I found I had a carefree weekend on my hands, so I had driven into the small town to answer an ad for a classic Triumph convertible that I might want to add to my collection. But I had been up and down the Park Street address given in the ad several times without finding the house I was looking for. So, I just parked my car and started hunting on foot. I did find the address, but no one seemed to be home. There wasn't any evidence of the Triumph, either. I looked around, hoping to find a neighbor or someone I could ask about the car, when I saw them, there, across the street. They were both looking mighty fine. The car was a 1963 Pontiac Tempest convertible in pristine condition, and the guy working on the car seemed to be in pretty pristine condition as well. I was sure I was in luck. This guy must be a classic car buff as well and would be able to tell me about the Triumph. But my foot wasn't even off the curb before I forgot all about the Triumph I'd come to see.

As I crossed the street, I kept my eye on the young man. He was smiling very enticingly, and I saw him slowly move the wrench he was holding to his crotch and move it up and down against the taut material. The move provided an unmistakable message. When I reached him, I started to speak, but he turned and walked around to the trunk of the Tempest, in the shadows from the buildings on either side of the drive. I followed him around to the back of the car to where I faced him, very close, but not touching. My eyes were locked on his, and the lust in his eyes was almost electric. He sat back on the car's trunk and, winding his left hand around the back of my neck, he pulled my face to his. Our lips met in a lingering and tender kiss. I felt my dick coming alive, uncoiling in my pants, pushing against the fabric. And suddenly there was other pressure down there. The man's right hand had found me and his fingers were following my growing hard on from the root down to the head. I felt his intake of breath, as he got a sense of my measure. But I knew he would be even more surprised when I was fully engorged.

Our lips parted and he pulled his face away, looking at me imploringly. I tugged at his net T-shirt, and he raised his muscled arms, as I pulled the shirt over his head. I grabbed his left wrist and brought his fingers to my mouth, where I, took the fingers, individually, into my mouth and sucked on them. With his right hand, he tugged my shirt out of my trousers on both sides and started unbuttoning my shirt. I worked my mouth down his finely muscled arm and buried my face in the curly black hair of his armpit. He was extremely hirsute. There was black curly hair everywhere on his body as far as I could see, but especially around his pecs, down across his abs, and trailing down into the front of his tight jeans. His right hand had found my nipples and was gliding across my chest from one nipple to the other, rubbing, rolling, and gently pinching them until they stood erect under his attention. That wasn't the only thing that was standing erect on me now. My dick was growing, pressing out, wanting to be free. But even more pressing was that inviting well-muscled hairy chest that heaved below me. I took both of my hands and pressed them to his chest. I hunted through his curly chest hair until I had ferreted out his nipples, and then I first rubbed and then flicked his nipples, which stood up at attention, and then I moved my fingers in swirls through his chest hair and then down to his washboard belly. I returned to working his nipples and chest hair with my left hand, while my right hand followed the trail of hair down beyond his belly, across his beltless jeans, and down to where I could feel his rod pushing at the tight jeans, getting very hard, but unable to stand up. I followed the line of his dick down along the side of his thigh, and began to stroke, in regular downward movements.

The man shuddered underneath me, and having finished unbuttoning my shirt, he took both hands and pulled the shirt up and off my body. He then dove his hands down to the front of my trousers and, struggling slightly, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my pants, pushed both my trousers and briefs down my legs as far as he could, and encircled my dick with both of his hands.

He gasped at the size of me and looked straight into my eyes, his awe and need expressed in that look. His left hand released my cock and his right hand traveled down the length of that rod and moved to exploring my balls. With his left hand, he grabbed my tie, which was still dangling around my neck, and pulled me back down to him, to his lips, which opened, as did mine, and our tongues expressed our mutual need.

My hands went down to his jeans. I unsnapped them and slowly unbuttoned his fly and peeled the jeans down to his knees. He wasn't wearing anything under the jeans, and his cock flew up and out of the jeans like a jack in the box. He pulled his lips away from mine so that he could laugh and grin. I grinned back at him, and we dove back into our lip lock. But only briefly, as I pulled away from him and reached down and unpeeled his tight jeans the rest of the way off his legs. His loafers came off as well, as I pulled the jeans free. He wasn't wearing any socks.

So, now he was completely naked there before me, in all his hairy glory. He was perfectly formed, rock solid muscle. Rock solid muscle covered with black curly hair that swirled around his nipples and down the front of his belly and around his hard, eight-inch cock and then down his muscled thighs and calves as well. He was candy. I couldn't resist. Throwing his jeans to the side, I put my hands on either side of him as he leaned back on the car truck and brought my mouth down on his left nipple. I suck that ever so briefly and then moved my tongue across his chest and to his other nipple. After giving that a little suction, I started down his heaving chest, using my tongue to wetten and pattern his curly hair. I moved down his pulsating belly and then down and through the pubic hair and groin and along his shaft until I reached the tip, which I slowly took into my mouth. His entire body gave a shudder, and he gasped. He gasped yet again and again as I took more of him in, until I had him entirely in me up to the root. Taking my hands from the trunk of the car, I moved the left one onto his belly and gently massaged him from belly to nipple to other nipple and back to belly. With my right hand, I encased his balls and began soft pulling and rolling, pulling and rolling. He began to moan, and I could hear him whispering, 'Yes, yes, yes. Suck me. Take it all in. Suck me dry.'

