Following my two year's in the AmeriCorps, I move to Atlanta, Georgia and get a job with a social agency. I keep in contact with Frank via phone.

After three years, I get a call inviting me to join Frank and his younger brother Ethan for a Fall hunting trip in the Great Smokey Mountains. I am now 30 years of age, Frank is 25 and his brother is 23.

Ethan has become a real stud standing 6 feet, weighing a rock solid 170 pounds, and featuring a 9" slick cut cock. Big cocks run in the family. He has red hair, hazel eyes and a very smooth almost hairless body.

In review, Frank is 6'4" tall, weights 190 pounds sprouts a 12" cut cock, has blond hair and blue eyes. He is a true mountain hillbilly stud.

I am 5'8" tall, weigh 150 pounds, dark hair and eyes and have a 7.5" cut cock.

When I arrive at their home, they have all the food, hunting equipment, dogs and truck ready for departure. I give both Frank and Ethan a big hug and say hello to all the family.

We drive for about two hours arriving at a mountain cabin that has been loaned to the guys by a local businessman and friend of the family. The cabin has a large fireplace, nice kitchen, one bedroom with one bed, combined living and dinning room and of course a bathroom.

We unload the truck, build a fire, feed the dogs and prepare a lunch. After eating, we start out on a hike with the anticipation of killing a deer or bear. The day proves unsuccessful in killing either.

We return to the cabin near dark and add logs to the fireplace, change clothes and prepare dinner that includes oysters (great for guys libido), salad, potatoes and lots of beer.

Ethan has consumed so much beer that he falls asleep by the fireplace around 9 PM. Frank and I undress Ethan and place him in bed. We join him as I get in between Ethan and Frank. With Ethan passed out, Frank and I are ready to get it on. We both are so horny from not seeing each other for three years plus the oysters and beer have us hot.

I turn toward Frank and begin softly kissing his hot wet lips. Before long, I plunge my tongue deep into his open and eager mouth. We wildly kiss as our sloppy and hot tongues explore each other's mouth. Our steamy hot bodies merge together. I am rock hard and leaking precum. I can feel Frank's monstrous erect 12" cock driving into my crotch. I feel both our wet shorts clinging to our bodies from the precum.

Over come with lust, Frank drives his head under the covers, removes my shorts and begins to kiss, lick and spit all over my raging hard cock. Soon he is sucking my cock as he moves on and off the now slick wet boner. He is sucking the precum out of my dripping cock head. I am so turned on from his hot mouth, the oysters and beer that I throw to the wind any inhibitions that I had.

I now lust after both Ethan and Frank. I reach over, drive my hand under the cover, discover the fly to Erhan's shorts, pull his cock out and begin jerking him off as I add spit to my hand. Before long, I hear Ethan begin to moan and Oh My his cock begins to grow in my hand. Before long, I can feel his cock reach its full 9" erection. He begins to leak precum over my hand. I momentarily remove my hand to suck his cum into my mouth. The cum is both salty and yet sweet. I have now had cum from both Ethan and Frank.

Although Ethan is still drunk, he opens his eyes, looks at me and says: "What in the hell are you doing Colt?" I am caught in the act but my lust controls my actions as I continue to wildly jerk Ethan's gorgeous leaking cock. I cannot stop.

Soon Ethan is completely awake and notices that Frank is under the cover bobbing up and down. Ethan ask: "Colt, what is Frank doing under the cover?" I reply: "Oh, OMG, Frank is giving me a mind blowing blowjob." With those words, I feel Ethan's cock begin to pulsate and throb in my hand. He is now really turned on.

I sense Ethan's lust and without another word, I throw the cover off of us, tear Ethan's shorts off of him and go down on his red hot leaking cock. He can now see his brother Frank giving me a super blowjob. I guess Ethan is curious now that he sees his brother's cock sucking abilities.

As I drive all the way down on Ethan's huge cock, Ethan grabs the back of my head and pushes me further down on his cock. I begin rubbing his large balls as I suck his slick cock. Before long, Ethan is moaning, grunting and begging me to suck him harder. He is now really into this three way sex orgy.

After several more minutes of Frank sucking my cock as I suck Ethan's hot cock, Ethan and I are now near a climax. We stop and I begin planting heavy kisses on Ethan's wet mouth. He can now taste his own cum from my kisses. Ethan pulls me back long enough to say: "I love the taste of my cum for the first time. Can you instruct me how to suck your cock and maybe I can drain some of your cum so I can taste it?"

This dirty talk puts Frank and I in over drive as we hear the enjoyment from Frank's younger brother. Frank, the mountain man hunk says: "Colt let Ethan suck your hot cock while I eat your ass. I am going to fuck your beautiful bubble man pussy tonight.

