The night was very quiet at the Hilton Inn hotel here in Chicago as I decided  to head down to the Steam room to get a good steam. The time was around 9 pm as I was sitting all alone in the room before I saw the door open slowly, I had my back to the wall with my legs stretch out on the tile bench as this Brute of a man came in and sat across from me. He told me his name was Ed and he was a firemen from Iowa here at a conference, I then told him that my name was Colt and I am here on business with a Bank. Ed had a great body, He stood about 5'11 weigh around 165 and had a nice hairy chest and a well trim moustache and look real hot in his blue speedo that he was wearing. I felt real horny by now as he was starring at my crotch as I was rubbing myself, Hey Colt do you fool around with guys ? " Yes I do Ed " I reply back to him. He then slowly came over and started to kiss me on my wet lips. 

The kiss lasted a good 2 minutes as I was now rubbing his nice semi hard bulge he had, I told him to climb onto the top bench and spread his legs so I can blow him. My lips are now on his nice 7 cut cock slurping up all his pre cum that was pouring out, More he was moaning as my mouth was in full motion going up and down slowly on his nice shaft, I suck him for a good 5 minutes before we switch positions and he was now working my cock real good and hard with his moustache mouth.It only took around 3 minutes as I shot a huge hot load of my juice all down his throat. " Fuck Colt that was nice " He told me ! I then invited him back up to my room for a drink before we went to shower off our sweaty bodies.

I heard a knock on my door a good hour later, " Come on in Ed " As he gave me a huge smile and walk over to the table by the window. My cock got hard right away as he was now wearing his tight UnderArmour Track Suit, The beer were going down real good now before we went over to the bed.I then help him take off his Track Suit as he was now standing there in his Powder Blue Jockey Pouch Briefs along with the same colour t-shirt that matches it. I felt his hand pull off my underwear as he was pouring massaged oil all over both of our bodies. He then pull his cock through his brief hole and pull my legs over his hairy shoulder. I then gasp a few times as I felt his hard cock go slowly  up my tight hairy hole. It took about 1 minute until he was all the way inside me. " Fuck me Ed " I yell at him before he got into full throttle. His huge balls are slapping my tight hole as the smell of his Brute aftershave was pouring off his sweaty hairy chest . The fuck lasted a good 15 minutes as he shot off 2 loads at once inside my hairy hole. " Fuck that was fucking hot dude " That came from his deep raspy voice as I gave him a huge smile. The both of us got up and went into the washroom to shower and got clean up before he had to go.  We then hug each other before he walk out the door.

The Alarm went off at 7 30 am as I got up to order some room service for breakfast. My good the eggs,bacon, toast and  coffee tasted great as I heard a knock at the door. My God it was Ed with 2 other fireman all in their gear before I invited them all in.  I thought this is a dream seeing all these 3 firemen who are in their middle ages started kissing and playing with each other, " Colt come and join us " Ed yell at me as I was still in shock form it all. The orgy was wild as I fuck my very first firemen good and hard, I first ate his hairy hole and lick his hot juice for a good 5 minuted. Ed then help me guided my dick into his very tight hole as he was screaming with sexual passion. I then fuck him good for about 5 min before I went over to 69 with the Fire Chief. The Fire chief  was around 60 plus with salt and pepper hair, greyish moustache , nice firm lips and a hairy body that look like  he is in his 40's. We begin to 69 each other on the bed as his nice 7 inch uncut cut was nicely rap around my mouth and lips. I can hear him groan as I was now deep throating him all the way down  his shaft to his hairy balls. I then watch him shoot off his load all over my mouth and moustache as the rest hit the back of my throat, His semen tasted very sweet with no harsh taste at all in it. I then watch everyone get dress before they all headed out the door of my room. Captain John was the last one to leave my room before he gave me a very sexy smile.

The time was around 2 pm when I ran into the Captain John over at the pub around the corner from the Hotel, We had a great chat before he invited back to his room for some more fun. His room was on the floor 20 over looking the westside of Lake Michigan. We then both undress each other before we got onto the bed. He then began to fuck me good and easy as my ass took his huge cock with no pain at all. Captain John knew how to fuck a men hole very well from the way he was thrusting me good and hard. I was not sitting on his huge cock moving up and down and pulling on his erected nibbles at the same time. " Fuck Colt you feel good dude " He shouted at me several times as his whole body was sweating like buckets. He then began to fuck me in the missionary style position long and hard with huge stokes from his cock " Fuck Colt I am close , Fuck Colt I am close dude " He was screaming as he was getting ready to dump his hot load inside of me. He then began to pull out of me very fast as he started to shoot off his white load of cum all over my hairy chest and hard nibbles. I watch him collapse on the bed before I went over to lick the rest of his white cum up that was left on his still hard cock.  We then got up to head over to the shower to get all clean up. The shower felt great as Captain John was on his knees in the tub giving myself a nice blow job during the shower that we are having. I shot 2 loads off at once all down his greyish bristle moustache mouth. My God that was hot Colt he told me as we got dress before we headed out the door.

It was about 2 days later that I never see or here from Captain John again, I take it that the conference was all over and they went back home and to their wives. It had been well over a month since the Chicago trip before I got e-mail from Captain John telling me all about the great time he had with me and would like to see me again in the future. I then wrote him that I well be going alone to a fishing lodge in Canada around April and he is welcome to join for that weekend. He then wrote back to me giving me a date and time in April were he can join me.  

Part 2 to follow 




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