It was just another summer Saturday afternoon. The apartment was a little warm since the window unit could not keep it cool. I was laying on the sofa on the phone with a friend catching up on the latest of life's events when Jacob came in from running some errand. Setting his bags down, he came over, lifted my legs and sat down, letting them lay across his lap. We smiled in acknowledgement as I continued my conversation. Jacob started rubbing my bare feet; then he was running his hand over my jean covered lower leg. Nothing too distracting that would avert my attention from my phone call. Then I felt his hand go through the hole at the knee and rub up and down my thigh, slowly, with a deliberate soft touch. I was now distracted. He shifted on the sofa, turning toward me, giving him more reach, and his hand came up my leg all the way to my crotch. He rubbed my cock and balls, pulled on my balls and squeezed my cock, causing me to get an erection.

"I've got to go, Jacob needs me to help him with something" cutting my call short, as I watched the movement in my jeans where his hand was working me over. Then his hand slid out and he got up on his knees between my legs and came over me, running one hand over me, squeezing my crotch, rubbing my stomach, pinching my nipples through my t-shirt, while he moved in to kiss me. Simple kisses at first, but quickly getting more passionate, rough, more exciting.

I pulled his t-shirt up to his arms where he stopped and finished its removal, while I began to remove mine. He caught my arms together in the shirt before I got it off, twisting the shirt to bind them and fell full weight on me. I wrapped my legs around his torso as we continued to make out. When he moved down to bite on my nipples I groaned and pushed up to him. My cock hard and confined in my jeans ached for release.

"Fuck..." and I fought to free my hands. He let go of the shirt and while I tossed it off he began to undo my jeans, freeing my erection, letting it out into his hand where he lowered his mouth down to it. He tongued the head and shaft while he squeezed it into full hardness, then he took me in his mouth and began working up and down its length. He pulled my balls down, tight in their sac, almost too painful, and I pushed up my hips, pushing into his mouth all the way. He sucked me for several minutes, slow, fast, with a delicate touch, and sometimes roughly, when he would also reach up to pinch the hell out of my nipples. I was close, and grabbed his head in both hands as I began to mouth fuck him. I was arched back, tight, with my head thrown back eyes closed, while I focused on my need. I could hear the sound of my cock working in and out of his mouth; feel the heat of his mouth as I used him.

"OH FUCK" I moaned out as I finally came, shooting blast after blast of cum into his mouth and down his throat. Spent, I let go of his head and laid still, sweat beaded up across my torso and running from my hair. He let me slide out of his mouth and moved up over me. The roughness of his jeans across my nakedness felt good. I submitted to his weight and his renewed passion. I ran my hands down into his jeans, feeling that tight round ass. An ass I loved to hold on to when he fucked me, like I knew he was going to do now. I pulled my hands out and grabbed him by the waist, pulling up, letting him know I wanted him sitting on my chest.

He climbed up and sat on my chest, his weight slightly restricting my breathing, pinning me down. I popped open his button fly jeans, freeing his cock into my face. It was hard and wet around the head with pre-cum. I pulled him toward me, head held up and mouth open to take him. He took my head in his heads holding me in place and proceeded to feed me his length. He pumped in and out the first few inches slowly at first, rubbing the head of cock on my tongue and roof of my mouth, building up his excitement. Then his grip on my head tightened and I knew he was in the zone. He began to push in further, getting faster in the process. As always he would go at me till I gagged and choked. But he knew it was what turned us both on even more; the submission to him and his using it. Tears ran from my eyes as he used my mouth to pleasure himself. Drool ran down my chin, covered his cock, wet his pubic hair as he pumped the full length into me, me gasping for breath at every opportunity, no matter how brief of time my air passage was open. After several minutes of face fucking me, he pulled out. I knew where he wanted to pump this load and it wasn't in my mouth. Standing up by the sofa he removed his jeans and knowing what he wanted, what we both wanted, I turned over and got on my knees resting my chest on the arm of the sofa. The blinds were open so the neighbors could be watching for they had a perfect view in, as they always did. We didn't care for all we focused on was each other. Jacob got between my legs and rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass, stopping at my opening to push and rub it harder and harder, cranking me up for the penetration.

"Fuck me."

"Oh yeah, I'm going to fuck you but you have to beg." And I did. Desperately and with slutty abandon I begged until I felt one hand rest on the center of my lower back, and I knew the other was holding that hard cock. He nudged up to my opening and pushed through where the initial pain made me catch my breath. He didn't stop, just slowly pushed the entire length into my ass, inch after inch. Buried completely in me, he hesitated a moment.

"Fuck...fuck me." I reached back and grabbed his ass and pulled him even tighter to me. I felt drops of sweat land on my back as he leaned over me, hands on my shoulders and began to fuck. Slow strong strokes that went almost all the way out and all the way back in. He knew I loved the feel of full powerful strokes and after a few minutes he got up on his knees, pulled his cock completely out, and grabbed a hold of it at the base, then he began to push completely in and out of my ass, punching through my opening with faster and faster strokes. My hard cock was swaying back and forth under me, slapping my stomach on the more forceful thrust up my ass.

"Oh shit, I love the feel of my cock punching through your tightness" he gasped while he kept at my ass. 'I know' briefly flashed through my fogged up mind. I was lost in the moment. Hot, sweaty, gasping for breath and feeling his ass in my hands as it flexed for every stroke. Too soon he pulled out and backed up.

