'Hello,' Todd mumbled into the phone. It was 6:30 am on a Sunday morning. Who the fuck could be calling?

'Hey Hot Toddie,' a familiar voice said. Oh shit, Todd thought as all cobwebs flew from his head. It was Mike. 'We gotta little job for you.'

Todd ran his free hand through his hair. How did he get himself into this mess? For two nights in a row now those mother-fuckin' faggots had been using him like some kind of whore.

'What job?' he asked, dreading the coming reply.

'Well, Toddie,' Mike said (Todd hated it when Pat and Mike called him 'Toddie'), 'I want you to have a little party at your place this afternoon.'

'What for?' Todd asked, annoyed.

Mike could tell Todd was less than pleasant and the tone of his voice changed. 'Listen, you stupid fuck,' he snapped. 'Your ass belong to me and Pat and you know it. Now you're going to do exactly what I tell you to. Understand?'

'Yes,' Todd said is a resigned voice, nodding. Why was he even nodding? There was no one around to observe. 'What is it you want me to do?'

'Well, as you know, the hockey play-offs are this afternoon. I want you to invite Danny over.'

Oh shit, Todd thought. Not Danny. 'Come on, guys,' he pleaded. 'Leave Danny out of this.'

'It's either you or Danny,' Mike said, matter-of-factly. 'Your choice. We fuck you or we fuck Danny.'

'But Danny's my best friend,' Todd said, his voice taking on almost a whiny quality.

'Toddie,' it was Pat now; he must've picked up the other phone, 'you didn't remember what happened to you Friday night did you? At least not until we reminded you. Right?'

Again Todd nodded. 'Yeah,' he muttered.

'Well,' Pat continued, 'we're gonna do the same thing to Danny. We'll be watching the game, having a few drinks, and we'll slip him a roofie. Twenty minutes later he won't know what the fuck is happening. You can tell him later that he fell asleep. Passed out. He'd believe you, wouldn't he?'

'Yeah,' Todd said again. He decided to try his chances once more. 'But guys... can't we just not do this? Please?' He could hear both Mike and Pat laughing loudly over the phone.

'Just call him, Toddie,' Mike said. 'Go back to bed and get some more beauty sleep, but make sure Danny Boy's at your place in time for the game. Got it?'

'Yeah, got it,' Todd replied.

'And Toddie... make sure you're wearing some of those cute little tightie whities, okay?'

Todd heard the phone click as Mike and Pat hung up. Dammit!!!! Those two fags were ruining his life! But he didn't have much of a choice; they had video and pictures and had made it perfectly clear that they were willing to use them. He replaced the phone receiver and curled up, staring at his wall. Unable to sleep, he threw back his blanket and got out of bed.

After taking a piss he stripped off his boxers and pulled on a jock strap and a pair of shorts. He found a pair of clean socks, a clean t-shirt, and put on his running shoes. He downed a glass of orange juice and some vitamins. He slipped his house key into his shorts pocket and went out for a run.

He looked at Danny's living room window as he passed his unit. He looked at his watch. Danny was probably out surfing like he did most Sunday mornings. He shook his head. He couldn't let those two fags do to Danny what they'd done to him, but he didn't have much of a choice. Plus if they gave Danny the roofie and other shit they'd given him the other night, Danny wouldn't remember a thing. Hopefully. Todd turned on his CD Walkman and began to run.

He lost track of how far he'd run. No matter how loud he turned the music up, all he could think of was the humiliation he'd suffered the other night when Pat and Mike had made his dance in his underwear, give them blowjobs, and then fucked him. Sure, they gave him some tequila to drink... which was obviously spiked with something... but still. He was straight. He loved women. Yet these guys had him by the balls. His ass still hurt from the pounding of the last two nights. Just thinking about it caused him to retch and he stopped to vomit up the juice he'd drunk. After the feeling of nausea passed he was able to continue his run back to his house.

He stripped down and climbed into shower. He stayed in for what seemed like an hour, letting the hot water run over his body. He soaped himself up at least five times, trying to wash away the dirt and shame he felt.

