The story begins when I become an AmeriCorps volunteer. After a few weeks training, four of us volunteers are assigned to work with poor families in a northeastern rural county in Tennessee. The county's population is only 7,000 with the annual family income averaging $15,000 per year. Our team consist of two female and two male volunteers.

We spend several weeks becoming familiar with the people and especially with local government and business leaders.

My name is Colt. I am a 25 year-old single Gay man. I have dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and fairly dark complexion based upon my Italian ancestry. I stand 5' 8", weigh 150 pounds, and a slim hard body from daily work outs. My body features a very light fuzzy trail of hair down my chest, stomach and legs. My hairless and smooth cock measures 7.5".

The steamy sex takes place on a Monday afternoon as I visit a rural farm family living 30 miles from the county seat. The last 10 miles to the farm is up a river valley on a dirt road.

When I reach the farm, I observe a weather beaten two story house, a large barn nearby, several hunting dogs, horses and cattle in the fields and two older cars.

I meet the parents, John and Mary, and their oldest child Frank, a 20 year-old hunk. There are seven children ranging in age from 8 to 20. All the children are in school for the day except Frank.

Frank is a mountain man's man. I learn that he stands 6' 3", weighs 198 rock solid pounds, and has developed a huge muscled body from working on the farm. He has huge arms and his biceps are as large as grapefruits. Frank's legs are the size of a professional heavy weight wrestler along with gorgeous calf's filling out his pants. He has light blond hair, deep blue eyes and an intoxicating smile. I am in awe the minute I gaze upon this hunk.

I share information regarding government assistant with the parents. John, Mary and Frank are grateful for my assistance and invite me to join them for lunch. We have a delicious menu that includes fried chicken, fried potatoes, slaw, tomatoes, onions, fried corn, corn bread, milk and apple pie. Most of the meal is from the summer crops.

After lunch, John and Mary excuse themselves in order to drive into town to sale some of the farm's crops including eggs, corn, potatoes and green beans. Before leaving, they instruct Frank to use the tractor to gather several bails of hay from the field for storage in the barn.

Frank says to me: "Colt, would you like to join me in getting the hay into the barn?" "Yes, Frank, I would love to help and see how this work has made you such a strong mountain man." Frank laughs and responds: "Hey, man, lifting these bails of hay and throwing them on the trailer behind the tractor has given me this muscled body.

We pick up and store 25 bails of hay. It is a hot day causing both of us to become very sweaty. When we are finished, Frank removes his shirt, takes off his hat and wipes his forehead with a large red handkerchief. I am gazing on a modern day herculean Roman gladiator.

Frank's gorgeous hard chest features large muscles that cause his nipples to protrude as if they are a woman's breasts. His biceps are huge and he has a beautiful tan. He smells like a hard working field hand.

Frank approaches me and begins to wipe my sweaty forehead with the now soaked handkerchief as he rubs against my body. As I smell his hot body rubbing up against me, I am wondering if Frank is coming on to me. I loose complete control as my cock swells to a full erection.

Without permission or any forewarning, Frank begins to rub his huge hard hand across my crotch discovering my hard on. I can see a large bulge down the side of one of his pant legs that looks like the handle of one of his pitchforks. Frank moves even closer, smiles and says: "I see you have a rock hard cock as I do. What do you call that big snake in your pants?" I am now on fire as I respond: "Frank, it appears to be similar to what I see in your pants. I think our cocks are begging for release."

Things really heat up. Frank pushes me up against one of the bails of hay, unzips his work pants, drops them to his feet, pulls out his monstrous cock from the fly in his boxers and drives what turns out to be a 12" blood filled cock into my crotch. We both are oozing precum and dripping in sweat. I instantly think OMG, Frank's cock is the size of two 6" mens' cocks.

He begins wet kissing me and soon he parts my lips with his spit covered plunging tongue. I feel his tongue drive deep into my throat. We French kiss as we slobber all over our faces. He continues to hump me as we kiss.

Frank orders: "Colt, knell down, put your mouth up against my cock and balls and smell my manhood. The odor is so intoxicating that I almost come. He begins rubbing his 12-inch cock across my face and soon he strikes my face several times with his cum leaking cock. I love the feel and smell as my face becomes covered with his precum. Frank ask: "Baby, how do you like the cock of this hillbilly?" I am speechless and can only utter yes.

Next Frank takes off my shirt, unzips my pants, pulls them off of me, takes off my wet boxers, takes his boxers off, has us lie down on a blanket, get in a 69 position and use our noses to smell and kiss each others asses, balls and cocks. He wants us both to enjoin the man odors. He is one naughty guy.

He takes his cum wet boxer shorts and puts them up to my mouth. He has me do the same by putting my wet boxers up to his mouth. We spend about 10 minutes smelling and tasting each others' cum. The manhood smells have both of our cocks throbbing and jerking as we experience maximum erections.

I am at the mercy of this Roman God. He will dictate ever sex act today as I experience the most erotic moment of my life. What is next? I want this mountain hunk to devour me. He is so incredible that he could turn on any Gay or heterosexual man.

He picks me up as if I am a feather, climbs a pair of stairs to the barn loft, places me down on a blanket that is on top of a straw floor, lies down beside me, opens my mouth with his sexy fingers, spits gobs of spit into my mouth, slides his tongue deep into my throat and begins rough kissing me while pressing his hard lips against my heating lips. I have never had a more rough and erotic kissing experience. Frank is a great kisser. The only way to breath is through one's nose as the sloppy kissing goes on for at least 10 minutes.

