As Todd Flinn stripped out of his work clothes he could hear the noise and laughter of the party just getting underway in his condo complex. Several times a year two of the girls, Terry and Patty, threw theme parties, complete with elaborate decorations, food and booze. Tonight's theme was 'Mardi Gras' and as he peered through the vertical blinds in his living room he was amazed at the transformation from condo courtyard to Bourbon Street. There were large lampposts (cardboard panels cut from refrigerator boxes) and enough colored lights and lanterns to cast an authentic and festive ambiance over the whole area. There were racks of colored beads everywhere and the people who had begun milling about looked as if they were already having a great time. He inhaled deeply and his nostrils caught the delicious aroma of deep-fried crawfish, jambalaya and gumbo. His mouth was watering.

He stripped out of his clothes and stood in front of the mirror, naked except his boxers. Todd was 28 years old, just a shade under 6'2' and weighed 185 pounds. He was slender but he was also built, thanks to his fitness regimen, which included 2-hour gym workouts five times a week and a five-mile run every other morning. He had long muscular legs, broad shoulders, and a sculpted upper body that narrowed to a 30-inch waist. He had a flat stomach that was highlighted by a set of 6-pack abs and a nicely shaped, firm ass. He had only a light smattering of body hair, due to a little bit of American Indian in his mostly Irish heritage, which also explained his inability to get a proper tan, but was somehow blessed with a nice treasure trail that migrated down his defined chest to his pubic region, ending at a thick black prick bush and a seven-inch cut cock. There were also tufts of hair surrounding his brownish, jutting nipples.

After a quick shower, Todd dried off and hung up his towel. He rummaged through his dresser for a pair of clean underwear and settled on a pair of briefs. He looked at himself in the mirror as he pulled on the briefs. They were white and full-cut and, he had to admit, looked pretty damn good on him. He liked how they felt, too; how they cupped his dick and big balls, and especially how the soft cotton material chafed his prick tip whenever get a hard on. He caught his profile in the mirror as he turned and, satisfied, went to look for his favorite jeans. They were Levis he'd had for years. Faded and smooth in all the right places. Broken in just right. He slipped into them. He liked how they felt, too. Loose enough in the waist to offer anyone standing close enough a peek down the front or back, depending on where they were looking. As it was, the jeans sagged just enough to show off the plain white waistband of the briefs and about two inches of the white cotton material. He chose a black short-sleeved button down shirt, a linen and silk blend. He decided not to button it because tonight he wanted to show off his body. Plus, he liked the feel of the material as it brushed past his sensitive nipples. He took another look in the mirror. He liked the contrast - blue jeans, white underwear, lightly tanned skin, black shirt. He grabbed a pair of socks and put on his black Cole Hahn shoes.

He went back into the bathroom and slapped on some Boss cologne. He ran a little gel through his short black hair and tousled it just so. He took a good long look in the mirror. His brown eyes - bedroom eyes, as his mom always said - flashed and he couldn't help but to smile, his soft pale red lips curling into a smirk. Satisfied with how he looked, he washed his hands.

He heard his front door open. It was probably Danny. 'Hey, Homo!' a voice called out. Yup, it was Danny.

'Fag!' Todd yelled back.



They both laughed as Todd came out of the bathroom. Danny was one of Todd's neighbors, frequent workout partner, and his best friend. Physique-wise he was almost a clone of Todd, but that's where the similarity ended. Danny had sandy brown hair with blond streaks, blue eyes and sun-kissed bronze skin. He was the proverbial Southern California Surfer Boy. And whereas Danny was more of a homegrown, boy next-door handsome sort, Todd was a pretty boy. The kind of guy that made both women and men take notice.

'What's up?' Todd asked, grabbing the remote and turning the TV down. 'Where's Donna?'

Danny looked at his watch and grinned. 'Mmmm... it's 7:30, she was supposed to be here at 7:00... she's just about on time.'

Todd laughed as they walked out of his house and downstairs to the party. Donna was just walking up to them. 'Looks great, huh?' she said, looking around. 'I heard Pat and Mike did all the drawing and painting.' Pat and Mike were a gay couple who lived in the complex and frequently helped Terry and Patty with the parties.

Todd nodded. 'Yeah, it's amazing what a couple of fags can do when they're not checking out the boys,' he said laughing.

He didn't see Pat and Mike standing nearby, listening to every thing Todd was saying. They knew Todd and were friendly with him, but sometimes he really got on their nerves. Todd didn't hate gays, quite a few of the waiters at the restaurant where he bartended were gay, and Mike had even worked there for a little while, but that didn't stop Todd's almost constant homophobic comments. He routinely tossed out words like 'queer', 'fag', 'fudge-packer', 'cocksucker', and 'homo' as it were nothing. To be honest, Todd considered Pat and Mike to be two of the nicest guys he knew. He often told people that if it came down to it, they'd give you the shirt off their back. But he always followed up the compliment with a slam, saying that in exchange for the shirt off their back, they'd want the pants off your ass in return. Comments like that, though funny at times, didn't always go over too well with every body.