He got out of the shower, shaved, and dressed. He ate breakfast in his living room while he watched Sports Center. The minutes seemed to drag by. Surely Danny would be home from surfing now. He picked up the phone and hesitantly punched in Danny's number.

'Hey buddy,' he said as Danny picked up. 'How's it going?'

'I'm good,' Danny replied. It sounded like he was eating breakfast, too. 'Whatta you got going on today?'

'I was just gonna watch some hockey this afternoon. You wanna come over?' Please say no. Please say no.

'Sure,' Danny said. 'I ain't got anything better going on. And I was gonna watch it anyway. Noon sound good?'

'Yeah,' Todd replied. 'I'll order some pizzas or something.' He took a deep breath. 'Hey, I saw Mike and Pat this morning while I was coming back from my run. I invited them over to watch, too. Hope that's okay.'

'Sure, that's not a problem. As long as they don't look at my ass!' Danny joked. Todd winced.

'Okay,' he said. 'I'll see you around noon. Bye.' He hung up the phone and let his head drop against the back of the couch. What the fuck was he doing? He didn't know how long he'd been sitting there when the phone suddenly rang.


'So, Toddie,' Mike said. 'You ask Danny Boy?'

'Yes,' Todd said. 'He'll be here at noon.'

'Good boy, Toddie,' Mike said condescendingly. 'Pat and I'll bring some beer and chips. I hope you're up for this.' Todd didn't laugh.

Just before noon Danny walked in, without knocking, as usual. Todd wished he could somehow warn his best friend, but knew he couldn't. Besides, Pat and Mike were right behind him, carrying a twelve-pack and a couple bags of chips and pretzels. Danny also had brought a twelve-pack.

'Looks like we're gonna be doin' some drinkin' today, guys,' he laughed, as he greeted Pat and Mike. Danny was wearing board shorts and a short-sleeved button down Hawaiian shirt.

'I called Pizza Hut a while ago and they should be here any minute,' Todd said as he turned up the volume on the TV. Within five minute the delivery boy and come and gone and the guys were all drinking and eating while the first quarter of the hockey game got underway.

Todd tried to act nonchalantly but found that his hands were sweaty. He kept wiping them on the knees of his jeans. If any one noticed, nothing was said.

Halfway through the second period the first twelve-pack was gone. Todd, Mike and Pat each had drank two beers, which meant Danny had six. Todd noticed that Pat and Mike were always fetching Danny a beer. Poor Danny was oblivious. He loved his beer. Pat went into the kitchen to get Danny another. He twisted off the cap and handed it to him.

'Thanks Pat,' Danny said, accepting the beer and taking a drink. 'You're not nearly as big an asshole that Todd says you are.' Everybody laughed.

A couple minutes later Danny stood up. He looked just a little wobbly, like he was starting to get drunk. It was obvious he was buzzed. He headed to the bathroom. 'I gotta piss, man,' he said.

As soon as the door closed and the sound of urine hitting the toilet bowl could be heard, Pat and Mike leaned forward. 'Okay, here we go.'

'What, now?' Todd asked, surprised in some way that Pat and Mike were still going through with their plan.

'Yes, dumb-ass,' Pat said nastily. He pulled a tiny pill out of his shirt pocket and dropped it into Danny's beer. Then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a blue pill and handed it to Todd.

'What's this?' Todd asked, taking the pill.

'Viagra. Swallow it,' Pat instructed. Both he and Mike also took one and swallowed them.

'What?' Todd asked again. 'What the fuck for?'

'Keep your voice down, Toddie,' Mike whispered. Todd still looked confused.

'Oh geez... you know, you're pretty to look at but you're as dumb as a post,' Pat said. 'We said 'we' were gonna fuck Danny. And 'we' means the three of us. Get it? The Viagra is to make sure you stay hard.'

'No way,' Todd said, still holding the Viagra. 'No fuckin' way.'

'Pat, why don't you go to the house and bring over the tape,' Mike said calmly. 'Maybe Danny Boy would like to see some different kind of action.'

