His Laugh #1

By : A. Williams

     I was at a business conference in Atlanta Georgia the first time I heard his deep, hardy laugh and it rocked me to my core. Who was that? The unidentified laughter continued. He sounded like he was singing a song.  Out of the thousands of people here, he was the one that drew my undivided attention. When the source was finally in my sight, I wasn’t disappointed.

      From what I could see from his back, he was perfect.  Six feet five, heavy and stocky and not fat but muscled up.

     He turned and I drew in a breath, his indigo blue eyes seemed to burn into me. His long blond curls bouncing when he tipped his head at me.

     I followed him, being drug by my animal instincts, not knowing where I was going or why. It only mattered that I was near him. He seemed to have snagged me with an invisible hook and line and was reeling me in as I trailed along behind him. His stride was long and determined, knowing where he was going, full of confidence and a man that I would gladly bed.

      Yes, I was a man on the hunt and he was my unknowing prey. He stopped at one of the vendors tables and I slid up beside him. I spoke, “Hello, what is your line of work? I saw you before at my table,” I lied.

     “Mostly Electronics. I’m not sure about your table but I did see you across the room,” he said smiling, catching me in my lie but not seeming to care. His big smile lit up his handsome sharp angled face and the easy way about him was so enticing. He was gorgeous.

I had to find out more, a lot more. “My Name is Lewis…Lewis Parker, and you are?”

     “Alone,” he said bluntly. He laughed again and I adjusted myself. He turned, closing the gap between us, God he smelled marvelous.

“Why don’t we find a place to have a drink Lewis and talk about your table?” he said taking my arm and leading me into the crowd.

     He found an Irish pub at the far end of the atrium and glided us inside to a back corner table.

“Gin and Tonic okay with you Lewis or are you a beer man?” he asked smiling.

     “Whatever you’re having is fine with me,” I said, not really caring what I drank, as long as I was with him, near him.

     I watched him walk to the bar. What the fuck was wrong with me? I had never lusted after a man or been so smitten but he seemed different somehow. And that laugh, he seemed like a man without a care in the world.

He came back to the table with a bottle and two glasses of ice.

     “You planning on calling a taxi home, or is this your home…Mr… What is your name?” I asked point blank as he filled our glasses, heavy on the Gin, with a splash of Tonic.

He laughed that wonderful laugh of his and passed me my drink.

     “A toast… to new beginnings, my friend,” he said as he raised his glass. I followed suit and we touch glasses and emptied them.

     Refilling our glasses, he said, “My name is Clark…Clark James. Ironic isn’t. Our names are Lewis and Clark, like the explorers that found a waterway across our great America from east to west. I take that as a sign that we are destined for great things together. Drink up friend and celebrate. Maybe we have found the One,” he said joyously.

     Like I said, his easy way pulled me in, I laughed so comfortable with this man, I relaxed into my chair and sipped my drink eyeing his stunning facial features.

     “So Lewis… tell me all about yourself,” he said smoothly also relaxing back in his seat, propping up his feet on an empty chair, sipping his drink and waiting patiently for my response. He acted as if he had all the time in the world to hear my story as his stunning indigo blue eyes looked at me intently.

     “So … what’s to tell? I am 35, a single man, here on business but I do live here in Atlanta. Where are you from, from here Clark?” I asked.

     He chuckled. “Born and raised right here my good man. I’m 38 and also single but looking, always looking,” he said winking at me.

      “I find that hard to believe. You being single that is. I would have thought you’d have men coming out of the woodwork after you, lined up around the block waiting on you,” I said smiling.

     He laughed that wonderful laugh of his and said, “Sorry to say, you are mistaken. Appropriate suitors, I do not have. But you…now that’s a different story. You are indeed, very appropriate,” his eyebrow rising.

     I was surprised but happy he was interested. It had been years since I had been this attracted to a man. I was his same size and build but I was hairy, wore a full black beard and was tan to his light hairless skin. My eyes were full but almost black compared to his sparkling indigo blue ones, maybe opposites do attract.