What Todd didn't know was that tonight Pat and Mike had reached the point where they were sick of his comments, however 'innocent' he claimed they were. The two of them had cooked up a plan to teach Todd a lesson.

As Todd and Danny snacked at the food table and poured themselves Hurricanes from the large punch bowl, Donna grabbed a few strands of beads and placed them around their necks. As they sat talking with their neighbors and friends, Todd noticed a young girl amble into the courtyard. She looked like she was in her early 20s. She was wearing tight jeans and a black bra, covered by a sheer white blouse. She seemed to be looking for someone.

'There you go buddy,' Danny whispered, elbowing Todd and nodding toward the girl. 'Fresh meat. You and Marcy have been over for too long... it's time to get out into the world again.'

By now Todd had had a couple of drinks and was feeling relaxed. He looked at the girl again. She was standing alone at the food table, not talking to any one. Todd stood up, finished his drink, and boldly strode up to her.

'Hi,' he said softly as he walked up quietly beside her. He filled an empty glass with a Hurricane from the punch bowl and offered it to her. 'Would you like a drink?' he asked.

She smiled at him and accepted the drink. 'Thanks,' she said, taking a sip. 'I'm Amy.'

'Todd,' he replied, shaking her hand. There was a moment of awkward silence. 'Are you here with anybody?' he finally asked.

She shook her head, taking another drink. 'No. One of the guys I work with invited me. Pat. But I don't see him,' she said, looking around.

Todd smiled inwardly. 'Ah, he's probably checking out some guy,' he chuckled.

Amy shot him a look that somehow gave him the impression that though she thought the comment funny, it was somehow inappropriate.

'I'm sorry,' Todd said. 'I should leave the poor fag alone.' He didn't even realize he'd called Pat a fag.

'It's okay,' Amy said, filling her plate with food. 'But Pat's a great guy.'

'Yeah, he is,' Todd agreed. 'Hey, while you're waiting for him, you wanna join me and my friends?'

'I thought you'd never ask,' Amy said, taking Todd's arm as they walked back to where Danny and Donna were sitting. He introduced everybody and they went about talking and drinking.

As the party went on, Amy and Todd talked more and more and seemed to hit it off. They stuck together most of the time. A few times during the evening Pat made his way over to sit and chat.

As Todd sipped on the drink Amy handed him (what was this, his tenth? he wasn't keeping track any more) he found himself feeling more and more free. Although he could normally handle his liquor, tonight he felt drunker than he'd been in a long time. Before he knew it, the party was winding down. Danny and Donna were getting ready to leave.

'Hey, I'll catch you tomorrow, Todd,' Danny said. 'We're goin' back to Donna's.'

'That sounds like a good idea,' Amy said, running her hand up Todd's inner thigh. 'Whatta ya say, wanna go to your place?'

Normally Todd didn't sleep with someone he'd just met, but he was just drunk, and horny and Amy's offer sounded good. He had no idea that about an hour ago Amy had spiked his drink with ecstasy, which was the reason why every thing was sounding so good. Amy had been hired by Pat and Mike as part of their plan to get Todd.

'Yeah, sure,' he said, getting to his feet and downing his drink. 'Call me tomorrow,' he called to Danny as he and Donna left.

'Here, let me get you another drink,' she said, taking Todd's glass from him.

'Okay,' Todd replied. He knew he'd already had too many, but for some reason one more drink sounded good. He watched as Amy walked over to the drink table, his eyes staring at her round ass.

As she made her way to the punch bowl she reached into her pocket and fished out a small pill. She dropped it into Todd's glass and let it dissolve before she turned around to make her way back. She handed him the glass and took his hand as he led her to his condo. The drink was half gone by the time they got to the front door.

Once they were inside Todd gave her a quick tour. He finished the drink and set the glass down on the coffee table. They sat down and Amy snuggled closer to him. Within a few minutes Todd began to feel light-headed. He had no way of knowing that he'd been drugged with rohypnol; he just thought it was the alcohol. Amy opened her purse and pulled out a joint. She lit it and handed it to him.

Todd liked to smoke every now and then and eagerly accepted the joint, taking a long hit off it. He handed it back to Amy but she gave it right back to him and encouraged him to take another hit. The drugs had lowered his inhibitions and clouded his judgment and he did as Amy said, looking into her smiling face. Before he knew it the joint was gone, and so was he. The room was spinning. The pot had been laced with a mild hallucinogenic drug.

'Whewww...' he sighed as he sank into the plush cushions. Amy's hand traveled up his thigh and to his crotch, giving it a firm but gentle squeeze. 'Mmmm...' Todd murmured, letting his head fall back.