Todd didn't know what to do. Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! They wanted HIM to fuck Danny, too? He heard the toilet flush and the faucet turn on. Danny would be out of the bathroom in, like, ten seconds. Oh shit!

'Okay,' he whispered hoarsely, his head hung low. 'Okay.'

'Swallow the pill, asshole,' Pat said.

Just as Todd popped the Viagra into his mouth Danny came out of the bathroom. His face was flush and it was obvious he was feeling the buzz. 'Whuss goin' on, guys?' he asked, his voice slightly slurred.

'Errr... nothing,' Todd stammered, washing down the Viagra with a long drink of beer. 'Just talkin' about the game.'

'Cool,' Danny said, flopping down heavily into the armchair. He picked up his beer and finished it in one long swig. Then he grabbed a handful of pretzels.

Pat looked at his watch and then caught Todd's eyes. 'Twenty minutes,' he mouthed. Those were going to be the longest twenty minutes of Todd's life.

They guys kept drinking, or pretending to drink, as the minutes ticked by. Danny, oblivious to it all, continued on as if nothing was amiss.

After fifteen minutes Todd noticed that Danny's eyes looked a bit glazed and that his movements were very slow. The roofie was taking hold of the poor guy.

Danny stood up to get another beer. He fell back into his chair and began to laugh. 'I think I'm drunk!'

Everybody else laughed, too. Even Todd. But his laughter was forced. Danny stood up again, slower this time, and walked very deliberately to the kitchen.

'Where you goin' bud?' Todd asked, rising to his feet.

'Jus to get another beer. Anybody want one?' he asked.

Pat and Mike declined. 'Are you sure you want another?' Todd asked.

'He's a big boy, Toddie,' Mike said in an admonishing tone.

'Toddie?' Danny asked, laughing. 'Toddie? Oh shit, that's too cute! Toddie!'

Todd blushed and looked away. 'Come on Danny, you're drunk. Let's just enjoy the game, okay buddy?' He took him by the arm and walked him back to his chair.

'I'll get you that beer, Danny,' Pat offered. Todd shot him a nasty look but Pat just smiled.

'How you feelin', Todd?' Mike asked, looking at Todd's crotch.

'Would that be Toddie?' Danny laughed as Pat returned with his beer. 'Sorry man, but it's just too fuckin' funny!'

Todd could tell that the Viagra had kicked in. He was glad he was wearing briefs so that his hard dick would be kept in place. He was also thankful that he was wearing a long t-shirt that came down almost to his hips.

'I'm doin' good,' Todd said, answering Mike.

'Danny,' Pat said loudly. 'You still with us?' Danny didn't respond. He had sunk back in his chair and his eyes were nearly closed. His breathing was becoming more deep and even. Pat walked over and lifted one of Danny's eyelids. Nothing.

'Is he out of it?' Mike asked.

'Oh, he's way out of it,' Pat replied.

'Good. Now, Toddie, why don't you strip down to those cute little tightie whities so we can start having some fun,' Mike said.

'Wait,' Pat said. 'I need to get the camera.'

'Oh, no way man,' Todd said. 'You can't film this.'

'Shut up, Toddie,' Pat said. 'Unless you want us to fuck him up bad.' Todd was seething with anger but held his tongue.

'Now be a good boy and wait until Pat gets back with the camera,' Mike said.

Pat was back in two minutes with his video camera and tripod and quickly set them up. 'Okay, Toddie,' he said. 'Strip. Just like you did last night.'

Todd reluctantly obeyed. As he pulled his t-shirt over his head both Pat and Mike whistled. Todd looked down. His pants were bulging out with his erection. Oh shit.

'Pants, too, Toddie,' Pat urged.

Todd slowly stripped down to his briefs. They were tented with his erection. He was so embarrassed. Shit! He was about to take then off, too, when Mike stopped him.

'No, that's good for now, Toddie,' he said. 'Why don't you go on over and strip Danny Boy.'

'What?' Todd couldn't believe what he was hearing. He shouldn't have been surprised, though. He slowly walked over to Danny and shook his shoulder. 'Hey, buddy,' he called out. 'You with me here?' No response.

