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-Dad, I cannot stand it anymore. I have to talk to you.

-Do you think then I should apologize?

-No, Dad, you shouldn’t.

My father, Ronnie Williamson, and I worked together in the same construction site. I started working there a year ago, since I had dropped my studies. I was 21 now. He still preserved his strong smell of sweat after work, but he had showers very seldom. My mother had left us when I was eleven, and we lived both together. Curiously my father had never punished me before in my life but the past six months he chose a way of punishing me that was for me an ordeal, or wasn’t it?, a pig punishment.

-I must confess I have just creamed my pants when you were in the bathroom wiping your arse. The way you have chosen to punish me has been arousing me little by little, Dad. And finally I had to cum with your delicious shit. Yes, Dad, I repeat: with your delicious shit. Would you have any problem with me feeling gay at the moment?

-You know I once told you I am bisexual, Alan. Of course I won’t mind. But hearing you say you have just cum with my shit, delicious you have just said, seeing you with a boner now and telling me you feel gay, is causing me a boner. Tell me whatever you want, but be careful not to arouse me or I will take my cock out and wank here before you.

-I have already seen you jacking off and cumming, Dad. You can of course do it. I have to tell you many things: I look at you now and I can only see a very sexy man. Forgive me if I tell you I think now I am masochistic, gay, a pig and even an incestuous bitch. All I have to do is look at your sexy body and sniff you and maybe I cream my pants again. Can I be quite sincere now, Dad?

-You can, but you can see the effect your words are having now.

And he did take his wonderful dick out and started wanking before me again. At the look of my father’s cock again having fun at my words, I almost busted my load now. It was so hot to finally see my father enjoying me. I wanted to please his dick but I had many things to tell him before.

-First I need to tell you what I have been feeling these past six months. It all started one day when you had prepared spinachs for lunch.

He left work a couple of hours before me every day and he used to prepare lunch. I made dinner.

-You know I hate the taste of spinach. And that day in February I had had a very hard day at work. I think I had a temperature and I asked you please not to try spinach that day. But you said I had to. I don’t know what came to me but I couldn’t, I simply couldn’t stand the taste that day and I puked on my spinachs. I thought that would be the end of it, but then you decided to punish me for the first time in my life. I had never seen you so angry before, telling me you were fed up with me revolting with almost all my meals and then you told me I had to eat my puked spinach. You said that I would not eat any other thing if I didn’t first eat that disgusting mixture first. I thought you would not maintain your threat at dinner and I didn’t eat them at lunch. Then it was you who prepared fried fish for dinner. You know how I like fish and my mouth was watering. But you repeated I had to finish puked spinach first or I wouldn’t taste fried fish at all and the same would happen tomorrow. You started eating fried fish before me and you had put the plate with puked spinach on the table and said I could eat fried fish later if I first ate spinach with my own puke. I knew I had no chance and tomorrow it would have a more rotten taste and I was really hungry and the smell of the fish was too much for me. So I had to face the situation and I could finally manage to eat my puke with the spinach. I did not have a boner then but it was curiously easier than I had imagined and ate that disgusting mixture. I saw you had a boner then but said nothing. I ate it all and finally you gave me delicious fried fish to eat then. So it ended my first ordeal.

-I know it was an ordeal for you, but that way you learnt to eat everything I prepared. You can go on.

-Then a month later, I misbehaved at the construction site and I know you were really mad at me and angry that I had questioned your leadership before your employees. Even so, Dad, I was not expecting such a thing and I don’t want you to think I did it on purpose so you could punish me. For you had learnt how to really punish me by then, not even putting a hand on me. It was fried fish again but when you brought lunch for me to the table, you asked me to wait and then you deliberately puked on my fried fish. I knew you were unyielding and I would have no chance but to eat it and I did not want to wait for dinner. I was really hungry. So I did what I had to do and tasted your puke in my lunch. And I must admit, Dad, that it was easier for me now to try your puke. Your puke was also delicious, Dad, now I can tell you. And it is true I had a boner and I suppose you noticed it.

-I did and that made it easier for me to tell you a couple of things about me in May.

-In May I refused to clean the garage, for I was exhausted that day. You became really mad then and even though I was getting to know your way of punishing me, I was not expecting it. It was meat and rice now, and suddenly you took your cock out and started to piss. It is a really sexy dick you have, Dad.

But I couldn’t go on. I saw him cumming for the first time that Wednesday. And I was really glad now he was cumming with his son’s words. I really wanted to arouse him. He started a new masturbation.

-So I would have to eat meat and rice and piss. But you did something more that really surprised me. Then you started to wank before me and saying.

-I will be quite sincere now. I am bisexual. Kate, you mother, finally couldn’t stand my bisexuality and left me, even though I never cheated her. But since she left, I have become a dominant man. I’ve had boys and girl slaves and they do all I order them. Well, Alan, I will tell you now, so you are calm, that I would never rape you, but after today I can wank over you. I have never done, but I will. And different it would be if you offered your ass to me voluntarily. I would like to fuck that arse of yours. Now you know.