'You wanna go to your room?' Amy asked in a whisper, giving his dick a little squeeze. By now Todd was rapidly succumbing to the effects of the drugs and was unable to form a coherent thought or response. He just nodded. Amy had removed her blouse and bra by this point. With Amy's help he struggled to his feet and somehow managed to stagger to his room, her hand on his ass the whole time, caressing and squeezing it.

She maneuvered him to his bed and let him go. He flopped down on his back, arms splayed out to his sides and his shirt open, exposing his flat, lightly tanned stomach and defined chest. She got on top of him and pulled at the waistband of his loose jeans, slipping her hand down his pants and rubbing his hardening cock through the soft cotton of his briefs. He just giggled, and continued to giggle as she leaned in and began to kiss him full on the mouth, her tongue exploring his mouth. His hands felt heavy, as if they were weighed down by lead, and he struggled to lift them, gently grabbing her breasts and rubbing his thumbs in a circular motion around her nipples.

'Mmmm... yeah...' Amy cooed, between kisses.

They continued making out for several minutes. Todd's dick was completely hard, straining to escape his briefs and Amy continued to gently stroke it, careful to not work him up too much.

Todd had given completely given him self over to the sensations he was feeling. The drugs had taken over and he wouldn't have been able to stop him self even if he'd wanted. He was so blitzed he didn't realize his bedroom door had opened and two figures had slipped in. There was no way Todd could have known that Pat and Mike had set him up and that Amy had been paid to seduce and drug him and to get him into a position where he would be helpless to resist what was happening to him. To get him right where Pat and Mike wanted him.

Pat and Mike set up two digital video cameras in the room, positioning them to catch all the action. Todd was vaguely aware of movement in the room, but was too preoccupied with Amy to let it register in his drug-addled mind.

Pat and Mike were both in their late 30's and similar in size and build. They were about an inch shorter than Todd, but weighed about 30 pounds more than him. They were fitness fanatics and worked out every day. They didn't look or act gay.

When they were finished setting up the equipment Mike sat down on the bed next to Amy and Todd. Todd knew someone was there but had no idea what was in store for him. He didn't realize it when Amy slipped her hand out of his pants and Mike slipped his in. And it register when Amy had backed away and Mike began kissing him. Pat handed Amy an envelope of money and she left the room, closing the door behind her.

Pat focused the cameras on Todd and Mike on the bed. 'Mmmm... hot Todd, the god with the bod,' he said. He sat down on the other side of Todd and began to blow softly into his ear. Mike was now running his tongue over Todd's lips, down his neck, over his Adam's Apple, and down to his heaving chest.

'Mmmm... yeah... baby... oooohhh... that feels so good,' Todd cooed, barely able to form the words, completely oblivious of the fact that there were two mouths kissing him. One was lightly chewing on his earlobe and blowing in his ear, while the other was tonguing and biting his nipples.

'You like that Toddie?' Pat asked.

'You like that Toddie?' Todd repeated. 'Hmmpphh...' he laughed. 'You soun juss like that faggot upstairs.'

'Which faggot would that be?' Mike asked, pausing briefly. Another nibble on the earlobe; another tongue swabbing of his chest. Todd giggled as the nimble fingers ran up and down his torso, circling his nipples, playing with them, running through the thick dark hair of his head and down his neck.

'Pat... Mike,' he slurred. 'Who the hell knows? You soun like botha them. Coupla fuckin' homos.' His back arched as the fingers crawled up and down his spine. He felt his body being pulled upward.

'How're you doing, big guy?' Mike asked, his hand slipping down the front of Todd's jeans and lightly tickling him through his briefs. He wrapped his fist around Todd's hard shaft. He let his other hand slither up Todd's chest until it reached a nipple. He twisted it and pulled at it.

'Mmphh... unnnnhhh...' Todd moaned.

'Yeahhhh... big boy...' Mike whispered, taking Todd in both his arms and kissing his soft lips. 'You gettin' all this Pat?' Mike asked, his eyes now locked on Todd's bleary eyes.

'Fuck yeah,' Pat replied. 'I've been waiting two years for this!'

'Well we've got all night,' Mike said, looking into the drugged stud's eyes. 'Hot Toddie's not goin' anywhere, are you? You don't even know what's going on, do you? Fuckin' dim-wit's not gonna remember a thing.'

Todd didn't respond. He just looked ahead blankly. The drugs that had been laced into the joint had completely fogged his mind. Combined with the alcohol, ecstasy and rohypnol, he would be only slightly aware of what was happening to him at the time, but would be unable to resist, and he would be left him with no concrete memory of the events later on. He wouldn't be sure what, if any thing, had happened. Because of that, Pat and Mike didn't even bother to disguise themselves.

Pat grabbed Todd's shirt and slipped it down his shoulders. 'Here, buddy,' he said, 'let's get this off you.'

Mike put his hand on Todd's back to steady him as Pat slid the shirt off. Then Pat untied Todd's shoes and lifted each foot to remove them and strip his socks off. 'Whewwww... you look damn good.'

