(Note:  Since we can only classify our stories by one category, this is to let you know that this story includes not only incest, but also water sports and orgies.)

When my dad’s business partner, Clint, asked me to be his house sitter and take care of Butch, his black lab, I immediately wondered what was in it for me.  He was going to be gone two weeks, and when he offered me five hundred to stay at his house and take care of Butch, I quickly said yes.

I arrived that Friday, and he went over the feeding routine for Butch, then said, “Here is two hundred for you to use for meals.  If you run out, use your money and I’ll pay you back when I return, and pay you for sitting.”

Dad and Clint had been close buds in high school and roommates in college, both majoring in structural engineering and after several years started their own consulting firm, analyzing structural failures and accidents.

Clint was the same age as my dad, thirty-nine, and both men looked closer to their late twenties or early thirties.  Both were extremely well built, going to the gym regularly.  Unlike my dad, Clint had a nice thick coating of dark brown hair on his chest and a lighter coating on his back.  I always loved seeing it when he came over to our house for a cook-out and swim.  The bulge he showed in his Speedo was exceptionally nice also, but I was sure he was into women, unlike me, who loved going to bed with another male.

I have no idea how many times I went to bed at night wishing I was in bed with my dad sucking that beautiful cock I had seen from time to time when he changed clothes. 

Clint had shown me where his movie collection was and how to operate the alarm system and his pass code.  He had even told me I could sleep in his king bed since Butch was used to sleeping in that bed with him.

His cab arrived and he bid me farewell and I was alone with Butch. I had no idea how I would spend the next two weeks.

I had been told to help myself to whatever was in the fridge or freezer.  As I checked out the freezer, I found a pizza I could stick in the oven.

After eating dinner, I decided to check out his movie collection.  I went to the television cabinet, and opened the door revealing the movies. As I went through them, I noticed a small button inside the cabinet.  Being curious, no  actually noisy, I pressed it to see what might happen.

The button released a latch on another compartment, and the door opened about a quarter inch.  Opening it further, I saw a stack of DVD’s in plastic cases and hand written labels.

They were all dated and had names written on most of them.  Some just had a date and ‘Unknown’ written on them.  I chose one that had unknown on it, and placed it in the player to see what it contained.

The movie started with Clint in the bedroom with another male, and as the other man watched, Clint adjusted the camera, and as he did, you could see the other man start to disrobe.  I knew then that I was about to view a homemade sex video.  And knowing that the other man knew he was being filmed made it even hotter.

The man stripped revealing a hot muscular body with several tattoos but the most visible was the large USMC tattoo just above his left nipple.  Clint stepped up to him and as they kissed, the other man began removing Clint’s clothes. 

Moments later, Clint was nude also and they began fondling each others cock. Then Clint began licking his way down the man’s chest and soon swallowed the man’s big rock hard cock.

Clint had always turned me on and I would have definitely sucked him dry if I was given the chance, but I never dreamed he was into sucking cock also.  

I began to slowly stroke my hard leaking cock as I watched the movie.  Moments later the man stopped Clint and when Clint was standing, the man looked directly into the camera as he licked his way down Clint’s body, then smiled a second before swallowing Clint’s hard cock, burying it in his mouth balls deep.  I continued to stroke my own cock as I watched then later have a sixty-nine and the other man made sure that the camera recorded Clint’s load. Shooting into his open mouth and him swallow.  Then the camera caught Clint eating the other man’s load.

The camera was then centered on the bed and filmed them in bed kissing and rimming each others ass.  After ten minutes or so, the other man had Clint lay on his back and raise his legs and with only spit as lube, he began fucking Clint, burying his cock in Clint’s hole.

I saw Clint pick up a remote and suddenly the camera began to zoon in on the guys cock in Clint’s ass.  It was very obvious when the guy climaxed and filled Clint’s hole with his load.

Seconds later, they traded positions and Clint fucked the man, soon filling his ass with cum.

