From Part 1...........................

We slipped into some shorts and went to the den to enjoy the fire and have a few beers. As we worked on our third beer, I commented that often I would run around the house nude, so if he saw me that I wasn't trying be obscene. I explained that I just enjoyed the freedom from clothes.  He smiled and admitted that he had done it himself after showering.  We both agreed that we didn't see anything wrong with it.

We finished our beers and headed for bed.  He thanked me several times for providing him some shelter.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and when I entered the kitchen, I found something I wasn't expecting.


Part 2....................

I had slipped on a pair of gym shorts before going to the kitchen but when I arrived, I found Jon setting two cups on the counter, totally nude.  

"Morning," I said casually.  "I thought I smelled coffee brewing." I avoided looking at his magnificent body as much as possible.  I didn't want to make him uncomfortable.

"Sorry," he said. "I sleep nude but was planning on having something on before you came in."

"Hey, man, no big deal.  It's cool," I replied.

Jon scurried out of the kitchen and returned a moment later wearing a pair of shorts.

"How'd you sleep?" I asked as I poured coffee for both of us.

"Man, that was the best sleep I've had in months.  I wish I could have slept longer but because of being so vulnerable being homeless, I woke up early as usual."

"Well, you can sleep as late as you want here," I told him. "You're safe here."

As we sipped our coffee, I prepared breakfast for us both.  As we ate, I began telling him about what I did for a living.

I told him that I owned a security sales and service company  and had several employees working for me. I explained that I was going to check on some appointments and probably cancel them and let my employees take time off until the weather cleared. 

"I'm not sure what time I'll be back, but make yourself at home," I told him. "And by the way, if you go through the den, the pool is out back.  It is enclosed and heated.  Enjoy."

I left and took care of things at the office and sent everyone home just as the freezing rain began to fall.  I made it home slowly and upon arrival I put the car in the garage.

Once inside, I looked around in total shock.  The place was totally spotless, and dinner was cooking in the crock pot.  It was then I noticed that on the patio by the pool, the rack for firewood was filled. I walked out and when Jon saw me he smiled and said, "I did what you said and made myself at home.  I took the liberty of splitting fire wood and straightening things up."

"Hell, Jon, the place looks awesome," I said as I noticed that through the water that Jon was in the pool nude.  "And thanks for the firewood.  That was going to be my chore for this evening . But instead, I think I just might have to join you in the pool."

Jon smiled and I immediately began to strip right there, tossing my clothes on a lounge chair. Once totally nude, I dove into the warm water and swam toward Jon.  As I did he smiled and said, "It feels strange to be swimming  and see it snowing."

I looked up to see the snow starting to fall.  "Well, the roof is also heated so it won't build up.  We can watch it snow all we want."

As we paddled around, Jon made his way closer to me.  When he was just a foot or so away, he said, "Mark, may I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure.  Ask anything you want."

He Looked around for a second, then looked at me straight on and asked, "How long have you been gay?"

"What?" I said in shocked disbelief.

"Mark, I swear I wasn't snooping, but while I was cleaning up I found a gay porn video and out of curiosity I watched it.  Afterward, when I went to put it in the cabinet where the player is I saw more.  I watched another one and in doing so, I became curious about gay sex. I'm not sure I want to experience it but if you would, I'd just like to talk about it."

"I don't mind at all," I began.  "I realized I was interested in men when I was in my senior year of high school. One of the guys on the football team noticed me looking at his cock. He didn't say anything but that weekend he asked me if I would like to go camping with him.  I agreed and that Friday night when it was time to go to bed he stripped and said he liked to sleep nude.  I decided to try it also.  He had brought a double size sleeping bag and we both got in.  After a moment he told me he had seen me looking at his cock and said he had looked at mine and liked it.  The next thing I knew we were kissing and making out and ended up in a sixty-nine.  I found I liked it and found out he had been having sex with men for a year. The next day he asked me to fuck him which I did.  Later he fucked me. I've been having sex with men ever since."