Then I started pulling away from his dick, bringing my mouth back up toward the head, stopping momentarily and giving the sides of his cock a little teeth and suck. I took my mouth away from his dick and licked around the helmet, where it met the shaft. I then put my mouth just over the helmet and flicked my tongue on his piss slit. His whole body tensed as if the ecstasy was just too much, and I took his entire dick into my mouth again. His moaning increased, and he started moving his dick on his own. In, out. I allowed him to take over the movement, which got increasing stronger and insistent. He was fucking my face, and I was taking it all in. He started to tense and moved as if to take his cock out of my mouth, but I held him and began to move with him. He let out a little cry, and I felt his cum hit that back of my throat. I swallowed several times as he kept shooting off down my throat.

Then he went limp, and I slowly released his cock and worked my tongue around and down his right thigh. He lifted both of his legs onto my shoulders then. He brought his hands down to the back of my head and ran his fingers through my hair, as I worked my tongue back up his right thigh, briefly took the head of his cock into my mouth again and gave it a little suck and a flick of the tongue on the piss slit and then slid my tongue down the length of his shaft, gave his balls a bit of a suck, and then continued tonguing down to his asshole, which was puckered and tightly closed. I gave that a gentle kiss and a flick of the tongue, which resulted in a spasm from my partner. Then I moved my tongue to his inner left thigh and worked down that and back up. While doing this, I moved my right hand to his asshole and started a gentle circular movement around that and a bit of flicking with the fingers. Eventually, there seemed to be a relaxing in that area, and I returned to it with my tongue.

All the time I was hearing gasps of pleasure from above, and he was winding his hands through my hair furiously and massaging my scalp.

I got to more serious work on his asshole with my tongue, running it around the edge, flicking at the hole, and making brief penetrations. To widen the area of attack, I lifted both of his legs off my shoulders and held them up and out. The hole widened and invited deeper tonguing. The man became helpful by taking control of holding his legs himself, which freed my hands. My left hand went back to cuddling his balls, and I put the fingers of my right hand to work on my current project. I tongued for a brief moment or two and then I started playing with the hole with my fingers, first with just my index finger, and then with a couple of fingers, alternating with a thumb. And then back to the tongue. When I went back to the fingers, I was probing deeper and opening the passage wider. At last he was well lubricated and completely open to me.

I stood up and away from him and pulled my trousers and briefs the rest of the way down my legs and threw them to the side. I took hold of his raised legs and started to move in toward him But at that moment, he lifted his head and spoke in a raspy voice.

'No, first let me look at you.' I complied. I stepped back and raised my arms in a 'this is me' gesture, and turned completely around.

'God, you're beautiful,' he said. 'And you're huge. Show it to me, please. Play with it.'

So I stood there, back from him, cupped my eight-inch cock in my hand, and slowly pulled at it and rubbed the head of it for him. My rod stood even straighter out and grew even larger.

The man gave an animal sound and came down in front of me. He covered my cock in kisses and took it in his mouth, working it up and down vigorously. He cupped my buttocks in his hands and kneaded them. His appetite was voracious, and I was afraid I was going to cum then and there.

That wasn't in my plan, though, and I reached down and got my arms under his. I raised him up in one movement and slammed him back down onto the trunk of the car. In nearly the same movement, I grabbed his left leg and pushed it up to his shoulders, moving my left hand up until I had him by the calf muscle, holding his leg down nearly parallel to the left side of his head. I looked into his face, and he was laughing. He was enjoying this. With my right hand, I grabbed my cock and guided it to him. I put out a finger and moved along under his now re-engorging rod until I could feel his asshole, and I brought the head of my cock to that pulsating orifice. I looked back into his eyes and he was no longer laughing. There was almost a look of fright on his face, but it was quickly replaced by acceptance and desire.

I slowly worked my cock into his anus, a bit at a time, giving him time to adjust...at least until I had a good purchase between his butt cheeks. I was in a good four inches now, so I took my right hand away from my cock and raised his right leg up and out. I simultaneously raised his left leg up and out. He was completely open to me, and I held myself in that position. The man fanned his hands across my chest and worked my nipples. His right hand left the nipple and worked its way down along my belly. His head was thrown back and he was reaching for the sky with his eyes.

When one lunge, I buried all eight inches of my cock, up to my root, into his ass. His body lurched, and he cried out to the heavens. Then he faced forward again, entwined a hand in my tie, pulled my lips down to his, and opened to my tongue, which searched his mouth. His other hand went down to the root of my cock, his hand flat against my belly and a finger at each side of my cock, while I worked my cock in and out, in and out. First slowly and then more rapidly, and then I lost all sense of what I was doing and shot off, long and hard, as we both arched our backs and threw our heads back and yelled for joy.

I collapsed on top of him, my dick still up his ass, he brought his legs to rest across my shoulders. I stretched my arms out across and on the trunk surface, and we entwined our fingers. I laid my head on his chest and listened to the beating of his heart.

From that position, I said, 'I guess I should ask you your name before I leave.'

'Eric,' he answered in a low voice. 'And yours?'

'I'm Peter.'

'I should have guessed.'



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