Then, after they kissed and before the man started dressing , I heard Clint say, “Stop by in a couple of weeks and I’ll have a copy of the video for you.’

“How much?” the man asked.

“Not a penny.  It’s my gift to you for a wonderful evening.”

They kissed again and the man left the bedroom as Clint stopped the recording.

I took the disc and put it back in the case and picked another.  This one had the date and the name ‘Jake’ on the cover.

I slipped it in and watched and as Clint started the camera, the other man turned to face the camera and I immediately recognized him as Jake Sims, the assistant high school football coach.  Checking the date, I calculated that the video was made after the coach’s divorce.

As before, I watched them suck and fuck each other then I watched in disbelief as Clint began fist fucking Coach Sims, burying his fist up Coach’s ass half way to the elbow, and coach telling him to ‘go deeper’.  I knew I was going to have to pay Coach a visit , and soon.

By now, I was so turned on I jerked out a huge load of my own cum onto the counter in the bathroom, and once I was milked dry, I leaned over and licked the counter totally clean.  

The summer was almost over and I was going to be starting college in a few weeks, but on Monday I decided to go over to the high school and watch football practice. I wore a pair of shorts, shorter that usual, and a jock, along with an athletic shirt.

I watched practice and waited until most of the guys had showered and left before heading to the gym.  Just as I was arriving, Coach Claiborne, the head coach, came out and spoke and I said I had just dropped by to see how the team was doing.  He said that they were coming along and that Coach Sims was in the office, and I should go in and say ‘Hi’.

I did and he greeted me and said for me to go on into the office while he checked on the guys.

Moments later he came in and said, “Well, I finally got them all out of here.  Now their parents can put up with them. You ready for college, Mark?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” I replied. 

As coach put a few things away, I quickly slipped my cock and balls out of my jock so that they were visible for him to see.  He soon turned around and as we chatted he continued to glance at my cock and balls just barely in my shorts.  I noticed that his cock began to stiffen in his pants and it made mine start to stiffen.

Finally I ended the conversation about the team by saying, “It seems by the bulge in your pants you like what you see.  I know I would like to see what your hiding.”

“Mark, are you serious?” he said, stunned.

“Try me,” I said, then added, “I dare you.”

With that said, I stood up and walked over to him and completely exposed my hard cock and balls.  Once close enough I reached over and rubbed his bulge.

He looked at me a moment then said, “Wait here.”

He left and I heard him checking the doors  and by the time he returned, I had removed my shirt, shorts and jock.

As he stepped up to me, before he could act, I pulled his face to mine and kissed him, as my free hand grasp the budge in his pants.

He kissed me back and after a moment said, “Oh, what the hell,” and grasped my rock hard cock, then dropped and took it into his mouth.

After a moment, I pulled him back up and began undressing him.  He stopped me and turned to his desk and after writing something on a pad, he took the sheet and handed it to me and said, “Meet me at my place in half an hour. It’s safer there.”

He kissed me quickly then I left the gym as he locked up everything.

Half hour later I knocked on his door and he opened the door,, staying behind it, totally naked. 

As I stripped there in the front room, he said, “You want to hear something wild?”

“What’s that?” I asked.

During your two years of playing football, I noticed the way you looked at the other guys and I checked out your equipment and desperately wanted to get you in bed.”

I was now totally nude and looked at him and asked, “What’s stopping you now?”

“Not a damn thing,” he said as he dropped and swallowed my cock.

Aster several moments, I stopped him and began sucking his beautiful tool.  He soon tried to stop me but I refused and soon felt the head of his cock swell just seconds before it exploded, filling my mouth with a huge load of delicious, thick, creamy cum.

“Fuck, Mark, I don’t think I have ever had a bow job that good from a guy as young as you.”

“Coach, have you had sex with any other students?’ I asked.