'I want you to fuck me,' Pat said.

'I want you to fuck me,' Todd repeated. In his impaired condition he didn't know what he was saying or doing.

Pat finished setting up the camera and sat down on the other side of Todd. 'Mmmmnnn...' Todd mumbled, lifting his head. His eyes were half-open and vacant. Mike eased him back down. He writhed as Pat and Mike ran their hands over his upper body. 'Whhhaaattt'ruuu doinnn'?'

'Yeah, you like this, don't you?' Pat said, ignoring Todd's question. Instead, he softly blew into Todd's ear. Todd shrugged his shoulders up and tried to turn his head to avoid the sensation but Pat reached over and placed his hand against the side of Todd's face. He traced his thumb across Todd's lower lip and then slipped it into the dazed stud's mouth and slowly worked it back and forth. Todd moaned again. 'Yeah... that's right, buddy, take it in... that's good. Mmmm...'

'Unnngghhhh...' Todd moaned.

They hauled Todd to his feet. He could barely stand and Pat had to hold him up while Mike unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans and shimmied them down his legs. Todd's briefs were tented with his erection. 'Ooooohhhh... tighty whities,' Mike said in an almost teasing tone. 'Nice...' he cupped Todd's bulge and pinched his ass.

'I would've figured you for boxers for sure, buddy,' Mike said, running a hand over Todd's smooth, brief-covered ass. It was firm to the touch and he gave it a pinch, eliciting another soft moan from Todd.

'No, this boy's boys need a house,' Pat chuckled, reaching around and lightly squeezing Todd's balls.

'Oh, I'm not complaining,' Mike said as he joined Pat in fondling Todd's package.

'Unnnhhhh...' Todd moaned again as his hunky body was being played with.

Pat took a ball gag and held it up. 'You wanna give him a Viagra first?' he asked.

Mike gave Todd's dick a quick jerk and felt it lurch in response. He lowered the front of Todd's briefs and tucked them under his balls. They were the size of golf-balls and loaded with cum. His dick was fully erect and pointing straight upward. Mike shook his head. 'Nah, look at it,' he said, grasping it with on one hand and scrubbing the tip of it with his calloused thumb. Todd hunched and gasped and moaned as his seven-inch dick was being fondled. 'It's hard enough to cut glass. I don't think he's gonna need anything to keep him hard tonight.' He pulled the underwear back up, letting the waistband snap against his tummy. He stroked the shaft again, thumbing the sensitive prick tip. The soft cotton of the briefs polished Todd's knob and he let out a squeal. Mike just smiled. 'I think I'll have one, though,' he said. 'I don't wanna have a let down.'

After they both downed a Viagra, Pat sat down and Mike eased the drugged hottie onto his lap. It was quite a site... Todd, wearing nothing but his bulging underwear and a giddy smile, drugged up and sprawled helplessly on Pat's lap. Pat had one arm around Todd's upper body and was twisting away at his nipple while his other hand was wrapped around Todd's brief-covered cock, gripping his erect cock.

Mike buried his face in Todd's crotch and kissed him through his briefs. He was about to gag Todd when Pat stopped him.

'Wait a sec,' Pat said. 'I wanna teabag him.'

Together they eased Todd off Pat's lap and laid him out flat on the bed, tying his wrists to bedposts. Pat and Mike then stripped out of their clothes. Mike's cock was poking through the fly of his boxers. It was eight inches long, thick and cut. He shucked off the boxers, his balls hanging low in his hairy sack. Pat's dick was even bigger - nine inches and as thick around as Mike's.

As Mike took one of the video cameras off its tripod, Pat straddled Todd's face and opened his mouth. He then lowered himself, pushing his ball sack into Todd's open mouth. His fat dick was dripping its juice on Todd's forehead. He raised and lowered his body several times, dipping his sack in and out of Todd's mouth, the poor stud, unaware, choking on the fleshy pouch in his mouth. Mike zoomed in on the action, catching it all on film.

Pat crawled off Todd, picked up a digital camera and began snapping pictures of the bound, writhing stud. Mike remounted the video camera and took Todd's underwear by the waistband, slowly tugging them down over his hips and down his long legs. He took a deep whiff of the musky, sweaty odor and handed them to Pat, who did the same. He set the underwear down on the nightstand and tied Todd's ankles to the bedposts, spreading his legs.

Todd's dick was waving straight up and Mike took it gently in his hand and slowly and meticulously began to jerk it in a corkscrew fashion. Todd moaned and groaned through his gag while his cock was being worked over. Mike licked his fingers and rolled one of Todd's nipples between his thumb and forefinger as he continued to jack him off. Pat was busy flicking his tongue in and out of Todd's ears, nibbling and blowing. Todd squirmed more and his taut body arched.

