I slowly lowered my body until my face hovered over Greg's pelvis in a sixty-nine position. Greg was softly teasing the end of my cock, while Alison fingered herself on the chair. Nervously I extended my tongue until it made contact with Greg's penis.

Al smiled. "That's good, baby," she said, "that is so fucking horny". I started carefully to tongue Greg's prick, licking first up over the head, then all around the rim. I closed my eyes, opened my lips, and very cautiously lowered my mouth over Greg's erect cock. Steadily I started to move my pursed lips up and down it, sucking and licking simultaneously, increasing the pace until Greg's mouth and mine were moving together. Greg swallowed hard and started to move faster. I followed his lead, but when I had found my rhythm, rocking to and fro on his shaft, I felt his mouth move away, replaced by his hand. Opening my eyes, I looked across to Alison, who was nodding furiously at Greg.

At that point Greg placed a hand on my buttock, spreading my cheeks apart, and I felt for the first time the sensation of a tongue on my asshole. At first teasing, he then started to lick more deliberately, until my asshole was wet and tingling. He started to press his tongue deeper and deeper with every lick, penetrating my asshole with his soft, wet tongue.

Al stood, and moved to the bed. She lowered her face to where mine was still working on Greg's hard prick. I moved my lips away to meet hers and we kissed, her soft tongue moving around my mouth, just as Greg's was doing to my ass. Moving her lips towards my ears, she softly nibbled on my earlobe, then whispered, "I want to see Greg fuck you". My heart raced, and my body froze, but Al just whispered again, "I want to see Greg fucking you, baby". She kissed me on the mouth, then took Greg's penis in her mouth. The sight of Al sucking off a guy we barely knew was too much for me, and, caught up in the moment, I agreed.

Al moved around and lay next to Greg, her legs hanging off the end of the bed. Spreading her legs apart, she pulled my head from Greg's groin towards her own pussy. As I switched to licking her clit, Greg slid from under me, and I moved my legs to each side of Al's face. She called to Greg, "There's some condoms under the pillow," then started furiously blowing me. Although my face was buried in Al's pussy, I could distinctly hear the sound of Greg ripping open the condom packet.

Seconds later, he climbed on the bed behind me. His hands started to massage my butt, spreading my buttocks a little further every time, until his thumbs were repeated stretching my anus. My ass relaxed with his touch, and I felt first the coldness of the lube on my asshole, then Greg spread it around my hole with his thumbs, and, finally, his hard cock pressed against my ass.

Al's sucking slowed as Greg pressed his cock harder and harder against me.

He pushed it a little way into me and as I pushed back, my asshole relaxed and he was able to push further in. I had had fingers inside me before, even a vibrator a couple of times, but this was something else. Initially the size didn't hurt too much, the extra width simply making me feel fuller, as the sensation spread around to encompass my balls and cock; but Greg's long, hard prick went deeper than anything had gone before, and I grunted with a combination of pain and pleasure. Greg, however, just continued pushing, until I could feel his thighs against mine. Then suddenly his manner just changed. Where he had been gentle in entering me, he started vigorously to fuck me, not bringing his cock back and forth a long way, but just rocking frantically inside me. Al followed suit, sucking me off more and more frenetically, and I copied her, lapping wildly around and inside her cunt. Greg just threw himself inside me, stretching and filling and ripping my insides. Then pulling back and thrusting deep into me, he came loudly. Pull and thrust again. And again. And again.

He pulled out of me and collapsed face down on the bed. In a tangled mass of movements, I pulled away from Alison, and knelt on the bed between his legs. Grabbing his waist I pulled him to his knees, and pushed my cock against his ass. He cried out as I forced my cock inside him in two swift movements. I started to fuck his asshole with abandon. Al, meanwhile, was laid with her legs open, one hand masturbating her clit, the other plunging three fingers in and out of her cunt. I fucked and fucked Greg's ass, my body convulsing, until with a shudder, I came. I collapsed on top of Greg then lay against him on the bed. Al's movements became faster and faster, and her groans louder and shorter, until she too came.

Her orgasm subsiding slowly, she rearranged herself, so that her head and feet were opposite ours, and moved her body to press against Greg. She kissed first him, then me, then looking at both of us, spoke confidently, if a little breathlessly.

"Thanks, both of you. That was just, just really the most intense experience of my life." She looked across at me. "Are you glad we did that?" I nodded. She looked to Greg who just broke out in a broad grin, and they french-kissed. Greg inclined his head towards me.

"You know, as far as I can see, there's one ass here still to be fucked,"

he said.

Alison looked briefly puzzled, then realising, she started to shake her head. "No, guys, come on. Besides, I don't like pain".

Greg looked straight at her. "Well, how about :", he moved his hand between her legs, "how about if the other one of us kept your mind off that? You ever had both hole filled?"

He moved his hand, and Alison swallowed hard. Breathless she gasped,

"No. At least not yet. But:".



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