“First off, call me Jake.  You’re not a student now.  And secondly, I have had sex with other students after they have graduated but not while they were students, but I will admit that there are couple still in school that I would do if I had a chance.”

“If you did have sex with them and it got out, you would not only loose your job but possibly end up in jail, right?”

“You got it, but my restraining myself, I get to look at them and all the others and satisfy myself mentally.”

“You said that I gave you a good blow job, well, I have never tasted a load as delicious as yours.”

Taking my hand, he said, “Let’s get in bed.”

Once in his bed, we kissed then we got into a sixty-nine position and as he started sucking me again, I worked around between his legs and began eating and tongue fucking his ass.

He paused a moment, and asked, “Have you ever fist fucked a guy?”

“No, but I think it would be hot as hell.  Do you like having it done to you?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“Fuck yea, I love it.  Will you fist me while I suck you?”

“You better know I would,” I told him.

He lubed my hand and arm  and as I entered him he said. “Just go slow and work it in and out, going deeper each time.  I’ll tell you when to stop.”

I worked my fist deeper and deeper as he returned to sucking my cock.  I was almost to my elbow  when he stopped sucking and said, “Stop there. Now, pull almost out then go back and do that over and over, while I eat your hot load.’

I began to piston in and out of his ass as he returned to my cock and before long, I was so turned on, I blew possibly the biggest load I had ever shot.  Eagerly, like a starving man, he devoured every molecule of my cum.

“Mark, you’re going to make me com again fisting me, and it’s going to be a whopper.  If you want it, you better get it now.”

With my free hand, I guided his rock hard cock into my mouth and just an instant later, it exploded, feeding me the largest cum load I had ever been fed.  Eagerly, I managed to accept it all and after savoring the delicious taste, I swallowed ever drop.

We went to the bath and showered together, washing each other. Then, as I dressed, he asked, “Would you like to get together on a regular basis?”

“How does every Saturday morning sound?” I replied.

“Sounds perfect to me,” he replied.

After a passionate tongue kiss at the door, I stepped out and as I looked back at him covering his still nude body with the door, I heard him ask, “Ten o’clock Saturday morning?”

“If not a little before,” I replied.

“What ever time it is, don’t bother to knock, just walk on in.”

I left, not believing a dream had come true and I had experiences something new and exciting for me.

I returned to Jake’s and began to investigate more, finding several lifelike dildos of different sizes.  With them beside me on the floor, I lubed them all and began fucking myself with them going from the smallest and up, enjoying each one.

During my stay, I watched several of his homemade videos, and on the Friday before he returned on Sunday, I chose one that  was dated just two months ago.  Under the date was ‘my best friend’.

I slipped it into the video player, and pressed the play button and moments later I saw Jake, nude, adjusting the camera when the other man stepped into the room, also totally nude and rock hard.

I suddenly froze when I saw the man’s face.  It was my own father.

I watched as they tongue kissed and fondled each others cocks.  After the kiss, I heard my dad say, “I can’t believe our experimenting back in college led to us finding our true selves.”

“We were nineteen then,” Jake replied, adding, “and we have enjoyed each other ever since.”

“If Mark ever finds out I love sex with men, I don’t know what I’ll do.  He’ll probably hate me.”

They kissed again and I watched as my dad licked his way down Clint’s chest, pausing to suck his nipples, then going lower, and  soon swallowing Clint’s hard cock. 

Watching my own dad suck another man’s cock had me harder than I had ever been before, and I couldn’t wait to see Clint suck my dad’s cock.

I soon got my wish when Clint stopped him, and pulled him up and after another kiss, he dropped and swallowed my dad’s beautiful cock.  I decided I had to find a way to get it in my mouth.

I wanted to have my own climax while watching, but instead, I began edging my cock, bringing it to a near climax then stopping.

I watched the entire video with them kissing, rimming each other, sucking and fucking each other.  It was so hot watching my dad take Clint’s awesome cock up his ass and hearing him say how much he liked it.

