In college it was tough to maintain friendships outside my curriculum because of the time it demanded of me, but Paul and I managed to keep up with each other, even if it was just a quick lunch together on campus. Paul was a minister's son, and now on his own for the first time, was a bit wild and rebellious, and when I could take a night off from studio, we would go out drinking and partying together. I wasn't open about being gay at the time and therefore suffered for it. Paul's tall lanky body with fair skin and jet black hair was enough to have girls after him all the time and me daydreaming about what if.

It was soon after Christmas break we found we had a weekend free, and with the miserable winter weather we had been having everyone was stir crazy. Paul and I were having a late lunch on Saturday when out of the blue he suggested we go to Atlanta. It was only about an hour and half drive to the city and we could knock around, grab dinner and then go out clubbing.

"Driving back in the morning will be tough if we're up all night" I replied casually as I pondered the idea.

"We can get a hotel room when we get there; it'll give us a place to crash for a few minutes and clean up before going out."

"Ok" and so we made our plans.

We arrived about four that afternoon and got a room near Midtown, then headed out to Lennox Square Mall to knock around. It was about eight when we made it back to the room having grabbed dinner and now ready for some down time. When I came out of the bathroom Paul was laying on top of one of the beds in just his briefs. I hesitated a moment when I saw him, then pulled myself together and moved to the other bed where I pulled off my shirt and jeans and laid down in just my boxers.

Without opening his eyes he said quietly "Call the front desk and set up a wake-up call for 9:30."

"Ok" as I reached for the phone, looking at his body lying so close. From the briefs up the only hair was this thick black hair on his head and under his arms but his legs were covered in fine dark hairs. His briefs bulged up revealing a cock that was a few inches long, even though it was flaccid. After the call to the front desk, I laid back and turned on my side to stare at his body. When a erection began I turned in frustration to face the other way.

The ringing phone awoke us from our nap and Paul stood, stretched and headed toward the bathroom. His briefs appeared to be stretched out more than before.

"If you need to use the bathroom come on in, I'm just going to grab a quick shower."

'Not on your life' I thought as I begged my cock to lose its hardness.

About thirty minutes later we were heading out. We made our way to the area known for bars and clubs and must have visited 5 or 6 before we finally decided we had had enough. We were sweaty and slightly drunk, but foolishly got in the car to head back to the hotel anyway. As we came into Midtown we saw some police lights up ahead and decided a detour was in order so we cut over to the next street heading south and continued toward the hotel. After several blocks we passed a large crowd going into another nightclub.

"Look at that crowd and it's nearly 3 am" Paul said as we went by.

"Must be one of those clubs that stays open to some crazy hour like 5 or 6" I replied.

"Park the car, quick. Let's go check it out."

"I thought you were tired?"

"Second wind. Come on park this thing somewhere."

It took us a while to find a place to park and by the time we walked back to the club it was nearly 3:30 am but there was still a line at the door going in. We made our way into the line and began to check our wallets for how much cash we still had on us.

"I've got a twenty, a five and three ones" Paul said as he fingered through his wallet.

"I've got eighteen dollars."

"Then we're ok on entrance fees and enough to get something to drink; I'm dying of thirst."

As we stood in line I suddenly noticed it was mostly guys going in, and then eavesdropping, on the conversations around us, realized we were in line to a gay club. My heart stopped. I thought I'd hyperventilate. On one hand I really wanted to go in but with Paul, it was all too confusing. I leaned over to Paul to whisper in his ear.

"Paul, this is a gay club."

"Huh, I think you're right," and he laughed shaking his head. He leaned over to whisper back. "Let's go on in and check it out."

"Are you serious?" I replied struggling to keep my voice down.

"Who'll know, come on. We'll go in and just see what goes on. Aren't you curious?"

"Ok, but this stays between us. We don't even joke about with anyone back on campus."

A few minutes later we were inside. It was jammed packed, hot and loud. It was amazing to see guys enjoying themselves, hugging each other, kissing and laughing, talking, and just having fun. But I was a wreck. Paul on the other hand had the look of someone who just discovered some new wild animal. When we were standing by the rail, looking down on the dance floor below, Paul leaned over to say something.

"Wow, look how packed the floor is...and the music is so up tempo."


"Come on, lets go dance."

I just looked at Paul with confusion.

"Come on, I like the music and we're just dancing; it's not like we going down looking for sex with them."

