My girlfriend Alison and I were staying in a cheap hotel in downtown New York. I had been taking a shower, and as re-entered the bedroom Al was sitting on the edge of the bed in the dark. I don't really know what other guys think, but to me she's just the cutest girl in the world: about 5'4", with very dark brown, almost black, hair, in a bob, and matching dark brown eyes. But still dressed only in a towel from her own shower, she was simply gorgeous.

"Come over here, look," she beckoned to me.

I moved over and sat next to her.

"You see the window straight opposite, next to the fire escape? Two to the right of that."

I looked to the apartment block across from us. In the light of the window you could clearly see a young guy, late twenties maybe, sat side on to us. It looked as though he was working on a computer, except he was almost naked but for a pair of white jockey shorts.

"He's been there all the time you've been in the shower. But just wait a minute:"

Two or three minutes passed, and I stood up to dry off. Alison called me back.

"Now, look."

The guy was still sat at the computer, but his head was thrown back, his shorts were pulled down, and he was furiously jerking off.

"He does that every so often, then stops. Remarkable self-control. Probably surfing for porn I guess."

"I'd say you're probably right. I wonder if he knows he can be seen?"

I leaned down to kiss her. As our tongues met I rested a hand on her knee and slowly began to move upwards. As I reached the top, it became evident that she was very wet.

"Does this mean that he's not the only one who was getting off here?" I asked her.

"Well, you were in the shower, and I had to keep myself entertained somehow. Besides," she moved her hand to my groin, and stroked my cock through the towel, "I can see I'm not the only one turned on by this."

I slowly backed away to the wall. Reaching across to the dimmer switch, I gradually turned the lights up.

"Dave, no! He'll be able to see me."

"Exactly. Let's just see what happens. Don't worry, you're safe enough, no-one knows us here".

The lights reached full brightness, and I sat down on the chair. By now my cock was fully-erect, and as I started to gently beat off, Al whispered to me a running commentary.

"He's stopped again, but I don't think he can see me. He's just standing up

: OK, he's got a drink, now, and he's looking back at the computer. Downwards, he's still standing up. Now he's moved towards the curtain : Shit! I think he saw me, he's moved out of sight".

She turned, smiled and said to me, "I guess we'll just have to find something else to do". But as I stood to move across to her, she snapped through gritted teeth, "Get down, he's back".

"What's happening?" I asked her.

"He's back at the window. Still in the shorts. He's looking straight at me". She smiled at him. "Shit, he's running his hands over his groin. Touching himself. Now he's sitting down again, only he's facing me this time." She started to run her hands over her chest. "I don't suppose it can do much harm for him to see this, can it?" I shook my head. She started to pull the towel down off her breasts. "What about these, they're OK, aren't they?" I nodded furiously: Al has great tits - 34C - and just the thought of another guy seeing her like this had me at the point of coming. She grinned broadly.

"He's got it out! And it's big. Taking his shorts off. Now he's just sat there. Slowly pulling himself off." She caressed a breast gently. "I suppose that now I've seen his, he really deserves to see mine, doesn't he?"

I paused. Though this was clearly going way beyond what either of us would have done normally, the sight of Alison touching herself in front of another guy was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. And surely being in another country, it really didn't matter that much. I nodded silently. She opened the towel, lay it on the bed, and moved her legs apart, resting them on the windowsill.

"You like this? Like the thought of another man seeing your wife's pussy."

Hearing her talk dirty had always been a massive turn on for me. She moved a hand between her legs, and began to touch herself. "Watching me rubbing my clit? Fingering my cunt." She spat out the last word, throwing her head back and pushing two fingers inside herself. "And all the time, he's jerking off, jerking off that big, hard cock."

"What about you?" I asked her. "How does it feel to you, knowing there's a guy there, getting off on you? Probably wondering what it would be like to fuck you, to fuck your tight wet pussy with his long, thick, rock hard cock".

She stopped and turned to me.

"Why don't we give him a little show?"

"I think you're already giving him that."

"No, why don't WE give him a show? You as well. After all it couldn't hurt, could it? Put the towel back on. Now wait there." She stood, and turned, facing me directly. Then she made an exaggerated beckoning motion. I moved across to her.

"Take it slowly," she whispered. I bent to kiss her, and our lips and tongues slid together. Resting one hand on her bottom, I ran the other down over her face, over her neck, and finally onto her breast. She put one hand on my groin, rubbing my cock through the towel again. I broke the kiss and she pulled me to nuzzle her neck, watching through the window out of the corner of her eye.

"He's still there. Still watching." She pulled my towel away and it fell to the floor. Carefully she began to stroke my penis. I would never before have imagined that I would let another guy watch me with Alison, jerking off for fuck's sake, but in these circumstances I don't think I could have done any different. I started to bring my hand round from Al's bottom to her wet pussy, but she stopped me.

"Not just yet, I have something else in mind." With this she kissed a line down from my neck to just above my waist. "You'll have to tell me what's happening now".

I turned to look at the guy. He smiled at me and then, strangely, he waved.

I smiled back, and started to talk to Alison. "He's still touching himself, and he's rubbing his other hand across his body. Still touching:". Alison started to lick the head of my prick. "Jesus, that's good, babe. He's still touching:". She took my hard cock into her mouth, and started to suck me off. I looked down, and could see that with her spare hand she was rubbing her clit. Three of us, getting off together on the same scene.

I looked back to the window. He was still jerking off, but he'd moved a hand between his legs, and under his balls. He seemed to be fingering his ass. I told Alison, and she brought both her hands to my ass.

"Maybe he likes having his ass played with," she said, and started to pull my buttocks apart. "I've never heard you complain", moving a finger onto my asshole. It's true she'd done this before, and I'd always enjoyed it, but when she gradually pushed her finger inside me, with another man watching, it was a unique experience: a combination of terror and pleasure. She started to lick and suck my cock furiously, until her finger was inside right to the knuckle. "Maybe he likes more than a finger inside him," she said, and started to move her finger gently in and out. "Maybe he likes to have a nice cock inside", she almost growled, and started to push another finger inside".

"Careful," I pleaded, but she just softly told me to relax.

"Relax and it will be fine. I wouldn't hurt you baby. Not too much, anyway," and she calmly scraped her teeth down the length of my shaft. Then she stopped still.

"Maybe : Maybe we should just invite him over. What do you think? Maybe we could just let him come across and fuck me. Or I could suck that big prick of his. Or even : Well, who knows what could happen:"

I was finding it hard to be sure whether she was being serious. I just laughed, told it was a nice idea, a good fantasy, but I couldn't see it happening. Then very slowly, she got to her feet, and turned to face the guy. She held up three fingers. Then one. Then moving her hand from my ass, she held up eight. Three. One. Eight. She was actually telling him our room number. I looked across at the guy. He held up the same combination of fingers. Alison gave him a thumbs up. Then the guy walked out of view. Within five minutes the lights in his apartment had gone off.



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