When it came time to climax, Clint dropped to his knees and dad jerked his cock to a climax, shooting his load into Clint’s face and open mouth.  Once dad was drained, I watched as he licked his own cum off Clint’s face.  

Once he had Clint clean, he dropped to his knees, and Clint did the same to him, shooting his load in my dad’s mouth and on his face. He then licked dad clean and asked dad, “How’s your aim?”

“Pretty good, but remember, we are on carpet.”

“It needs to be replaced so no big deal.  You know what I want.”

Clint got on his knees and opened his mouth and seconds later my dad began pissing into Clint’s open mouth.  I watched as dad stopped and gave Clint a chance to swallow the mouthful, then started the flow again, repeating the routine until he was drained.

Then dad said, “My turn,” and dropped to his knees and began drinking Clint’s piss as it filled his mouth.

Not realizing I was so near a climax, I managed to catch my load in my hand, and once I was drained, I brought it to my mouth and licked my hand clean. 

Later, realizing I needed to piss, I went to the bathroom and lay in the tub and pissed up into my own mouth.  If dad could do it, so could I.  As my mouth filled, I swallowed and found the warm salty liquid, very enjoyable.  

The next time I needed to piss, I pissed into a glass and drank it, curious to see if it tasted the same as it did coming straight out of the cock, and it did.

Now I had a new objective, and that was to find a way to have sex with my dad.  I had to find a way and soon.

Clint got back in town Sunday evening and paid me for house sitting in cash and I headed home.  I had gone through everything and made sure everything was just as it had been when he left. Or so I thought.

Monday evening when dad got home, he said he wanted to ask me something. 

“What is it?” I asked.

“When you were at Clint’s did you go nosing around?”

My heart started pounding and in as natural voice as I could do, I said, “No,  I just took care of things like he asked me to.  Why?”

“Well, when he came into the office this morning, he said that he had some videos that were not in the same order that he had left them in.  Do you know anything about that?”

“No, the only videos I played were the ones in the shelves next to the player. I made sure I put them back where I got them.”

“I’ll let him know tomorrow when I see him,” Dad said.

“Do you think I should talk to him?” I asked.

“That would be manly thing to do,” he said.

“I’ll go over now and talk to him,” I said.  “I’ll grab a burger on the way home.”

I went back over to Clint’s and when he answered the door, he wore only a pair of shorts. And his muscular hairy chest was turning me on  big time.

“Clint, dad said something about some videos that were not in the right place.  The only videos I watched were the ones here by the player.  Where were the others?”

“I had them in a special place and they were not as I left them.  Some how, someone found them.  I’m going to have them checked for fingerprints in case someone got in while you were out.”

“Fingerprints?” I asked.

“Mark, if it was you , just tell me.  I promise you I won’t say anything to your dad.  It will stay just between us.”

I looked down for a moment, trying to figure out what to say when he spoke up and said, “You found them and watched them, didn’t you.”

“Yes, I did, some of them, and I had no idea that you were gay and into guys,” I said.

“Did you see anything that you didn’t expect?” he asked.

“Just the fact that you had sex with several guys, including Coach Sims.”  I never mentioned that I had seen the video of him and my dad having sex.

“What did you think when you watched that video?”

“Just that it turned me on big time.  Clint, I’m gay also but dad has no idea.  I’m begging you not to tell him anything.”

“Were you turned on by the others?”

“All of them,” I replied.  “To be honest, I was wishing it was me having sex with you.”

“Wow!  You are straight forward, aren’t you?” he said with a smile.

“I have a phone call I need to make.  Stay right here.”

He picked up his cell phone and pressed in a single number.  A moment later, he said, “Hey, Jim, this is Clint. Mark is here and we’ve been talking and everything is cool.  The more I thought about it, I remember mixing them up myself. To make things right, I’m taking him out to dinner.”

