“It’s Saturday.”


“You’ve been here nearly two weeks now,” Sam said. He was sitting next to Danny at the dining table in his and Ruth’s apartment above the bar while Sally fed Danny a late lunch. It was Sally’s apartment too, the young man realized. It had taken him several days to figure out that Ruth and Sally were lovers. Maybe both with Sam too, for all he knew. Maybe they all did it together up here, Danny thought, with a little frown, trying to envision that happening. Although Danny could see that Sally had a room of her own up here, and he didn’t know when they’d have time for much fooling around. Sam seemed to be downstairs doing something that needed to be done in the bar nearly all of the time.

He’d just been down in Danny’s room with Danny, doing him. Sam had said it was training--checking out how Danny managed bondage. The young man was on the bed, kneeling at the edge, with his wrists bound behind him, high up on his back, with a lead to a neck collar. Danny also had two double-opening cuffs, with the large opening strapped around his upper thighs and the smaller opening around his ankles, which made Danny’s heels pull up toward his butt.

Sam stood on the floor between Danny’s thighs, with his cock buried in the young man’s channel. He had a leash attached to Danny’s neck cuff in back, and he was controlling the slow pumping action of his cock by pulling Danny’s chest up with his leash and then releasing it, making the young man’s buttocks move on and off his cock.

“Uncomfortable?” he’d asked.

“A bit.”

“But arousing too?”

“Oh, yes.”

“In what way?”

Danny thought a bit. “In the feeling of being completely helpless. At the mercy of the man fucking me. The sharp edge of fear. What will he do to me while I have no control? Will I ever be freed.”

“Yes, show him a bit of that fear, but don’t think you’ve lost control. You can control him by the way you react to his attentions, what you impel him to do next. You can keep him on a high of thinking he has complete control, that you are completely at his mercy. Use your fear and your sense of innocence--and the trust you have shown in him, your willingness to be helpless under him--to control him. Show me that in the way you respond to my kiss . . . there, yes, like that. Feel the effect of that kiss--what you showed me in that kiss--in the change in my cock inside you. Yes, very nice. Don’t ever think--or let yourself be--helpless with a man.”

He hadn’t finished Danny that way. “Just want you to get a feel for it and be able to figure out beforehand how you’re going to make the guy feel good doing it--to want to pay to come back for another taste of you.”

He hadn’t left Danny undone, though. After Sam released Danny, he’d turned the young man on his back and spread his legs and fucked him while he looked down into Danny’s eyes. He did it slow, giving Danny a lot of love. And Danny could tell that Sam was fucking him because he wanted him. Danny began to practice what Sam had told him to do to control a man. Danny moaned and clutched at Sam’s buttocks, arched his back, and opened his mouth in a silent scream of being overwhelmed. And Danny smiled inside as he felt Sam strengthen in size and intensity inside him, tighten his embrace, and begin to pant hard--panting harder for Danny because of how the young man was manipulating him.

Danny tightened his channel on Sam’s throbbing cock, something Danny only recently had learned he could control. The young man slowly began to move his hips in rhythm with the fuck, increasing the intensity as if it was an involuntary reaction Danny couldn’t control because Sam was cocking him so masterfully. Danny lolled his head to the side, and whimpered, “Oh, yes, Daddy, cream me.” And he felt the victory of control as Sam did just that and collapsed on top of him with a deep groan.

There was no doubt that Danny was learning the power of control.

* * * *

When Sam had come to Danny’s room to fuck him, he had awakened the young man from his night’s sleep. Danny hadn’t eaten since the previous evening. After the cocking lesson, Sam asked him to come on up to the apartment, saying that Sally would fix him something to eat, which was what had put Danny in Sam’s and Ruth’s apartment for the first time. As Danny entered the spacious apartment and looked around, he thought, if you didn’t know what was downstairs and what went on down there, you wouldn’t have known that this wasn’t just any other middle-class apartment in a small town.

It seemed quite homey. And up here the three of them seemed like any family. Ruth didn’t look so garish up here in her apartment and, if Danny hadn’t already figured them out, Ruth and Sally would have seemed just like a best-friends mother and daughter duo in this environment.