My cock begins to thrust and jerk as I get on top of Ethan's chest and slide my cock down his wet and sweet mouth. I go all the way in as Ethan gags. I pull out and go back in slowly as he takes all my cock with ease this time.

Frank moves up behind me and begins to lube my ass with some lube he has brought on the trip. He begins to finger my ass with first one then two and finally three fingers. I continue to drive my rock hard cock down Ethan's throat while Frank is roughly finger fucking my ass. Frank turns to kissing, licking and sucking my man pussy. I know that soon Frank will pound me with his 12" cock.

The combination of having my cock sucked by this handsome Ethan and Frank's eating and fingering my ass becomes too much. I feel my cock head swell, my balls rise, the cock shaft pulsate and the cum shoot out of my piss opening. I am too aroused to warn Ethan as I dump burst after burst down his throat. I am pleasantly surprised as Ethan swallows load after load of my white thick seed.

As I grunt and moan, Ethan grabs my back and holds my cock in his mouth until he completely drains ever drop from my cock and balls. He then releases my spent cock and begins kissing me. I can smell and taste my cum as well as the sweet breath of this gorgeous second mountain man. How lucky to have sex with two mountain men hillbilly guys/hunks at the same time. The room is now filled with the intoxicating odors of sweat, cum and man meat.

Now that Ethan and I have both received great blowjobs, Frank is feeling left out. Frank says to me: "Colt, baby, my cock is feeling left out. It has been a long time since you have had your professional cock sucking powerful mouth on my 12" cock. Please suck my aching cock." I could hardly wait to come down on the largest cock I had ever seen.

I had Frank get on his back on the bed, spread his legs far apart and I moved in between his muscled large legs and thighs. As I came down on that monstrous cock, I spit gobs of my spit on the cock, balls and pubic hair. I begin kissing and licking his balls and cock shaft. Frank is yelling with delight as he says: "Colt, you are the world's greatest cock sucker." With those words, I begin to slide Frank's long and broad cock down my throat. This time I am determined to deep throat that monster. On the third try, I was able to take all this beautiful cock down my throat as my mouth touches the base of his pubic hair. Soon I am devouring loads of Frank's precum. I have now tasted both stud's cum.

Soon I feel Ethan behind me as he takes his hands to spread my ass. He begins kissing and licking the entrance to my pink bubble asshole. Soon he is eating my man pussy as if it is a bowl of ice cream. Between sucking Frank's 12" cock and having my ass eaten, I soon am once again rock hard.

After a rather long time of sucking Frank's cock and having my ass eaten, I am ready to come again. I pull off Frank's cock, move up to Frank's mouth and slide my cock down his throat as I burst huge loads of cum down his throat. He swallows my cum with great pleasure. Ethan not to be outdone, moves up and takes my cock out of Frank's mouth and sucks the last few drops of cum from my spent cock.

Frank instructs me to clean my ass for a bareback fucking from him. I eagerly do as I am asked. Franks gets on the bed, rolls on to his back, spreads his legs far apart and has me face him as I come down on his huge pole. I come down on his cock inch by inch until I am all the way down. We begin fucking harder and harder. After about 10 minutes, I receive a real shock when Frank says to Ethan: "Brother, get behind Colt's ass and see if you can drive your cock into his man pussy so we can both fuck him at the same time. I have never experienced a double cock fucking. How on earth can two such huge cocks get into my tight ass?

Although I have huge amounts of lube and precum in my ass, how successful with Ethan be? Ethan is so excited as he rushes to lube his cock, gets behind me and begins pushing his cock just above Frank's cock to enter me. The first three tries fail but he is not giving up. He inserts a finger to spread me further apart. It really hurts but soon I feel his hard cock begin to slide in above frank's cock. With great determination and powerful thrusts, he goes all the way in. They get into a smooth rhythm and pound my man pussy with great force. They continue to fuck me harder and harder as their two cocks rub against each other.

Soon the juices they produce along with our sweaty bodies create a smooth channel for the two cocks to explore my inter ass. We are moaning, yelling and grunting with absolute sexual eroticism. This fucking session goes on for at least 15 minutes. Then I hear Ethan breath hard and yell: "I am cumming, I am cumming." I feel his huge load fill my ass and pour over Frank's cock. When spent, Ethan is able to pull out while Frank continues to fuck my very sore ass.

AS I suck the remaining drops of cum out of Ethan's cock, Frank continues to pound me for another five minutes before he explodes a huge load of eight blast in my man pussy. He pulls out and I suck his cock for the last few drops.

Then Ethan gets down and sucks more cum out of my draining ass and shares the load with me as he kisses me with deep kisses.

We all get up, shower and go back to bed for a good nights sleep. As I drift off, I think what will these mountain hillbilly guys think to do next during our hunting trip. Time will tell. I have never been more satisfied, happy and still lust filled.



Naughty Eric


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