He said good bye, and ordered in dinner and while waiting for it to arrive, he stepped up to me and began slowly undressing me.  I made no attempt to stop him. Soon he had me stepping out of my jeans and briefs, rendering me totally naked and my cock hard as stone.  Leaning closer, he pressed his lips to mine and as he did he dropped his shorts.

“Where do you want me to put it?” he asked.

“I want it in both places, so you decide.”

“Well,” he began, “I have to be honest and say that I have wanted to suck you dry, so why not start with a sixty-nine, then after dinner we can decide what to do next.”

We climbed into his bed and after a hot wet, tongue swapping kiss, we began our sixty-nine.  I was sucking a cock that I never dreamed I would ever get, and it was awesome. Before long, we climaxed seconds apart and hungrily devoured each others load before having another hot kiss.

Moments later, as we stood in the kitchen, he said, “You say your dad has no idea that you are into sex with men?”

“No, none at all.  I have no idea what reaction he would have if I confessed it to him.”

“Mark, I know your dad better than you may think.  I feel sure he would understand and be one hundred percent supportive.  He really  loves you, regardless of your sexual preference.”

Dinner arrived and Clint slipped on his shorts to answer the door, and moments later we were eating dinner, both nude.  Then, after dinner, Clint suggested we go for a swim in his pool, and as I walked out, he said, “You go on and get in.  I’ll be out in a moment.  I have a business call to make.”

I went out and dove in, but immediately got out and returned to the door, trying to listen to his call.

Nearing the door, I heard him say, “Yes, Jim, I’m positive.  He confessed it to me, but I promised him I wouldn’t say anything to you, but I can assure you he is hot in a sixty-nine.”  

Dad must have been upset, because Clint told him to calm down then said, “Jim, I only did it to make sure he really was into men, and I can assure you he is experienced at sucking cock, but please, don’t let on that I said anything.”

He listened a moment, then said, “If that works out, I would love a three-way with you two.”

I hurried back to the pool and eased in moments before he exited the house.  After some kissing, he said, “You better get going.  Your dad thinks we went out to dinner and if you stay longer than expected he may wonder why.”

“You may be right,” I replied, before Clint said, I”I promise you that we will get together soon.  I may ‘hire’ you to help me do some cleaning junk out of the garage.”

“Just give me a call, I replied as we climbed out and dried off.  

I dressed and headed home.  Knowing that dad now knew I was gay, I wondered what he would do or say to let me know he liked sex with men also.

I arrived home and went in and heard moaning coming from dads bedroom. The door was open half way and from my position, I could see dad’s TV playing a  video of two men and a woman having sex.  One man was fucking the woman as he sucked the other guys hard cock. 

Looking toward the bed, I could see dad totally naked, at least from the waist down, stroking his hard cock as he watched the movie.

I knew it was time for us both to come clean with the other.

Stepping back a short distance, I called out “Dad, I’m home,” and just a second later pushed his door open, and stood staring at him.

“Shit, Mark, I wasn’t expecting you home this early.”

“That’s fairly obvious, but I am glad to know that I may never get too old to jerk myself off,” I replied.

“Any man that says he doesn’t do it, is a fucking liar, and since I take that as a confession that you jerk also, would you care to join me?”

“Fuck, why not.  I think it would be cool top jerk with my own dad.”

I stripped as he watched closely, and as I removed my jeans and briefs, he said, “Damn, you have really developed since the last time I saw you naked.”

“Well, it appears that I’m taking after you,” I told him as I lay in bed next to him.

We both started slowly stroking, watching each other and ignoring the movie.  Then, as the men traded positions, dad said, “You see what that one guy is doing to the other?”

“Yea, why?”

“That feels so much better than jerking off,” Dad replied.

“Have you had it done to you?” I asked.

“Oh, yes,” he replied, then asked, “Would you like me to show you how it feels?”

“Sure,” I replied.