At first Danny couldn’t look at Sam as anyone but the man who had just fucked him while he was trussed up, but the longer Sam and he sat there, with Ruth and Sally moving around the apartment, the easier it was for Danny to see Sam in this normal setting too.

And the more Danny was able to see this as a home and the people here as a family, the more appealing it was to him. It got him to wondering if this was what he was missing--some sense of home. God knows he hadn’t known that in Plainview. All Danny remember of his real father anymore--when he was being truthful and discounting the hope-filled fantasies--was those dog tags hidden in the sock in the bureau drawer downstairs. After his dad had died, his mother had been too busy trying to work enough to keep their heads above water to think of trying to make them a real family. That’s certainly not what she really had in mind, Danny ruminated, even though she claimed it was so, when she’d brought Floyd into the house. All she’d wanted was Floyd’s cock. What Floyd had wanted was variety.

“You weren’t here last Saturday night,” Sam said. He was sitting close while Danny finished the soup Sally put in front of him. It was good soup. A lot better than the carryout, or the snack-type stuff from the bar, that Danny had been eating. Sam was playing with the hair on Danny’s forearm. Ruth was moving around the apartment, doing who knows what. Danny wondered if she knew her husband was fucking him. But why wouldn’t she know? he realized.

“No. You sent me out with that businessman staying at the Grove Hotel.”

“He any good? He do you well?”

“The hotel has nice rooms. I showed you the tip he gave me and you took half. Was it enough to indicate he had a good time?”

“You know you are really amazing,” Sam said. “We’ve never had anyone here like you. It keeps seeming like you’re an innocent. But then you don’t back down from anything.”

“I had it rough before I came here, Sam. But just one way. I’m here on Fire Island to see what other ways there are.”

“Anyone tell you about Saturday night around here?”

“Yeah. Lance told me.”

“About the late-night set?”

“Yeah, he told me about that too.”

“Tonight’s Saturday night. We need someone for that late-night set. What do you think about--?”


“You didn’t let me finish.”

“Yes, I’ll do it.”

“Just like that? No argument? God, I can’t fucking believe you, son. You look at me with those innocent eyes of yours, and I can’t just get my head around how willing you are.”

“I came here looking for something, Sam. I’m still trying to figure out what that is.”

“You don’t mind if guys watch?”

“I don’t know. I haven’t tried that out much. It hasn’t bothered me yet, though, what little there’s been. I think I sort of like being watched. I went over to the Lighthouse Beach Thursday afternoon.”

“You go naked?”

“Yeah, I wanted to know if guys would look at me--like what they see. And I wondered what I’d think if they did.”

“Of course they’d like what they saw. Did you like it?”

“Yeah, pretty much.”

“What we did just now, down in your room. That sort of stuff happens in the late set Saturday night. That’s what I was checking out. You seem to have done fine. You didn’t--?”

“It was fine, Sam. The lovin’ afterward was good too. Any time you want me . . .”

“Oh, god, Danny.” Sam leaned his face into Danny’s and they kissed. Both Ruth and Sally were fluttering around, but neither one of them seemed to care. Danny was feeling something stirring inside. Was this what home was all about? Lack of pretense, acceptance. Sam was no hunk, but he was a comfortable fuck, and Danny was beginning to feel affection for him. Sam was old enough to be his father, though--and then some. Danny wondered if he was tied up in some sort of psychosis of not really having a dad when it counted. His dad rarely been around, although Danny remembered the times he was as periods of calm, security, and happiness in what otherwise was a frenetic life with a mother trying to cope alone and not being particularly good at that. Overarching their lives had been his dad’s job--the military. Years at a time overseas, fighting. And, finally, there had been a body bag and a set of dog tags.

“It’s not just the equipment on Saturday nights,” Sam continued after they’d kissed. “On nights when there’s a crowd and they’re really in to it, it won’t be just one guy. I doubt you ever--”

“Six guys--well-hung guys--fucked me at Lighthouse Beach Thursday. One after the other. A volleyball team. My first time, but I kinda got off on it.”

“Jesus, Danny. Six guys.”

“Athletes. Healthy and strong. And they didn’t pay. The guys tonight will pay, right?”