'Strip him,' Mike repeated. And make it look like you enjoy it.

Todd slowly unbuttoned Danny's shirt, exposing his light-haired bronzed chest. Danny had nice pecs and his nipples bulged out. They looked like dark brown quarters with little erasers poking out of them. He slipped the shirt off Danny's unconscious body and laid it on the couch.

'Now I want you to lean in and lick his nipples,' Mike instructed.

Todd looked over at Mike but said nothing. He knew there was no use refusing or even trying to stall. He closed his eyes and leaned in, his tongue softly lapping at Danny's nipple.

'Unnnggghhh....' Danny moaned.

'Ooooh, look Toddie,' Mike said. 'He likes it. Do it more. This time nibble on them a little.'

Todd continued to tongue Danny's nipples and lightly bit them. Danny squirmed and moaned louder.

'Put your hand on his dick and rub it while you're doing it,' Mike said. Todd reached out and lightly touched Danny's crotch through his board shorts. He'd never touched anothoer guy like this before and it was repulsing. He was shocked to find Danny's cock was hard. Danny giggled and cooed as his body was being played with. Todd hoped like hell that Danny wouldn't remember it... or would think that it was Donna. After a few minutes of rubbing and licking the guys had him stop. Mike walked over and, with Todd's help, pulled the drugged man to his feet.

'What're you doing' Todd asked.

'You're gonna take his shorts off, Toddie,' Mike explained.

Very slowly Todd unlaced Danny's shorts and pulled them down his hips. He was wearing navy blue Abercrombie & Fitch boxer briefs with a grey band bearing the logo. Like Todd's plain white briefs, they were also fully packed.

'Well, I can see he's not a free-baller,' Pat commented, still at the camera.

'Now lower them,' Mike said, pointing at Danny's underwear.

Todd closed his eyes and swallowed hard. He hooked his thumbs in Danny's boxer briefs and slowly lowered them. Mike helped him lift Danny's heavy feet. He put the underwear next Danny's shirt and shorts.

Danny's cock was about 8 inches erect, surrounded by a wiry dark blond bush of pubic hair. It curved to the left and was dripping pre-fuck juice. Todd winced and turned his head away.

'Let's get Danny down on his hands and knees, Toddie,' Mike instructed, and together they lowered the buzzed Danny down to all fours.

'Now get behind him and use this to lube up his ass,' Pat said, coming out from behind the camera and handing Todd a small tube of KY jelly.

Todd just shook his head and opened the tube. He squirted some onto his fingertips and very gingerly smoothed it over Danny's exposed pink ass pucker. He winced again as he felt Danny ass hole twitch and spasm at his touch.

'Mmmm.... oooohhh.... yeahhh honey...' Danny moaned incoherently.

Pat laughed. 'Well Toddie, at least he thinks it's Donna and not you. I wonder if they've done a little ass play before.'

'Shut the fuck up, Pat,' Todd snapped, his fingers pulling back every time Danny's butt hole twitched.

Pat reached down and hit Todd across the head, hard.

'I'll kick your fuckin' ass if you do that again, Pattie!' Todd yelled, climbing to his feet.

But Pat hit him again, harder this time. 'You can try, but I don't think you can take both me and Mikey,' he said, his face red with anger. 'Plus you're forgetting that Amy still has the tape and a whole new set of instructions.'

That fuckin' tape! Dammit! Todd backed off.

'That's right, Pretty Boy, just calm down,' Mike said. 'Oh, and go fuck your friend up the ass right now.'

Todd shook his head. 'What?'

'I know you're not deaf, dumb-ass,' Mike said. 'Now get those cute little undies off and fuck that sweet piece of ass over there.'

'Not without a fuckin' condom,' Todd said, standing his ground.

'Of course,' Mike said dismissively, reaching into his pocket and tossing a condom to Todd. 'I figured you'd ask for one.'

Todd caught the condom and held it in the palm of his hand.

'Well?' Mike asked. 'What are you waiting for? Or do you need me to put it on for you?'

'Fuck you,' Todd snorted.