Dad sat up and got between my legs and gently lifted my hard cock, then slowly swallowed it balls deep.  After a few minutes, I said, “Dad, you’re not the first male to do that to me, and buy the way it feels, you have done this before.  When did you start sucking men?”

“My freshman year of college.  Was it that obvious?”

“It was, and I loved it,” I replied as I changed position so that I could suck him also.  Moments later I had hia hard cock in my mouth and was swallowing it all.

“Well, this isn’t your first time either,” he said.  “When did you start?”

Pausing, I said, “My junior year of high school.”

I saw him smile as he retuned to sucking me, while I sucked him.  My dad and I were deeply engaged in our first sixty-nine, and we soon climaxed moments apart and after swallowing each others loads, I sat up and kissed my dad passionately.

After we parted, he smiled and asked, “Mark, how would you like to start sharing my bed with me?”

“I’d love that,.” I replied.

“Well then,” he began, “why don’t you start moving some of your things over into my closet and dresser and start sleeping with me tonight.”

Staying nude, I got up and started for my room and called back “Why don’t you help me?”

He laughed and got up and before long we had enough of my thing moved over to facilitate me staying in his room.

“Son, now that we know about each other, if either of us brings home an overnight guest for sex, the other person will sleep in your room, unless specifically invited to make it a three way.”

“Sounds good to me,” I replied, adding, “but let’s not get into a three way for a while.  I want it just you and I until we get closer.”

We stayed nude and dad asked if I minded if he called Clint and told him.

I told him no but said I had a confession first.

“What is it, Mark?”

I told him about finding the movies and seeing Clint with  several guys I didn’t know and then with Coach Sims and finally with him.  

He said he had a confession and said that Clint had called him and told him everything and that the two of them had sex and that whenm I thought I caught him jerking off, it was all a set up.

We both laughed then kissed and I told dad to go ahead and call Clint and get it all out in the open.

Dad had his phone on speaker and I heard Clint tell dad that he had one hot sexy son, and that I could share his bed anytime I wanted.

Dad then said, “Why don’t you come over next Saturday for dinner, and we can talk.  You might even bring over some of those videos.” 

Clint agreed and after dad hung up, he turned to me and asked, “You think you might be ready for a three way by then?”

“Probably, but what’s the hurry?” I asked.

“Son, I want to sit back and watch my son have sex with another man an d make me one proud dad.”

I went over and kissed him and said, “I want you to fuck me.”

He smiled and said, “Only if you fuck me afterwards.”

Smiling, I said, “You got a deal.”

I had my dad’s cum in my belly and I was about to get it up my ass and I couldn’t be happier.  But dad said that before he fucked me he needed to take a piss.  I followed him into the bathroom and as he started pissing, I quickly dropped to the floor and directed his cock into my mouth, guzzling down his warm salty piss.

Looking down at me he said, “Oh, fuck yea, son.  I want yours next.”

After drinking his, I stood and he knelt and took my cock into his mouth and I soon let the flow begin. I thought he had swallowed all that I had fed him but when he stood up he kissed me and fed some of my own piss back to me.

Moments later we were in bed and dad was balls deep in my ass and I loved it.  We kissed as he fucked me and I couldn’t wait to feel him shoot his seed in my hole.  I soon got my wish and it was awesome.

Once he was drained, without cleaning up, he lay back and raised his legs and I soon entered his hole and fucked him like there was no tomorrow.  I was so turned on, that before long my cock exploded in his ass as he said how great it felt.

For the following week, dad and I had sex both before and after dinner and on occasions in the middle of the night.  We grew so much closer to each other.

Then Saturday arrived and Clint came over around three and upon seeing us naked, immediately stripped nude. He didn’t hesitate in tongue kissing both dad and I and it was slightly strange yet hot to see my dad tongue kiss another man, and he felt the same way watching me.

There was some fondling and casual kissing as we all had a beer. Dad let me have one, since he had taken my car keys and hidden them to prevent me from leaving.  That wasn’t necessary since I had two hot delicious cocks to keep me occupied.