     We stared at each other while we sipped our drinks, both relaxed and comfortable with the silence between us. I think we were sizing the other up wondering who would speak next but it was not awkward ... no it felt right.

      With our glasses empty I spoke first, “Would you like another Clark or would you like to go to my place? I have far better Gin,” I was direct and to the point, I held my breath and waited for his response.

     “Lead the way my good man,” he said standing. YES…YES! My mind screamed. My turn to take his arm and lead us back into the crowd. We were soon out the door and me hailing us a cab.

     The ride to my home was uneventful but I did take his large hand in mine, lacing our fingers together. We chatted with the driver about mundane things, weather, traffic and the latest scores of a few Basketball games. Our hands remained together, warm and reassuring.

     When we pulled up to my modest two story home, I raised Clark’s hand to my lips and kissed it softly. His smile was radiant. “Stay put.” I said gently as I got out and paid the driver. Then I opened Clark’s door and helped him out. I again took his hand and led him to my front door.

     “This is home,” I said unlocking the door. “Please go in, remove your shoes and get comfortable, I’ll be right back with our drinks.” I switch on some dim lights and hit the remote for some background music… Luther Vandross poured out of the speakers….Perfect I thought.

     When I returned to the living room, besides being shoeless Clark had removed his suit coat, his tie and undone a few buttons on his dress shirt. He was sitting in my favorite chair with his feet propped up on an ottoman. God he was stunning with his blond curls surrounding his chiseled face.

     “Thanks for the invite Lewis. This so much better than the bar,” he said taking his drink from my hand. After a few sips he said, “Aaaaahhh, and so is the Gin. Thank you my good man.”

     “I can do you one better.” I said lifting his feet and sitting on the ottoman.  Placing his feet in my lap, I smiled removing his socks and started massaging his feet.

     “Wow, I’m getting the royal treatment,” he laughed. “And I’m not complaining. That feels wonderful.” He let his head relax onto the back of the chair, closed his eyes and began to almost purr.

     I was enjoying this as much as he was, I only stopped to sip my drink every now and then. I loved the look of pleasure on his face, even more enticing than before.

     I wanted his lips, warm and wet…on mine. I sat his feet down on either side of me and scooted closer to him and that mouth I so desired.

     Then I gave him a soft kiss. But he grabbed my head, bringing our lips together hard. I moaned, “Uuuummm,” and searched out his tongue. He opened for me and groaned “Uuugh,” as our tongues wrapped around each other’s.

     Clark leaned forward and wrapped his arms around my neck and I wrapped mine around his broad back. We clung to each other as our tongues continued to explore the others mouths.

     He broke the kiss. Then slid his wet hot tongue up and down my neck, “I want you Lewis,” he whispered in my ear. “It’s been so long, I need you inside me,” he said softly.

     I moaned “Oh yes,” hungrily, “Come, follow me.” I stood, pulling him with me. Taking his hand, I led him to my bedroom and to my bed. There, we were once more making out as our clothes were removed one piece at a time between our long hot wet kisses.

     Finally naked, our hard hot bodies rubbed each other’s, mine hairy his smooth as we moaned together. We clung to each other as if one of us would escape. He felt amazing in my arms and his rock hard cock was indeed above average.

     I reached between our bodies to feel his appendage with my hand and was surprised at its thickness. “Yes, please touch me. God you feel so good Lewis,” he moaned softly laying back on the bed.

     Separated I could really look at him and he did not disappoint. “Clark you’re stunning. Absolutely beautiful head to toe.” I said breathlessly.

      He chuckled, “Glad you approve but you are a hell-of-a stud. Damn, get your hairy ass over here. Let me taste that monster you have there. Climb on top of me.”

     Before I could move, Bam…Bam…Bam…, could be heard coming from the living room. Shit, the front door. “You better not get dressed. I’ll be right back!” I said as I pulled on my pants.

      That fantastic laugh again, “No worries, I won’t move an inch,” he said tucking his hands behind his head………

Part #2 coming soon…….Thanks for reading and writing comments……A…….


A. Williams

[email protected]


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