After several minutes of slow manipulation, Todd was ready to cum. He was babbling and whimpering through the gag and his balls were constricted. Just as he was ready to shoot his load, Mike and Pat pulled away.

'Urggghh....' Todd screamed through the gag. His hips were thrusting, desperately trying to find something to fuck into.

The guys repeated this routine three more times, each time bringing Todd just to the brink of orgasm before pulling away. Todd was sweating profusely and pulling at his bonds, cursing and squealing through his gag.

Finally, on the fifth time, they let Todd cum. His plum-shaped prick tip expanded and erupted, shooting seven streams of dick snot straight up into the air. His spooge landed on his chest, the back wall, and some even landed in his sweat-dampened hair.

Before his orgasm subsided, Mike began jerking Todd's dick again. Todd squealed more loudly, unable to take the sensation. He tried to hunch his body but his bonds wouldn't allow him. He arched and twisted but to no avail. Mike kept up his torturous ministrations on Todd's cock, and the poor helpless guy could only let it happen.

Now Pat made his move. While Mike continued to slowly masturbate him, Pat lifted Todd heavy sweaty balls, exposing his asshole. He ran his index finger slowly and lightly over Todd's anal knot while he licked the bound man's nut sack. Todd's eyes snapped open and a surprised gurgle escaped his mouth.

'Urrgghhhh.... mmmppphh...' Todd squealed as Pat's mouth engulfed his scrotum, sucking away. He continued to finger Todd's hole. He released Todd's nuts from his mouth and began to flick his tongue over the pink pucker.

Todd's asshole spasmed and twitched as Pat's tongue licked and poked its way into virgin territory. Todd was going crazy. He had never felt such sensations before, such tingling coursing through his body, unable to make it stop.

Pat slipped his index finger a few millimeters into Todd's hole and ever so slowly moved it round and round in an effort to loosen up the hottie's shit chute.

'Unnnggghhh.... mmmmm....nnnn.....' Todd moaned through his gag. He tried to clench his ass cheeks together, but every time he did, Mike would scrub his thumb over his dick head and twist a nipple, throwing Todd off balance and causing him to arch his body. When he did that, his butt cheeks unclenched, allowing Pat to continue his probe. He now had two fingers in Todd's ass, almost up the second knuckle, gently stretching his rectum.

'Fuck me,' Pat whispered into Todd's ear.

'Fuck me,' Todd repeated in a whisper. Pat and Mike couldn't help but chortle as they listened to the drugged out, fucked up stud repeat the phrase.

Whenever Todd tried to hunch his hips up to dislodge the prying fingers from his asshole, Mike would run his thumb over his sensitive prick tip. If he slammed his ass down on the bed to avoid Mike's thumb, he only pushed Pat's fingers further up his ass. He was stuck. His body was shaking and writhing, he was sweating and moaning. His dick shot another load of cum into the air. Pat and Mike just grinned.

Pat finally withdrew his fingers, but before Todd could breath a sigh of relief, Pat slipped a thin dildo up his ass. He flipped a switch and it began to vibrate, nudging Todd's prostate and causing him to flop about like a fish.

'Mmmmppphhh....aaaaiiiieeee.... oooooohhh....' he screamed, his gag muffling the sound. He tried to shit out the vibrating wand, but Pat and strapped it in place with an elastic leash.

They pulled Todd to his feet, the anal probe lodged firmly in his ass, whirring away. Despite the rigorous milking he'd undergone, his cock was still hard and stuck straight out. It was leaking an almost constant stream of pre-cum and there was also drool dripping from his lips. Mike took Todd's underwear from the nightstand, wiped his chin, and put them on the wobbly stud's head. They looked like a chef's hat. Pat held him while Mike snapped a few pictures and then set up a padded wooden apparatus. It looked like a pair of sawhorses set next to each other, slightly inclined, and about two and a half feet at its high point. They spread Todd's legs shoulder width apart and tied his ankles to the base. Then they bent his naked body over and strapped his torso to the main platform. There were cut outs in the platform exposing his navel and pecs. His wrists were bound to the front posts of the structure.

Mike untied the gag and popped it from Todd's mouth. Todd moved his lower jaw back and forth, but before he could close his mouth, Mike grabbed him by his ears and jammed his cock into his mouth, slamming it against the back of his throat. Todd tried to turn his head and spit out the monster cock, but Mike held his head firmly in place. Todd struggled to catch his breath, and finally realized that he could get air through his nostrils. He began to take deep breaths of air as Mike pumped his cock in and out of his mouth, his big balls slamming against Todd's chin. Todd could feel the leaking pre-cum on his mouth, its salty taste foreign to him. He gagged and tried to spit, but was unable. All he could do was swallow Mike's cum. He closed his eyes.

As Mike continued to fuck Todd's face, Pat opened two bottles poppers. He held a bottle to each of Todd's nostrils and Todd unknowingly took a deep breath.