“Yes, of course. But, shit, Danny. Six. And you worked that night and took two more.”

“I liked the six better, but the two paid for it, so that was good too. I thought it might hurt more than it did with the six, or that it would wipe me out. But when they were done and I was leaving the beach, I let a guy drive me to the other end of the island and fuck me in the backseat of his convertible. So, I can’t say I know what too much is like yet.”

“Christ almighty, you’re a cool one,” Sam said, his voice punctuated with a little shiver. “Six. I don’t think we ever . . . but there’s DP too.”

“DP. What’s that?”

“Doubling. In the case I’m talking about, two guys, both in one hole at the same time. Surely you’ve never--”

“No, I haven’t. Sounds painful.”

“I could make sure it wouldn’t get to that. I could--”

“Would they pay extra for it, if that’s what they wanted?”

“Yes, of course, but--”

“Well, then. If it’s something I’ve never done before and I’m here on Fire Island to try it all . . .”

“You wouldn’t want to just do it on stage the first time. You can’t really say yes to it without any idea how it’s going to be.”

“If it’s something I need to know about . . .”

Sam was trembling. Danny could feel it from the strong grip Sam had on his forearm. Still looking deep into Danny eyes, searching for some sense of an edge beyond which Danny wouldn’t go, but not seeing any evidence of it in his eyes, Sam spoke to Sally in a low voice. “Sally, go downstairs, please, and see if Jose has shown up for work yet. If so, ask him to meet Danny and me in Danny’s room.”

* * * *

It was nearly 4:00 a.m., and Danny was exhausted. He’d done nothing but smile and moan and tell all of the guys how good they were for more than an hour. They were on the padded platform with the two poles at either edge. The rangy construction worker was laying on his back on the platform, with Danny laying on his back on top of him, his shoulder blades digging into the man’s chest. Danny’s arms were laid out wide from his body, his head pulled back hard next to the construction worker’s head, and his mouth open wide, jaw almost unhinged, as a hung guy stood over his head and face fucked him.

The construction worker was holding real still, the palms of his hands on Danny’s belly and his cock inside Danny’s channel. Danny’s legs were raised onto the shoulders of the black biker who was standing on the floor next to the platform. His was the cock that was slow pumping Danny’s channel, rubbing on top of that of the construction worker’s as he was doing so.

Several other men were gathered around the platform on the stage. They were all naked except for the cell phones in their hands that they were using to fire off photo shots. They’d all paid through the nose to be on the stage--and to fuck Danny--and even more to be permitted to take photos. They’d all already fucked him. This was the finale of the night.

Video cameras pointed down from the ceiling onto the platform and from various other angles around the room were sending images to screens on the walls to show those who hadn’t paid for the special attention what was going on.

When he was able, Danny was looking at the screens too. What he saw was arousing, especially in connection with it actually happening to him. But it still didn’t seem to be the ultimate that he was after. There still seemed to be more out there that would move him to say, “Now I’m completely satisfied.”

Earlier in the day, after Sam and Jose had introduced him to DP--but certainly not anything like he’d been through later that night, Danny had showered and hobbled out onto the street. He had wanted to work the soreness out. When he’d seen Sam and Jose, both naked, coming at him on his bed, he’d had no idea how he could manage it--or even how they could set the positions. But he was shown that there were several positions. And he had managed it. There was a little sense of accomplishment in that.

But he had the urge to get out of the bar. He’d already said he’d do just about anything late that night, but he’d suddenly had the feeling of too much too fast--a feeling that had fleetingly visited him fairly often in the week and a half he’d been on Fire Island. Sam had given him the opportunity to set limits after he’d gotten a taste of the DP, but Danny hadn’t backed down. There was the money, but it wasn’t just the money. Danny wanted the feel of it. The knowledge that men wanted what he could give--that they’d go wild to get inside him. That they’d even be aroused in sharing him.

And he couldn’t get out of his mind that last weekend at home in Plainview, just two Saturday’s ago, when Floyd had burst his bubble of being taken advantage of--of only doing it because he was forced. The humiliation of Floyd just sitting there, his only contribution a hard dick. And of Danny working hard to fuck himself on it--wanting it and not being able to deny that he did.

