I wasn't ready for what happened next. I was embarrassed but my body sold me out, broadcasting it's pleasure with my voice, in a fem tone thanking my lover for his cock followed by moans of ecstasy. He encouraged me, smiling and nibbling my neck as he plowed in and out of me. "You like this Cori, being my boytoy, giving me your girlie body?" I tried not to acknowledge the answer I knew was coming out of my mouth "yes dan, don't stop lover you're making me need this". "Yeah sweetie you're starting to love it, are you realizing you were made for this baby? your ass your boypussy is amazing" he stopped deep inside and goaded me for my answer... "tell me cori, tell me about my cock in you, you want this gay sex don't you? do you feel like my slutty boytoy? I moaned out "god yes! don't make me say it it's embarrassing" he nibbled my ear "say it sweetie, you need to hear it" he squeezed my hips and pushed into his hips a little more, but he wouldn't start again.

He pulled out and I vowed to never do this again in my mind. I fixed my boyshorts everything was back in its proper place. He smiled as he looked me up and down and guided me into his closet, putting me on my knees in front of a mirror. Once again my body and my words sold me out as I wrapped my lips around his delicious cock and moaned happily that I enjoyed being his girlie boy, I felt so sexy and sweet and fuckable. Damn, how do I turn my mouth off? "I like you dan, I do like this gay sex, your cock is good for me my body knows it" "that's good" he replied, "we are going to do this a few times a week, are you going to be my boytoy cori? tell me if you want be my boytoy" he grabbed his cell phone off a shelf and snapped a picture of me trying to swallow his dick. He was good, my boypussy was tingling and the panties felt sexy I was ready to be his again. "you're a good top, I am glad you did this" my eyes widened as the admission slipped off my lips and over his dick; he grabbed me behind the ears (now one of my favorite moves by a top) and pulled my nose into his stomach, burying his cock in my throat. He knew I was in heaven, he was too, telling me how gorgeous I was "thank you for coming around sweetie, you're the perfect boytoy and we have a lot more sex to have tonight." Is that little pussy ready for more cock cori?" I moaned yes into his stomach then looked up and told him shyly I would be his boytoy and he could do this again, "it's ok for us to do gay sex I whispered timidly, my boypussy feels really good" and he giggled then slapped my butt, getting a handful to squeeze.

I stood up and he disappeared into the bedroom, returning with my phone and that sexy hard cock I wanted. He stood me facing the mirror at an angle, then slid my panties down in the back and I felt his dick sliding against my hole. He popped inside and we both moaned and smiled, he snapped a picture and tossed the phone down, grabbing my hips with both hands. I felt sexy and girlie, surprising myself as my horney boypussy screamed for his dick inside of me. We quickly established a comfortable, pleasurable pace as he goaded me further into character. "Do you want my cock cori? "oh god dan yes I do" "you have me being so sexy for you, I'll say whatever you want I'm your boytoy you have me gay for you take me"; I was shocked as my words went against my apprehensions, then I remembered the dick inside me and turned girlie again, grabbing his hips and bucking back onto his cock, I came again as I asked over and over for his cock. He just smiled and gave it to me, over and over again satisfying my pleas to keep fucking. He stopped and grabbed the phone then we went back to screwing. He stopped in side of me, and snapped another pic. Anyone looking at the picture would know he was screwing me, we were both smiling in pleasure and my cum had stained the panties, an open statement to anyone that I was enjoying being his boytoy!

We went for awhile, and he finally stopped, pulled out and wiped off his cock. "Get on your knees sweetie, I want you to deep throat me while I cum". I complied and in no time my nose was once again buried in his stomach and I was massaging his cock with my neck and mouth muscles and swirling my tongue all over the dick in my mouth. He held my head as he moaned "you're amazing baby, better than april at the office! suck the cum out of my dick cori". I was getting hornier as he filled my throat and mouth with his cum, I kept swirling my tongue around his cock as I swallowed his cum. He shot five or six times and I swallowed all of it, surprising myself yet again, my body reminding my brain I was now this man's boytoy, my mouth and my boypussy were in love with his dick. There was nothing I could, I gave in and kept sucking his cock until it went soft, then I asked him to screw me again in my best girlie voice.



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