I am breaking all records of producing precum. It is almost as if I have an unlimited supply of cum. My brain is ordering me to produce more and more cum for this Roman God.

Panting like a cougar, Frank goes down on my 7.5 inch rock hard cock licking up and down the shaft, spitting all over my crotch, and with one thrust swallows my entire cock. He holds my cock in this tight position for at least 2 minutes before he begins to wildly blow me. He comes all the way off my hot oozing precum cock and goes all the way back down to the base with one thrust. Frank has large wet sexy lips. He repeats this hot technique over and over. I can hear the sloppy sound of his wet mouth and my soaked cock as he slides in and out. I have never had such a cataclysmic sexy power driven mouth devour my cock.

When he finishes the blowjob, he kisses me again so I can taste the precum. Frank informs me that this is his first sex with a man. He says: "Colt, I want to fuck you in the barn as this is where I come all the time to masturbate." I ask Frank to use me to satisfy his animal instincts and sexual needs.

Frank throws me on my back, puts his huge thighs and legs on each side of my head, puts his 12" cock at the entrance to my open and eager mouth as he forces his cock deep into my throat. He is so forceful and rough that I feel his hot cock push past my tonsils as I gag. He ignores my reflexes as his slick cock fucks my mouth. I am on fire with lust. I begin swallowing the excess spit and precum as his huge cock is blocking any chance of spitting. My throat has never been so full of a foreign object.

Frank changes positions. Frank stands up, lifts me up into his strong arms facing him, presses my body against his hot flesh, lifts my crotch up to his mouth, places his strong hands on my ass cheeks and pushes my aching cock all the way down his throat. At the same time, he manages to maneuver a finger into my hot man pussy. My cock is being sucked and at the same time I am being finger fucked. We continue to make love in this position for at least 10 minutes without Frank tiring. He is like the "Every Ready" battery. He is super man.

Finally, I cannot hold back any longer. I have no control as I feel my cock head swell in his mouth, my balls rise underneath his chin, my piss slit opens, the seed erupts from my balls and I burst load after load of semen down Frank's throat. I have never ejaculated for so long and with such huge loads. Frank claps down on my rock hard cock and sucks until I am totally spent. He moans and I yell as we experience such sexual pleasure. He kisses me and we share my sweat seed.

Frank caries me down the stairs, puts me on my back on one of the bails of hay, spits gobs of his spit into my asshole, takes his large tongue and drills my ass crack, spreads my opening much wider with his fingers and prepares to insert his monstrous cock into my eager man pussy. I am really scared to take the largest cock I have ever seen.

Frank says: "Colt, you are my bitch and I know you are going to hurt when I pound this huge cock into your pussy so take your wet boxers and bite down on them. I must have you. You are so cute."

The dirty talk has me crazy to be fucked by this giant man and cock. I request: "Baby, go easy but I want your cock." Frank had gotten some condoms and lube from his 18 year-old brother that he had brought home last week from a sex education class. Great timing for me.

Frank lubes my ass, puts on a condom and lubes it and begins slowly entering my hairless bubble ass. His long and wide cock fills my entire pussy including the walls. The cock feels like a steel flag pole going deep into my deepest colon channel. Frank moves further into the channel until he is able to get 10" of this monstrous tool in me. He slowly begins to pound me as he moves up and down the walls of my pussy. We both are feeling shivers run up and down our bodies as our flesh melts together.

I begin to yell: "Frank, you beast, please Fuck Me, please FFFFUUUUCCCKKK Meee!! Empty your balls of all your seed. Aaaaaa, Mmmmmm, Oh. I love your monstrous cock. I love all your body. Fuck me harder."

With those dirty words and lust, Frank's cock swells, it pulsates and he gives one last plunge into my pussy as he explodes loads of cum filling the condom. When he is spent and has drained every drop of semen from his cock, he pulls out. He takes off the condom and pours the semen into my mouth. We deep kiss and share his warm load of cum.

We dress and Frank walks me to my car. As I drive away, Frank yells after me: "Colt, buddy, we may soon need more information from the AmeriCorps."

The following Monday I drive into a combined gas station and feed store to fill up my car when I am pleasantly surprised to see Frank coming out of the feed store with a sack of feed. He throws the sack in the back of his truck and comes over to my car with a huge smile. Frank says: "Colt, I think I need to piss before going home. How about you?" I respond that I too need to piss.

The men's restroom is at the back of the store with an outside entrance. We enter and lock the door. We immediately embrace and begin wildly kissing as Frank grabs my crotch. I am already rock hard as is Frank.

Frank unzips my pants as I unzip his pants. We take off our clothes and I knell down and take Frank's hard cum dripping cock deep into my mouth. I cannot believe that it has already been a week since I had this delicious cock in my mouth. I suck up and down Frank's smooth wet cock over and over. I give Frank a wild blowjob until he grabs the back of my head and pushes his cock deep into my throat. Frank explodes a huge load into my mouth.

As I get up, I kiss Frank wildly and share the cum. Frank gets on his knees and instantly swallows all my cock. He gives me a mind blowing blowjob until I explode in his mouth. Again we kiss and share the semen.

We dress and agree to meet again soon for more steamy hot sex. I am addicted to this mountain man hillbilly and his world champion cock. I have found a modern day Roman God.



Naughty Eric


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