It makes me want to be with you more."

"Yes. I feel the same way."

"I want us to be a couple forever," Wes cried into Matt's shoulder.

"But we have to keep our secret until we graduate. My father would disown me for sure, for political reasons."

"Three and a half more years of deceit, and living in the shadows. It's a lot to ask, but I'll do anything for you," Wes promised.

"That's so good to know. If you'll do anything for me, I'd like to request that you fuck me one more time before we give up this room."

"That's the easiest request I ever complied with."

"And I promise that I'll fulfill and keep every promise I ever make to you, now and until the end of days."

The two lovers embraced. They remained locked together until Wes broke away so that he could prepare to fuck Matt, just as he had promised him he would do.

When Matt returned to school, Eddie informed him that he had gotten engaged over the holiday. He knew it wasn't for his money, because the girl was as rich as he was. She was, in fact, a family friend, and someone he had known since childhood. He also informed Matt, that he didn't want Matt to go down on him anymore. He preferred to resume their platonic relationship. They remained close friends, and Eddie, who had no brothers, asked Matt to be his best man at his wedding shortly after they graduated.

Matt was actually relieved that he and Eddie were no longer having sex. Weekends with Dean Fisher were more than he cared to handle, especially now that he knew how committed he was to Wesley. He and Wes spent every spare moment on the phone. They had to stop texting each other during classes, when they realized their grades were suffering.

They each had one final hurdle. Matt decided to come out to his parents, and not wait for graduation. Wes had to inform his parents that he and Matt were in a committed relationship. The Morrows were not at all surprised, and welcomed Matt with open arms.

The Peterson's were appalled, but to their credit, they loved their son and were able to accept his news. Matt Sr. had only one request. He asked Matt to stay in the closet until his term was up in another year. He had already served three terms as Mayor, and was not intending on running for a fourth term. He was slowing down, and wanted to have more leisure time with his wife. He had already met Wes, and liked him, but now he saw him in a different light. Each of the lovers could finally hang out in each other's homes, without fear of accidently outing themselves or betraying their relationship.

One night, during winter break, the lover's lay wrapped up in each other's arms. They had the whole house to themselves, since Matt's parents were in Palm Beach on vacation for a few weeks.

"You have no idea how relieved I am," Matt whispered in Wes's ear. I can love you in front of my parents without shame. I do love you so much, you know."

"I do know. I'll never forget that day, you came to the shop at the mall and ordered two hamburgers from me. I was shaking so hard, it was almost impossible for me to prepare your order. When you came back the following week, I wanted to cry in front of you. I had to control myself. Then you asked me to hang out with you, and all my dreams came true. I love you Matt."

Wes and Matt leaned into each other and kissed. They fondled each other's cocks and fell into a deep and peaceful sleep.



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