Each time he had been fucked in the last nearly two weeks here on Fire Island he had wanted it. The hard dick inside him. Each time, if the other guy had just stopped and done nothing, Danny would still have wanted to ride the dick. But each time Danny hadn’t been completely satisfied.

He walked the streets of Cherry Grove that afternoon, reaching into the residential section. Wherever he saw men who attracted him on the decks of the beach houses, they weren’t alone. There were other guys--sometimes only one; sometimes several. They were all having a good time, obviously comfortable with each other. All a family.

He had moved to the beach side and walked the line of the monster mansions. He stood, fingering the dog tags laying between his pecs with the word “family” running through his mind, in front of a house built in weathered gray wood that spread its wings toward the sea and swept up in the middle to a high peaked roof covered in wood shingles. It looked like a massive bird or ship ready to soar out to sea. It made Danny want to soar out to sea with it, to seek ultimate satisfaction somewhere out there in the cloud-draped sky.

Two men, one older and one younger, were on the deck, drinking beer and cuddled together. Focusing on them, Danny recognized Billy, the guy he’d 69d with on the Lighthouse Beach. The two looked so happy and into each other. Knowing a bit of Billy now, Danny thought that it wasn’t natural. Billy was probably putting on an act, and the older guy, the guy Billy had said was Kyle and was loaded and an architect--probably the architect of this glorious house--probably had no idea that Billy was playing him, using him.

While he watched, the older guy stood and shrugged a robe off his back. He looked real good from behind--not thin, but built solid and with good, firm buttocks, his shoulders lightly covered with curls of dark hair. He sat back down in his deck chair. His pecs were covered in hair that trailed down his sternum. The man reached over and pushed the robe off Billy’s shoulders. Then the man pulled Billy up from his chair and down into his lap, facing him. Billy spread his legs and dug the soles of his feet into the railing of the deck behind the chair and at the side of the deck. He arched back, his arms over his head and draping down to the flooring of the deck, while the older guy grabbed his waist with both hands, and then Billy’s body was moving in and out on the older guy’s lap, being fully powered, Danny thought, by the hands of the older guy.

Aroused, but with a feeling of frustration, Danny lowered his eyes and walked farther up the beach. He passed the soaring house again on his way back to the bar more than a half hour later. Billy was standing at the rail, riding it with his belly, his head and arms swinging low toward the beach. The older guy was standing behind him, hands on Billy’s hips, obviously pumping him from behind. As Danny watched, the older man arched his back and lifted his head to the heavens. Billy jerked too. They had come together. Danny wondered what that felt like. Then Billy stood, and the older man encircled him with his arms, one hand going to the young man’s belly and the other to his chest. They rocked back and forth in their embrace for several minutes, their faces plastered together in a kiss.

Thinking the fuck was over, Danny pulled his hand from under the waistband of his shorts, where he had been stroking his own cock. His other hand let loose of the dog tags at his chest. He turned and walked up the beach several yards. He looked back for one last view of something he ached to experience, and stopped dead in his tracks, surprised, but with what Billy had said to him about Kyle--that he was insatiable and could go all day--floating up in his mind. Billy was on his back on a patio table, the older man between his legs, holding one of Billy’s legs up the line of his hairy, barrel chest. He was rhythmically fucking Billy again. Billy had the knuckles of one hand in his mouth, and he was arching and relaxing his back, obviously being fucked totally.

Danny wanted to run up to the house and scream that he’d give anything to be Kyle’s Billy. But, of course he didn’t. He returned to Sam’s Bar to nap until the crowds started to arrive later in the evening--to prepare for what he knew would be a taxing performance of his own.

He lay on the platform, flat out on his back, panting slightly, only half conscious, as Sam and the bouncers cleared the bar and shut and locked the doors.

“You were great,” Sam whispered as he sat down beside Danny’s spread-eagled body, gently moved Danny’s flung-out arms down beside his body, and ran his hands over Danny’s chest and belly, massaging his groaning muscles. “I’ll have to count it, but I’m sure it’s the most profit we’ve ever had in one night. You’ll get your share and a good bonus, of course.”

