The taste of dan's cum was all over my mouth and some was still dribbling down my throat, lingering to remind me what I had done, had been for the man pouring us one more shot. We went into the backyard and stood in the night air. It was private and we could see the city below. He put my hand on his cock and we took our shots as he squeezed my ass. "Cori you are so good to me, are you still embarrassed sweetie? He playfully stroked my ass as I ran my hand all over his cock. "it feels so good, I can't belive you did this too me!" I was smiling and I slipped to my knees to put my lips on his cock again. My body was selling out, I was losing the fight to stay straight and I sucked his cock greedily as he cheered me on. "Go baby, oh yeah, you like my cock don't you?" I decided to try something and I pulled his dick out of my mouth, smiling at him and batting my eyes, in my sexiest girlie I asked him for a raise at work! then I took his cock in deep like when he came and sucked like I really really wanted. I could feel myself getting gayer and I just kept going, working his cock with my lips and tongue. He moaned out yes and I giggled happily.

My cell phone rang, a text from one of the girls I know, the sister of my first boyfriend. We went inside and looked at my phone. "Does she know you're my boytoy? Did she know about my first boyfriend?" I laid on the couch and replied "she is his sister, yes she found out". He texted her back, saying who he was but not the gay part. She texted back why was he answering my phone at 3am in the morning?, to which he replied because I was being his boytoy and that she should thank her brother for making me a twink. I was starting to feel naughty and not looking forward to next time I would see her, and nervous of who she would tell. My worry slipped away as dan pulled off my panties and slid in between my legs, me on my back on the couch. My legs split for him and I felt his cock poking at my pussy.

"I like that your ready again" I told him, embracing my twink status and pushing my ass against his cock. He smiled and entered me, we both gasped as he slid all the way in, holding me down by shoulders. We moaned and groaned and my mind was swimming in pleasure, convincing me this was good, to be his twink, to enjoy his cock and the screwing, reluctantly I asked him to keep fucking me " thank you baby" I moaned, "dan you're making me gay, I feel so good with your cock fucking me, oh god" I murmured for twenty minutes as he drilled my sweet spot and turned me into his girlie boy. I started asking for it and really feeling his dick in me, "oh god you're amazing" I screamed out and he sped up. "Yes, oh god yes baby, keep making me gay on your cock, oh god yes" I just kept screaming as he jacked my cock off and fucked me. Suddenly happy and relishing my role, I really started to enjoy him, his cock. He pulled out and removed his cock ring saying it would let him last longer my lips and I nodded yes as my hips bucked up to take his cock again. But he stopped as my cell rang again. She was asking if this was a joke, dan replied "no" and that I was on my back underneath him with my sweet boypussy ready for him, we were being gay he wrote. With that we went back to screwing and for twenty minutes he hit my gspot over and over and over again as I promised him I liked it and telling him how amazing I felt. He told me I was way better than april at the office and he would give me a two dollar raise, I negotiated two fifty as the cum gushed out of me again. He pulled out and after wiping it off he blew his cum down my throat again. Again I swallowed for what seemed like minutes as he shot seven times, I just kept my lips locked onto his cock and swirled my tongue, sucking the cum out of his cock, I tried my best!

We rested for a few minutes then I got dressed and walked home, the cum in my mouth reminding what a girlie boy I was for him. For the next thee months, whenever dan called my cellphone the picture of our fuck would pop-up on the screen and he set his ringtone to a techno song with the words "do you like cock?" as the chorus. He sure was gay, and I was with him, but only behind closed doors. I felt sexy in panties and occasionally dressed up for him. We learned that at times I was a screamer. We would drink wine and vodka and have sex sessions all day or night, sometimes he would take a Viagra and we would play for hours. Once we made a sex tape (no one has seen it, there was one other couple, a boy who was trying for the first time and was watching us). We went to a party with other guys that did what we did. We both stayed smooth and a little tan, every time I saw him naked I wanted it. He even gave me a car, his neighbor was getting rid of an extra car and it was basically free, but he fucked it out of my horny boypussy. No one at work ever found out thankfully.

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