And then you shot your load on my rice. Seeing you jacking off and telling me those things aroused me, Dad. I liked the fact that my father had sexual desires with me and I can tell you now I started to really have incestuous desires for you too, even if I still considered myself heterosexual. The taste of rice with piss and cum surprised me, Dad. Rice has a better taste with the products from your dick. I ate and told you nothing, but you know since then your sexual life has been a frequent topic of conversation between us. But later in July, I don’t remember what I told you, an unfortunate remark about your sexual life. Now it was lasagna. And it was dinner. And suddenly I saw you clearing your throat and spitting on the lasagna. Then you even blew your nose in the dish. Now I had to eat lasagna with spit and snot.

-And what did you feel?

-The taste of your phlegm was nothing. I would say it almost had no taste, but I must admit snot gave it a really delicious flavour and it was an ingredient I soon learnt to want in my future lasagnas. Still I could never believe I would be punished as you have punished me today. It is true I was walking as a fool down the street getting soaked on purpose on this wonderful July rain that we’ve had today and all my clothes were getting damp and I could be close to getting a cold. You asked me to stop and I did not, it is true, and then you warned me and told me that if I didn’t stop, you would punish me at home. But I was expecting piss again, or snot or puke. Believe me I never thought you could go so far. At lunch you repeated you had to punish me and I knew well I had deserved it. But I wasn’t prepared to see what I saw. I believed I would never have to eat that. But you pulled down your pants and then I could see your arse for the first time in my life. It is, as everything from you, Dad, a sexy part of your body. I could even see some fuzz as you began to fart. I don’t know how to say this, Dad, but I even liked the stench of your fart as I like the smell of your pits or feet now. And then suddenly I saw you were doing what I feared you could do. Easily, you were shitting in my spaghetti and it was like a sausage for my dish. I was mesmerized seeing you shit, knowing I would have to eat it later and the smell of your turds was not as disgusting as I could have thought. Finally you said “there you are, that’s your meal for today”. Well, Dad, I knew very well by now I would have no chance but eat your shit or I wouldn’t be allowed to eat anything else. I had tasted everything from you and I said to myself, why not, I would be disgusted and I would puke later but I know very well I can eat puke. I suppose you have noticed the moment I tasted your crap, I had a huge boner. I realized it would be easy and the moment I first tasted your poop I could feel fire inside my cock. I must say that I was feeling that shit was more delicious than spaghetti. I ate it all with an appetite, now really desiring that you would punish me more often with excrements on my meals. Then you gave me an omelette and went to the bathroom to wipe your arse. And meanwhile I was having so many incestuous thoughts, combined with the wonderful taste of your shit in my mouth, that I suddenly creamed my pants and I mustered courage to tell you all this and even to thank you, Dad, for all your pig punishments these past six months. Can I really say anything to you now, Dad? For I want to go further.

-Be careful what you say. But you can.

-Dad, I really want to please you sexually and I want to be your slave tomorrow. I have thought of a schedule. I would like you to respect it and tell me if you would really like your son being your slave tomorrow. Then after my schedule, it will be your turn to make me obey you and keep on being your slave till, say, the hour I go to bed.

-Beware what you say, or you would have to do everything.

-It is not often, Dad, for a son to tell his father that he desires him, and desires his excrements, being punished and becoming his slave tomorrow. But let me tell you also that I like your dominant attitude and I would like you to be a real bastard tomorrow. If I say I will do something and I refuse to do it later, you must force me, Dad, even if you have to rape me, even if you have to beat me.

-I don’t want to beat you. I prefer coercing you with my words, but you will finally do what you tell me now you will do. That’s why I ask you to be careful what you say. You won’t have a chance tomorrow but do what you say or leaving home.

-I will tell you a lot of things, Dad, because I really want to do them and please you. You can be sure I won’t leave home. We’ve always been friends and I want to keep your friendship. And remember after my schedule, you will have enough time to make me do whatever you want, Dad. I want you that free and if I don’t tell you something and you want to do whatever you please, you will have your chance later. Be a real bastard, for I will be your slave tomorrow.

-I will carefully listen to your schedule first. I don’t want to rape you.

-I wouldn’t have gone this far if I didn’t really desire you, Dad, and didn’t know the consequences. I might even like to be your slave more often, but please let me first see how I like it all tomorrow.

-I will let you. You needn’t be my slave any other day. But you will be tomorrow. I will respect your schedule and I will not call you slave until tomorrow, only Alan and you will call me only Dad tonight. But tomorrow you must call me master and sir, but of course only dad whenever you prefer. I would like to hear these three names. But I will cum again and I will listen to your schedule now.

He busted his load on the floor then and I started to tell him my schedule, really sure that I desired to do everything I would tell him now. I also needed to see my father cumming more often.


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