A muffled moan slipped escaped his lips as Mike's cock sluiced in and out of his mouth. The poppers took him to yet another level. As Todd's head spun and the room spun and every thing around him blended together, Pat and Mike double-fucked his mouth, ramming their cocks in and out.

Then, with a sudden arch of the back and a low guttural moan, Mike cried out, 'I'm cumming!' He pulled his cock out of Todd's mouth, leaving Pat's dick still sliding in and out, and shot his pent up jizz all over Todd's face. There was dick slime running all over the handsome stud's face, dripping over his lips and down his chin.

Then Pat slid the anal probe out of Todd's ass and immediately shoved his cock in its place. He wasn't slow or gentle about it, either. He rammed it right in. Todd gasped in pain and surprise, but another nose full of poppers, courtesy of Mike, distracted him and dulled the pain.

As Mike fucked Todd's mouth, Pat pumped his cock in and out of Todd's once virgin but still tight ass. His body was being pushed back and forth as the two gay men furiously fucked him. Soon, though, they found a rhythm, and they fucked Todd in a slow and deliberate manner that was almost obscene in its luridness. Todd was beyond comprehending what was happening to him and gave into Pat and Mike's rape.

Todd woke up just before 11:00 am the next morning. He sat up in bed. Shit!!! His head pounded like a motherfucker and his body was sore all over... his dick, his ass, his nipples... what the fuck happened? He thought back to the night before... nothing. The last thing he remembered was going back to the house with Amy. Amy... Amy... where was she? He looked around. He was alone in his bed and the spot next to him didn't look slept in. He threw his blankets back and crawled out of bed. He walked unsteadily out of his bedroom, wearing only his underwear. There was an envelope on the coffee table with his name on it. He tore it open and read the note. It was from Amy.

'Thanks for last night. I hope you had fun. It looks like you did. By the way, I sent you an email.' Todd put the envelope down and sauntered into the kitchen to make some coffee. What the hell did she mean by her note... 'I hope you had fun'? And wait... how did she know his email address?

Todd went back to the living room and sat down at his desk. His computer was already on. He opened his email program and quickly scanned the new messages as they downloaded. Spam, spam, mom, brother, spam, sister, spam... The last two messages were from someone named 'Hot Amy' and they both contained attachments. Curious, he clicked on the first. 'Dear Todd,' it read, 'Thanks for a night we'll never forget.' Todd's face screwed up into a scowl and he scratched his head. What do you mean 'we'? He clicked on the attachment and his computers media player opened. A movie clip started to play. Todd was shocked to see himself in his own room strapped to some kind of wooden object, naked, except for something on his head... fuck... it was his underwear! It looked like some kind of fuckin' hat! But that wasn't the worst of it!!! Two male figures moved into view and all of a sudden one shoved his dick into his mouth while the other shoved his dick up his ass! What the...? His body was rocking back and forth as the two men fucked his mouth and ass. He could hear himself moaning... it actually sounded like he was enjoying it... What the fuck? He'd been raped? Him? How? He couldn't believe his eyes! What had that bitch Amy done to him? In a daze he replayed the clip, trying to make out his rapists. But the figures were darkened and he couldn't clearly make out any thing. He closed the message and right clicked on the email address of the sender. Just by looking at the return address he could tell that it had been sent from some kind of porno site. Who the fuck was Amy then? But it didn't matter. He was being fucked!

He deleted the message and opened the next. There were three pictures of him bound and gagged on his bed wearing only his underwear. There were two sets of hands grabbing at him. Each picture had a caption under it reading 'We'll be in touch.'

It was just before 7:00 pm and Todd was still recovering from his hangover and the events of the night before when there was a knock on his door. He knew it wasn't Danny because he'd talked to him earlier in the afternoon and told him he wasn't feeling well enough to go out. Danny had wanted details from the night before, but Todd put him off, telling him he'd fill him in later all about his night with Amy. But right now all he wanted to do was relax. And forget about what he had seen. Forget what had happened. The knocking sounded again and he answered the door. It was Pat and Mike.

'What's up, guys?' Todd asked. 'It's not a real good time.'

'Can we come in?' Mike asked, not waiting for a reply. He and Pat walked right past Todd and closed the door.

'What's going on?' Todd asked, annoyed.

'You got Amy's email, didn't you?' Mike asked, looking Todd up and down. Although Todd had showered and shaved and dressed, he still looked like hell.

Every thing started to drop into place now and Todd felt himself turning red with embarrassment and anger. 'You fuckin' assholes!' he yelled. 'Get the hell out or I'll kick your ass!' He opened the door and waited for them to leave but they stood their ground.

Pat calmly closed the door and handed a sheaf of papers to Todd. 'Why don't you read these before you start making threats,' he said.

Todd grabbed the papers. 'What the fuck are these?' They looked like a bunch of letters. He leafed through them, scanning them.... they were all similar, except for the addresses. They were addressed to people he knew. He quickly read one.