On the floor I eventually relaxed and we actually had fun. We danced for over an hour until we were soaked with sweat. There were several times someone would try to cut in, mostly making a move on Paul, but we just nodded no and kept together till we were finally done for the night with nightclubs. It took us a while to find the car and it was nearly sun rise when we got back to the room.

When we got in Paul striped down to his briefs and as I was getting out of my jeans Paul pushed me on to the bed with my jeans still around my ankles. I looked back at him and could clearly see his cock and balls through the wet briefs as he stood laughing at me tangled up on the bed. Then he jumped on me, and we began to wrestle around. I was taller but Paul was better built so we wrestled each other down in different holds but never able to get the upper hand on each other. At one point I had Paul pushed down on his back as I sat on his stomach trying to hold his arms down. He got one loose and popped me on the ass.

"Hey, that stung."

He pushed me over and we continued to grab at each other and now we were trying to smack each other on the ass. Paul tried to work over on top of me and I reached for his waist, grabbing a handful of material of his briefs. As I fought his efforts I ripped one side and the seat out of his briefs.

"Hey, this was a good pair of briefs" as we kept fighting for control of the other. He popped me hard on the ass again and I returned the favor, only this time it was on bare flesh. The smacking sound filled the room. I popped his ass again. He suddenly shifted and before I knew it he was sitting on my chest with his bulging crotch in my face. The ripped briefs couldn't hold his cock down and it was hard and protruding out.

"Smell my sweaty balls, bitch" he playfully taunted.

"No" as I struggled to push him off but he had me this time. Hands pinned over my head to the mattress, he scooted up and pressed his crotch into my face. The smell of him hit me hard and I moaned. I knew as soon as I did, I shouldn't have for he hesitated for a moment. It was one of the moments that seemed to go on forever. Then he moved up a little more and really buried his crotch in my face. I fought at first then just gave in. I mouthed his cock and balls through his briefs until they were sopping wet with my saliva. Shifting to hold my wrist down with one hand he used the other to rip open the front of his briefs, releasing his cock and balls. It slapped me across the face and then he pumped his hips pushing it over my face in one direction then another. I stuck out my tongue and licked it length as he pumped it over my face.

"Will you put it in your mouth?" he practically begged.

I opened my mouth and took his cock. I licked and slobbered over the head until he couldn't take it any more and began to fuck pump it, going deeper and deeper until I was gagging.

"Gag on it, bitch."

He sat up straight releasing my arms. I instantly grabbed his waist, slowing his tempo. As he fucked my mouth I finished ripping his briefs off until on the waist band remained. I felt him reach back and grab my crotch, feeling my hardness inside my boxers. Then I heard the ripping sound and the pulling as he jerked my boxers off in pieces. He grabbed my cock and stroked it roughly a few times as he kept up the mouth fuck he was giving me. Suddenly he jumped off me and stood on his knees to my side staring wild eyed at me. We lay like that only a moment as we each stroked our own cocks, watching the other.

"You want to fuck me?" I asked barely above a whisper, scared I was going too far.

"Yeah" he breathed out.

He moved between my legs as I grabbed myself behind my knees and pulled my legs up and over, giving him full access to my ass. I wanted him to fuck me more than anything else in the world at that moment. He shifted around till his cock was aligned with my hole and he began to push in.

"Oh fuck" I uttered at the painful intrusion. He held still a moment until I nodded ok and he began to push his way in, slowly, steadily, until his long thick cock was buried all the way in my ass.

"I'm all the way you're tight."

"Fuck...fuck me." It was all I could say. He began to slowly pump his cock back and forth in my ass. He began to talk, smutty dirty talk, telling me how my ass was tight and he was going to shoot his cum in my ass. I took my own cock in hand and began to jerk off as he got faster and faster in his thrust up my hole. It wasn't long and I couldn't take it anymore. I came, shooting my load all the way up my chest and across my face. I could feel my ass spasm around his thrusting cock. All he said as he began to pump his load into my fucked out ass was 'Goddamn'.

He collapsed on top of me a sweaty mess, breathing hard. After a few minutes he leaned up and looked at me. Oh no I thought, here it comes where he freaks out.

"That was hot. When we get back to campus I want to fuck you again, ok?" he asked as if he was asking the biggest favor in the world. I smiled back at him and nodded ok.



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