Chris became the college league toughest most penalized hockey players of all time. He is now in his finally year of his scholarship  before he graduated on getting his Education Degree. It was well into the third period of the game were he got toss out once again for checking someone from behind. Stew was the referee for the game and grab Chris and skated with him over to the door at the end of the rink to escort him right off the ice. 

It was around 1am Chris and Stew meet one another once again down at the Irish Pub close to where Stew apartment was, They both decided that it will be nice to join one another for a couple of drafts before they go home for the night. Stew was well over 6'2 and weigh a solid 240 with huge biceps and a very well kept hairy body, As for Chris he was just average around 5'10 weighing around 160.

The Bartender just told them both that it was last call before Stew invited Chris back to his place for a drink. Chris did not hesitated at all to join Stew for some beers. Stew has just move into his new apartment a few weeks ago after a nasty divorce from his wife of 15 years. The Grand Father clock in the corner was now showing  2 am before the two of them were feeling pretty good bye now. 

" Hey Stew would you like wrestle with me " ? Stew kind of give him a surprise look as he wonder were this is all leading to. " I have not wrestle someone in a long time " Came from Stew mouth before he started to unbutton his Wrangler Cowboy shirt. Stew sat there nervous as hell as he watch Chris take off his dress and undershirt he had on before there wrestling match.

The match on the floor lasted well over 20 mins as they both but one another in some very sexual wrestling moves. Chris was deeply enjoy smelling the crotch of Stew when he put him in a head scissors hold for a period of time. It was around 10 minutes into the match when they both decided to strip down to their underwear to finished the match. Stew and Chris were both cover in sweat just before Stew pin Chris to the floor for the 3 count. 

Stew by now had a major hard on as Chris lay there totally exhausted before he got up from the floor. Chris just sat there on the chair glaring at Stew sitting across from there as his cock was still hard as a rock showing from his red spandex underwear. 

" Did you enjoy that Chris ? "

" I sure did Stew "

" How about you come over and suck my cock ? "

Chris slowly  got up and walk over to Stew and drop down on his knees and began sucking Stew massive 8 inch cut cock. You can here Stew moaning with great pleasure as Chris mouth was slurping up all of his pre cum that was spurting out like a river. 

" Fuck Chris I love your mouth "

" Love your cock Stew "

" Make me cum "

" Make me cum "

" I want your load "

" I want your load "

" Give it to me Stew "

" Give me your honey "

" Fuck Chris, Here it comes "

" Oh fuuuuuuck "

The cum flew out of his cock all the way down the back of Chris throat before he quickly got up to grab his beer to wash down the huge 2 loads of cum from Stew dick. 

" Fuck that was nice Chris "

" How about fucking my hairy hole Stew ? "

" You want me to fuck you dude "

" Yes, my ass has not been fuck in a very long time "

Stew took Chris hand and guided him into his bedroom before he bended him over the side of the bed. He then began to spit a huge load of his saliva all over his hard cock and started to enter Chris hairy hole very slowly. It took a good 3 minutes until both of them felt comfortable with one another as the fuck got more aggressive as Stew balls were slapping up against Chris hairy sweating hole.

" Fuck you cock feels good Stew "

" Fuck me deep and hard "

" Harder Stew  "

" Love your hockey butt Chris "

" Your ass is so tight and good '

" Make me cum "

The fuck lasted well over 40 minutes until Stew shoot of another load of his juice all over Chris hairy hockey butt hole and cheeks. They both scream with passion as Stew slowly pull out of him. Chris then began to follow Stew into the shower for them both to get clean up. The hot water and soap were all over both of their hairy wet bodies before Stew got down on his knees and begin sucking Chris 7 inch uncut dick. Chris loved the feel of Stew goatee mouth sliding up and down on his dick before he shot off.

" Fuck I am close Stew "

" Give it to me "

" Give it to me "

" Fuuuuuccckkkk here it comes "

Chris began to scream really loud as his cock was filling up Stew mouth with all of his sweet honey juiced. Chris then got out of the shower first and walk into the bedroom to get dry off and dress before he headed back home for the rest of the night. Chris once again sat there staring at Stew putting on his powder blue pajamas bottoms before he walk Chris to the door.

The End




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