'No, you fuck HIM!' Mike snapped back, pointing at Danny, who was still on his hands and knees, weaving back and forth, completely out of it.

Todd opened the condom package and unrolled it onto his hard dick. He stood behind Danny and awkwardly placed his hands on his hips. Oh shit, he thought to himself. I can't believe I'm doing this. Closing his eyes, he put his prick tip to Danny's rosebud and pushed at it ever so softly. As Danny moaned, Todd quickly pulled out.

'Come on, don't hold back,' Mike said. 'Again.'

This Todd just thrust it in. What the hell... may as well get it over with.

'Ohhhh....' Danny cried out in pain as Todd's fat dick penetrated his ass.

'Quick, Pat, give him a hit of poppers,' Mike said, tossing a small brown bottle to Pat. Pat unscrewed the top and put it to Danny's nose.

'Here Danny Boy, sniff this. It'll make everything all better.'

In his booze and roofie haze, Danny took a deep breath. 'Unngghhh....' he moaned as the aroma weaved through his brain.

'Again,' Mike said to Pat. 'You too, Toddie.'

Pat gave Danny another hit of the poppers while Todd slammed his dick into his ass again. This time Danny moaned in pleasure.

'Keep going, Toddie,' Mike said easily. 'I think you're hitting his nut just right. See? He likes it. He's acting just like you did that first night. All slutty and nasty.'

Todd grimaced as he continued to thrust his hips back and forth. He was shocked to see Mike lower his jeans and boxers and shove his dripping cock into Danny's mouth. Todd shut his eyes but opened them quickly as he felt his head being gripped. That fucker Pat had put the poppers to his nose and before he knew it, he'd taken a deep snort.

'Oh shit...' Todd moaned as his body slumped slightly. Pat put the bottle to his other nostril and whispered for him to take another hit. He did.

With his head swimming, Todd was vaguely aware that his own underwear was now being lowered. That snapped him out of his stupor in an instant.

'What the fuck...?' he started to say, trying to pull his briefs back up, but Pat pulled them so hard he ripped the ass section right out.

'Oh,' Mike said, still fucking Danny's handsome face, 'did we forget to tell you? We're gonna fuck you tonight, too. And while you're sober. We wanted you to be nice and aware while you were enjoying it. And believe me... the last two night you enjoyed it.

Todd couldn't believe it. It wasn't possible. The entire thought repulsed him. 'Aaaggghhh!!!' he screamed as he felt Pat's dick ram up his ass and begin to slowly slide in and out. He felt Pat's fingers tweaking at his nipples and tried to shut out the pleasurable sensation, telling himself that it was a fag and not a woman.

'Oh shit, oh shit,' Todd whimpered, tears forming in his eyes.

'Stop crying, Toddie,' Mike said as he shot his load into Danny's mouth. His fuck swill dribbled out of Danny's mouth, over his lips and down his chin. 'Switch with me, Pat,' he said.

'But I haven't cum yet,' Pat said, still fucking his dick into Todd's ass.

'I don't care. I want Toddie's sweet ass.' Pat didn't argue. He pulled his dick out and traded places with Mike.

Todd was so embarrassed: his dick was up his best friend's ass and he was letting two fags rape his ass.

As Mike was fucking Todd's ass, he put his hands on Todd's hips and slowly pulled him out of Danny. 'Bend over,' was all he said.

Todd bent over, Mike's dick up his ass, and was opening his mouth to protest when Pat's fat, dripping penis slipped in. He tried to twist his head, but Pat had him by the ears and was furiously fucking away. Mike was now fucking him harder, too. Todd was getting it from both ends, helpless to stop them. He saw Danny out of the corner of his eye. The naked man was lying on the ground on his back, knees slightly bent, head turned to the side, cum dripping from his mouth and ass.

'Well, Hot Toddie,' Pat said, pumping the stud's mouth. 'How does it feel to have just fucked your best friend?' But Todd couldn't answer because Pat's cock was still plugging his mouth. Mike realized this and laughed.

'You do know that your ass is ours any time we want now.'

As much as he hated it, Todd didn't even try to resist any more. He was fucked.

The End



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