'I can't hide it any more. I'm gay. I've been gay for as long as I can remember, but have been pretending to be straight. But now... I feel like I'm betraying myself by not being who I really am. I hope you can accept me for who I am.'

'What the hell is this?' Todd demanded, tossing the letters back at Pat. They shuffled through the air and scattered on the floor. 'Who the fuck is gonna believe this?'

Pat quietly gathered the letters together and handed them to Mike. 'Maybe some people will, maybe some won't. But the video that's going along with the letter should be proof enough.'

Todd remembered the video clip in the email, of two guys, obviously Pat and Mike, fucking him in both ends. He also remembered the sounds he made... sounds that made it seem like he enjoyed what was happening to him... His mind was flying in a million different directions.

He glowered at the two men. 'You can't mail the letters if you're dead,' he said menacingly, advancing toward them.

'You remember Amy, don't you, Toddie?' Mike asked. Todd stopped. 'That's right, dumb-fuck. 'Amy? The girl who set you up? Well, if Amy doesn't hear from us by morning she's got instructions to mail copies of all these letters with copies of the video to all these people here,' he said, tapping the letters in his hand.

'Yeah,' Pat said. 'There're letters to your mommy and daddy, your brother and sister, your boss, Danny, Donna.... shit everybody in the complex'll get a copy.'

Todd's jaw dropped at the gravity of the situation slowly hit him. The look on his face wasn't lost on Pat and Mike.

'Boy, you are a dumb ass, aren't you?' Mike said.

'Wwwwhat ddddo you want?' Todd stammered.

'Ttttto ffffuck you,' Mike replied, mocking Todd's stuttered question.

'What?' Todd asked, incredulously.

'You heard him,' Pat said. 'You be our little fuck boy and no body'll ever know about our little 'night of love'.'

'That's fuckin' blackmail!' Todd yelled, fists clenched.

'Give the dumb-ass a cigar,' Mike said, snickering.

'You can't do that!' Todd yelled again.

'You can't do that!' Mike whimpered, mocking Todd again.

Todd couldn't believe what was happening. Maybe if he tried another approach. 'Guys... I... I thought we were friends,' he said, grasping for something, anything.

'Oh please,' Mike said, shaking his head. 'Every other word you've ever said to us was some kind of slam on gays. We're not stupid. People talk. We know what you've said about us.'

'B...b...but I'm only kidding when I say shit like that,' Todd said, desperately trying to justify his actions.

'Too late, Toddie,' Mike said.

'What do you want?' Todd asked, resigned. 'Money?'

'We already told you,' Pat said. 'We want you to be our fuck boy.'

Todd shook his head. 'No, please. Come on guys,' he pleaded. 'Don't do this.'

'Oh quit being a baby. Strip for us,' Pat said.


'Are you deaf?' Pat said. 'STRIP!'

'Awww...' Todd whined. 'Come on, buddies?'

'Oh, now we're 'buddies'' Pat said mockingly. 'What happened to 'fags' and 'queers'? I said strip!'

Realizing they were serious, Todd awkwardly took his shirt off. He was wearing a t-shirt. He pulled it from the waist of his pants and was about to remove it when Mike stopped him. 'Rip it off,' he said.

'What?' Todd asked, confused.

'You heard me,' Mike said. 'Rip that fucker off. And do it nice and sexy. Like you mean it, Toddie.'

Todd grabbed his t-shirt by the neck and gave it a yank. It tore. He continued to pull until it was completely shredded. He looked up and saw that Pat was filming him with a video camera.

'Oh come on,' he whined again. 'Please don't do this.'

'You want something to make it easier, Toddie?' Mike asked, holding out a bottle of tequila. It was nearly full.

Todd hung his head and nodded. He took the bottle. Tequila was not his drink of choice and he knew that Pat and Mike also knew it. Tequila fucked with his head... It was never good when he drank tequila. But he didn't have much of a choice. He opened the bottle and took a swig, unaware that the tequila had been laced with GHB, enough to make him obedient, compliant and unable to resist.

'Take another drink,' Mike said. It was more of an order and Todd obeyed. He put the cap back on.

'I'll tell you when to stop,' Mike said. 'Now take another drink.'

Todd opened the bottle and took another drink. He grimaced as he felt the liquid burn down his throat. Already he was beginning to feel dizzy.

'Now strip,' Mike said.

Todd wavered on his feet for a few seconds. It had gotten really warm all of a sudden. He absently took another drink of the drugged tequila before putting the bottle down. He'd now drunk the equivalent of six shots... enough to really mess him up. And combined with the GHB... well, needless to say, Todd was done for. Mike's request didn't seem too unreasonable now. He reached down to his waist and unbuttoned his khakis. As he began to lower the zipper, his plaid boxers came into view.

'Uh, hold on a sec,' Pat said, lowering the camera. 'You're wearing boxers. Go put on those nice little tightie whities you were wearing last night. You looked so cute. Just like a little boy.'

