His Laugh #2

By : A. Williams

     Damn interruptions at the worst fucking time. I stomped down the hall zipping and buttoning my pants over my hard cock, pissed to my limit. This better be a life or death situation or someone was in for an ass kicking.

     I snatched open the front door and there stood Frankie, my ex-lover in all his sexy glory. He was one sexy man, 6 foot 5, 250 pounds of muscles. From Cherokee Indian parents, he had high cheek bones and long straight black shinny hair. He had deep brown eyes, was almost hairless and had a ten inch hard uncut juicy cock.

     I’d been so in love with him six months ago, still was really. But he didn’t want love, only sex and with lots of guys. So I reluctantly let him go before he broke my heart.

     “I was driving by and saw you Lewis with some other guy walking in together hand in hand. Where is he? Does he know you’re mine, only mine? Get his ass down here,” he screamed pushing open the door walking past me, coming in uninvited.

     “I am not yours Frankie. We’re done. You wanted to fuck around on me remember. Get the hell out of my house!” I screamed back.

     He grabbed me and pushed me against the door closing it. Then he shoved his body into me hard and said, “You look me in the eye Lewis and tell me you don’t love me and I’ll leave.”

     I could not do it, I did still love him damn it. “That’s what I thought. Now kiss me Baby,” Frankie smirked.

     I loved kissing him, he was so good at it. Our mouths melted together and our hot wet tongues went in circles around the others as we grabbed each other tightly.

     Frankie slipped off the kiss and his wet tongue traveled up and down on my throat making me moan, “Uuuummmm, yes Frankie,”

     He whispered in my ear, “It’s been way too long Baby, you know you need me. Only I know what you need deep down to satisfy you and make you cum over and over.” I knew he was right, God I wanted him so much but Clark was in my bedroom and I wanted him too.

     Speak of the Devil. Just then Clark came walking into the living room in just his tight boxers.

     “Lewis, fuck man is there something you need to tell me? You need to start talking now, right now!” he said loudly as he saw me in Frankie’s arms. “Lewis who the fuck is this and why are you in his arms?” he asked stepping around Frankie and taking me in his big strong arms. “I heard arguing, are you Ok?” he asked as, his arms still around me protectively he turned back toward Frankie.

     Getting his first look at Clark and sizing him up as am opponent, he stepped toward Clark and said, “Never mind who I am.  Who the fuck are you?”

     “He’s Frankie my ex-lover. We broke it off 6 months ago. He was driving by and saw us walking in together and decided to come over and cause us trouble. He’s a player, and a man slut. I’m very sorry Clark,” I said.

     He released me and moving possessively between us, Clark said, “Hear that ass-hole. You aren’t wanted here. Get the fuck out.”

“And whose going to put me out,” snarled Frankie.

Moving closer to Frankie, Clark answered, “If it comes to that, I guess I will.”

     I almost laughed as they stepped closer. I was forgotten, left to watch the drama unfolded. Their faces were mere inches apart as they literally moved in circles around each other looking for an opening.

     As they continued to exchange verbal barbs I suddenly felt like a prize to be claimed by the winner. I couldn’t believe the anger as they faced each other like to male dogs with their hackles up.. Before my eyes the situation was building up toward combat. I’d never seen anything like it in my life.

     Somewhere during their alpha male dance something changed. I could feel it but I wasn’t sure what. I just knew something.

     Then Clark move an inch or so closer.  To reclaiming his personal space Frankie raised his hand. Using his open palm he pushed against Clark’s chest. 

     The first touch was electrical. I actually saw them quiver as it sent a shock through both their bodies.

     In Nano-seconds their anger in their eyes became kinda smoky looking as their hate metamorphosed into lust.

     Almost against their wills their lips touch. It was like an explosion...a collision between two immovable forces. Suddenly they were in each other’s arms. Their kiss raises the temperature in the room at least 10 degrees...

     Stunned I looked on as arm in arm but still like two combatants they make their way towards the bedroom. Not understanding what was going on, I meekly followed behind.

    No longer part of the picture, I stood in the bedroom door and watched them as Clark literally tore Frankie’s clothes off one piece at a time. The shirt was first with buttons flying in every direction. Then he seemed to split his pants in half. With one strong pull they ripped at the seams in two pieces.

    Frankie seemed to allow Clark to strip him as he smiled with the look of a crazed lover filled with lust. He kicked of his shoes and ripped off his own boxers. His 10 inch rock hard pre-cum leaking cock and heavy cum filled balls came into view.

   Clark smiled and with nod of approval and he followed suite, ripping off his boxers as well. His very thick 9 inch cock and lemon size balls were now on display too. Gazing at him, Frankie licked his drooling lips.

    Once again they started their circling dance waiting for an opening to see who would gain the upper hand in the lust filled combat.

    Suddenly Clark lifted Frankie off the floor and tossed him like a rag doll onto the bed. “You should have left when you had the chance ass-hole. I am going to rip your ass in half and make you bleed you son of a bitch.” Clark snarled almost foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.

    He jumped on top of Frankie and shoved his cock in his ass in one fell swoop as Frankie screamed out at the top of his lungs in agony. “You better not cum you slut…till I say so.” Clark screamed in his face spit flying.

    I saw the pain fade away in Frankie’s face and turn to pure pleasure as Clark made love to him like they were two gladiators locked in battle.

    Frankie begged, “Fuck me …Yes harder…fuck me,” he screamed grabbing the bed and trying to hold on as Clark’s powerful hard thrust were almost pushing him off the bed and into the floor.

    What a fucking sight to see…two alpha males in a lust filled battle to see who would win the prize….me! I had never been so turned on, I stripped and started to jerk my blood engorged cock in time with Clark’s hard deep strokes!

    I was close and so was Frankie, I could tell he was holding back waiting to cum, he had to wait till Clark told him to shoot.

   “You better get ready to cum for me hard and long slut, I am ready to fill your bowels with all my seed. Cum now bitch…all over me!” he screamed his face only inches away from Frankie’s.

    I could see blood on the sheets, Clark had indeed fucked his ass in half. Then they were locked in the biggest longest orgasm I had ever seen. Tons of creamy white cum was shooting out of Frankie’s long cock and cum mixed with blood was leaking from his ass.

    They both were moaning and shooting over and over again… I lost my load too, at this wonderful sight. WOW!!! The best sex I had ever seen!

     It was only after they were sated…their lust quelled, that they notice me standing there watching. Almost an afterthought, they invited me to join them. Still not knowing who the winner had been or who I belonged to I walked submissively towards the bed. Yes Lewis was the prize……..to be had…….

                The End……..Thank you for reading and posting comments A………



A. Williams

[email protected]


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