"When you suck a guy, do you swallow?  Is it safe?"

"First off, yes I swallow.  Semen is mainly pure protein and as long as the other guy doesn't have a disease, yes it's safe.  I've grown to love eating semen."

We were in water slightly deeper than waist deep and I could tell that he was boned.  I didn't want to push, but I said, "If you decide you want to experiment in any way, let me know.  I won't do anything you don't want me to."

"I appreciate that," he replied  before unexpectedly leaning forward and kissing lightly.  I so wanted to suck his tongue but resisted.

He changed the subject and I let our conversation drop.  But I was pleased that he now knew I was gay.

Our conversation changed to him asking me about my work, and I told him everything.  Later we exited the pool but he made no attempt to dress or wrap a towel around him self.  I followed his lead and stayed nude.

We later ate dinner and after cleaning up began watching TV. I was on the sofa and he was in a chair.  After about twenty minutes or so, he got moved over and sat on the sofa.  Not at the other end but next to me. We were both still nude and very casually, I lifted my left arm and placed it behind him on the back of the sofa, partially laying on his shoulder.

After a few moments, I noticed his cock began to very slowly stiffen.  Seeing his made mine begin to rise.  Then, I was totally shocked when he unexpectedly turned toward me and with his left hand reached up and turned my face to his began to kiss me, this time parting his lips and offering his tongue. Immediately, I accepted  his tongue and offered mine.  It was obvious that he was accustomed to French kissing.

As we kissed, he moaned softly and after a moment I felt his hand gently grasp my cock.  I reached over and grasped his.  After a moment he released my cock and with his right hand, he placed it behind my head and began directing my face down toward his cock.  My heart raced in sheer excitement as my open mouth neared his rock hard cock.

As I lowered my mouth onto his cock and began sucking him gently I heard him say softly, "Mother fuck, yea!"

After a few moments, he pulled my head off his cock and silently got up and pulling me with him lay on the floor, directing me back onto his cock. I returned to sucking his hard beautiful tool as he moaned and moved around.  Concentrating on his cock, I failed to realize what he was doing.  Suddenly, I felt his hot wet mouth close on my cock sucking  me.  It took him a short time to get the hang of it but when he did I was in ecstasy

After a period of sheer delight, I felt his cock begin to swell signaling his impending climax. I was waiting eagerly and seconds later his cock exploded sending a huge thick load out into my mouth in numerous spurts. I managed to collect it all e I had him milked dry, with his cock still  in my mouth, I swallowed the delicious nectar.

I was expecting him to stop sucking my cock but instead he began to suck me with more energy soon bringing me to my climax.  I warned him when I was near but he continued and in my excited state, I fed him my own huge load..  Without the least bit of hesitation, he accepted every drop and before pulling off, I felt him swirl my cum around in his mouth then swallow.

He sat up and kissed me again before saying, "I had to try it."

"Well, I know I certainly enjoyed it," I said.

"Never ever have I had sex woman and afterward been so relaxed, refreshed, and relieved of tension as I am now."

I smiled and said, "Then should I assume that you enjoyed it?"

"Most definitely," he replied.

"Jon, just know, any repeat action will be strictly up to you."

He smiled and nodded.

When it was time for bed, and after some cuddling and light making out on the sofa, we headed for our rooms.  As we approached the bedrooms he paused a moment, looking at me.  I spoke up saying, "Would you like to share my bed with me tonight?"

"Yes, I would," he replied.

Moments later, we were cuddled together in my bed and after some more kissing we spooned together.  Later I awoke to the pleasure of his hot wet mouth on my cock again.  I let him do his thing and soon I climaxed again and after he swallowed, I returned the pleasure to him. As we spooned again he said, "Tomorrow, I want to see what it's like to fuck and get fucked."

"You're the boss," I replied.

TO BE CONTINUED....................



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