After about an hour of trading stories, I slipped over toward Clint and got on the floor between his legs.  Without saying anything, I began licking his cock head and balls and in seconds his cock was rock hard.  

Lovingly, I swallowed his cock and slowly  began sucking it, more interested in making him feel good rather than working to get his load.  I knew that would happen in time. After several minutes, I moved lower and gently sucked his large firm balls into my mouth, one at a time.

It was then that I saw dad move over and sit next to Clint.  Seconds later they were kissing and sucking each others tongue.  As I watched, I gently raised Clint’s legs and pulled him toward me so that I could get to his ass.

Spreading his ass cheeks, I buried my face between them and drilled my tongue into his hole.  As I did, I heard him moan softly, and as I glanced up, I saw my dad swallow Clint’s cock.  It turned me on big time to see my own father sucking another man’s cock in person and not on a video.

I stopped dad and told he and Clint to get on the floor.  They did and I told dad to continue sucking Clint’s cock.  As he did, I sucked on dad until he was rock hard, then sat on dad’s cock and rode it until it erupted in my ass.

Just as my dad began filling my ass with his load, Clint filled my dad’s mouth with his load.  I pulled off dad’s cock and as dad kissed me and shared Clint’s load with me, Clint  buried his face in my ass,  sucking dad’s load out of my ass.  

Before we stopped for any period of time we had all sucked the others cocks and fucked and been fucked by the other two. 

It was approaching seven o’clock, and we decided to order pizza for dinner.  As we waited for the delivery, I asked dad and Clint when and how they started having sex with each other.

Dad said that it was basically out of curiosity.  Dad said that he had been out and returned to the dorm earlier than expected.  He said when he walked into their room, Clint was naked on his bed and was in the process of getting sucked by one of the star football players.

Then Clint said that he suggested that dad get undressed and let the guy suck him next.  He said that dad did, and sat next to him and the guy alternated between their cocks soon bringing them both to a climax and hungrily ate their load.

Dad took over the story saying that the football player would stop by and suck them both off a couple of times a week.  They admitted that they liked watching each other get sucked off, and after a couple of months, they both admitted that they were curious about sucking cock and had a sixty-nine, and actually enjoyed it.  They said that by the time tie football player stopped by again, they shocked him and both took turns sucking him off.

After that they said one of them would sixty-nine with the football player while the other fucked his ass.

“Before long,” Dad said, “ we were sucking and fucking each other and after the football player was signed to play pro ball, all we had was each other.”

Clint spoke up and said, “Of course, we dated and fucked females to hide the fact that we also had sex together.  Then after your dad got married,  we continued having sex but not as often.”

“Mark, as I’ve told you, your mother left us when you were young.  She came to me and admitted that she had a lover and wanted a divorce.  I agreed but insisted on her giving me full custody of you.  I wanted you to grow up knowing me and not just seeing me one weekend a month.”

“Did she know you and Clint were having sex?” I asked.

“Not that I know of.  If she did, she never let on to me,” dad said, then asked, “When and how did you get started?”

I told him about how I started and he smiled and said, “I fucking glad you found out about me.  I have dreamed of having you in my mouth and ass, but never dreamed it would happen.”

That weekend, I had more sex than I had enjoyed in the last two weeks.  It was the following week that I told my best bud and fellow sex partner, Marty, what had transpired and invited him to join dad  and I.  he was thrilled and said the weekend he spent with us was the best ever.  He said that although he loved all cock, he preferred older cock.

I have now graduated college and join dad and Clint in the company and the three of us are now lovers.  We bought a larger house on several acres of land and enlarged the master bath to put in a large shower with three shower heads so we could all shower together and hose each other down with out piss.  We also frequently hose each other in the privacy of our back yard.

We have a great life together and dad and I have become closer than most dads and sons.


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