'Do I have to?' Todd asked.

'Yes, you have to,' Mike said, pulling out his cell phone and dialing. 'Unless you want me to call Amy, that is.'

'Okay, okay,' Todd said. 'I'll do what you say.' He walked to his room and was about to close the door when Mike stopped him.

'No. Don't close the door. Bring 'em out here. I wanna see you put 'em on. The same ones you wore last night.'

Todd obeyed without question. He went to his room, found the briefs in his laundry basket and brought them out to the living room.

'Put 'em on,' Mike said.

Todd stripped off his pants and boxers together and slipped on the briefs. Then he put his khakis back on.

'Okay, now Hot Toddie....' Mike said. 'That's better. Now strip for us. And while you're at it, why don't you do a little dance?' Mike turned on Todd's stereo and flipped through his CDs. He found one and put it in and cued up a song.

Todd's face went beet red. The song that was playing was 'Darlng Nikki' by Prince. He froze.

'Strip, fucker,' Pat said.

Todd's hands found their way to his waist and he slowly undid his pants. The white of his briefs became visible and Mike smiled.

'That's more like it, Toddie,' he said.

'Please don't make me do this,' Todd pleaded again. 'I'm begging you.'

'If you don't shut up and strip, you'll be begging on your knees with my dick in your mouth!' Mike snapped. 'Now get those pants off... and dance fuck boy!'

Todd unzipped his fly and slowly lowered his pants, gyrating awkwardly to the music. He bent down to pull his pants off and realized he was still wearing his shoes. He teetered and tottered, his legs all tangled up in his pants. He fell on his ass.

'Nice move,' Pat chuckled, zooming in on Todd's crotch as the embarrassed stud untied his shoes and kicked them off. Both Pat and Mike couldn't stop laughing.

Todd stood up and finished taking his pants off. He hooked his thumbs into his waistband and was about to lower his briefs when Mike stopped him again.

'That's enough for right now, Toddie,' he said. 'Why don't you take another drink?'

Todd took another swing of the GHB laced tequila. Before he had capped the bottle, Mike continued. 'Now, why don't you just dance around a bit for us in those cute little undies,' he said, hitting the replay button on the CD player.

Todd was feeling really drunk right now and was having trouble standing up straight. And the room was spinning... round and round and round. Something felt weird, but he couldn't put his finger on it. In fact, he couldn't really even concentrate. All he could hear was the beat of the music and he began to slowly dance, his eyes squeezed closed, as if by shutting his eyes he could somehow shut out the world. His hips began to swivel and he swayed back and forth.

He didn't know how long he had been dancing because the music just seemed to go on and on (courtesy of his CD player's continuous play button). While he was dancing he heard voices telling him to pinch his tits and grab his crotch and he did as they said. He was told to snap the waistband of his briefs. At one point he bent over, running his hands over his butt and parting his ass cheeks.

His eyes snapped open when he felt a hand, Mike's hand, cup his balls through his briefs. He slapped it away. Mike instantly slapped him across the face. Hard. Todd winced and then he felt himself being pushed down to his knees.

'Unbuckle my belt, Toddie,' Mike said, licking his finger and sticking it into Todd's ear, swirling it around.

For some reason he couldn't quite fathom, Todd obeyed. He fumbled with the belt but didn't stop there. He unbuttoned and unzipped Mike's pants, too.

'Now lower 'em suck my dick.'

Todd pulled Mike's pants down to mid-hip but hesitated when he saw Mike's fat cock flop out, erect and oozing pre-cum. He got another hard slap across the face and then Mike grasped his cock with one hand, pried Todd's mouth open with the other, and shoved his cock in.

Todd tried to spit out the dripping penis but Mike grasped the back of his head and pushed his cock all the way in until it hit the back of Todd's throat.

'Unngghhh.... urrrgghhh...' Todd choked.

'Just relax and suck it, bitch,' Mike said.

Pat set his camera up on a tripod and stood next to Mike. He opened a bottle of poppers and put them under Todd's nose. 'Here Toddie, take a whiff. You remember these, don't you? You couldn't get enough of them the other night. You were a regular poppers slut.'

The aroma made Todd's head go fuzzy once again. When he came back to what little senses he had left, he realized that his underwear had been almost completely ripped off, leaving only the elastic of his briefs around his waist. He also realized that Pat was running his finger up and down his bare ass crack.

He tried to wriggle away, but Pat gave him another hit off the poppers and his head went all swimmy again. Pat shoved three fingers up Todd's ass and moved them around in a circular motion, grazing his prostate and causing tingly sensations to course through his dick and balls and up and down his spine. Todd groaned, but he couldn't tell whether it was from pain or pleasure because his mind was so fucked up on poppers, tequila and GHB.

'Oh yeah, Hot Toddie...' Pat said. 'It's gonna be a long night.'

To be continued...



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