Danny groaned at him, only managing to slit his eyes open.

“You OK?” Sam asked with a concerned voice. “Watchin’ all those guys taking you like that . . . I almost couldn’t take it. But you gave them a real show. They couldn’t get enough of you. It might be best to skip over you next Saturday. Get one of the other guys to do it. Don’t want to wear you out--and having to wait for it again should loosen the wallets of the patrons.”

Danny grunted. “Yeah, fine. I’ll be OK tomorrow. I’m sure.” Sam’s concern would be real touching if it didn’t include talk of profits and scheduling doing it again.

Sam moved Danny’s head into his lap and stroked his temples and patted down his unruly blond curls of hair, damp now from his exertions. “I think I’ll be advertising for the job you came in on, Danny. You’re too good at this and at the pole dancing--and the back room stuff. I don’t want you serving anymore, although maybe something simple that gets you out where the patrons can see you before you go up on the pole.”

Danny grunted enough for Sam to know he was still conscious and had heard what he said.

“And, I’ve been thinking. Maybe you should move upstairs. You probably haven’t been eating well. And you need more of a home. I think we’ll move you up with the family.”

“More of a home,” Danny murmured. “A family.” He reached for his dog tags. But of course they weren’t there. There’s no chance he would have worn them to this gang bang.

“Gotta go count the proceeds and get them into the safe,” Sam said. “Jose’ll finish closing up and then help you to your room, if you need it.”

Jose helped all right. He helped himself.

Not long after Sam was gone, Jose was there at the platform. He grabbed Danny by the ankles and slid him over to the side of the platform. Danny looked down through his now-spread and wishboned legs, to see that Jose was naked and with a mean-looking sheathed hard on and a nasty grin on his face. Danny moaned a plea for mercy, but in a low, tired tone Jose may not even have heard. He was in no position to put up a struggle.

“Waited all night for this,” Jose growled. And then he plunged his cock inside Danny’s channel and started to piston pump him, taking his bonus for the evening directly out of Danny’s body.

Danny has been reamed so wide that night, he hardly felt Jose’s cock inside him. His attention focused on the pain in his ankles from Jose gripping them so hard.

“Control,” his mind screamed to him. “Maintain control.” So, he started to go with Jose’s rhythm and to moan of his enjoyment of the fucking. And, Sam’s instruction proving correct, Jose calmed down and became less brutal in the taking.

Later that night, Sam entered Danny’s room, to find him stretched out, naked, on his bed. Sam had stood behind his desk in the adjacent office, watching Danny for some time through the mirror window into Danny’s room. Sam was fighting with his needs and wants. The kid had had a rough night. But having watched him take all that from the patrons on the stage, Sam couldn’t deny he was horny. And not just for anyone. He was horny for Danny.

If Sam had been able to analyze his feelings, he would have realized that he was more than horny for Danny. He loved him.

Leaving his office, Sam’s intent was to go on upstairs and climb into bed with Ruth and Sally. He could at least assuage his need with them--if not his want. But his feet took him into Danny’s room.

Danny was laying on his belly, he had a hand clutched under him at the level of his chest. Sam could see that he was wearing some sort of chain necklace, but he couldn’t see the dog tags held tightly in Danny’s fist as he slept.

Sam stripped and moved onto the bed and pulled Danny’s body onto its side, cupped into Sam’s chest and belly. He murmured his love and his need and his want into Danny’s ear, but Danny was too deep in a healing sleep to hear him. Sam’s hand roamed over Danny’s body. He told himself it was to help sooth Danny’s strained muscles, but his own heavy breath told him that it was because he couldn’t get enough of Danny.

He wouldn’t do it, he told himself. Danny had been through too much of it tonight. He’d control himself. Sam dozed, but he was still hard, still moving his hands along Danny’s curves and into his crevices, still cupping Danny’s body into his.

When Danny first woke near dawn, it was to Sam slow fucking him in a side split from behind. Danny moaned and fought his way back into sleep. When he woke next, much later in the morning, he found himself on his belly and Sam astride his hips, riding his channel.

“Family,” Danny thought. “Pretty much like Floyd’s idea of family.” He reached for the dog tags and pulled them close into his chest.



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