"Roll over, you whore." And his whore rolled over, letting him place my legs on his shoulders as he slide up to me plunging his cock up my ass all the way. He folded me over as he came down on top of me. He kissed me as he hammered my ass, banging away at my insides, occasionally hitting my prostate so hard I shuddered. I was pushing up to meet his downward strokes hearing our bodies smack into each other. The sofa made its usual strained sounds under the weight of our fucking. The sweat was pouring off of us, matting our hair and making our fucking slick, hot, fast. He pumped into my ass faster and faster until he tightly wrapped in his arms around me, buried his face into my neck and lightly bite me as he came up my ass.

His strokes matched his ejaculations as he pumped his load into me. His sweaty jerking body on top of me was too much and as he was squirming down from the initial blast into me, I came between us, pumping my load where the cum mixed with our sweat, filling the air with the scent of our fucking. When he finally pumped his cock into me the last time we were both spent. He fell still on top of me where we laid until both of our breathing settled back to normal.


A nice cool shower was always such a pleasure afterwards. Leaving our clothes scattered around the sofa, we went to the bathroom and got in the shower. I bathed Jacob first, running my hands over his body. He washed his hair as I rubbed down his back, ass and legs from behind. I toyed with his hole as he washed the soap out of his hair, sliding one, then two and finally three fingers in, working him open. He stopped and put his hands on the wall as I teased him open. Pulling out, I told him to turn around. I soaped up his chest, his stomach and his growing erection. I got down and soaped up his legs and before getting up I soaped up his cock and balls again while I had them in my face. Not being able to hold back I took his soapy cock into my mouth and sucked on it until he pulled my head away.

"Not yet."

I stood up and he began to bath me. He washed my chest and stomach first, me knowing what he had in mind. He lathered up my cock and balls and stroked me to full erection as he kissed me, pushing me into the wall. After getting me worked up he pulled away and smiled that wicked smile he always had when we messed around. He washed my legs and then turned me around and washed my back, my ass and my legs. While on his knees he came back to my ass and he began to run his soapy fingers up and down my crack and then he began. First one finger, then two. He worked them in and out, stretching them apart and circling them around. I felt every move. Then the third went in, and the ministrations continued. The fourth slide in tightly, opening me slowly. He worked me over, watching me intently as I took his fingers up my ass. He wanted to add this thumb, to shove his whole fist into my ass, but I kept stopping him, not sure I could take it, so he was patient, taking what I gave. He told me one rainy Saturday he was going to work my ass over all day until he could crawl up me completely. It had made my cock jerk to think of it.

When he stood back up we rinsed off completely and got out. As we toweled each other off we kissed and fondled each other keeping our cock half hard the whole time. The shower was a waste of time really, but we liked to start fresh when we went for the long second fuck. Jacob, after getting off once, could make the second time last forever. We moved to the bed and stripped the covers off and we lay down. We made out slowly, touching and kissing, and tonguing each other all over. Eventually I was on my back with him sucking me, working my cock in and out of his mouth. Sitting up, he spit on the head and rubbed it over it, making me jerk and shudder. Then he climbed over me, sitting down on my cock. I watched as it disappeared in his ass. He rode me up and down until sweat began to run down his body, then he sat still. I put my hands on his chest and moved up and over him and he laid back. It was time for me to take control. I pumped his ass slowly as first, getting myself worked up, then I dropped over him, holding myself up over him and I began to fuck him hard. I liked it fast, pumping in and out with furious abandon.

"Fuck me harder" and I picked up the pace some more. The bed rocked and squeaked, occasionally banging into the wall. It was a loud, sweaty fuck. I didn't stop until I blasted into his ass, pumping each ejaculating stroke until cum was back pumping out and running down his balls and ass. After I finished shooting off, I slow stroked a few times relishing the feel of my cock running through my load up in his ass. I dropped down on him and we kissed while he ran his hand through the sweat on my back and then down over my ass. I could feel his hardness between us and reached down to feel it, stroke it up some more, excite him into action.

He pushed me over on my stomach and got over me, aimed his cock at my hole and plunged in. He was cranked up and ready to go. I pushed my ass up and he shoved down. Soon the sounds of bodies slamming together and the squeaking bed filled the room once again.

"Fuck...fuck me hard" and other dirty talk came gushing out of my mouth. The second fuck with Jacob was always the best. We'd have to strip the bed and wash the sheet and mattress pad afterwards for they would be wet with sweat. He jerked out of my ass and told me to roll over on my side. He grabbed one leg and held it up, plunging back in with a different angle, a different sensation, one that caused me to grow another erection. My cock was bouncing around, slapping my stomach as he fucked my ass. He mouthed my toes, reached down and pinched my nipples and slapped my ass during his slamming away at my ass. His breathing changed and I knew he was finally getting close again. He pulled out and stood by the bed. I knew what he wanted and quickly got on my knees in front of him. He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back where I was looking up at him. He began to jack his cock in my face.

"Shoot it my face" I begged him. "Shoot in my face and in my mouth."

As I continued to beg for him to paint my face with his load the sweat drops flew off of him, his hand a blur on his cock. Then he was close again. He pulled on my hair slightly harder, pulled my head back a little more and I opened my mouth wider. He shot the first blast up my cheek across my left eye over my forehead and into my hair. The second hit my lips, with some into my mouth and up my nose. The final shoots were less forceful so they dropped into my open mouth. As he was shooting his last load I took his cock in my mouth and worked the last of his cum load out of him, savoring it. He pulled out of my mouth and leaned down to kiss me. He saw I had come on his leg and the floor.

"Whore" and he smiled as he helped me up and kissed me, tasting his cum in my mouth. Then we were off for one more shower before dinner.



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