(NOTE: No sex in part one.  Sorry but just be patient.)

I  was on my way to work one morning when an accident had traffic at a stand still.  As I sat in bumper to bumper traffic, I noticed a man who appeared to be in his late twenties to early thirties holding a sign which read" 'Homeless..Ex-military..looking for work'.  He didn't have the normal 'homeless guy' look.  He seemed to be fairly neatly dressed, had a neatly trimmed beard and moustache, and was extremely well built.  If he had been hereon previous days, I had never noticed.  But I had to admit to myself that he turned me on.

I began looking for him daily as I drove to work and after a few days, I no longer saw him.  I could only assume that he had found work. I was disappointed in myself for not stopping and offering some type of assistance.  I had a soft spot for the guys who had fought to preserve our freedom.

Then a couple weeks later, I nearly hit the guy in front of me when I saw the guy again on the same corner. I was in the wrong lane to try to stop but I decided on a course of action.  

The next morning, I had a note ready to give him, telling him that I wanted to speak with him and would be back by at around five-thirty that afternoon.  I stopped at the corner for a short moment before the light turned green and managed to get his attention and hand him the note.  I wondered if he would be there that afternoon.

I pulled into the parking lot of a café on the corner just before the scheduled time to see the guy across the street anxiously looking around.  I whistled loudly and once I got his attention, I called out, "Get over here so we can talk."

The weather was predicted to turn nasty that night with gusty north winds and rapidly dropping temperatures as well as the possibility of freezing rain and snow.  No way could I let a veteran be out in that kind of weather.

He crossed over to me and as he stepped up to me I said, "I'm Mark Davis.  Let's go in and get some coffee."  

"I'm Jon Brice," he replied as we quickly shook hands and headed inside. The winds were already beginning to pick up and turn cooler.  We entered and took a table away from the others in the café and ordered coffee.

"So, you're ex-military," I began.  "What branch?"

"Marines," he replied.  "I was with a construction battalion."

"Interesting, " I replied.  "If you don't mine me asking, how did you end up homeless?"

"It's a long story," he replied, looking down at his coffee cup.

"I've got plenty of time," I replied, "but if it's a long story, why don't we order some dinner. My treat."

He smiled and I motioned for the waitress to bring us two menus. We ordered and he then began his story.

"My ex-wife and I were high school sweethearts.  We got married right after graduation and my two best buds stood for me.  Jim and Ray were like brothers to me.  When I joined the Marines, they both promised to look after Sue while I was gone.  I was making a good salary and our savings were growing. When I was home, things were great between Sue and I." 

He paused while our food was delivered then continued.

"I was nearing the end of my second enlistment when I got a letter from Ray.  He said that Jim was staying over at my apartment with Sue many nights and he had pictures of them making out and that Jim's younger brother was bragging about he and Jim having three way sex with Sue. I wrote back and asked him to keep close tabs on Sue's activities with Jim and his brother."

"I didn't re-enlist and returned home with only Ray knowing.  He met me at the airport and together we headed for my apartment.  As we drove, he said, "Before I left for the airport, I saw Jim and his brother go into the apartment with Sue. We arrived and I used my key and eased in and heard them in the bedroom.  Sue was telling them that she was pregnant and that either one of them could be the father. They both wanted her to abort the baby."  He paused and sipped his coffee.

"Ray and I waited in the hall and heard her begin to moan.  I wanted to catch her in action and Ray was my witness.  I had retrieved my camera from my bag and was ready. Ray threw the door open and as he did I took my picture.  Jim's cock was buried in her throat while his brother was fucking her cunt wildly".  

"They were all totally shocked and before Jim and his brother could grab their clothes, I had them in my hand and headed straight for the door and threw them over the railing. They were going to have to go outside and down the stairs naked to get them."

"Any way, I kicked Sue out and paid off the charges she had run up on the credit cards.  It took almost all my savings.  Of course, I filed for divorce and used the picture I took as evidence.  Having been in combat while she was doing her thing convinced the judge to rule in my favor and she wasn't awarded a dime.  I got a job and was beginning to get ahead when I was laid off. I ended up loosing the apartment and had to sell off everything I owned.  I came here and looked for work but so far nothing.  I sold my car to survive but that is gone.  All I own is what is in my backpack."

"Where do you sleep?" I asked.

"Where ever I can find a spot," he replied.

"Well, not tonight or for the next few days," I told him.  "Eat up and lets get going before the storm hits."

He tried to argue but failed.  We headed for my place and once inside, I started a fire in the fireplace. I showed him to a spare bedroom and showed him where the bath was.  I asked if he had any clean clothes and he said no.  I took his clothes to wash them, and told  him to find whatever he wanted out of my closet.

He showered and when he was done, he entered my room naked as I was changing clothes and was also naked.  We both froze, looking each other over.  He quickly tried to cover his crotch but I joked about it to put him at ease.

We slipped into some shorts and went to the den to enjoy the fire and have a few beers. As we worked on our third beer, I commented that often I would run around the house nude, so if he saw me that I wasn't trying be obscene. I explained that I just enjoyed the freedom from clothes.  He smiled and admitted that he had done it himself after showering.  We both agreed that we didn't see anything wrong with it.

We finished our beers and headed for bed.  He thanked me several times for providing him some shelter.

The next morning, I awoke to the smell of coffee brewing and when I entered the kitchen, I found something I wasn't expecting.




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